Hell No

By: BB

Many are so overwhelmed by all that is going on in this country. Take for instance, our freedoms being taken from our grasp. We write to our Reps and Senators – they basically ignore us and continue to sell this Republic out. They allow ever more progressive entitlements and take from the producers. Yes… many are awake and are waking up, but there is not a focal point. Frustration, despair and anger need a direction. News can be posted, articles can be written, conversations can be had, speeches can be given and talk show hosts can enlighten. Over and over and over. Change. Reclaim. Repeat.

It’s the hottest topic of conversation — the downfall of America and her founding principles. But what does the ordinary man do? The person down at the corner restaurant, your neighbor, your mom, your friends… all can’t stop talking about it.

The tide seems like it is turning… what can be done to facilitate it even more? Communicating is a blessed thing and I still believe in basic human decency and the goodness of the human spirit — the God-given gifts that we utilize to beat back the darkness.

Why can’t we have something like the national day of “NO,” where We the People just say and stand for the principle of “NO.” We stop playing the game; we don’t contribute. We unite in a profound expression of “NO.” We quit. We the Contributors quit. You need to wake up and realize there are more of US than you can even imagine.

This would be something past a protest — it would be a defiant “NO.”

So many I talk to don’t know what to do, how to help… how to stop this encroachment on everything we hold dear. They just can’t comprehend, “what can I do?” Even Wild Bill had a video on pitchforks and bonfires, but it is still talk. I have a pretty strong imagination. I believe we should stop for a day and just say and express “NO.”

I know many can’t. But, I bet many, many can. This is something that could be done on a personal level. It could be tossed into Twitter, Twitchy, the news blogs, Beck and a myriad of other outlets.

The protestor in Turkey who just stood there and was joined by others – that was a depiction of “NO.” Many can’t afford to take off work… I understand that, but stoppage can be shown in so many ways. What will befall us if we don’t arise? We know deep inside what our fate will be.

Bury Congress in mail, faxes and email that explain the concept of “NO.” Show up at TV stations and satellite offices of our elected officials. Hell, just wear a hat or t-shirt that says “No.” Stick a sign up – everywhere proclaiming, “No.”

I can imagine a specific morning where things stop or profoundly slow to a crawl, a movement past the Tea Party — occurring in one location at a time. Most can’t or won’t go; there is limited desire there. This will be just normal everyday people who just stand up in mass and express “NO.”

Hell NO.