Obama presidency is so terrible, even an 8th grader gives him a ‘D-‘

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

It really doesn’t take a lot of genius or deep research to discover why Barack Obama has completely failed as president of the United States; unfortunately, there are people who have a built-in conflict of [self]-interest, don’t really care or who exist in blissful ignorance.

This includes many, but not all, public and private sector union workers, college students, long-term government welfare benefit recipients, the Hollywood crowd, most alternative lifestyle types (LGBT), most in academia, and nearly everyone who relies on the mainstream media, comedians and/or talk shows for their ‘hard news.’

But then, just when your faith in your fellow man is at an ‘ebb,’ along comes Jenny Cantrell, an [obviously] poised, intelligent and eloquent 13 year old, 8th grade student, who chose to ‘grade’ President Obama for her YouTube-filmed stint as ‘teacher for the day’ at her middle school.

Video: Obama is so bad even a 13 year old can figure it out

At just over 300,000 views in just two weeks, a lot of people would seem to agree…that Jenny may have a great future ahead of her at FOXNews, delivering ‘fair and balanced’ coverage.

First up is the economy and jobs–perpetually the most important issue in the upcoming election for more than 65 percent of American voters.

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Report for October was released at precisely 8:30 a.m. ET, and will be the last before the election day next Tuesday.

Most importantly it showed the unemployment rate ticking up to 7.9 percent, from the prior month of 7.8 percent, which is, in fact, higher than when President Obama took office nearly four years ago.

The only positive data was that the economy added a [slightly] better-than-expected 171,000 jobs–too bad that it was negated, as the number of unemployed grew by 170,000 during the same time period, according to a FOXNews article today.

Republican challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney weighed in on the news from a rally in Wisconsin and a written statement, saying:

That’s 9 million jobs short of what [Obama] promised. Unemployment is higher today than when Barack Obama took office … a sad reminder that the economy is at a virtual standstill.

And, former Bureau of Labor Statistics chief Keith Hall gave this gloomy outlook…

At this rate, we’re still talking nine or 10 years before the economy gets back to normal.

Jenny gave President Obama an “A” for having ‘gotten bin Laden.’

This is extraordinarily generous, considering that as an unremarkable–but most Liberal–U.S. Senator, and presidential candidate in 2008, he was outspokenly against the continuation of the ‘War on Terror’ in Afghanistan, as well as the interrogation techniques that produced the intelligence that finally led our special forces operators to him–in Pakistan.

But, she did gave President Obama a “D-” for his gross incompetence and negligence, in handling the Benghazi consulate debacle, wherein our U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, his aide were murdered in a ‘terrorist attack,’ along with two former Navy SEALs who disobeyed successive orders from the highest levels in Washington, DC to ‘stand down,’ and instead sacrificed their lives in an attempt to save our people in crying out for help.

With extremely rare exception, only FOXNews has been investigating this troubling situation for the president, now known as ‘Benghazi-gate,’ which is becoming an increasingly accurate reference to the Watergate–a Nixon White House cover up of the botched burglary of the DNC campaign headquarters in Washington, DC. Unlike Benghazi-gate, not one person was hurt in the affair, but it resulted in President Richard Nixon being ‘forced’ to resign in August 1974, before the end of his second term, while several of his key staff members were prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for a significant number of years.

When Jenny added up the grades for each man, Barack Obama received a ‘grade-point-average,’ or GPA, of just 0.92, or “D-“, which is commonly labeled “Very Poor” on the legitimate grading scales in academic circles.

Could this be an indication why Barack Obama has refused to ‘unseal’ his college transcripts?

On the other hand, Gov. Mitt Romney, who, unlike Barack Obama has made both of his [Harvard] college transcripts available, earned a GPA of 3.75 from Jenny, a level of scholarship that grants him the honor of ‘graduating’ Magna Cum Laude.

So, it would appear as though the choice would be clear:

A. The guy who has a demonstrably terrible four-year record, with a lousy GPA.

B. The guy with a tremendous 25-year track record of winning, and GPA of distinction.

The reality is that we are ‘hard-wired’ as humans to be attracted to success and go with ‘winners’–in school, sports and business.

However, there are people out there who are attracted to losers…so they can feel ‘equal.’

Is it any wonder then that Ms. Jenny Cantrell awarded her endorsement to Gov. Mitt Romney?

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