Well It Wouldn’t Be A Serbian Holy Day Without An Alabanian Rock To The Head

By: Julia Gorin
Republican Riot

This year’s Vidovdan in “multi-ethnic,” “democratic,” “minorities-protected,” “mature,” “independent,” “come-a-long-way” Kosovo:

Religious leader: Serbian buses attacked in Kosovo

BELGRADE, Serbia, June 28 (UPI) — Schoolbuses carrying Serbs from a religious celebration in Kosovo were attacked by stone-throwing mobs, witnesses said.

There were at least two incidents, Radio B92 in Belgrade, Serbia, reported. Buses were damaged and a number of people injured, including three children, witnesses said.

The buses were carrying worshippers from a celebration of St. Vitus Day at a shrine near Pristina, the Kosovar capital. St. Vitus, a Sicilian martyred under the Roman Empire, is venerated in Slavic countries.

Sava Janjic, a Serbian Orthodox abbott, posted an account of what he said was the most serious attack on Twitter.

“Albanians are en masse stoning Serb school buses. Five buses have been damaged, there are injuries. Witnesses said that groups of Albanianas waited for Serb buses in ambush, some even followed the buses in their cars,” Janjic said. “What were Kosovo police doing?”

Kosovo declared independence in 2008 and is recognized by more than 100 countries, including the United States. Serbia, however, has withheld recognition of its former territory. [I wonder why! Those obstinate Serbs!]

The country is overwhelmingly ethnic Albanian. [And so they MUST deserve their own country, which is the whole reason they’re attacking Serbs, don’t you know.] Tensions between the Albanian and Serbian communities in Kosovo remain high.

Ah, there go those “tensions” again. Like the “tensions” between Muslims and Jews in Malmo, where there’s hardly a Jew left because of the mutual, morally equivalent “tension” in which Muslims slit rabbis’ throats.

The Albanian-Serbian “tension” is much the same. One must note a tad of progress even in this language usage, however: At least lately we see the word “Albanian” preceding the word “Serbian,” before the word “tension.” Whereas it used to be “Serbian-Albanian” fighting or tension. Similar to the progress of printing Palestinian-Israeli conflict, rather than always Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Anyway, the scene this Vidovdan (Friday) was with the internationals still there. Imagine how awesome Kosovo life will be for non-Albanians once the do-gooders leave.

Then again, here was last year’s Vidovdan in Kosovo. And the do-gooders were right there.

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