MSM has ‘joined’ Obama campaign in ‘Last Stand’

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

The mainstream media (MSM) has not only lowered the ‘veil’ on their Liberal bias in reporting for the 2012 General Election, it could be easily argued that they have taken an affirmative role in the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama, because all ‘parities’ recognize that it may represent their ‘Last Stand.’

‘Last Stand’ is a military situation, representing a tactic of last resort, wherein a body of troops believes that the defending its’ position in the face of overwhelming odds, offers a greater benefit than the risk of retreat or surrender.

In this case, the ‘body of troops’ are represented by President Obama’s administration and the MSM, who appear to have ‘affirmatively’ formed a ‘covenant of self-protection’ sometime in the year 2006.

Their ‘position,’ is the retention of the Obama Administration in office, with the sole goat to maintain the power to subvert and otherwise ‘neutralize’ the tsunami of facts and evidence, resulting from the avalanche of their indiscretions and scandals over their first term–and the acts of commission and omission in reporting by their accomplices in the MSM.

Finally, the ‘benefit,’ is their freedom, and in come cases, their continued existence.

For many of the members of the Obama Administration, perhaps even the president himself, , when all of the facts and evidence are finally uncovered, prosecutions would occur and convictions obtained, which, like in the case of Watergate, result in prison terms and the disgraceful end of careers.

In the case of the broadcast MSM, the penalty for them having substantially violated their obligation to the general public, to perform honest, objective and vigorous investigation and reporting, many would suffer a complete demise.

The loss of credibility would cause a mass exodus of viewers for many, resulting in financial bankruptcy liquidation–making them a casualty to their causative ‘moral bankruptcy.’

Too bad for President Obama and the MSM that history clearly chronicles that the defensive force in a last stand always suffers very heavy casualties and then, because it is cornered and runs out of ‘defensive capabilities,’ it is usually completely destroyed–just like in Custer’s Last Stand.

The most damaging scandal of corruption plaguing Barack Obama is Benghazi-gate, wherein four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador, were murdered during a [surprise] terrorist attack in Libya on September 11, 2012.

And seven weeks later, right before the election, he claims he is still not able to tell the American people–what he knew, when and what he did or did not do–which he obviously knows for fact.

But amazingly, this is the same President Obama, whose global intelligence network and military apparatus allowed him to ‘watch in real time’ the actual Navy SEAL operation in Pakistan that killed Usama bin Laden, which resulted in cornucopia of information, images and video flooding the front page and broadcasts of every media outlet in the world, within hours, heralding the ‘courageous’ American Commander-in-Chief, with photos of he and Hillary Clinton focused on it while sitting in the ‘White House Situation Room.’

Unfortunately for Barack Obama and the MSM, even though the so-called ‘internal investigations’ won’t be delivered until after November 6, 2012, enough American’s are smart enough to understand that you can’t have it both ways, and they will be the victor at Barack Obama’s ‘Last Stand.’

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