The Determinators Movie

So good, I’m posting it again:

Just one of the many, many, many things Tea Party volunteers are doing right now:

We sent packages to 360,000 households of undecided voters in swing states. The package included a US Constitution and a DVD of our movie, The Determinators (which has compelling arguments for repealing the healthcare law). We spent about $2 million to make this happen.

Now we have volunteers making follow-up phone calls to each of those 360,000 houses.

We need about 350 more volunteers in order to reach all of those homes before the election.

Our system makes it super-easy for volunteers to make the calls. There’s a training video, an on-screen script, and it even dials for you.

Volunteers will have multiple chances to win a free iPad. We are giving away 2 of them. Each call gives the volunteer another “ticket” in the drawing for 1 of the iPads. So more calls = greater chance to win.

Volunteers also get a free T-Shirt after making 60 calls.

And, the local Tea Party group that generates the most calls will win $5,000 for their group.

Contact Tea Party Patriots and help them out. Our country literally depends on us pulling together. This is one the best and easiest things you can do to make a difference in the election. Let your voice be heard and do your part.

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