Demonstration In London Against Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Regime – 20 April 2013

By: Aeneas Lavinium

A demonstration against the regime of Mohamed Morsi will take place in London opposite the House of Lords on Saturday 20 April 2013 from 12-3pm. It is an opportunity for people to voice their opposition to the human rights abuses that have become a regular occurrence since the Muslim Brotherhood regime came to power. More information can be found at the website UK Copts where we found out about this demonstration.

The demonstration should be an opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims to come together and signal their opposition to Islamic extremism with a single voice. The Coptic population of Egypt which descends from the Ancient Egyptians was subject to abuse under Mubarak but the situation got dramatically worse with the accession of the Muslim Brotherhood. But with an Islamist regime in power even Muslims could potentially be persecuted if they are not deemed to be pure enough for the Brotherhood. The people of Egypt of whatever faith background deserve to live under the rule of law rather than laws and practices inspired by the inequality of the Sharia. They deserve to live under a system that is both secular and democratic.

The anti-sharia community predicted the Muslim Brotherhood would come to power in Egypt on the back of Western interference in North Africa. It also predicted that this would be bad for the people of Egypt, for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. They were criticised at the time as being alarmist, Islamophobic, or ‘far right’ due to such predictions. They were told by ‘those who know best’ that the Muslim Brotherhood were ‘moderate Islamists’ – a ridiculous act of circumlocution! It was the equivalent of someone in the 1930s saying that there were Moderate Nazis in Germany and as a result there was nothing to be concerned about.

At a time when the British and other Western governments are in the process of trying to install an Islamist regime in Syria it is quite appropriate for a demonstration to take place in the British capital.

The British Government’s current pro-Islamist policy and its support for the hypocrisy of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) needs to be brought to public attention.

The people of Egypt are suffering because the real threat posed by Islamism and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood has been ignored in the West. In fact, if anything Western opinion formers have been bending over backwards to make Islamists sound like progressive, forward looking humanitarians. However, the reality on the ground speaks for itself.

Demonstration opposite the House of Lords on Saturday 20 April 2013 from 12-3pm.

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