Egyptian Christians: Where can they turn to?

By: Staff Editor
Voice of the Copts

Dahshoor – Coptic Stores

One solution for the Copts of Egypt is to give up their country and migrate to free and democratic states as the Egyptian Jews did years ago. I have included some reasons for this in my answers to questions asked of me recently in an interview with Israel Today writer Ryan Jones. Here is the original interview with Dr. Ashraf Ramelah Founder and President of voice of the Copts:

1. Egypt is heating up again. Do you think there will be another revolution, this time against the Muslim Brotherhood?

I can’t call what has been going on in Egypt for two years a revolution, but I can call such an event an uprising. An uprising consists of multiple, massive protests against the existing system, while revolution is to overthrow that system. In Egypt, the system has always been as it is now, Islamic supremacy dominated by an Islamic mentality. In Egypt, the uprising so far has resulted in a power shift within the existing system, such as Mubarak leaving and Morsi taking his place.

For two years now, the Egyptian people have been bravely protesting in the streets and squares around the country but, unfortunately, have not yet succeeded in a revolution. Will they succeed in revolution and overturn Islamic supremacy, the existing system since Nasser’s coup of 1952, and begin a democracy? This remains to be seen.

Egypt’s youth went out to protest in the streets on January 25, 2011 and these sustained protests grew into a prolonged uprising. The Muslim Brotherhood attached itself to this uprising to usurp power from Mubarak. Now with the help of foreign power and currency, the Muslim Brotherhood will overwhelm the uprising once again as they did in the earliest stage of the uprising with their balancing act of propagandizing the West and using their militia force. It does not look good for the future of Egypt.

2. What is life like for Egyptian Christians under the Muslim Brotherhood?

The plight of the Egyptian Christians today entails Christian women living in fear of attacks by Muslim gangs because they do not wear the veil. As before, Christians are subject to open discrimination by Muslim Koran-adherents who frequently commit acts of destruction of Christian property and routinely threaten and take the lives of Copts. Muslim mobs randomly bomb church buildings, set them on fire or use bulldozers and hatchets to demolish them — this violence now accelerated under Morsi. Worshippers coming and going from church are at high risk of never returning home, a familiar scenario for Copts.

In this new political climate, the Muslim nemesis has been emboldened. Muslim vigilantes have now revived (unofficially) the anti-Copt Hamayouni Decree of 1856. Accordingly, Muslims actively forbid Christian burials in Christian cemeteries where Muslim cemeteries are nearby — believing that the corpse of a Christian should never be interred within proximity of a buried Muslim. Is this perhaps the ultimate act of bigotry?

3. Does Egypt’s new constitution discriminate against or make life difficult/dangerous for Christians?

Egypt’s new constitution is consistent with and generally supports the discriminatory behavior described in my answer to the previous question and will ultimately endanger the lives of all Egyptians. For the Brotherhood, any approved Egyptian constitution is a façade for the benefit of the West. A constitution’s sole value is to impose religious Sharia law through drafted articles which are absent of religious freedom and universal human rights. This in turn will degrade the country’s economy as it discourages tourism and Western investments.

4. How do Egypt’s Coptic Christians view Israel?

Islamic bigotry and prejudice against Jews in Egypt predates the Jewish State of Israel. Islam’s discriminatory teachings have dominated Egypt’s culture for centuries and have been passed down through generations, infecting Muslims and Christians alike. Public school textbooks saturate Muslim and non-Muslim children in their formative years with messages of hate toward Israel and Jews. Today Christian Copts are awash in the culture of Islam like fish in water and many grossly err in relation to Christ’s teachings on the issue of Jews and Coptic biblical history and heritage.

Bombarded daily with Egypt’s state regulated media dominated by biased Islamic viewpoints, forced to listen to loud speakers blasting Friday prayers from mosques preaching hatred of Jews and Christians, the Coptic Christians and their clergy are an indoctrinated population.

This is a sad reality that is terribly inexcusable especially as Coptic religious leaders have conceded this point to Muslims in order to appease them and perhaps make Coptic life less dangerous which has been miserably unsuccessful. Regarding the State of Israel, Copts love the holy land and the Christian sites located there yet, at the same time, view with skepticism the Jewish population.

5. How do Coptic Christians view “Christian Zionists” who support Israel as a fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

Coptic Christians are not adherents of the Christian Zionist movement and never speak of supporting Israel in ways that fulfill biblical prophecy — awaiting the apocalypse, realizing an Armageddon, or converting Jews. Nor do Copts particularly advocate the tenets which reveal the “Jewish heart” of the true character of this movement, namely; repentance, thankfulness and obedience toward the Jews and Israel – a precept thoroughly discussed by Shelley Neese of The Jerusalem Connection International in her piece last year in the Jerusalem Post entitled, What motivates Christian Zionists?

6. Do you believe there can be real peace between Israel and the Arab world?

No, I am very sorry to say. The problem is not about borders or property, but about the racial hatred of Arab-Muslims toward Jews which is embedded in Arab-Muslim cultures and religious texts.



Arlene from Israel

Purim will be celebrated Saturday night and Sunday here, as elsewhere in the world, except for walled cities such as Jerusalem, where Shushan Purim will be celebrated on Sunday night and Monday.

The story of Purim is one of a threat to the existence of the Jewish people, overcome against great odds because of the determined actions of Mordecai and Esther. God’s name is not mentioned anywhere in the Megillat Esther. We are to understand, however, that God is present, working behind the scenes.

The lessons — that we must trust in God, even when we cannot see his hand., and that we must act decisively on behalf of our people — are of paramount importance today. It should not escape us that the story of Esther takes place in Persia, which is the modern Iran. Nor should we forget that Mordecai refused to bow down to the wicked Haman.


Today is a fast day: We fast just as Queen Esther and Mordecai fasted before she approached the king to ask him to save the Jews.

Then, after Shabbat comes the celebration, and the acts of charity and giving.

Credit: JoyfulJewish


I do not expect to post again until Monday, at the earliest.


Here, I would like to pick up on yesterday’s topic, as fuzzy as the larger picture remains. Will either Bennett and/or Lapid ultimately join the coalition? My crystal ball is foggy today, so I am unsure. Bennett is putting out mixed messages right now.

My gut tells me that ultimately he will, which (if the deal with Lapid holds) means Lapid will too. It is Bennett’s perspective that concerns me, however. We need his nationalist voice in the government, if Netanyahu is to have a government.


Yesterday I wrote about reference to Livni as a fig leaf and her insistence that she will never play that role: If she finds Netanyahu is not serious about negotiations, she will leave, she says.

And so this is yet another scenario that I didn’t describe yesterday. Maybe she WILL be out of there — walking away in no time at all.


And…it is still possible that if neither Bennett nor Lapid signs on for the coalition, that Netanyahu may have to throw up his hands and say he has no government. An incredible prospect in light of his reputation (badly tarnished at this point) as a very savvy politician.

But, in all honesty, a prospect that might not be bad in light of the latest rumor I’ve picked up: I’m being told that Netanyahu has offered Mofaz — with TWO mandates — the Ministry of Defense. An impeccably reliable source was said to have confirmed this. We’ll see in due course.


Moshe Arens has written a piece on Israel’s persistent and deluded hope that it might be possible to make peace with the Palestinian Arabs, “Vain hope springs eternal.”

In this article he explores the various reasons why Israelis keep coming back to this notion, and what the repeated failures have been.

“And so it went, one disappointment after another. As the saying goes, ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.’ Israel has been fooled not once, not twice, but at least five times in a quest for peace that has gone nowhere.”

Now says Arens, “Abbas is not capable of fulfilling the two basic requirements Israel would demand in any agreement involving significant territorial concessions: First, that the agreement would constitute the end of the conflict and that no further Palestinian demands would be made of Israel. And second, that the territories ceded would not become bases for terrorist activities against Israel.” (Emphasis added)



I alluded obliquely yesterday to Livni’s prior role as negotiator with the Palestinian Arabs. She served that role when Ehud Olmert was prime minister and conducted talks with PA negotiator Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala’a). In 2008, Qurei praised Livni for insisting that Jerusalem had to be kept on the table in negotiations:
“There can be no peace without Jerusalem. How can the Palestinians agree to such a peace? If you want peace, you have to put Jerusalem on the table. [Livni] didn’t say she would give up Jerusalem, but she will leave it on the table.”

Now there have been charges by Bennett with regard to her readiness to give up Jerusalem, which charges she denies, saying she safeguarded the city.

But the final point here is that even with a prime minister more receptive to making enormous compromises, she was not able to pull it off.


Where Israel is likely headed right now, when all this talk is done, is not to the negotiating table, but to a new intifada. I’ve been reporting for some time now on increased violence by Palestinian Arabs — most recently, it has been violence that broke out during demonstrations for the release of hunger-striking prisoners. That violence has continued intermittently.

On Tuesday, Kadoura Fares, a Fatah official, said that there will be increased violence if the four hunger striking prisoners are not released immediately.

“Sometimes the fire starts out small and expands to a large inferno,” he said. He sought to imply in his statement that they don’t want trouble, but sometimes emotions just get the better of them.

In reality, the PA has been milking the prisoner issue as a way to pressure and delegitimize Israel. Not to mention, as an excuse for upping the violence.

The last intifada was supposed to have started spontaneously when Ariel Sharon went up the Temple Mount — as if Jews have no right to be there, and the presence of a Sharon there so upset Muslims that they went wild. The fact of the matter is that the violence had been planned beforehand by Arafat, and that he was merely waiting for a pretext. I have documented evidence on this.

So what is the situation now? Is the plight of the prisoners meant to be another pretext?


There are two issues that the Palestinian Arabs are protesting. One is the fact that Samer Issawi (their “celebrity” prisoner) and Ayman Sharawna were picked up after having been released in the Shalit exchange and re-arrested for breaking the terms of their release agreements.

But then there are two others — Tareq Qaadan and Jafar Azzidine — who are in prison under administrative detention. And I think it’s important to clarify what this means. These men have not been charged in court and sentenced. Their imprisonment, for a specific period of time only, was approved by a court, after having received information on their actions/connections/plans.

Israel is not a country where people are thrown into prison on a whim and the key thrown away. There is strict judicial oversight in cases such as these. And there are solid reasons why the situation has to be handled this way:

We are, quite simply, at war. To try some of these terrorists might mean exposing contacts or methods of securing information, perhaps putting people at risk or creating the inability to secure further important information. And so, the court is provided with classified information and makes a decision. If these guys are in prison, there is a reason.


Other information confirms the likelihood of more Arab violence:

“A senior IDF officer warned Thursday morning during an interview on Army Radio that army analysts believe it is likely the PA will choose to launch an intifada over returning to the negotiating table for final status talks with Israel.

“The officer, who serves in the regions of Judea and Samaria, said Thursday in an interview on Army Radio that soldiers are currently training to deal with four-week confrontation scenarios.”



And then this last piece of information on Palestinian Arab violence:

Tekoa is a community in Gush Etzion, not far outside of Jerusalem. Once upon a time, the road into Tekoa was dangerous, as it made its way past Arab villages. But in recent years, with the construction of a new road, the way was considered safe. That is, until last night.

People I know and care about were in a vehicle travelling on that road, when Arabs threw large rocks at the car. Only because the windshield had been reinforced were they saved from a lethal situation — the window broke into spiderweb-like cracks but did not shatter inward.

I have now learned that there were other cars on the road that were attacked at the same time.

The Arabs are becoming bolder and more lethal.

What I tremble to anticipate is that in the run-up to Obama’s visit, we’ll do “confidence building” gestures such as letting terrorists out of prison, or cutting back on checkpoints. When instead (forgive my political incorrectness) we should be breaking a few heads. They have to fear us.


After Purim, I will want to look in more detail at recent evidence of world-wide involvement in terrorism of Iran and Hezbollah. But for now, enough. More than enough.

I look forward to my grandchildren in costume, and to the Purim meal (seudah) and a great deal more.

Chag Purim Sameach!


Connecting all the dots suggests something really bad is going to happen. Will this be the Summer to remember forever?

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

I have written before about the enormous amount of ammunition being purchased by the Dept. of Homeland Security and other agencies of the Federal government. Facts show that more than 2 BILLION rounds of ammo have been purchased so far. Compared to the 5.5 MILLION rounds that our military is using per month in the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones, our government is stockpiling enough ammo to last 20 years. If that information isn’t enough to worry about how about this. The government is using a new kind of target for practice shooting – targets they call “No More Hesitation” that include pregnant women and children holding guns. I think the name says it all. Get the agents used to shooting at pregnant women and children on the target range so that they will not hesitate to shoot at them in real life.

The company making the targets is Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. and they are providing DHS and law enforcement departments all across the U.S. with targets ”designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.” This was recently reported on The Allegiant, a web site that describes itself as a Progressive Sociopolitical Network in their story: DHS Using Children and Pregnant Women as Targets.

Another story that made the rounds last month was the Urban Warfare exercises conducted in several cities across America. I wrote about the Urban Warfare night training in Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas and several other cities that included Army Blackhawk helicopters flying below rooftop levels firing blank rounds of machine gun fire that scared the crap out of lots of people. While several local television stations reported the local events that included citizen-captured videos, none of the national news media bothered to give it much coverage and no one offered any explanation. But the above mentioned web site, The Allegiant did and they wrote about some very dramatic insight. This is what they said in their report:

Invasion! DHS Source Tells Why Military Train in U.S. Cities

Written by: David Bard on February 6, 2013.
Last revised by: Michael Caldwell

I spoke with a high-ranking, military source in DHS. Preferring to remain unnamed for obvious reasons, he told me, “DHS and DOD are conducting desensitizing exercises all across the U.S.,” he paused, then added, “we’re being prepared for mass civil unrest in major U.S. cities. DOD will be expected to help – when we’re requested.”

I asked if there was a timeline for expecting civil unrest in our cities and why should we expect it to begin with. I was told that there were many reasons, but that the continued devaluation of our currency, the predicted history-setting prices for gasoline this summer and the continued gun control debate are forming a perfect storm of civil discontent. When this storm hits, it will most assuredly produce mass casualties. When does DHS expect this to happen? This summer.

Its time we started connecting the dots and put an end to all the doubt. Something very bad is about to happen. The facts are right in front of our eyes like pieces of a puzzle and all we have to do it put them together. There cannot be any more coincidences. Reports came out recently that several high-ranking military officers have been submitting their resignations or suddenly retiring. Then it was suggested they were being asked if they could order their troops to shoot on American civilians – on American soil. Not shoot on terrorists but shoot on ordinary American civilians. Last year it was revealed that FEMA has constructed concentration camps in America that they call Internment Centers. Then the U.S. Army posted job bulletins for Internment Specialists to run the camps. But this doesn’t seem to be enough to grab anyone’s attention in the leftist national news media. Even though the Democrats, at the insistence of Barack Hussein Obama, have passed laws giving the U.S. Army the power to arrest and detain without trial any American citizen. Even though Congress voted for The Patriot Act to suspend key articles of The Bill of Rights. Our Dept. of Homeland Security classifying returning war vets, 2nd Amendment and Pro-Life supporters as potential domestic terrorists, our government, which was once referred to as “of the people, for the people and by the people” now seems to be very close to a totalitarian dictatorship.

Now we switch over to the current budget talks and the subject of Sequestration and what will happen in a few weeks when Barack Hussein Obama fails to reach an accord with the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Drastic layoffs are coming and more than 600,000 civilian employees of the Defense Dept., alone, will be out of work. The Pentagon notified Congress on Wednesday it will be furloughing its civilian workforce of 800,000 employees if sequestration goes into effect March 1. Cutbacks in the size of our military. Overhaul schedules in naval shipyards are being cancelled and reports say that includes weapons system upgrades, as well. The net result will be a drastic reduction in our military strength and capabilities.

Many conservative bloggers, as well as the leadership of the Republican Party, are suggesting that all of these things are the result of a gross failure in leadership on the part of the Democrat administration but I think there is something more to it that that. Suppose for a moment that Barack Hussein Obama has planned this failure all along? Not planned for it but actually planned to make it happen. Suppose he wants the military to be whittled down to a fourth rate power? Suppose he wants the economy in America to collapse? Suppose he wants to create an excuse to cause civil unrest that would warrant a national emergency so great as to suspend civil rights and institute Martial Law? And suppose he has planned for dealing with it by stocking up on 2 billion rounds of hollow-point ammo, the kind of bullets that has been outlawed for use in warfare by the Geneva Convention? Suppose he is getting his wish to create a civilian national security force of DHS and TSA troops conditioned to shoot pregnant women and children in the civil war he has anticipated? Do you recall him saying so on his campaign stop on July 2, 2008? “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. [YouTube, 7/2/08]” And suppose their timetable is accurate and it will all begin this summer?

Now suppose, also, that our enemies are fully aware of this? Suppose they are waiting for a moment of opportunity when America becomes gravely weakened by our economic distress and internal conflicts? Think of Civil War and the collapse of the economy with unaffordable gas prices, food shortages and catastrophic unemployment. We are living on a bubble that is ready to pop as soon as a little more pressure builds up or someone sticks a pin in it. And we certainly have enough enemies around the world to worry about. We got a crazy dictator in North Korea testing his ICBMs and his nuclear weapons. We got another crazy dictator in Iran hellbent on building his own atomic bombs. We’ve got communist regimes in Russia, China and Venezuela that would love to see us destroyed. Didn’t the Russian’s have a few bombers carrying atomic weapons fly around Guam last week? Were they testing our defenses? Lets say for the moment that China and Russia, both communist regimes, have different ideas on what to do with a weakened America. Suppose China was concerned over the Russian bombers flying over Guam? Suppose the Chinese decided they need to protect some of their investments in America to secure the TRILLIONS of dollars they loaned us and planned an invasion? What was once the plot of a few Hollywood movies is a lot closer to reality today. Now suppose the background story concerning Barack Hussein Obama was added to the mix? The fact that he was mentored by a known card-carrying member of the Communist Party for 8 years before he even went to college. And while in college Obama had the audacity to admit he joined several radical socialist groups. And after college he launched his political career in the living room of two communists named Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. And then he joined the socialist New Party in Chicago to help get elected to the Illinois legislature. And after a meteoric rise in the Democratic Socialist Party he gets to run the whole show and surrounds himself with radical Muslims and communists. I believe his whole plan from the very beginning was to weaken America, disarm our citizens and lay the groundwork for our destruction.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


Judy Chu Exposed, Part 3: Judy Chu and Communist Worker Jose Zapata Calderon

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Part 2 here.


Judy Chu, Congressional Representative of California’s 32nd District, is a long term affiliate of the now defunct Communist Workers Party and its still existing activist networks.

While officially extinct for 25 years gone, the ultra-militant, habitually violent and loyally pro-China CWP is still having an impact in New York, The Bay Area and Southern California, through covert networks of former members.

Judy Chu led a CWP front, the Federation for Progress, in the 1980s, while beginning her ascent of the Democratic Party ladder. Now it appears that Chu is still working closely with residual CWP networks.

In 1985, the CWP dropped Maoism, changed its name to the New Democratic Movement and began a deliberate program of infiltrating the Democratic Party at the highest levels. The CWP never abandoned Marxist revolution as its goal. It merely exchanged the subtle long term infiltration of the institutions as recommended by Italian Communist Party leader, Antonio Gramsci, for the outdated, confrontational street-marching tactics of Mao Tse Tung.

A key part of CWP/NDM strategy was to exploit racial and ethnic divisions as a means of achieving p0wer.

A perfect example occurred in Monterey Park, East Los Angeles, in the mid-1980s. The area, previously largely white and Latino, was experiencing an influx of immigrants from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Eventually, some longtime residents sought a ban on Chinese-language storefront signs. When a divided City Council voted in 1986 to support a resolution endorsing, among other things, English as the nation’s official language, Judy Chu, by then on the local school board and her husband Mike Eng (a lawyer), fought back by forming the Coalition for Harmony in Monterey Park.

Jose Zapata Calderon

Jose Zapata Calderon

Another key CHAMP member was Jose Zapata Calderon, then an academic in Sociology and Chicano Studies at Pitzer College in Claremont.

“Judy and Mike were always trying to find ways to bring people together,” said Jose Calderon, another member of CHAMP who is now an associate professor at Pitzer College in Claremont. They started “harmony days” to celebrate the city’s various cultures and they led a petition drive that moved the council to rescind its divisive resolution.

Chu, Eng and Calderon did succeed in reversing the language ban, an action which boosted Judy Chu’s political career through a local Mayoralty, Assembly, and eventually onto Congress.

Coincidentally, all three activists were linked to the Communist Workers Party – with Calderon, a confirmed leader of the group.

Calderon was not a local. He grew up in a small town in Colorado, where he went on to earn a B.A. from the University of Colorado, Greeley, in Communications.

In Greeley in the 1970s, Calderon started the Al Frente de Lucha (meaning in the forefront of the struggle), which worked on the United Farm Workers boycott of lettuce and grapes. He took California students to work with the UFW and also worked with the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan or MEChA, a radical Marxist/separatist Chicano group, as well as the League of United Latin American Citizens.

One of Calderon’s first actions after graduation, was a visit to the National Headquarters of the United Farm Workers in Delano, California. The organization’s radical leader, Cesar Chavez, told the young graduate: “You have only so much time in your life… And you can easily throw your life away… Or, you can use your life in service to others; empower others in building a more just and equal society.”

By the late 1970s, Calderon was a full fledged member of the Colorado branch of the Communist Workers Party.

After 5 CWP members were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan at Greensboro North Carolina – the infamous “Greensboro Massacre,” Calderon protested the killings in downtown Denver.

CWP member Jose Calderon, Denver

CWP member Jose Calderon, Denver

Calderon got his name splashed nationwide in August 1980 when he infiltrated the National Governor’s Conference to protest lack of punishment for the killers of his comrades.

Independent Presidential candidate John Anderson was midway through his speech to the conference, when Jose Calderon ran to the front of the meeting room screaming at the candidate and threw eggs at both of them. The eggs missed their mark and security agents quickly subdued the 33 year-old comrade Calderon.

Calderon restrained

Calderon restrained

Calderon has since developed more affinity for the political process and in 2012, was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

After his burst of glory in Colorado, Calderon moved to Los Angeles to pursue his studies at UCLA.

He quickly hooked up with Mike Eng and Judy Chu, and he and his wife Marilyn Calderon have worked closely with them ever since.

Marilyn Calderon actually served on Chu’s legislative staff in the California Assembly. Mrs Calderon, who later became president of the United Farm Workers, worked closely with Chu in the mid-2000s, trying to build support for Chu’s proposed legislation to protect field hands from sunstroke.

Judy Chu has always supported Jose Calderon’s militant actions. In a show of opposition to Pomona College’s decision to terminate 17 employees who could not verify their employment documentation before a December 1, 2011, 5 p.m. deadline, 15 supporters of the terminated employees were arrested for refusing to move from the middle of an intersection.

CPD officers arrested the protesters, a group that included professor Jose Calderon.

Calderon arrested

Calderon arrested

“Many years from now, I know your children and students will ask you, ‘Where were you on that day when they fired those workers that brought the food to your table?’” Calderón told the assembled protestors, “All of you are going to be able to say to your children, ‘I was there and I was fighting injustice.’”

The terminated workers received a message of support from only one politician – Judy Chu. Bryan Urias, a member of Chu’s staff, attended the protest on behalf of the Congresswoman.

“She wanted me to be here to let all of you know, to let the workers know, to let Pomona College know, that she is watching what is going on and she is disgusted with the process that happened here,” Urias said.

Urias added that Chu had personally called College President Oxtoby to ask him to reconsider his decision to terminate employees who could not update their documentation by Dec. 1. He also said that Chu’s office intended to help the terminated workers who wanted to fix their documentation and get re-hired by Pomona.

Friday 30 March 2012, Jose Calderon organized the Annual Latino and Latina Roundtable Cesar Chavez Breakfast at The Avalon, 1098 W McKinley Ave, Pomona.

In keeping with the tradition of honoring leaders in our region who have exemplified the principles and values of Cesar Chavez, the Roundtable is honoring Congresswoman Judy Chu.

Further evidence of Judy Chu’s ties to Jose Calderon and to a wider network of former Communist Workers Party members, is contained in this invitation to a July 10, 2011 “conversation” with Judy Chu and Oakland mayor Jean Quan at the Empress Pavillion, in LA Chinatown.

Jean Quan, is a former member of the Communist Workers Party.


The Honorary Host Committee, totally gives the game away.

  • Judy Chu – US Representative.
  • Mike Eng – California Assembly member.
  • Stewart Kwoh – founding President and Executive Director of Asian Pacific American Legal Center in Los Angeles and is very prominent in the Los Angeles Chinese community. Once very close to, and probably a member of, the CWP.
  • Kent Wong – Director of the Center for Labor Research and Education at UCLA, where he teaches Labor Studies and Asian American Studies. Long time associate of Judy Chu, and former member of the CWP.
  • Jose Zapata Calderon – a former member of the CWP.
  • Jai Lee – the Senior Program Officer and Manager of the Southern California Region at the California Endowment. Kent Wong’s wife.

A gathering of the old comrades? Just reminiscing about past campaigns? Or evidence of ongoing co-operation between Judy Chu and former Communist Workers Party comrades?

Part 4 coming soon…

Trevor Loudon is the author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within and is nearing completion of a new title: “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress.”