The Cuban-North Korean Connection

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

New evidence of North Korea/Cuba military cooperation should be of huge concern to the US.

From the Cuba Transition Project
Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies
University of Miami


In light of the seizure by Panama of a North Korean-flagged ship that had set sail from Cuba in July carrying military cargo and what appears as ballistic missiles, we are reproducing a report we published in 2004 highlighting the growing military cooperation between Cuba and North Korea. Hugh Griffiths, an arms trafficking expert at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, said that the institute earlier this year reported to the U.N. a discovery it made of a suspicious flight from Cuba to North Korea that traveled via central Africa.

In the 2004 ICCAS report, we urged U.S. policy makers to focus on the Cuban-North Korean link.

Focus on Cuba, Issue 61
December 20, 2004
The recent, unprecedented mobilization of the Cuban military has little to do with an imminent U.S. invasion. The reason the Castro regime is spending an estimated US$1.2 billion a year of Cuba’s scarce resources on its armed forces has to do with reasserting the dominant institutional role of the military in Cuba’s totalitarian society, instilling anti-American sentiments in the Cuban people, and assuring an orderly succession after Fidel Castro’s death under the martial rule of Defense Minister Raúl Castro.

However, what may be of genuine concern for Cuba’s neighbors is Castro’s new campaign to upgrade his armed forces’ capabilities and reach. With the Cuban military involved in virtually every sector of the Cuban economy and managing the island’s lucrative US$2 billion a year tourism industry , Defense Minister Raúl Castro certainly has the means at his disposal to pursue his big brother’s rearmament ambitions.

That Cuba is seeking to rearm has not been kept a state secret. In September, Gen. Leopoldo Cintra Frías, head of Cuba’s Western Army and directly responsible for protecting the senior leadership in Havana, journeyed to Beijing to confer with Chinese Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan. On the top of the Cuban general’s agenda was “further cooperation between the Chinese and Cuban armies under the fast-changing international situation.” More to the point, Cintra Frías laid on the table the Cuban military’s “needs” to “[modernize]…as soon as possible.”

With the island’s tourism earnings in the hands of Cuba’s Defense Ministry and Havana’s urgency to rearm, the question remains, what is Castro seeking to acquire? Beyond spare parts to keep a few dozen operational MiG jets flying and aging tanks and armed vehicles running, one disturbing possibility arises from the findings of U.S. inspectors during their search for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. In October 2003, Dr. David Kay, then leading the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s WMD investigations in Iraq, disclosed on the ABC News program This Week that his team had found evidence of “North Korean missiles going to Cuba.”

Although it may seem irrational for the Cuban government to incite a crisis with Washington by importing North Korean Scuds capable of hitting targets within the continental United States, the precedent of the October 1962 missile crisis — when Castro beseeched Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev to use the island as a launch pad for a preemptive nuclear strike against the U.S. — cannot be forgotten. Moreover, neither Kim Jong Il nor Fidel Castro is averse to the politics of brinkmanship.

Recent visits to Cuba by high-ranking emissaries of Kim Jong Il should be enough to warrant a further inquiry into Kay’s remarks. In June, North Korea’s vice minister of foreign affairs, Choi Su Hon, traveled to Havana to “strengthen bilateral relations.” As reported by Cuba’s state-run press, the North Korean minister arrived in the island with instructions from Kim Jong Il to “develop mutual ties in various spheres.”And in late November, Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun, chief of staff of the Korean People’s Army, led a delegation of senior generals that spent five days evaluating Cuba’s military infrastructure. While the weather in November may be more agreeable in Havana than Pyongyang, it is doubtful that the North Korean delegation was on vacation. In addition to meeting with Defense Minister Raúl Castro and the heads of all branches of Cuba’s military establishment, Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun and his staff toured manufacturing and assembly facilities of the Unión de Industrias Militares, the island’s defense industry conglomerate.

Culminating his visit, Vice Marshal Kim met with Fidel Castro to discuss “the international situation, the relationship between the DPRK [North Korea] and Cuba, and Cuba’s steps to cope with the U.S. blockade [i.e., embargo].” After indulging in anti-American rhetoric, the North Korean delegation and their Cuban hosts also conducted more serious business. With “consensus on all the issues,” Castro’s and Kim Jong Il’s armed forces “exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in military fields” and declared that “the Cuban army and people will fight shoulder to shoulder with the Korean army and people in [an] anti-US joint front.”

Vice Marshal Kim Yong Chun’s stay in the island also coincided with the visit of China’s president Hu Jintao to Cuba. (11) Hu extended an economic lifeline to Castro’s regime with the commitment of as much as US$1.5 billion in Chinese government-backed investments to exploit Cuba’s strategic nickel and cobalt ores.(12) It is doubtful that the presence of Chinese and North Korean leaders in Havana was due to a scheduling coincidence. Are the Chinese and North Koreans cooperating to support the Cuban military?

Given Pyongyang’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons and the missile technology to put them within reach of the United States, it is disconcerting that Kay’s suggestion of an arms trade between North Korea and Cuba — and perhaps involving China — has been largely ignored. Particularly worrisome is the apparent failure of policymakers in Washington to demand further inquiries in order to either substantiate or debunk such an alarming assertion. If Iraqi documents or other evidence encountered by American inspectors were to indeed reveal that Cuba has acquired, or is looking to acquire, ballistic missiles from North Korea, the geopolitical challenges and security threats facing the United States may be even greater, and closer to home, than heretofore thought.


Democrats, Women and Bobby F

Blasted Fools

Ugly schmucks like this get into Democrat politics, because only political groupies would come anywhere near them. Evidently there are limits to that gambit.

WTF??? ‘F‘ as in fail, fraud, fiend, filth, flop, foolish, fish face, foaming at the mouth, fake, falsehood, fated, flatulent, faulty, fearless, fraternizing, feeler, ferment, fetish, fertilizer, fend off, frightening, fool, finished – Filner.

There are other ‘F‘s I could include, but this is a Family Friendly site.

Of the two organized crime families otherwise referred to by the media as political parties, the Democrats are certainly the more colorful and the more extravagant in their hypocrisy. Democrats love to employ grand gestures of empty rhetoric as a camouflage for their racism and decidedly illiberal personal habits, behaviors and attitudes; not the least of which, their frequent despicable treatment of women, born or unborn.

Former New York Governor and Attorney General Elliot Spitzer and former Congressional Representative, Anthony Weiner – are household names in national politics, because they couldn’t keep their pants on when appropriate to do so. They were also liberal icons and champions of every cherished progressive social cause, ‘Women’s Rights’ of course, being prominent within the mix.

Lessor known nationally, but rapidly gaining lost ground on Spitzer / Weiner, is Robert ‘Bob’ Filner, ex Congressman from San Diego’s 51st House district and current Mayor of San Diego, elected in 2010. Bobby is a complicated fellow. He loves the ladies (for purposes of exploitation), but has a decidedly misogynistic streak as well. Anita Sharma, of KPBS’ ‘inewsource’ files this report:

The ex-fiancee of beleaguered San Diego Mayor Bob Filner says she ended her relationship with him because he became increasingly abusive toward her and began sending sexually explicit text messages to other women in her presence. Ingram said she witnessed what she called a “severe deterioration in Bob’s ability to engage with anyone in a civil manner, myself included.” During a recent trip to Paris, she said, Filner screamed at her in public without provocation, among other “inappropriate and disrespectful acts.”

Christopher Maue, reporter for local NPR affiliate KPBS San Diego, reports that Donna Frye, joined by attorneys Cory Briggs and Marco Gonzalez, spoke to reporters at a press conference Monday, July 15 about sexual harassment allegations against Mayor Bob Filner. The three who accused the mayor of a long-running pattern of sexual harassment and even assault, provided details. They said the mayor has a modus operandi, a way of getting women alone and forcibly kissing and touching them. They volunteered the anonymous stories of three women: a constituent, a woman who campaigned for Filner, and an employee who worked in the mayor’s office. Frye described in elaborate detail the story of one alleged victim. She said Filner grabbed the woman’s breast, putting his hand beneath her bra, and forced his tongue down her throat.

Gonzales related details from the victim who was in Filner’s employ — he said early on in the mayor’s term, she complimented the mayor, telling him he was doing a good job. The mayor responded that he would do a better job if she gave him a kiss. She laughed it off as a joke, Gonzalez said, but he said she soon became aware that the mayor was serious, continuing to harass her and others both physically and verbally.

More Clintonian creepiness was yet to be divulged:

“There is no circumstance under which it would be appropriate for the mayor to enter into an elevator with my client or any person who he employed and to tell them that they would do a better job on that floor if they worked without their panties on,” but that, Gonzalez said, is precisely what happened. Gonzalez described certain moves Filner had that earned names among those who know him, like the “Filner dance” and the “Filner headlock.” The former was the dance they allege Filner did when he kissed a woman who was pulling away; the headlock, an overly friendly way of pulling women close to him so he could isolate them.

How long have Democrats been evangelically proclaiming to everyone about the evils of sexual harassment and the ‘hostile workplace’, and they still don’t know how to deal with women respectfully and decently?

Local Democrats are making swan dives into San Diego Bay, off the sinking Filner ship. Frye, who was a member of Filner’s staff until she resigned in April, and attorneys Marco Gonzalez and Cory Briggs, each hand-delivered letters to Filner requesting his immediate resignation Wednesday and echoed those requests at a Thursday morning press conference. KPBS also reports that in her letter to Filner, Frye said she has “received credible evidence of more than one woman being sexually harassed by you.” She made it clear in an interview that she is not among the alleged harassment victims.

Marco Gonzalez, also an environmental lawyer who has taken on high-profile, controversial issues, told KPBS that he represents “multiple women” who claim sexual harassment by Filner. Gonzales, in his letter to the Mayor, stated –

“While this is an extremely difficult message to convey, as members of a progressive community that prides itself on our support for women, their issues, and especially equality in the workplace, we cannot sit idly by and watch your inexcusable behavior continue. “What we would not accept for our enemies, we cannot condone of our friends.”

As a Democrat in Congress, Filner certainly availed himself of the opportunity to pose as a champion of Women’s issues. He must have forgotten to have his staffers take down his Congressional internet site, because on it – I was able to turn up these two gems:

March 23, 2010 – Congressman Bob Filner Honors National Women’s History Month:
– Congressman Bob Filner recently co-sponsored H.Res. 1174, a resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National Women’s History Month. H.Res. 1174 was unanimously approved by the House of Representatives on Sunday, March 21st.

“This resolution recognizes and honors the women and organizations in the United States that have fought for and continue to promote the teaching of women’s history,” stated Congressman Filner.

No doubt that Filner will be mentioned in the next edition of NWHM. Another humdinger:

April 20, 2010 – On Equal Pay Day, Congressman Filner says more must be done to close wage gap between men and women:
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Bob Filner called for the Senate to take up a bill that would help close the wage gap between men and women on Equal Pay Day – the day that marks how much longer women would have to work from the previous year to “catch up” with their male counterparts.

“It’s been 47 years since President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law,” said Congressman Filner. “And yet still today, there isn’t equal pay for equal work in this country.”

There’s more shame faced insincerity. Katie Orr of KPBS cited Filner’s ‘Diversity’ act:

“Filner makes good on diversity promise with new hires. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner today presented his first 24 hires to the media. The Mayor stressed the diversity of the group, noting that more than one half are women, about a third are Latino and nearly a fourth are African Americans.

“I made a simple campaign pledge that we would change the face of City Hall – bringing in the full diversity of the community. And I think the diversity of the city, of this nation – is reflected in the staff behind me.”

About half of the staff have worked for Filner before, either in his City Council or Congressional days. He said they have a confidence in each other and an understanding that he runs “an intense operation“. “They all know what they’re getting into.”, Filner said.

No, evidently they didn’t “all know what they were getting into”. Filner repeats the word diversity so often that one wonders if someone might be paying him by the word. Here’s a word you won’t hear from Filner’s fish lips, but probably from his ever growing list of victims – perversity. Yes indeed, this is a man that is misunderstood by his numerous sexual harassment victims, of whom more are surfacing as I type this post.

Listen, I understand that mistreatment of women and duplicitous actions are not exclusive to the Democrat party, but speaking reasonably, doesn’t it seem like at some point, certain mainstays of the Democrat ‘base’ (in this case, women), might – just might want to re-evaluate their status as plantation slaves. And maybe Bobby should take a lesson from Weiner / Spitzer. Resign now, take your lumps, pay your penance and emerge in a couple of years as a re-invented ‘Bionic Candidate’, better – stronger and faster.

Although, on second thought, Bobby is 70 now. How many more sexually harassing years does he have left?


From Israel (with love for America), Adina Kutnicki writes about the sexual perversions within the Obama administration and the Hillary Clinton coverup.

Conscience of a Conservative

Hillary Clinton (2016′s Demster Front Runner!) Covered Up Pedophilia At State: Say What?…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

by Adina Kutnicki

It takes a certain type of political animal, as well as an individual with bent proclivities, to cover up the indefensible. And to most moral, normal folks, there is little more egregious than diddling with the children. A penchant for pedophilia is NEVER acceptable nor defensible. That is that. And if castration is the only alternative, then off it goes.

Now this blog understands that some may well get their shorts, skirts, or even pantsuits in knots by the following statement, but no matter: When one becomes enmeshed in the gay/transgender/anything goes lifestyle, well, everything becomes acceptable! The art of the possible. Surely this is not to suggest that heterosexuals aren’t guilty of criminal violations of children, but the hetro community is much more traditional, hence, mindful of crossing certain lines via protecting deviants within. A world of difference. A non-circling of wagons.

In other words, once political/communal cover is given to pedophiles – through the likes of the Gay-in-Chief and his like-minded surrogates – as amply evinced by his choice for ‘safe schools’ czar, then the proof, as is said, is in the pudding. Kevin Jennings (though cast aside, currently working in the shadows due to concerted uproar), passed muster in Obama Inc’s first term, despite being a man-boy lover! ‘SAFE SCHOOLS’ CHIEF PRAISED CHILD-SEX PROMOTER’ – Jennings: “I was ‘inspired’ by NAMBLA’s Harry Hay”! Ipso facto, a certain sub-set’s ‘tolerance’ level for all manner of depraved behavior should be obvious to all!

Enter Hillary. Her lifestyle choice, as well as her back up of the Brotherhood Mafia, is duly reported. As discussed, Hill is a thoroughly modern Millie, but not in the traditional sense. Her ‘relationship’ with Huma Abedin (aka Humala) is well known within these pages. But to catch newbies up to speed, here’s the scoop: A repeat from 2008 is about to be played out in 2016, and Sheriff Arpaio is raising the alarms too. Yet there is even more dirt to consider, duly reported below. Are Americans even paying attention?

‘Clinton Covered Up Ambassador’s Pedophilia’


U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman routinely ditched his security detail in Brussels and solicited prostitutes—this according to a suppressed Inspector General report. Further, Gutman was alleged to have been engaged in pedophilia—sex with children. When agents discovered that Howard Gutman was having sex with children—underage prostitutes—it was allowed to continue for months! Why? It proved to be too damaging to the State Department. It proved to be too damaging to Hillary Clinton, slated by the Democrat party to run for President in 2016. And if anyone knows Hillary Clinton, she will stop at nothing until she is enthroned in the Oval Office.
Clinton’s damage control team have claimed ignorance that Hillary knew nothing of Gutman’s sex with children; yet after higher-ups couldn’t keep the sickening activity secret anymore, none other than Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy summoned Gutman to Washington to keep a tighter lid on his pedophilia. The Under Secretary of State knew, yet Clinton herself didn’t know? Sounds like one of Barack Obama’s excuses with the IRS scandal: Everyone in the Oval Office knew the IRS was targeting conservatives, but Barry Obama found on out “by looking in the newspaper”? Yeah, right.

Gutman should have been thrown in jail and ID’d as a sexual predator, not dispatched back to Brussels to continue his pedophilia behind closed doors.

But this is only the beginning of the coverup. Aurelia Fedenisn, the former State Department Inspector General staffer turned whistleblower who brought Hillary Clinton’s coverup to the public’s attention, was given the classic shakedown: FBI agents camped in front of her house, bullied her children, and demanded that she sign documents—in effect a confession—that she had stolen confidential State Department documents. Fedenisn refused and has paid the price, becoming one of the many hounded and intimidated whistleblowers pursued by the Obama administration.

But this was only Part 1 of Clinton’s coverup. Remember Watergate? It all started when a group of Nixon’s thugs broke into the Watergate office complex in order to bug the Democrat Headquarters, in order to photograph confidential documents. Guess what happened to the law firm Schulman & Mathias, the attorneys representing Aurelia Fedenisn? Their office was broken into multiple times in a single day. Even though there was money, even silver bars in the office, the only thing they took were computers. Computers containing the files of the case of Hillary Clinton’s coverup of criminal behavior.

Welcome to the beginnings of a new Nixonian administration headed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, set to begin in January of 2017…

So when realizing that a world leader(s) is capable of turning blind as a bat to those who mess with children, one has to internalize that criminal break-ins are more than acceptable. All in a day’s work. Burying bodies? Whatever it takes. A non-issue.

Hill is up to her eyeballs in illegal activities, so much so that average folks would land behind bars for a lifetime, if caught. Ditto her boss. The entire crew in toto.


Appeal to the international community to avoid bloodshed in Egypt

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood threatens war on the people of Egypt.

According to public statements, three days from today, on July 19th, the Muslim Brotherhood will begin attacks against Egypt’s military compounds, military personnel, government buildings, and soft targets (houses, stores, and churches) in order to recover and secure their power over Egypt — then reinstate Mohammad Morsi as President.

Muslim Brotherhood leader, Al Baltaghy, announced a few days ago from the Al Adawiya podium where supporters are still gathered to request Morsi’s return, that Friday, Ramadan the 10th, will be the day to take back Egypt — exactly like the attempt made to liberate Sinai from Jewish occupation on this same Ramadan date back in 1973 led by Anwar Sadat on October 6th.

From the same stage, Mohammad Hassan Hamaad, communications director of the Muslim Brotherhood, used the metaphor, “second legitimate crossing,” referring to the West-East crossing of the Suez Canal by the Egyptian army on Ramadan years earlier. Evoking history, Hamaad advocates aggression for success in returning elected President Morsi to office. Adding to Hamaad, Al Baltaghy stated, “We will not accept any kind of negotiation, and Morsi is the only one that has the right as the elected President to negotiate once he is back in his valid position as President of the country.”

Pathological lies from the Muslim Brotherhood leadership

Avoiding the fact that Muslim Brotherhood leadership is entirely responsible for Egypt’s deterioration in the past year, which in turn led to their overthrow, Al Baltaghy stated, “whoever created the mess [overthrow] will pay for the consequences,” stressing that “the victim is not to blame” and, “we are not the ones who created this chaos.”

Foreign terrorists in Egypt ready to aid the Muslim Brotherhood

Right now, Egyptian military and police have taken custody of terrorists coming from Libya, Syria and Gaza — members of Hamas and Hezbollah arrested in many cities throughout Egypt, mostly in Cairo. Army personnel and police have confiscated their weaponry — machine guns, RPG anti-tank weapon systems, hand grenades and rockets – and Egyptian military uniforms for infiltration and to allow imposters to commit crimes blaming the army. These facts are the substance to the statements made by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party showing their intentions are real and imminent.

Voice of the Copts appeals to world leaders

Please support the genuine cry of Egyptian people for democracy and freedom. Do not remain silent and watch Egypt become a bloody civil war like Libya and Syria. Send a strong message to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood that the free world will not tolerate religious supremacy and the violence it brings. The collective will of Egypt’s outspoken population — free thinkers from all facets of Egyptian society — is the only avenue for Egypt. If 13 million voters chose Sharia by electing Morsi, many more stand in the streets today as proponents of Western freedoms.

At the heart of Egypt’s course ahead lie a tormented and frayed people who see themselves with nothing more to lose. Resentment and anger have grown to a point of doing what is forbidden in Islam – willfully seeking a manmade answer in the form of democracy with its gift of freedom, equality and human rights. If this is true, there is hope.


Professor Steven White on Saving our Children from the ObamaGov

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound



He is “Professor Steven A. White,” and is called one of America’s favorite educators by parents of students and those who have taken his adult classes. He also won Outstanding Educator title 2 years in a row from the College of Southern Nevada. Professor White was certificated in 1984 as an Christian Counselor, and ordained in 1988. Steve is recipient of the 1997 Changing Images In America Awards. It’s believed that he and Ruth’s work in the Entertainment Industry helped spark Whitney Houston’s version of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (the first colorblind Fairy Tale musical in modern day Cinema).

Steve received the Outstanding Educators Award for the College Of Southern Nevada 2 years in a row 2002 and 2003 He launched The Master Educators Tutoring Service, and XChange in 2004 which tutors privately or after school and is matching educators with parents who want to Homeschool. He educates groups with his live Seminars/and online Webinars on Common Core called The Mater Educator’s Math Soup ( Basic Education and Common Core ). Among the children of celebrities Steve personally taught are those of Boxing champion “Floyd in 1996. He has taught the children of celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather” and children from the famous California Wine Making family “Gallo.”

Professor White is now expanding this business to bring on educators who will give the same expertise in executing their learning programs. He is matching these qualified and ethical educators with families (Parents/Grandparents, Foster Parents etc) who need an educator to come to their home or facility to teach according to the needs of that student/family. Steve is author of “Math Soup For Scared People” Curriculum/Work Book (on Teachers Pay Teachers Curriculum and Worksheets – teacherspayteeachers.com) for people who want hands on information to help them at reasonable cost.


Sher: Professor White, you were a teacher for many years in the California public schools. However, when you realized the corruption and programs’ design against the students (including “data-mining“ them), you left that system and California at what was, then, the height of your career. Would you share what you discovered with my readers and how you went about changing your life‘s path?

Professor White: They started out with changing curricula like Whole Language and Bilingual Education and they hadn’t started data mining our children at that stage yet. I saw the schools were going through changes, which included taking away basic learning skills from the children and the school board bringing in newer, younger, and more liberal teachers while forcing the more seasoned educators out.

The stress and frustration got so bad that it started effecting my health. I went to another district and began formulating my own program called “The Master Educators Tutoring Service and XChange.” God knows it wasn’t easy or quick, but now it’s urgent that we pull our children out of public schools altogether.

I know that thousands of school teachers are alarmed at the school system as it is today and want a way out. This is a way out, but we need supporters and sponsors to help us get to the teachers and help them gain a living salary which will wean them off of the Department of Education domination.


Sher: You and your wife Ruth Bryant White have been honored extensively for your work in multiple arenas. Recently, you said that both of you were shocked to see that even the most basic of skills are lacking in myriad workers who have gone through the US government-run school system. Please tell us about the work you’re bringing about toward correcting this problem with inner city children.

Professor White: Many Cashier’s don’t know the basic skills of giving correct change anymore. They don’t even have the mind set to comprehend the process. . I teach privately, and some kids don’t know how to tell time from a analog clock. This is a huge, huge problem. We need to personally go into the Central Cities across the country to inform parents on what the public schools are doing to their children. Then we need to have facilities (on a large scale, in companies and churches, on a smaller scale with home school set-ups and a buddy system for a few children to be added for either one or two more children in that setting).

Then, we plan to appeal to educators (who are security screened for the children’s safety) to be dispersed in areas of need. We are looking for those educators who want to work their way out of the public school system or retired school teachers who hate the bureaucracy but love to teach. We seek those educators who can work with the parents in the specific subjects and grade levels of need for their situation. That is what my Xchange program is about, locating competent teachers and disbursing them to the places that need them. We want to be ready to handle a great influx of children at one time, then have the curricula through grassroots professionals that can fill the needs of those children without political indoctrination, data mining, or sexualization.

A good case in point that relates directly to this subject is the recent interview on Breaking News Journal On-Air Radio of a New York mother, Jackie who pulled her twins Jack and Ava from the local Public School after she saw the horrible treatment her children were receiving under the new Common Core Standards. Jack (one of the twins) had been progressing very well in his studies, right up until Common Core was imposed. Immediately, Jack lost his joy of learning, and actually began to hate school, to the point that he begged his mother not to force him to go. The whole horrific story is on breakingnewsjournal.net. Learn how the Joan Of Ark of the 21st Century (Ava) was vindicated after she stood up to a group of girls saying she was crazy for coming against Common Core until the teacher confirmed Ava’s statement. Jack himself is on his own path to speaking out against Common Core. (Link here.)

The last piece of the puzzle is the curriculum. This plan will be replacing the McGraw Hill and Pearsons Textbooks with practical/simple curricula developed by experienced educators. For instance, my Curriculum “Math Soup For Scared People ” is for grades 4-7 level Math students and adults/ parents who need to know Basic Math. The curriculum can be purchased online in parts or as a whole. (The link is here.)

We will refer to other curricula for other subjects and grade levels. I have a Master Educators Professional Referral List that includes subject matters for Pre-K through High School and College. Some are in Reading, US Citizenship, Social Sciences and some are in Music Learning and others.

Sher: You told me that many of your former colleagues have recognized the same lack of any real education for children in the public schools and have sought a change for themselves. Would you tell us about your program that matches tutors with students?

Professor White: When a parent needs someone who teaches a certain grade level/subject in their area, we search for educators in those areas, but before we match them with an educator. The educator must be pre-screened for security reasons before we refer them out.

Sher: You have a truly outstanding program “Math Soup for Scared People.” Please tell my readers what this on-line Webinar entails and how people can sign up for it.

Links from Professor White:

GoFundMe (“Math Soup For Scared People”):
at gofundme.com

Teachers Pay Teachers:
at teacherspayteachers.com

Breaking News Journal. Net like to Master Educators Page:
at breakingnewsjournal.net

Professor White: Please invite all of your parents to join my Webinars. I use life current events like the Trayvon Martin trial where you saw a 19 year old who did not know how to read. I am bringing basic learning skills back to education. Please help me do so by passing this information around and encouraging others to register for this very important Webinar.

I am conducting the “Math Soup For Scared People” Webinars August 13, and 15th 4PM PST, 7PM EST online. This webinar is well worth it and is worth $200 but I do it for submitted donation of only $10. To register just click the link above.

My Administrative Assistnat will send the private secure information about the online link to the Webinar. I will be talking about What Common Core is and some resources and then get into Basic Math. I am also working with Founders Academy to get children out of public schools before the new school year.

I would like to get as many parents who are scared about their children’s future in education. signed up for these Webinars so they can be empowered as they move to the next step in securing their knowledge and their children’s education. For those who just need the materials, they can click the Teachers Pay Teachers link above and purchase “Math Soup For Scared People” Curriculum.

Beware what is meant by "21st Century themes;" graphic from learn360.com

Beware what is meant by “21st Century themes;” graphic from learn360.com

Sher: Thanks so much for your time, professor. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Professor White: I am working with a wonderful group of professionals who have their own programs and specific curricula which together will cover a complete educational program from Preschool through 7th Grade. Included on this list are: Tools 4 Preschool and Tools For Learning, by Murray T. Bass and Freedom Project Education (online), by Mary Black. We are in communication with an affiliate of Hillsdale College, who is in process of opening Learning Academies across the USA, who will cover K-12th Grade, and do not accept any Federal funds, and so will not be subject to Common Core. This program is being funded by The Barney Charter School Initiative. We’re hoping that the Hillsdale Academies will implement the Math Soup for Scared People curriculum as a part of their program.

I have contracted my services to a world renowned Learning Institution for over 5 years. If this institution shifts to Common Core Standards, I am left with no choice, but to resign. I do not believe in Common Core Standards, and I will not be a party to their enforcement upon children. Because of this, it is all the more vital for the public to back my Webinars, and my Curriculum. I am available to do live Basic Skills Seminars for companies who need or want my services.

If your readers have any further questions or comments, they can always reach us at:
masteredu[email protected], or they may call us at: (702) 239-8955.


Justice System Let Trayvon Martin Down

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

While listening to angry mobs chanting, “No Justice, No Peace”, on the radio a while ago it dawned on me that the justice system had let Trayvon Martin down; just not in the way these angry hot heads were depicting this whole ugly mess. Trayvon Martin might have been spared his life had the justice system done their job and put him in jail for the crimes he “allegedly” committed long before he “allegedly” assaulted George Zimmerman on the night he was shot dead.

The major news media outlets are still portraying this young hoodlum as some kind of angelic representative of the Black community when in fact he should have been an embarrassment to them. Rather than display recent photographs of Trayvon, the media continues to release pictures that are several years old from a time when Trayvon really was young and innocent.

We were led to believe Trayvon was a good kid, a victim of racial prejudice; but those assertions fell apart upon further examination.

“Sanford Police Department (SPD) investigator Chris Serino, for instance, said publicly of Martin, “This child has no criminal record whatsoever.” He called Martin “a good kid, a mild-mannered kid.” The media almost universally sustained this tragically false narrative.”

It seems the truth paints a different picture.

‘“Oh, God, oh, my God, oh, God,” one major reportedly said when first looking at Martin’s data. He realized that Martin had been suspended twice already that school year for offenses that should have gotten him arrested – once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for getting caught with marijuana and a marijuana pipe.

In each case, the case file on Martin was fudged to make the crime less serious than it was. As one detective told IA, the arrest statistics coming out of Martin’s school, Michael Krop Senior, had been “quite high,” and the detectives “needed to find some way to lower the stats.” This directive allegedly came from Hurley.”

It appears the school district, in an attempt to look better than it was, did everything they could to marginalize criminal behavior on the part of Trayvon Martin to improve their overall statistics. They let a criminal go in favor of their ratings; it’s that simple.

There was no mention of Trayvon’s punching a bus driver by the media; that sweet little boy could never have done anything like that. Anyway, it never happened because the bus driver who “allegedly” got punched was instructed to forget about it; at least that’s the story that was put out on the radio.

“Here’s another nice image for all the idiots bleating about this poor, innocent black ‘child’. This image is of somebody’s post to Travyon Martin’s/NO_LIMIT_NIGGA twitter account. Notice how they’re saying that Martin hadn’t told them about swinging/punching at a Bus driver!!! Well, if he punched a bus driver, it’s quite possible that he punched the neighbourhood watch captain who stopped him…”

It’s a shame Trayvon Martin died before he could learn self discipline, before he could become a productive member of society. The way he was progressing he would have made spectacular license plates while incarcerated in one of Florida’s prisons, a real gangsta’ with lots of entries on his rap sheet to prove it.

Had Trayvon been held accountable for his “alleged” criminal behavior he would, in all probability, have been in jail instead of continuing to walk about freely. He never would have been in a confrontational situation with George Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watchman trying to keep his neighborhood safe from thugs and gangstas’.

If the state had done its job properly he probably would have died in prison while serving out a burglary or aggravated assault conviction. Instead he’s become an icon for civil disobedience, inspiring vandalism, assault and looting throughout the low information community, go figure.

Yes; the justice system let Trayvon Martin down by ignoring his “alleged” criminal behavior.