“Enemies Within” Teaser: Why Does This Senior Democrat Hang Around With So Many Communists?

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Why does this woman know so many communists?

Red Rosa DeLauro

Red Rosa DeLauro

Rosa DeLauro represents Connecticut’s 3rd District in the House of Representatives and has been the second highest ranked woman in the House after her friend Nancy Pelosi.

DeLauro has been the Co-Chair of the House Democratic Steering Committee since 2003, where she makes committee assignments. She is a very influential representative.

So how come she knows so many communists?

Like why does Rosa DeLauro have such a close relationship with Joelle Fishman – head of the Connecticut Communist Party and daughter-in-law of late Soviet spy Victor Perlo?

Rosa DeLauro, Joelle Fishman

Rosa DeLauro, Joelle Fishman

Why does Rosa DeLauro seem so fond of this Connecticut Communist Party supporter Celestino Cordova?

DeLauro, Celestino Cordova

DeLauro, Celestino Cordova

Why is Rosa DeLauro cutting this cake at the Connecticut Communist Party headquarters?


Why did Rosa DeLauro recently serve on a radical led “jobs” panel with Young Communist League supporter Inez Bell?

Inez Bell

Inez Bell

Why did Rosa DeLauro serve on the Host Committee, in honor of Connecticut Communist Party veteran Al Marder’s 90th Birthday celebrations?

New Haven People's Center blog

New Haven People’s Center blog

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