What Obama voters can expect to get in return for their support

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Even though the mainstream media has been hysterically hyping Barack Obama’s ‘big’ win in the general election last night, after being awarded Ohio, which was the last remaining pathway to The White House for Gov. Mitt Romney, just one ‘thin’ percent in the popular vote separated him from his Republican challenger.

In horse racing this would be described as ‘winning by a nose.’

And, it doesn’t get any better over in Congress, where the Republican’s retain a firm grip on the House of Representatives with a 232 to 191 seat margin, while Democrats still control the Senate with a 53 to 45 seat advantage–pretty much assuring that Nevada Senator Harry Reid will likely retain his majority leader post.

Unfortunately for President Obama, despite all of the Democrat kumbaya in Chicago last night–absolutely nothing has changed in Washington, D.C. in terms of balance of power.

In other words, even with 50 percent of voters yesterday believing that George W. Bush was still responsible for the horrible economy, now in term two, Barack Obama has ‘inherited’ a much worse mess than he did in 2009; however, this time it’s undeniably all his.

Now, using the FOXNews exit poll summary from today, we shall identify what each category of Obama voter can now expect in return for their votes yesterday.

First, the onerous employer cost of Obamacare had already brought hiring to such a slow pace that it was estimated to take 10 years to return to a 5 percent unemployment rate–but, as it is certain that it will be fully implemented by 2014, employers of lower skill and wage workers have already begun to reduce them to the 30 hour per week threshold to ‘escape’ the application of the law.

This will have the most dramatically negative affect on the 93% of Black, 71% of Non-Cuban Hispanic and 60% of ‘Young’ voters who voted for Barack Obama–because they make up the largest portion of the low-skill, low-wage labor pool.

Second, it is, in fact, historically proven that tax rate increases on job creators, who are members of the people making over $250,000 per year category, will put a damper on the largest source of new jobs in the nation.

But, revenue from these tax rates increases will only generate about $80 billion per year–against annual deficits that have been averaging $1.3 TRILLION per year.

This would have a demonstrably devastating impact on everyone across the nation, Democrat and Republican, keeping unemployment rates high, and stifling consumer spending–which, as it represents 70 percent of the U.S. economy–would ‘kill’ any chance for a U.S. economic recovery; perhaps even sending it into a ‘double-dip recession.’

Third, the lack of ‘meaningful’ reforms to Medicare, Medicaid, and especially Social Security–whose income stream was ‘diverted’ for the past two years to ‘fund’ the ‘payroll tax holiday,’ resulting in no ‘stimulative’ affect to the economy whatsoever–will render them insolvent sooner than later.

The burden on the Social Security ‘trust fund’ is growing at an alarming rate, rendering it ‘insolvent’ by 2016, due to the fact that 10,000 ‘baby boomers’ are retiring each and every day. At this ‘growth’ rate, the payroll taxes of two younger workers to support one Social Security beneficiary–for the rest of their lives.

Quickly following that are Medicare and Medicaid, which are estimated to ‘fold’ a decade or so thereafter.

Finally, this all adds up to having to borrowing increasingly larger amounts every month to ‘finance’ our growing deficit, mostly from countries like China–a place which most of President Obama’s constituency listed above cannot point to on a map–threatening the very solvency of our country.

When we can’t borrow any more money, because we have reached our credit limit–the music stops–and it will be the minorities and underclass that disappear first, because their ‘Big Government’ will simply not have the cash flow to support them.

But, where would they go?



By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

The counting is over and Barrack Obama will have four more years; so congratulations for having duped enough voters, again (as Forrest Gump would have added).

You may recall the first time Barry Soetoro, I mean Barrack Obama, took the Oath of Office it had to be done a second time because Chief Justice Roberts got the words jumbled up and Barry repeated the error.

I’m wondering how Barrack Hussein Obama will act on inauguration day as he places his hand on the Holy Koran and pledges, to Allah, to uphold the Constitution as president. Will he proudly use Hussein this go around, a name that links him more closely to Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, or will he continue being Barry Soetoro Obama?

Obama can do what he wants since he won’t have to bother with the voice of the people in another election; but I forgot, Obama’s more into expressing the dreams of his father than listening to the voice of the people. Imperial America must be transformed from its colonialism days and made to pay a measure of tribute, a redistribution of wealth to those around the world who had everything stolen by capitalist pigs.

Will Barrack Obama, Barrack Hussein Obama, or what ever he wants to be called have a teleprompter in front of him so he can repeat those important words or a device in his ear similar to what he did during the debate so he could repeat whatever was needed at the right moment? Obama despises America to such a degree I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him roll his eyes and say, “Yea…,” breathing out his contempt for a document and the nation which he’s been ignoring all this time, “…whatever.”

Some years back, my brother’s youngest son came over from Europe to live with us; a chance to attend high school here in America. Nathan had been home schooled by private tutors and the level of his education was superior to anything he might obtain here; but that was only part of the reason for his extended visit. Nathan wanted to learn more about America first hand and living with relatives would give him a chance to do just that.

Listening to Nathan’s British accent was like having the BBC or NPR (same difference) right there in our living room. My grown children had their way of letting us know things were “Bor-ing” while Nathan had his distinctive, “What-Ev-er;” a three syllable word with exclamation marks along the way, a double exclamation mark in the middle which beat boring hands down for effect.

I never quite mastered the art of saying ‘What-Ev-er’ with the same level of sarcasm because British is a foreign language to Americans. Over here “whatever” is subdued as it leaves the lips, intentionally directed away from the listener’s ear while the British version is a slap to the cheek to get your attention.

I’m afraid Obama would use the subdued version since he doesn’t really care about his oath of office; just has to repeat it while holding his hand to the square as if he means it. “Can’t we just get this over with so I can get on with America’s transformation from a liberty loving nation of individuals into the collective my father dreamed of, a few notches down from the capitalistic imperial land grabbing beast of years gone by?” Yea… whatever is how Obama sees the Oath of Office, the oath he’ll take in January.

This article has been cross-posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government & The American Constitution.”


The results of the 2012 presidential election are in. The Chicago thug whipped the wimpy boy scout.

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

We now know who the real enemies of America are: The liberal news media and the intellectually-elite Republican establishment.

Mitt Romney never ran an effective political campaign. Whether it was his wimpish nature that portrayed him as a conscientious objector or the smothered victim of his own advisers, he came across as a person afraid to fight. Instead, he paraded across America like he was on a mission to convince everyone just how nice a person he was. Well. the good guys don’t always finish first, especially in a dirty street fight. Strange as it may seem, for a Republican candidate trying so hard to portray himself as a squeaky clean person of good character, Romney offered nothing by way of comparison to show the true nature of his opponent’s questionable character. Rather, instead, he paid compliments to his opponent by telling everyone that “Barack Obama is a good man” and what a confusing impression that made. And while America is on the brink of Socialism, and I say ‘brink’ only because the Marxist/Socialist Democrats haven’t begun their ‘Fundamental changes’ yet, while the Democratic Party is overly influenced by a godless communist faction, none of those words were ever mentioned by any Republican leader during the campaign. To emphasize that point, here is a brief quote from Erick Erickson’s Red State column this morning: “The quicker you accept he [Romney] ran a crappy campaign of tofu ideas the better off you will be. Reagan beat Carter by being drawing bright lines and simply explaining why his way was better. Romney never really tried that, then picked a Vice Presidential nominee who had done that and promptly taped his mouth shut.” (emphasis mine) Not only did Mitt Romney and his intellectually elite advisers tape Paul Ryan’s mouth shut, they never even tried to point out what the Democrats had done in full view of the public. How disastrous it would have been for the Democrats if the Republicans had highlighted that moment during the Democratic National Convention when the delegates tried three times to remove the name of God from their party platform. That is the true nature of what our country is up against.

Under the direction of the elite Republican establishment, Mitt Romney failed to go on the attack against the greatest threat to America in the history of our Constitutional Republic. He never even bothered to explain to the voters what the threat against America was. Instead of making it clear what Barack Hussein Obama’s purpose was in destroying our country, Romney only complained about the current debt and unemployment but never said anything about the consequences or speculated about why or how we got there. One can only wonder what affect it would have made on the voters had Mitt Romney made a connection to those two informative documentaries about Barack Hussein Obama that appeared during the campaign. The wealth of information in the films 2016 Obama’s America and Dreams From My Real Father both laid bare the sinister connections between Barack Hussein Obama and the Marxist/Socialist Communist enemies of America but because they were left outside of the campaign narrative they were ignored. And while Mitt Romney kept his head in the clouds every time the Democrats demanded he release his tax returns, Romney never raised the questions that every conservative was asking about the millions of dollars in legal fees that Obama was spending to keep his personal records sealed away from the public.

Compounding this dilemma, the elite Republican establishment, under the leadership and influence of Sen. Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Karl Rove and others, completely wasted the grand opportunity that the Tea Party revolt in 2010 gave them. With Republicans regaining the House majority and holding the chairmanships of all the House committees, not one of them bothered to target, or allow to be targeted, the top leadership of the Democratic Party. While I believe that Barack Hussein Obama was born in the USA, I am also convinced that he committed fraud when he presented his forged birth certificate on television to the American public, and based upon the forensic evidence of the examination of that forged document, that single point should have been investigated as vigorously as the Fast and Furious gun running scandal was. That investigation could have opened the door to many of the other connections Barack Hussein Obama had with left-wing groups. The next two years still have some hope that the House Republicans may change their strategy and reexamine their tactics. And such speculation leads to the final identity of who the real enemies of America are.

The liberal news media holds the power to investigate and inform the public about the corruption in government – or to keep it hidden from view. If there was ever any journalistic integrity there is none anymore. While the leftists that control the media have greater control to ignore the conservative news on the Internet, they would be hard pressed to ignore some House Committee investigations into the communist influences in the Democratic Party. They might try to denigrate and ridicule those efforts like they succeeded in characterizing the ‘birthers’ who questioned Obama’s Kenyan connections, but a high-powered Congressional investigation into Obama’s communist connections would be all too impossible to ignore. The only way this will happen is for the Republican Party to change its leadership. It has failed the grass root base of the party, it has failed the American public and it has failed our country.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


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Obama-Land vs. the USA: The End of a Country, its People and Liberty

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

Two-hundred and thirty six years ago, a new country “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”* was born. Men and women seeking religious and economic freedom from an increasingly perverse, suppressive and feudal Europe sailed to ‘the New World’ which would later become the United States of America. Most began to occupy this fresh and promising land in the 1600s. However, some intrepid souls began their journey into and through portions of North America much earlier. Such was the case of my ancestors who arrived on the shores of this new land in the 1500s. They were part of the original founding of this once extraordinary country and eagerly participated in and watched it being built. I morosely am now observing its end.

Over the many years it took to establish viable colonies in this New World, many experimental governments were attempted, including the one that we now call Socialism or Communism. Over a relatively short period of time, the colonists discover that it did not and could not work. Those who labored the most were given the same portion as those who did little to nothing. Therefore, the true workers and entrepreneurs of the time were not truly recompensed for their labors, while the non-working groups continued to live off of the fruits of others” successes…as if they were their own.

Suffice it to say, this was untenable and a form of free enterprise began to percolate and appear. This was a system which rewarded those who worked and we eventually called it Capitalism…a structure that would imbue all participants with economic freedom as long as they worked for and participated in it.

For well over 200 years that economic freedom coupled with the freedom to worship God allowed We-the-People to build, prosper, enjoy the fruits of our labors and share our bounty with others around the world as no other nation in the history of mankind had done before.

However, on 6 November 2012 that all came crashing down. The Islamo-Marxist “President” of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama was elected to another 4 years in office. I had hoped and fervently prayed that the prophetic words in my column ‘Is the USA Ready for an American Stalin?’ written in 2008 “if Obama is elected we will never be able to get rid of him” were not true. But, they were and are.

Whether many in the country choose to believe it or not, we are not only now facing an era of almost unbearable hardship but, the removal of any and all of our once-Constitutional liberties and rights as human beings. We are moving from the light back into the darkness of both body and soul. The elimination of the Obama syndicate’s enemies has already been reported as having issued from the lips of co-POTUS Valerie Jarrett. That should begin soon.

Obama’s plan to turn the sovereignty of the USA over to the United Nations is already well under way. The UN Small Arms Treaty will be signed by Obama and it will effectively remove and replace the former Bill of Rights’ Second Amendment, while the First Amendment will be replaced with “hate speech” restrictions…punishable by new global laws.

The Obama government’s war on Christianity has been in play since the early months of his ‘presidency’. Soon, Christianity and Judaism will be replaced by Islam–which will be the official ’religion’ of the USA (see my 18 August 2010 column “ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion?“) and our Constitution will finally and officially become null and void…to be replaced by Shari‘a law.

ObamaCare will not now–nor ever–be repealed so, the Obama regime’s theft of what was left of our money will continue and his death panels will rise supreme over what’s left of our bodies. The new motto will likely be “If you cannot serve the State the ways in which the State demands, the State must terminate you.“

Congress will be rendered completely toothless and non-essential, as Obama has been working to affect since he first took office. Our economic and other systems designed for liberty of and for the individual are now dead and is only waiting to be buried.

The time to panic was November 2008–when Obama was elected to his first term. Too many refused to listen to the warnings and, instead, chose to listen to others who lied gently and soothingly to them that they would be told when it was so. The Roman philosopher and statesman Cicero advised us over a millennium ago that a nation cannot survive treason from within. Thus, neither will–nor can–the now-former United States of America. It has now come to its close as a nation. The shining city on the hill is no more and has been reduced to rubble.

May God be with us and–I pray–eventually lead us out of our now-inevitable bondage. But, it appears now that it will not be soon.


*From President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address