Iran launches long-range missiles: Qader & Nour

Iranian naval forces have successfully test fired Qader (Capable) coast-to-sea and Nour (Light) surface-to-surface missiles on the fifth day of the Velayat 91 military maneuvers, Press TV reports.


Iran is preparing for war. They are not threatened, they are the ones threatening. And behind them stands Russia and China. They want Iran to do their dirty work for them and they will reap the spoils of nuclear war.

One thought on “Iran launches long-range missiles: Qader & Nour

  1. Toward the end of the vid where the propangandist reporter tried to claim Iran is doing this to protect themselves/the waterways… it begs the question, “Who is threatening them/those waterways?” No one. Who is a threat to Western Civilization in the Middle East? Iran.

    Never forget what Iran did after Obama worked to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt.

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