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Full disclosure – I picked this whispering picture because the girls are cute and no other reason.

We’re pretty familiar with the visible players in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty) scam. There’s the Democrat Party, Barack Obama, Labor Unions, the ‘Gang of Eight’, the usual useful idiots that pose as conservatives – Bob Barnes, Hugh Hewitt, Grover Norquist, the Cato Institute, the United States Chamber of Commerce and so forth.

But there’s a relatively invisible force operating off the radar screen that is putting intense pressure on lawmakers concerning specific aspects of S744 – the so-called, ‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act’. These policy advocates largely hail from the executive offices of America’s largest corporations. With the help of Numbers USA, a group that has been in the forefront in fighting against amnesty and increased immigration – I am going to detail for you the identity of some of these secret conspirators (oh, there’s that word) and what they are telling each other in whisper mode.

A secret meeting took place at the Washington Marriott Convention Hotel in Dupont Circle, where a coalition of big-business oriented, pro-Open Borders dedicated groups, corporations, and lobbyists gathered to discuss strategy on how to persuade and coerce if necessary, lawmakers on both sides of the Hill to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. First, I should mention that the quotes I’m reprinting here only saw the light of day as a result of a defector taking notes at the meeting in question. The individual was a lobbying industry attorney, so for obvious reasons Numbers USA is protecting that source.

This is incredible stuff, but not particularly shocking when you consider the end game and desired outcome of this immigration bill. To boil it down to its essentials, it is a grand bargain between the two political parties and their largest campaign donors. Democrats get the legalized voters and add to the numbers of the social welfare recipient class. Big business gets the next wave of low skilled illegals that cross the border in the wake of the Green card giveaway and the Senators in the GOP camp get Golden Parachutes in the form of lucrative lobbying jobs when they retire or we retire them. You know what you get out of this deal? In Yiddish, they call it getting ‘shtupped’. Don’t ask me for the definition of that.

This meeting was called the “Storming the Hill National Summit”. The host for this infamous event was Ms. Tamar Jacoby, formerly a fellow of the Manhattan Institute, now with the New America Foundation and the President of ‘ImmigrationWorksUSA. Ms. Jacoby is thought of as a reliable asset in circles that include the Council on Foreign Relations, if that rings any bells. The New America Foundation, I have no particular issue with, as it seems to promote a range of independent thinking.

ImmigrationWorksUSA, however, is another story. ImmigrationWorksUSA is the combine in Washington that serves as a mouthpiece for the aims and designs of corporations that want to leverage public policy to maintain access to cheap imported labor, no matter the cost to you, the taxpayer. Ms. Jacoby sets the agenda of the conference thusly:

“We are having the conference because we failed last time [to pass amnesty in 2007] and we must change. We did none of the things the opposition did. Opponents sent over a million faxes. We need to learn to leverage grass roots power. The basic goal is to promote the free flow of labor into the USA.”

The ‘opposition’ she refers to, consists principally of two organizations – NumbersUSA and FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). Other participants refer also to the Center for Immigration Studies, (CIS), which compiles facts and data points on the impact of illegal immigration. I plan to profile each of them in a future post.

It’s no coincidence that the conference was held at the Marriott. Marriott Hotels are a national employer of undocumented workers. One of the speakers, Deborah Marriott Harrison has a skin in the game to promote a further influx of cheap labor. Marshall Fitz, an attorney with the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association, provided us insight into their psychology for manipulating public opinion:

“Making undocumenteds legal taxpayers wins with Americans, 71% to 30%. We tested the American electorate and what irritated them is that illegals don’t pay taxes. So we adjusted the message. Since Nov 2008 the support for CIR has increased by 8 or 9 %.”

The tax angle is clearly a ruse. Illegal immigrants are not in the tax paying brackets. They are in the tax consuming brackets – in other words, they are eligible, based on their income, to receive credits. There is no factual basis to the notion that we’ll ever see a penny’s worth of taxes from these workers. Next is Craig Regelbrugge, American Nursery and Landscape Association Government Affairs Director. Regelbrugge laments:

“The contacts to most (Congressional) offices are staggeringly in favor of anti-immigration. We want to build a communication apparatus to balance out the anti-immigrants. Our side will never have the passion level. NumbersUSA has had twenty years to organize.”

Also in attendance was a member of the board of CKE, Inc., better known to you as Carl’s Jr. in the Western states and elsewhere in the country as Hardee’s Restaurants – a combined national fast-food chain. Jason LeVecke, Grandson of Carl’s Jr. founder Carl Karcher spoke at length. Our mole summed up his comments in her notes:

“We forget that these workers are also consumers.” Talks about sanctuary cities being good. Argues that most are paid above the minimum wage, often Union wages, plus are paying taxes. Mentions privacy issues as reason to not check IDs—not the kind of America we want. “If we do this right, we can eliminate poverty in 20 years.”

‘Union wages’ – my this is interesting. No wonder the AFL/CIO feels it has a dog in the fight for this immigration bill – a number of their ranks have stolen someone else’s identity in order to work and affliate themselves with the union! I thought these were all jobs American’s wouldn’t do. Americans won’t do union jobs? Someone’s lying here. More notes from our informant:

Texas Cattle Association representative in audience — convinced that illegals do pay taxes — but must be able to convince Senator John Cornyn [R-TX]. Thinks that the tools and statistics do not overcome the perception that illegals and immigrants do not pay taxes.

Simon Rosenberg of the left-leaning think tank, New Democratic Network. “Passing CIR will help Democrats lock in the Hispanic vote.” Joe Sigg, Arizona Farm Bureau. “We need new 500,000 unskilled workers each year. 70 to 80% of the workers are undocumented.”

Ali Noorani, National Immigration Reform:

“20% are with us, 60 % are undecided or inactive, and 20% are against us. We need to work on those 60%. We will handle the 20% against by marginalizing them. CIS and NumbersUSA are funded by racists—so we constantly make them deal with that question, that they are funded by racists. Now the 60% we need to convince that CIR is in their best interests.”

A couple of attention grabbers here in the above notes. ”CIS and NumbersUSA are funded by racists”. I actually happen to be a contributor to NumbersUSA. Where does he get this information? The answer is that it is baseless and a reprehensible slur. But anyone who questions the sense of laying out the red carpet for illegals and giving a free pass to the companies that employ them is a ‘racist’, don’t you see? Then Mr. Sigg, of the Arizona Farm Bureau ‘needs’ 400,000 illegals because legal labor is too expensive.

That’s the bottom line of all of this from the standpoint of corporate America. The emerging reality on a lot of fronts is that Big business and Corporate America, broadly speaking, are not your allies and haven’t been in quite some time. They don’t share your ideals for Free Enterprise Capitalism and they don’t care about our culture, our freedoms, our national sovereignty or American values.

Your interests as a taxpayer and a citizen are not one and the same with the United States Chamber of Commerce. CEO Andrew Puzder of Carl’s Jr. / Hardee’s, will gladly sell you a hamburger combo then take your money and lobby Congress to gift citizenship to the invading force of illegal migrants. Incidentally, if you would like to let him know that you’re no longer going to be spending money at his fast food restaurant and why – you can email him at [email protected].

For these people profits are number 1 and the most they will do for America is put a flag outside their building. My point in writing this is not particularly to simply educate you about the forces arrayed against you and the America that past generations fought and sacrificed for. It is to motivate you to let them hear you in Washington D.C. Make a phone call, visit a Congressional office, send an email, a tweet – post on Facebook and let your friends know what is at stake. If we’re going to stop this train wreck, it is up to you and me.

Silence is complicity.

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