CSCOPE Is Common Core & It Isn’t Good

By: Sara Noble
Independent Sentinel

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Governor Perry recently refused to adopt the Common Core curricula but the one he did adopt, CSCOPE is the same thing. It’s an outline of a curricula which simulates Common Core. The creators did an end-run around Perry.

In February, the state of Texas along with the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum, stated that they would enact major changes to the curriculum management system called CSCOPE. Teachers and parents alike were opposed to the fact that it was devised in secret, had little oversight by the BOE and imposed difficult working conditions on teachers.

CSCOPE, which covers K-12, is the talking points around which teachers devise lessons. The curricula is decidedly secular Progressive propaganda and is aimed at brainwashing. There is this sample sentence from the US History curricula on the West and the Gilded Age: “Political corruption plays an important role because it sets the tone for the progressive movement, which will be studied in a later unit.” It was the Progressives who were opposed to political corruption in their rewriting of history.

The Texas CSCOPE Review, a watchdog group, found one lesson plan on terrorism from their World History Unit 12 Lesson 7 which links the Boston Tea Party to “an act of terrorism.” I’m sure that has nothing to do with the Tea Party, I write sardonically.

They aasked students to design a flag for a new socialist nation and had others dress in burqas for a lesson.

Because CSCOPE is instructional material and not curriculum, it is not subject to regulation by the BOE. It replaces equality and justice with fairness according to the social justice advocates. It teaches about American imperialism which does not exist.

One RI teacher’s perspective:

via Texas CSCOPE Review

Hear from a Texas parent:

Critics of CSCOPE and Common Core are mostly Conservatives. Daily Caller recently summarized ten of the shocking things in the TEXAS version of Common Core w – CSCOPE:

  • Islam and Mohammed are awesome. There are merits to the hijab. They present the hijab as “freeing” though its purpose is to hide women so they don’t tempt men. (The curriculum is PC. They ignore the terrorism in Islam to promote the good.)
  • Christianity is a cult. They are guilty of grave atrocities.
  • Communism is awesome with all its big ideas.
  • Making Communist flags is great.
  • The Boston Tea Party was terrorism.
  • Terrorism has goals and prisoners who have tried to kill Americans need more rights.
  • Christopher Columbus warred against the land and ecology. He was an eco-terrorist.
  • Paul Revere was evil and was suspected of drug involvement.
  • Support for the Marxist UN and their global vision of population control is elevated.
  • Murder and extortion were protest strategies of the Black Panthers.

Check it out by clicking the link.

The point isn’t these ten issues. If you look at the curriculum, you will quickly see that the shift is from a nation founded on principles of liberty and justice to one founded on principles of pillage, bondage and imperialism. The only ones who stand up against the corrupt system are the Progressives aka Socialists and Communists.

The secular Progressives are wise to go after predominantly Conservative states like Texas and Alaska. Once they have the youth of Texas, they have the nation.

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