Forum: What Is Your Prediction For The Outcome Of The Trayvon Martin Trial?

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The jury for the Trayvon Martin case has been seated… six women, five white and 1 Hispanic.

What Is Your Prediction For The Outcome Of The Trayvon Martin Trial?

Rhymes With Right: Frankly, I expect the jury to hang. Surely one juror will be adamantly supportive of conviction after the trial is completed. Surely one will have unshakeable reasonable doubt. Lord only knows what the remaining four will have to say — but it does not matter. Just having those two is a recipe for a hung jury.

What happens after the verdict will be more telling than the verdict itself.

Despite predictions by the racist lawyer representing the Martin family, whites will not riot over the outcome. With encouragement from racist leader Al Sharpton, blacks will likely riot over this outcome. The Obama Regime will not wait for the state of Florida to conduct another round of this political show trial, but will instead conduct its own show trial in federal court — trying to make it clear to its core constituencies that it cares about minorities and is sticking it to whitey, despite the fact that the Hispanic Zimmerman is 1/8 black and has the no more white ancestry than Barack Hussein Obama. Zimmerman will ultimately be railroaded in federal court even though there really is no federal issue here and even though the evidence is ambiguous enough to make his version of the story believable and the government version doubtful. The minute that the two major forces of evil in contemporary society took up the Trayvon banner, this outcome has been inevitable.

Weekend Monkey: I tell yah, primates. You have to get a clue and throw out the idea of this making common sense and rub your snouts in the warm, fetid aroma of this stuff making political sense! Being a political animal, I got a real nose for this kinda stuff.

Looky here… why do you think the Bamster jumped into this mess with both feet, hmm? And why do you think that after he did that, all of a sudden the city manager (who just happens to share a similar complexion and party with the Bamster) fires the white police chief and everyone started running around like baboons in heat to appoint a special prosecutor, come up with some kinda case? It’s all about pleasing one of my Democrat’s chief constituencies. Politics, primates… EEEEEE-YAHHHH! Hee hee hee!

But since Trayvon is in gangsta paradise right now, or somewhere else, there ain’t really much of a case. Trayvon ain’t talkin’ to anyone. Only Zimmerman really knows what happened, so normally he’d walk. Also, the prosecution knows they probably ain’t gonna get a conviction. But that can’t happen because the politics won’t work and will make all the politicians involved look like a bunch of red-assed, red faced mandrills, y’know?

So they’ll use what weapons they have.

Zim-Zim is one broke white Hispanic. Lawyers gotta get paid, they don’t lie and connive for free unless they work for the government. Since Zimmerman’s chances of coming up with enough additional shekels to keep him from playing drop the soap with a buncha hard time lifers is somewhere between slim and none, and his lawyers could bail and leave him in the hands of the PD, which would be like putting Mr. Bill in charge of a girl’s school. So the prosecution has leverage. Also, Zim Zim has to know that even if he beats this rap, the Bamster has Holder and the DOJ working on a civil rights case against him for using his gun instead of letting Trayvon Martin play football with his skull. So there’s that going too.

I say it’s at least 60-40 we don’t even get a verdict on this one. Zim Zim’s lawyers want to move on to more profitable capers where they might get paid. The DA doesn’t want to deal with either the hoo-miliation or the possible street theater that would probably result from a hung jury or an acquittal…

So I say Zim Zim cops a plea for a lesser charge, (say involuntary manslaughter) in exchange for a short sentence doing easy white collar time somewhere, the DOJ calling the doggies off and maybe even a waiver of civil liability from the Martin family, or what passes for it. Everybody gets a little somethin somethin, everybody saves face. Yeah, and justice or something that smells enough like it so it doesn’t really matter prevails. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Later, Primates!

JoshuaPundit: No way I’m topping that.

Well, there you have it.

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I Love A Man in Uniform!

From: Blasted Fools

*** Warning: Adult, profane content. Hey, it’s Andrew Dice Clay — if you click the link, prepare to be offended.

Old School Andrew Dice Clay at his Offensive Best

Another day, another atrocity in our nation’s slide into the Pit of Depravity. The Pit of Depravity is a new waterpark they’re building in Arlington County. The slides look fun. We knew that whoever Obama selected for SecDef was going to be at least equally as bad as RapMaster Leon P – so today’s Blasted Fool’s report on the official celebration of ‘LGBT Pride Month”, won’t be terribly surprising – just terrible.

LGBT stands for Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual and Tranny something or other – Allah only knows what. You were thinking of Glenn Beck’s network – thats GBTV. I’m not dyslexic, I just always get the two confused. Now stop that!!!!! I’m a GB fan – I’m just doing a riff here. What do you want? Good looks, good sense, good taste? Pick any two.

So now we have Hagel running the 5 sided building. Wasn’t he the guy who worked with his pal Karl on that Communist thingy? Or am I thinking of a second cousin of his? At any rate, we’ve come a long way baby, from ‘Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell’, to “tell everyone sweety and kiss my cute little Pink short shorts”. Oh, that’s unless you’re a dyke, in which case it’s Air Force Blue boxers. Girls will be boys and boys will be girls. Washington Times dishes the faaaaaaaaabulous details:

The U.S. military is embracing a celebration of homosexuals in the ranks this month by sending out a gay pride poster and a directive to commands, while planning a Pentagon symposium that will be attended by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Well, isn’t that special? I wonder who came up with that idea – could it be…? The Times goes on to report:

Pride month is low-key again this year. The Pentagon has handed off planning for the event to DOD Pride, an organization of gay military and civilian employees. Directives that have been issued do not say commands must hold similar celebrations. “Secretary Hagel looks forward to participating in this year’s DOD Pride event at the Pentagon on Tuesday, June 25 to celebrate LGBT Pride Month,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said. “Secretary Hagel is also looking forward to welcoming [senior White House adviser] Valerie Jarrett to the Pentagon, who will represent President Obama in delivering the keynote address at the event,” Mr. Little said.

‘Mr. Little’? I can almost guess which direction his back door swings. Maybe ‘Secretary Hagel’ would be more comfortable in meetings wearing a nice, stylish, but practical Betsy Johnson full length. Something that won’t constrict that nice, swinging gait of Chuckie’s. He might look a little less uptight than he usually does – get rid of that constipated look on his face, maybe.

Another anti-climax to this is Valerie Jarrett’s involvement. Well, she certainly knows how near and dear to Barry Obama’s heart this all is, what with Barry and Rahm’s membership in ‘Man’s Country’ back in the Windy City. Barry was a ‘man’s man’ don’t ‘ya know?

The Pentagon sent out a letter, making sure everyone is ‘behind’ this initiative.

“We recognize gay, lesbian and bisexual service members and LGBT civilians for their dedicated service to our country. During the month of June, I encourage our DOD personnel to recognize the accomplishments of all members of our workforce, and in doing so, we celebrate the significance of diversity in building a brighter future for all citizens.”

I caught a typo in this letter. They accidentally misspelled the word perversity. The line should read “we celebrate the significance of perversity in building a brighter (rainbow-colored) future for all citizens. Yeah, the future’s so bright, I can’t stand to look at it without welding goggles. Well, times change. The expression “Don’t worry, I got your back”, now means you should worry – and maybe sleep with one eye open.

Pride Month? It used to be just a Pride parade which lasted several hours (too long). Then it was Pride Day, then Pride Week. Now it’s a month. These fellahs and Grrrrrls are certainly swollen with pride, I must say.

I felt like there was more afoot with this embrace of the gay agenda in the Military than meets the ‘Queer Eye’. It turns out I was correct. Evidently, the noted fashion designer Alexander McQueen (obviously no relation to Steve), before his untimely demise – was working up some spiffy new threads for the Gay Brigades – Lavender camos incorporating a utilitarian, yet stylish ‘man purse’. Nice.

One thing for sure, this ain’t your Grand-daddy’s military, unless your Grand-daddy was a sailor in the 19th Century British Navy. I’ll take the Rum and the Lash – the other one? I can’t go for that – no can do.


Bulletin: Institutional Insurrection, False-Flag Terrorism, Summer, Fourth of July

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we must explore possibilities in these perilous and treacherous times, not just eventualities, in order to accountably lead ours lives. This includes consideration of potentials of threats to our freedom from, what is by its own signatures, a subversive insurrection via institution – this even where institutions have been originally intended to preserve, not overrule and violate our popular sovereignty. Potentials are potentials. We don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t discover, unless we explore. This is not intended for grandstanding, only for responsible consideration.


Institutional Insurrection

We are seeing numerous warnings of the potential for the Obama regime and those behind it to carry out terrorist attacks, set up in order to blame fictitious or real extremists calling themselves patriots (or, “right wing nut jobs” as the programmed propaganda is expressed on the Internet).

The IRS continues to target patriot groups, according to recent reports from numerous quarters, including from Rick Santorum on last weekend’s Huckabee program. This may also indicate there to be a plan for a kind of continuance of insurrection via government. The very exposure of such subversiveness tends to prompt perpetrators into more extensive measures. If cover-up doesn’t work, then other measures may be attempted. Such insurrectionists may act out in desperate ways, to divert public attention, and even to provide perceptive justification for authoritarian crack-downs.

That is how both neo-Marxism and neo-fascism work in mid-game or end-game revolution (and in global, communitarian state capitalism, these two methods of totalitarianism have been blending, around the world).

Further, the NSA-related revelations, of more and more technocratic control and the gross, programmatic invasion of our private communications, is threatening to bring down not only the Obama administration, but, if Congress is not thoroughly corrupted, to bring investigations that would surpass the most intensive in American history into subversion and tyranny (far surpassing those led by B. Carrol Reece, Joseph McCarthy, and Frank Church).

In the latest bursts of insider leaking and whistleblowing we are told that “federal” government intelligence has worked with Microsoft, to provide hooks into Windows 95 and all subsequent versions, to allow surveillance. This may explain numerous instances of “odd occurrences,” including some of my own and those of colleagues, also those suffered by one of our few truly investigative “mainstream” media journos, Sharyl Atkisson.

People who are trying to usurp power, when their methods begin to be exposed tend to face a desperate choice. Do they allow themselves to be found out? Or, do they increase the velocity, mass, and heighten the trajectory of their subversive work as counter-measures?

That, as we have related since 2009, would tend to necessitate “wag the dog” operations that would be numerous, massive, and in the public’s, the military’s, and law enforcement’s eyes, justify its increasing, authoritarian usurpation of power from the Sovereign People and our constitutional methods of self-governance.

Rumors of staged, false-flag terrorism include:

  • Independence Day occurrence(s)
  • Atrocity connected with an upcoming National Boy Scout Jamboree, Mount Hope, West Virginia, July 15-24

We will update further, whether with edits in this post, alerting with an “UPDATE” flag in the title, or with subsequent posts. Considering the Noon-time haste with which this is presently written, the former is likely.

And, for further reading;

  • The Bracken Effect: An American Communist Putsch,” Gulag Bound & Noisy Room, June 23
  • A Criminologist Questions Sandy Hook,” American Thinker, April 18
  • Two tags in Gulag Bound to past items (and I’m reviewing them and preparing them further, then will edit in a few minutes with embedded links):
    • terrorism & false-flag ops
    • insurrection & revolution
  • Two categories in Gulag Bound:
    • Militarism vs the People
    • Pervasive-Central-Militarist Policing & Surveillance

Chokwe Lumumba: Revolutionary Mayor of Jackson Mississippi, New Afrikan Republic

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal


Who is Chokwe Lumumba? Why should anyone but the citizens of Jackson, Mississippi care about their new Mayor?

Elected in May, Mr. Lumumba is already making his mark on the city, charting a new direction – one that may have implications far beyond Jackson, indeed far beyond Mississippi.

In 1983, the Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America took advantage of a split electoral race to elect their candidate, radical lawyer and former Congressman, Harold Washington, as Mayor of Chicago.


Washington appointed hundreds of leftists to city positions and solidified a movement that went on to election two more allies: Carol Moseley Braun and then Barack Obama to the U.S. Senate from Illinois.

Last month, history repeated itself in one of the South’s largest Black majority towns. Activists in Jackson, Mississippi took another advantage of another split field to steer one of their leaders, Chokwe Lumumba, into the mayoralty.

While Harold Washington was aligned with the pro-Soviet left, Lumumba is even more extreme. He is a 40-year veteran of the Maoist/black nationalist current of the U.S. left, a stream renowned for its violence and militancy.

Bill Chandler

Bill Chandler

Marxists from all over the U.S. traveled to Jackson in the final weeks of the campaign to push Lumumba over the top.

Already, Mayor Lumumba has appointed a bona fide communist to this transition team – Bill Chandler, Executive Director of the very influential Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance.

Chandler is a veteran of Cesar Chavez‘s United Farm Workers, a Communist Party USA affiliate and was recently a member of the National Coordinating Committee of Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, a Communist Party splinter group.

It is because of Chandler and his radical allies in the state legislature that that Mississippi has been unable to pass legislation clamping down on illegal immigrants in the state.

Given his radical background, it’s not surprising that Lumumba was also backed by the ultra-radical African People’s Socialist Party, a Maoist group which dreams of black-led revolution in the most “oppressive” nation in the world, the United States of America.

From their UHURUNEWS.com website:

Chokwe Lumumba is running for mayor of Mississippi’s biggest city, Jackson.

The campaign is winning attention and support from Africans and other progressives from throughout the U.S.

It is just the latest and one of the most significant of recent electoral efforts by revolutionary activists to test the possibilities and limitations of bourgeois electoral politics to advance the interests of colonially oppressed Africans in the U.S.

Lumumba was a member of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Africa (RNA), a revolutionary pro-independence African liberation formation founded in 1968 at the height of the Black Revolution of the Sixties.

As a member of that organization and a genuine patriot of African liberation and self-determination, Lumumba risked his life and liberty on more than one occasion.

Lumumba’s reputation as a defender of African people’s rights, led the Black is Back Coalition for Peace, Social Justice and Reparations to endorse his candidacy at its national conference held in Newark, New Jersey in August 2012.

Subsequent to that endorsement the coalition also made a modest contribution from its modest treasury to Lumumba’s campaign.

Similarly, members of the African People’s Socialist Party joined with the growing ranks of Lumumba supporters and made a small financial contribution to his campaign.

We have known Lumumba from the inception of the Republic of New Afrika. We have done some work together over the years and we have also engaged in strenuous ideological struggles with Lumumba and the Republic of New Afrika. No doubt there will be others in the future.

Nevertheless, we support this campaign and this candidate because there has never been any doubt in our minds about the integrity and intent of Lumumba and his organization(s).

He and the Republic of New Afrika have always believed in self-determination for our people. They have always been able to demonstrate that belief at great risks to themselves and their families.

The African People’s Socialist Party has always held up as a strategic aim the need to win an understanding that the pro-independence sector of our movement represents the genuine aspirations of African people to be free and self-determining.

This is one thing that has made it easy for us to support Lumumba and most of his organizational efforts toward that end.

The socialists did acknowledge that Lumumba would have to moderate his image (if not his views) to get elected – just as Barack Obama did, but still supported him as a true revolutionary at heart.

Lumumba will have to win allies and support from sectors of the African national petty bourgeoisie in Jackson and other places in order to have maximum access to the African masses that do not have the advantage of independent political organization for the moment. That is to be expected…

Those of us who believe in the revolution and the struggle for African independence should maximize our support for Lumumba’s campaign.

Those of us who claim to be “progressives,” “leftists,” especially those who worked for and supported Barack Hussein Obama, must join in making this campaign a success in whatever ways we can.

There is no doubt that Lumumba deserves the African People’s Socialist Party’s confidence.

A Detroit native, Lumumba (originally Edwin Taliaferro) was educated at Western Michigan University and studied law at Wayne State University in Detroit.

As a young lawyer, he created the Malcolm X Center to educate and train young Black activists.

Also at this time, Lumumba became Vice-President of the Republic of New Afrika, a staunchly anti-capitalist group which sought reparations for slavery and aimed at creating a separate Black socialist state in the south.

In 1972, the Republic of New Afrika purchased land near Jackson, Mississippi as the geographic base for the movement. That was Lumumba’s first connection to the area.

In 1982, Chokwe Lumumba and the National Committee to Honor New Afrikan Freedom Fighters headlined a New Afrikan Freedom Fighter Day in Harlem.

Lumumba spoke alongside Imari Obadele, Republic of New Afrika; Ben Chavis, National Black Independent Political Party; Serge Mukendi, Congolese National Liberation Front; Jose Lopez, Movimiento de Liberacion Nacional; Zala Chandler, Coalition of Concerned Black Women and a speaker from the Soviet affiliated National Conference of Black Lawyers.


In the early 1980s, Lumumba was lead defense counsel in the “Brinks Case,” a major legal confrontation between the Justice Department and a group of armed revolutionaries from the Weather Underground spinoff, the May 19 Communist Organization and the Black Liberation Army.

These radicals carried out the October 1981 Brinks robbery of $1.6 million from an armored car and the killing of two police officers and a guard in Rockland County, New York.

On September 3, 1983, the Brinks Case ended (from the terrorists point of view) in a “stunning defeat” for the U.S. Government. Six of the eight defendants were acquitted of all major charges and no defendant was convicted in the actual robbery. As a result of his comments to the press, Lumumba was held in contempt by the District Judge.

Lumumba also defended cop killer Joanne Chesimard, a member of the Black Liberation Army, who later escaped from prison and who hides out in Cuba under the name Assata Shakur.

Another Lumumba client was rapper Tupac Shakur, a former member of the Baltimore Young Communist League. In 1991, he represented activists in Los Angeles rioting after the videotaped police beating of Rodney King.

Lumumba also founded the New Afrikan People’s Organization, which in turn spawned the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, which he has long led in the Jackson area.

The New Afrikan People’s Organization operated mostly from prisons and had affiliations with the Black Liberation Army, as well as other prison based extremist groups. According to the group’s “statement of principles”:

“NAPO is fully committed to the building of a sovereign socialist Black nation–the Republic of New Afrika . . . and seeks to free the land by any means necessary”

The group also reportedly provides paramilitary training to black youths.

Will Chokwe Lumumba use his position to promote a new revolutionary vision in the Deep South, just as Harold Washington did in Chicago?

Will the property taxes of Jackson, Mississippi be used to fund activists working to turn the city into the capital of a New Afrikan Republic?

Will Jackson, Mississippi become a Mecca for illegal immigrants, “crony capitalists” and radicals from all over the South?

Is the Pope a Catholic? is Barack Obama a Communist?