Larry Grathwohl: May You Be Remembered for Your Heroism

*** NoisyRoom Note: Larry Grathwohl was a truly unsung hero, larger than life and was a true patriot. A compatriot and someone I genuinely admired, he will be sorely missed. I mourn his tragic early passing and cherish all his past work and insight. Rest in peace Larry, we’ll see you in a little while.

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal


I just learned this morning that my friend and colleague Larry Grathwohl has passed away at home.

At 67 Larry was a comparatively young man. His death is a huge loss to his immediate family and to his wider family in the freedom movement.

Larry Grathwohl fought for freedom in three main phases.

Firstly he bravely served his country in Vietnam.

Secondly Larry infiltrated the infamous Weather Underground, as an undercover informant for the FBI – the only person ever to do so, as far as I know. Larry’s intelligence reports stopped many acts of violence and saved many lives during this time.

Thirdly and most importantly, Larry, in conjunction with Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival, Jim Pera, Tina Trent and others, has spent the last several years sounding the alarm to his fellow Americans. The Weather Underground may be no more, but many of its former cadre and many more of its admirers, are now very influential people.

Larry Grathwol, Weathermen War Council

Larry Grathwol, center. Weathermen War Council

Larry recognized early on that his old Weather “comrades” Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, had the ear of the future President Barack Obama. He saw others like Jeff Jones helping to write President Obama’s first stimulus package. He saw many of his old “comrades” including Ayers, Dohrn, Jones and Mark Rudd play key roles in the movement that brought Obama to power. He saw countless old ’60s radicals moving into positions of authority all over the country. Larry understood that even though most Americans had forgotten their revolutionary agenda, they themselves had not.

Larry did everything he could in his last years to awaken America. He spoke at conferences and public meetings, did countless interviews and recently re-released his 1976 book Bringing Down America: An FBI Informer With the Weathermen.

I was looking forward to traveling and speaking in Georgia in my upcoming tour.

Larry was a good guy and a great friend. He was smart, witty, fun, loyal and very, very brave.

He did a lot of service to the country he loved and lived the values he held dear.

My sympathies to his family. I know you are all rightly proud of Larry Grathwol.

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