3 thoughts on “Sen. Roy Blunt: Federal Budget Will Be Cut on March 1st – “The Sequester Will Happen”

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  2. I know like most people we have to address some finacial issues, but why should our cuts be to our military and other domestic spending only.What about foriegn aid to every other country to improve their lives while we kill ours?
    If we are in such bad shape lets rebuld ourselves first then go back to helping people if we are in no shape to take care of ourselves what good will we be to the rest of the world?Maybe this is what the people who want to do us harm wants

  3. I think we are being played by both political parties.Why else does the stock market go down when uem[ployment goes down and up when it goes up ie… more people out of wor, it used to be the other way around back in the day.

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