Obama and the Communists: How They Censored Their Own Website to Protect the President

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal


The Communist Party USA is very protective of its long time friend and ally Barack Obama.

There is no doubt that Obama’s relationship with the Party is long and deep. In fact it goes back before Obama was even born.

As a boy, Obama was mentored for many years by Hawaiian based communist Frank Marshall Davis. When he was active with the Chicago Communist Party in the 1940s, Frank Marshall Davis had worked closely with Vernon Jarrett, late father-in-law to Valerie Jarrett – now Obama’s closest friend and most trusted White House adviser.

Davis also worked with Chicago communist David S. Canter, who later went on to mentor David Axelrod – Obama’s close friend and long time campaign adviser.

The late Marxist academic and activist Manning Marable, wrote in the December 2008 issue of British Trotskyist journal Socialist Review, that Obama worked in Chicago with socialists with backgrounds in the Communist Party.

What makes Obama different is that he has also been a community organiser. He has read left literature, including my works, and he understands what socialism is. A lot of the people working with him are, indeed, socialists with backgrounds in the Communist Party or as independent Marxists. There are a lot of people like that in Chicago who have worked with him for years…

The Communist Party knows they are on to a good thing with Obama. His policies are, in most areas, in lockstep with their own.

However, they don’t want to embarrass their “friend” by making the relationship too public.

Sensitive to criticisms of Obama’s Marxist past and socialist policies, the communists have even gone to the length of censoring their own website to protect the President.

Below is a screen shot of an article entitled “Special District Meeting on African American Equality,” taken as it appeared on the Communist Party USA website as of December 30, 2007. Note the reference to Communist Party support for Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate primaries.


Next is a screen shot of the same article taken on Nov. 10, 2010, retrieved through wayback. Note that the statement, “Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election,” has been edited out.


Just like Comrade Stalin, the Communist Party USA is quite willing to airbrush history, to serve the “cause.”


Obama Closing Air Defense System on U.S./Mexico Border: America More Vulnerable to Low Altitude Attack

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal


By David Bellow of Texas GOP Vote

Air Force’s Air Defense Radar Systems along U.S./Mexico Border will SHUTDOWN on March 15th, 2013

On January 17th, 2013, Exelis Systems Corporation sent out an email (see email below) to all of its employees informing them that on March 15th, 2013 all TARS Air Defense Mission Operations will permanently cease. These TARS Air Defense sites were under the control of the United States Air Force. On January 15th, 2013, the Air Force informed Exelis (the defense contractor running the TARS sites) that the TARS sites will be shut down. Exelis tried to then negotiate with the Department of Homeland Security to see if they would take over the vital project, but it seems as though those negotiations have failed. What does this mean?

This means the southern border of the United States of America will be more vulnerable to attack from low flying aircraft, low altitude missiles, and other infiltrations such as smuggling.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one Exelis employee had this to say about the announced closure of the TARS sites:

“Not only will this closure mean hundreds of people will be out of jobs, but it also means our borders will not be safe, especially along the remote U.S. Mexico Border like in Texas. These defense radars detect low flying aircraft infiltrating our borders. Without these defense radars, low flying aircraft will go undetected. It will be open season for any drug/gun/slave smugglers, terrorists flying in with nukes, low altitude missiles, or even a full scale low elevation invasion/attack against America.

According to the Air Force’s website, the Tethered Aerostat Radar System, or TARS, is an aerostat-borne, surveillance program. Using the aerostat as a stationary airborne platform for a surveillance radar, the system is capable of detecting low altitude aircraft at the radar’s maximum range by mitigating curvature of the earth and terrain masking limitations. TARS provides a detection and monitoring capability along the United States-Mexico border, the Florida Straits, and a portion of the Caribbean in support of the Department of Defense Counterdrug Program.

The primary agencies using the TARS surveillance data include U.S. Northern Command in support of Customs and Border Protection (Air and Marine Operations Center and Caribbean Air and Marine Operations Center) and U.S. Southern Command in support of Joint Interagency Task Force-South. In addition to its counterdrug mission, TARS surveillance data also supports North American Aerospace Defense Command’s air sovereignty mission for the continental United States.

Email Sent to all Exelis Employees January 17th, 2013 Announcing Closure of TARS Air Defense Sites:

Subject: TARS Contract Update

Tuesday, 15 January 2013, we received a government request for a proposal (RfP) to de-scope and close the TARS program by the end of the fiscal year. The government indicated that it does not intend to exercise the final two option years for the TARS contract. In the RfP, the government also indicated its intent that aerostat flight operations will cease on March 15, 2013, and that the remainder of the fiscal year will be used to deflate aerostats, disposition equipment, and prepare sites for permanent closure. We are currently reviewing all the details of the RfP and evaluating the possible impacts on the program and our workforce. We continue to communicate with the government on this matter, and we will have more information in the coming days and weeks.

The TARS program provides a critical capability to the U.S. government and we should remain focused on providing that service in an uninterrupted and robust manner.

The best thing we can do right now is to continue to provide the outstanding TARS support that has become the Exelis hallmark, while allowing the company and the government time to continue discussions on how to best support the customer, the program, and our workforce. We will provide regular updates as we know more. Should you have a specific question, please address them to Tim Green, Program Manager.

Tim Green, PMP
Program Manager
Tethered Aerostat Radar System
Exelis Systems Corporation

If Communist Party “friend” President Barack Obama, were deliberately trying to make America more vulnerable to enemy attack, what would he be doing differently than he is today?


Stop Arming Al Qaeda – Senate Vote Today



The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda OWN the new Egyptian Government. They are our declared enemy in the “War of Terror.” They were behind the 9/11 attacks that murdered 3,000. They butchered our people in Benghazi. THEY SAME FOLKS WHO HAVE OPENLY DECLARED THEY WILL NOT REST UNTIL AMERICA AND ALL OF WESTERN CIVILATION IS DESTROYED!



As a military man, I can tell you without a doubt, the last thing I would ever want to see, is the business end of my own military equipment gunning for me.

We made this mistake once in Afghanistan. Don’t let this Administration make it again. SUPPORT THE PAUL AMENDMENT TODAY!


For Liberty,

Benjamin Smith
Director – 912PAC

About Benjamin Smith:

Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith took an oath to defend our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. That oath has no expiration date. As an author, speaker, political strategist and ardent Constitutionalist, he continues to battle tyranny and defend the freedoms that enabled American exceptionalism. Benjamin is a regular contributor to multiple news outlets including Human Events, Breitbart and Fox News. He currently works with the 912 Project PAC as well as OPSEC where he appeared in the organization’s shocking documentary Dishonorable Disclosures. In addition, Benjamin is a founding member of the New Hanover 912 Project and has served with numerous organizations including Veterans In Politics International, Unite In Action, Move America Forward and America’s Mighty Warriors.


WORDS THAT WARNED: Against Your Will: Obama’s Plan

By: Sharon Sebastian
Website: www.DarwinsRacists.com

SPECIAL NOTE: This revealing article was published on April 14, 2010 on Sharon Sebastian’s website www.DarwinsRacists.com. Sebastian’s analysis from three years ago is today’s fact. The assault has begun on America’s freedoms, faith and sovereignty. You can read Sebastian’s further insight’s at: https://noisyroom.net/blog/index.php?s=Sharon+Sebastian

* * *

Brace yourself. If President Obama rams through health care with tactics that circumvent the Constitution, obliterates checks and balances and ignores the will of the majority of the American people, be prepared for the same bully tactics to be used in other critical upcoming legislation. If voters think the health care debacle is ugly, expect it to get uglier based on the President’s planned agenda. Health care reform is not the ultimate objective. Devising “the formula” needed to get it passed is. Unlocking the formula to open the floodgates to enact whatever future legislation Obama wants, is the goal. Once the formula is in place, then the Obama administration has the key to do to America and Americans whatever it wants. It won’t matter how Americans vote in the mid-term.

Senate leader Harry Reid revealed that legislative checks and balances were neutered when he said the reason he is pushing so hard for Obamacare is because, “the President wants it.” Democrats supporting a Democrat President is expected, but to do so to the point of rewriting law and ignoring Constitutional guidelines in order for the President to get his way, eviscerates the legislative branch and empowers the executive branch with unchecked powers. It is dangerous. Our founding fathers warned of its dangers.

The President desperately needs to ram through health care to allow him to use the same tactics to ram through Cap-and-Trade, nationalizing illegal immigrants, education reform, takeover of the airwaves, and more, in a blitzkrieg of legislation. The President’s plan has been laid-out in his own words or in the words and actions by his administration.

Trial balloons were first sent up to gauge the sentiment of the American people so Obama’s team could refine its strategy. Upon receiving negative blowback after demeaning Town Hall attendees, describing returning military as a danger to society, suggesting Americans spy on their neighbors and report “fishy speech,” attacking conservative media, seeking to separate Americans on issues of “clinging to their guns and religion” (implying that doing either was a negative), devaluing the unborn and seniors as dispensable, team Obama stopped wasting their time with an unsupportive public and decided to play hard ball.

President Obama said that he believes the U.S. Constitution, that protects Americans from government tyranny “is fundamentally flawed,” and essentially said in a 2001 Chicago NPR interview that the Constitution should not so much “protect” people, but “provide” for them” thereby turning it into a wealth redistribution welfare document. Obama created a vast shadow-government of Czars, reporting only to him, effectively diminishing the relevance of both the Cabinet and Congress. Media Czar Mark Lloyd opted out of the Fairness Doctrine for the more effective idea of “a 100% tax on operating cost” that could, if implemented, tax private conservative and religious radio out of existence. President Obama diminishes the nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage as laws are passed to legislate God out of society. The President is adamant that he wants control of the Internet during crisis and plans to establish a civilian militia as well funded and powerful as the U.S. military under the oversight of the White House. Some see it as an enforcement arm of the Presidency at the will of Obama to assure compliance to all of the above. Obama’s own words and actions have spurred the mistrust welling up in America.

The amount of damage that can be done to the country by executive order and “reformulated legislation” between now and the next elections may be insurmountable. Is that why Obama has said so cavalierly that the matter can be taken up at the ballot box — after the fact? Conscience is required for Congress to understand the ire of the American people and the cost of standing against this great nation. In this period of our nation’s history with leaders who have demonstrated a willingness to sell-out — the buck, this time, stops with the American people.

Listen to Sharon’s analysis on YouTube: Click here.

Sharing such information with family, friends and colleagues is vital. Do your part to inform.

Sharon Sebastian (www.DarwinsRacists.com) is a columnist, commentator, author, and contributor to various forms of media including cultural and political broadcasts, print, and online websites. In addition to the heated global debate on creation vs. evolution, her second book, “Darwin’s Racists: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow,” highlights the impact of Social Darwinism’s Marxist/Socialist underpinnings on the culture, the faith and current policy out of Washington. Critics are calling Darwin’s Racists, “Incredibly Timely” and “A Book for our Times.” Sebastian is a featured guest on broadcasts nationwide on topics ranging from politics, the economy, healthcare, culture, religion and evolution to Agenda 21’s global green movement. Sebastian’s political and cultural analyses on a wide range of national and global events are published nationally and internationally. Website: www.DarwinsRacists.com. “Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” may be purchased at: www.DarwinsRacists.com, www.Amazon.com, www.BarnesandNoble.com and at bookstores online and worldwide.


The Charm of Slavery: Amnesty

By: Toddy Littman

When the peasant worked his land for a Noble who would take the crop according to a charter issued by the Crown of his nation, to then hand back a small portion of it so the farmer peasant could survive to repeat this again, you see the true meaning of this generosity: to perpetuate the station of each in the scheme of things. And in further diminution of the peasant, the Noble makes this effort with full knowledge it will be received as a generosity, spread as a story amongst other farmers, which both assures the following generations of this peasant to remain thankful for those over them as long as possible, and that other Nobles will react the same, not in equilibrium or to keep a revolution from occurring, but instead to assure that the historical record shows their benevolence as a class, as though this type of generosity is the regular occurrence, which is an absolute lie.

This is the picture surrounding subject servitude, the slavery of being a subject beholden to those who show you any value of your station in life, who provide the means to feed your family, irrespective of them providing nothing more.

In time, of course, this subject servitude form of slavery was replaced by African slavery, as Muslims sold Africans into slavery for the most part, and which continues to this day, (see the end of “Who Do You Think You Are” – Emmitt Smith episode, where he discovers this truth after going to Africa in following his family tree).

And now, today, we’re again exploiting a group of people due to their legal designation, though this time it’s as a lawbreaker, an illegal immigrant. The foundation of this rests in the fact they broke the law to come here to work, even if it means they are paid less than an American Citizen. That is an obvious agreement to be in bondage, in slavery, to be in the same scheme of things as the peasantry of any European Fief or Feud.

Our hand is out bearing the gift of Amnesty, while also saying “we’ll now be able to tax you,” and “you’re job in menial labor to feed your family is secure.”

In our history there’s been a need for a particular skill set in the immigrants coming from all over the world as a part of what has made America great, that these came with other immigrants, and that this portion was enough to afford the entire group’s addition to our nation’s population has been a wonderful thing.

But in this idea, Amnesty, we embark on a dark path, one that destroys the very idea of citizenship in America that is a grant of membership in the Sovereign Authority of the people over their government. Everywhere else in the world the people remain subjects under their government, look at Egypt, even Iraq, their governments writing their constitution, unlike the Founding of this nation, and the republican ratification process in its first institution. The steps to freedom are important, and they cannot be steps at all if the government is writing its own charter, the bias extraordinary and suffices to demonstrate why only Americans are not subject-citizens but constituent-Citizens – we did the constituting of the government, not the government constituting us as subjects, as it is everywhere else.

It is a sad day indeed to see our National Government, in the interest of what appears to be politics alone, take up legalizing the holders of millions of jobs that Americans could have. Of course there are many who will argue “but these are menial jobs with low wages that Americans just won’t do,” to which I say “See the first paragraph above.” Slavery can take many names and many forms, and is wrong in all of them, at least in America where the Citizen is the Master and the government the servant, (see http://govote.avoiceofthepeople.com/quoting-the-founders/james-wilson-signatory-to-declaration-of-independence-the-us-constitution/ with citation to the original works by the Honorable former Supreme Court Justice James Wilson who signed both the unanimous Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States of America).

I submit for candid consideration that we review the idea of Amnesty with the backdrop of the prohibition of slavery and involuntary servitude in the 13th Amendment, and remembering the Constitution is what constituted the government, that this thereby establishes that it is government who is, first and foremost, prohibited from causing slavery or involuntary servitude. A government granting Amnesty is a government granting food and shelter, no less than a Noble or a Crowned Head of Europe, nor a pre-Civil War slave owner, a government creating an underclass beholden to them – a slave. I wonder if this is what then Senator Obama meant when he said, “fundamentally transform America?” This is consistent with Obama’s view that the Constitution is “what the government can do for you,” (see http://audio.wbez.org/Odyssey/CourtandCivilRights.mp3 to hear the original full interview).

Thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

P.S. Slavery is an abomination of our race, noted in the notion of it being “mankind,” and when we are ready to do some “benevolent” act that only results in a diminution of our nation’s principles from inception, then we have given up on Freedom and denounced all kindness except as a matter of procedures and policies by politicians, better known as patronage/personal government. The idea of “amnesty” is never a solution when in government’s hands, but a tool that tells the people government isn’t governing at all but would rather focus on politics and parties, that government’s primary criteria to “solve problems” is to provide opportunities for their party and policy changes in favor of government power and expansion. When we get this principle through our heads of how government “intervention” works we’ll begin to get an inkling of why Our Founders established the United States of America by requiring ratification by the people of the document, Our Written Constitution, constituting a government of enumerated, and thereby limited, powers.


Hurray for Us

Arlene from Israel

Officially, Israel isn’t talking. But in this case there is no mystery as to “who done it.” Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, the Israeli Air Force struck twice.

First, it hit a convey headed for Lebanon that carried anti-aircraft missiles. This highly sophisticated and portable weaponry was something that Nasrallah of Hezbollah had coveted; it would have changed the equation with regard to Israel’s freedom of movement in the area — as when we eventually do go to war with Hezbollah.

So, hurray for us. We must not, we cannot, sit still as the threats to us multiply. While the Syrian weapons of mass destruction (gas, chemical) are of major concern, there is more going on. As Assad tumbles towards collapse, he’s become more inclined to turn weapons from his arsenal over to Hezbollah. The Syrian border has essentially been quiet since 1973 — Assad has not utilized his weaponry against Israel directly. But Hezbollah — an Iranian/Syrian proxy — has and will undoubtedly attempt to do so again.


According to foreign press reports, the convoy had left from the Syrian town of Zabadani and was headed to the Lebanese village of An Nabi Shit; it was attacked from Syrian air space, before it crossed the border.

The weaponry was identified as Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles (pictured).

Credit: YNet


Tzachi Hanegbi, former chair of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, had this to say about the situation, on Army Radio:
“Israel has always said that if sophisticated weapons coming from Iran, North Korea and Russia fell into the hands of Hezbollah, it would cross a red line.

“Israel’s preference would be if a Western entity would control these weapons systems, But because it appears the world is not prepared to do what was done in Libya or other places, then Israel finds itself like it has many times in the past facing a dilemma that only it knows how to respond to. Even if there are reports about pinpoint operations, these are not significant solutions to the threat itself because we are talking about very substantial capabilities that could reach Hezbollah.” (Emphasis added)



It is highly unlikely that Hanegbi spoke without official sanction — in fact, what he has done is deliver an official message unofficially. His words are good ones. He makes clear that Israel will do what Israel must do — something our neighbors badly need to understand. In this neighborhood, a tough stance is the most secure stance.

I hasten to point out here that Obama, who gave his word that he has Israel’s back, is sitting on his hands at the moment. “Israel’s preference would be if a Western entity would control these weapons systems.” However…

Hanegbi suggests, you will note, that a more substantial operation may be required.

As Danny Yatom, former Mossad head, said to YNet yesterday, “Some things are casus belli.”


The second target Israel hit, and demolished, was an installation in Jamraya near Damascus that the Syrian government identified as a “research facility.” Research? Well, actually, one of the “scientific research centers aimed at raising the level of resistance and self-defense,” according to the Syrian government. The facility — which apparently had a major role within Syrian’s weaponry system — has been identified as likely a chemical weapons manufacturing and storage site.


US officials, speaking anonymously, have indicated that the US, during meetings held at the Pentagon in the last few days, was told by Israel that the attack would be taking place.

Reportedly, there were 12 Israeli fighter jets involved, operating in three different sorties of four jets each. The planes entered Lebanese airspace and crossed over to Syria flying low just north of Mount Hermon (which is on the Golan in Israel).

Credit: Boeing Israel


Not surprisingly, the Syrians made a great deal more noise about Israel hitting their “research facility” than about the convoy. To protest the hit on the convoy is to public acknowledge transfer of weapons to Hezbollah.

Both the Russians and Hezbollah have protested the hit on the convoy however. Hezbollah referred to what had happened as “barbaric aggression” by Israel that requires world condemnation. (One must retain a sense of the ironic when reading such words.) While Russia is talking about “unprovoked attacks” that “violate the UN charter.” And now Iran has gotten into the act, making diverse threats against Israel. A lot of words.


Will either Hezbollah or Syria retaliate? It’s possible, certainly, and tension is high on both sides of the border. But the betting is that there will be no retaliation now, as Assad is up to his eye-balls fighting the rebels who are taking him down, and Hezbollah is invested in helping him. What is more, things did not go well for Hezbollah in its last war with Israel, and Nasrallah is going to think twice about incurring the ire of the Lebanese population again.

My own opinion, not offered lightly, is that we’ll handle what we must handle. What we absolutely cannot do is sit still as Hezbollah attempts to strengthen. We have to be pro-active here.

Will there be war eventually? One way or the other, it’s almost certainly coming.


Meanwhile, the International Atomic Energy Commission has received a letter from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, stating that it would be installing new, more efficient centrifuges in its plant near Natanz. This will enable Iran to enrich uranium more quickly and, says Mark Fitzpatrick, of the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tank, could be “a most unfortunate game changer,” depending on how many new centrifuges are installed..

“If Iran introduces them in a large scale, the timeline for being able to produce fissile material for nuclear weapons would be significantly reduced.”


Is Obama planning on having a talk with the Iranians about this, or what?


What has been of interest to me in the last 24 hours or so is the silence that has ensued with regard to the explosion, such as it was, at Fordow. With all of the conflicting reports, I know that information had come out indicating that Israeli intelligence sources confirmed that something happened there. And if these reports are reliable, then, indeed, something happened. What we will ever know about this, with certainty, is another story.

But one thing is quite clear. Whatever the success in setting back Iran’s nuclear program at Fordow may have been, it obviously didn’t put them out of business, as Natanz is still in operation.


The ludicrous state of the world, and what passes for diplomacy these days, was brought home to me when I read that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon appealed to Syria yesterday “to stop the killing…stop the violence.”

That’ll do it. Assad is probably thinking of calling a halt to his war against the insurgents as we speak, in response to this plea. You think?

This was going to be a segue into other material related to the UN, just as ludicrous, but of a more serious nature. But I’m going to table it for next time, as it requires an analysis of the perverse and faulty (and indeed severely maliced) thinking that is involved.