By: Wayne D. Leeper
A Land Called America

For the past few days I have been pondering the reasons that may account for America re-electing the worst president in the history of our republic. I have read the various opinions put forth by the usual political pundits and find no real substance in their arguments. They each have their own personal slant on the matter and as a result their various opinions are merely subjective and in wide disagreement. Their opinions are all political or demographic as well. Each of them found someone to blame. The various reasons put forth include the evangelicals who did not turn out, the increase in the Hispanic population and the solidarity of the black vote, among others. All of this may be true, but I don’t believe a single one of them really understands what happened on November 6th, and why.

To fully understand what happened, we need to go back to the 1950s. The America of 1957 would not recognize the America of 2012, nor would they have believed that such a change could ever take place. I was 17 years old in 1957 and a junior in high school. Each morning of every school day, we began with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer. There were no drugs or guns in our school. A lot of the boys drove pick-ups with gun racks behind the seat, but these guns were for hunting and never brought into the school. The two big events were Friday night football games and Saturday night sock-hops. Music was Rock and Roll and never contained any vulgarities. Many of us took the option of going into the military following high school. Four years of military service would mature a person, and upon discharge the G.I. bill would cover almost all the cost of attending college. Our parents were all members of “The Greatest Generation.”

The average middle class home cost between $12,000 and $15,000. Gasoline was 22 cents a gallon. The family was the basic building block of society and consisted of two parents. Divorce was considered a stigma and the worst thing that could happen to an unwed girl was to get pregnant. In those days abortion was unthinkable. Most mothers stayed home and raised the children while the fathers worked to support the family. Homework and chores had to be finished before watching TV. But perhaps what was the most important thing was that the family attending church on Sunday was a given. We did not all go to the same church, but about 99% of us went to some church on a regular basis. We were taught about the founding of our country and the Judeo-Christian morality which was the bedrock of our society. Love of God, family and country was something that was deeply instilled in each of us, both in the home and in the school. No matter what the situation, the teacher was always right. Punishment at school would result in something much worse when our parents learned of it.

Was our society perfect? By no means! Perhaps the greatest stigma was segregation. But even that has been long since removed. This great irony is that while it was the Republicans who eliminated segregation in the schools and voting booths, it is the Democrats who now receive the majority of the black vote. We also had Mexicans who crossed the border illegally who were referred to as wet-backs. They had a very good reason for crossing the border and given their circumstances I would have done the same. They came to America for the sole purpose of earning money to support their families back home and had no intention of trying to change our society into one like theirs. They understood and respected the fact that America was a land of freedom with opportunity for all. Most of them worked during the week then went back to Mexico to be with their families on the weekends. They presented a problem to no one and were known to be very family oriented and very hard workers. This was the society of the 1950’s which many of us older folks remember with fondness and appreciation.

In the 1960’s, however, things began to change. In many ways our society was turned up-side down. One of the major causes of this was the Viet Nam war, which badly divided America. Drugs were introduced in our society and into our schools. Many mothers, for various reasons, left the home to find work which created a group called “latch key kids.” We carried a key to our home because no parent would be there when school let out. Laws were passed which made legal many of the things that have destroyed society as we knew it. Abortion became legal along with the “pill.” This opened the door to sexual promiscuity. But the most destructive change was the removal of the Bible, prayer and moral teachings from our schools. One of the first acts of the first Congress created under our Constitution was to allocate funds for placing a Bible in every classroom. They rightly believed that a moral education would result in a moral society. They imbedded in the 1st Amendment of our Bill of Rights that religion could be freely practiced both in public and in private with no governmental interference. In the 1960’s this was reversed by a Supreme Court decision which banned Bibles and prayer in the classroom.

It was in the 1960’s that, upon banning religion and God from the schools and the public square, that the descent of the American society began. The very thing which had led to our prior greatness was being removed by our government. The “new morality” was introduced, which was neither new nor moral. Our public schools were taken over by government and the teaching was introduced that all things are relative. Absolute morals were removed along with any mention of God. By legislative action or judicial decision things which God called an abomination were made legal. Righteousness was replaced by personal gratification. 40% of the births are now by unwed mothers. Guns are now as prevalent in schools as violence is in the workplace. God was told that His help was no longer needed nor wanted. As a result, His great protective hand was removed from our nation. God did not leave America, America left God.

We have now raised two generations under the new system and are reaping the results of the seeds sown in the 60’ and 70’s. 86% of Americans claim to be Christians yet less than 30% attend any church on a regular basis. Illicit behavior is no longer categorized as sin and not only is homosexuality being taught in our schools as an acceptable alternative lifestyle, same-sex marriage is being legalized in many states. Rather than relying on God to provide our necessities, more and more people turn to “big government.” America has been divided into red states and blue states. The blue states are more interested in receiving freebies from government than freedom of the individual. The great irony is that the freebies given so freely to those in the blue states are paid for by the labor of those in the red states. Every society known to man has been relegated to the ash heap of history for the very attitudes that are now held by an increasing number of Americans. As one commentator put it, “There are more people in the wagon than there are people pulling the wagon.”

This is how men who are morally reprobate and totally devoid of principal, can be elected president of the United States and other high offices of our land. Obama’s wife readily admits her hatred of America and he is determine to reduce America to a third world nation, subject to the whelms of the United Nations. The exceptionalism which created the greatest nation in the history of the world is now being denied and undermined. The majority of the leaders of America today are products of the 60’s and 70’s with the morals of an alley cat. This is the mindset which is now prevalent and the standard by which our leaders are judged. People are being elected who promise free stuff rather than freedom of opportunity. The “greatest generation” is leaving at the rate of 10,000 a day, most if not all shaking their heads in despair. They fought and died to preserve a nation that is now being destroyed from within. God, and His standard of morality, is no longer part of the American culture.

This is the reason Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected president of the United States.