By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello all… I know it’s been a while since you have heard from me. I thought I would take some time and wax thoughtful on what to do now with so many worrisome things happening here and in Israel right now.


Well, this was no surprise. You can’t vote against a gift horse and with the percentage of third party voters basically throwing away the votes and three million other voters that stayed home, and of course the 47% of welfare bums that wanted free Obama money, it’s no wonder he won the race. Mitt Romney is an honorable guy, but he wasn’t a Ronald Reagan conservative. He ran a weak campaign in the last half of the race and it didn’t help him much. Then there’s all the back and forth voter fraud claims, but we already knew the Democrat’s favorite voters are zombies, inmates, clones (double counting) and illegals. Others claimed that some touch screen machines changed their votes.


What a difference an election makes! Within 24 hours, the UN disarmament treaty went back on the table and is looking to cause the greatest loss of life on American soil that anyone has seen since the civil war. The unemployment rate is skyrocketing up as we speak from Boeing to Hostess to Applebees to Papa John’s pizza… this is just the start. Within 6 months, we will see thousands of small businesses close and thousands more layoffs and hours of cutbacks. Obama is keeping one promise – his flexibility in a second term with the death of a US ambassador and Navy SEALs (second time around for Obama), to signing hundreds of new regulations we won’t be able to get rid of. Obamacare has already effected the work force. Companies and even unions are finding out it won’t help them with their collective bargaining power they now don’t have. With Israel officially at war with Palestine and Obama leaving Bibi out in the cold, we have to find a way to help families over there who are victims of Palestinian rocket attacks without government agency help.

All this seems overwhelming. It should, it was designed to be overwhelming in order for us to give up and let the Muslim Nazi be flexible. Here are some ideas to get through this Nazi-occupied White House.

1. We have to find out which law enforcement and military units will or will not comply with the UN advisers when they start their door to door gun grab. We have until March 2013 to plan a way to interrupt and/or blockade these guys and to convince both LEOS and milspec communities NOT TO COMPLY, because if they do comply, the slaughter and death toll will be high. This is a first priority!

2. We know that artificial price hikes and shortages of food and basic necessities are coming sooner than you think, so… prepare. Buy canned food, water, clothes, basic tools, guns, ammunition, first aid kits and long term food (one year’s worth per family member). If you have a federal tax stamp vice like booze and tobacco, quit them and get in shape. Don’t give the government any more money for your weaknesses.

3. Plan for a bartering economy. Food, small animals, medical alcohol, homemade items, clean water, common caliber ammunition, extra guns, work or skill set trading, duct tape, WD40, clothing and medicine.

4. Be sure to work together and help others out when things get really bad and be prepared to be cut off from the Internet, social media, certain books, magazines and music. Radio and TV programs will be banned or restricted. This is where we will have to stop being on the computer all the time.
Stop watching TV and using cell phones unless you want them to record and track everything you do or say to imprison you. Don’t forget that will happen to thousands of Americans soon enough.

5. Don’t panic and don’t get depressed. That’s what those scumbags want, so you won’t do anything and comply out of apathy.

Gerald Loeffers 11/17/2012