What Netanyahu Said

Arlene from Israel

Before I pick up on my theme for today, I want to share this from a Reuters piece:

“Israelis and Palestinians played down on Monday the prospects of their envoys meeting in Washington any time soon, and the White House said getting the two sides to agree to a peace deal remained an ‘enormous challenge.'”


Can we breathe easy yet? I was discussing with a colleague today the fact that Obama — seeing this as a political liability — has distanced himself from Kerry’s push for negotiations. We would know something serious was happening if he were to step in and to take credit. As it is, John Kerry alone has egg on his face.


Now…finally, it’s time to go back and examine the statement from our prime minister, made in response to Kerry’s announcement about talks in Washington DC — the announcement that made it sound as if negotiations were imminent.

With Netanyahu, there is the perennial question of whether his statements are genuinely meant and reflect his own convictions, or whether they are part of the game he is playing. Truth to tell, I was alarmed by his response to Kerry’s announcement, because it seemed that the prime minister was really on board and had possibly even made seriously disturbing concessions.

Now that the picture is somewhat clearer, I’m willing to cut him a bit more slack and say that I don’t know exactly what he really believes or intends, and that at least part of what he said might have been by way of “stroking” Kerry.

But my goal here is not to examine the sincerity of Netanyahu’s convictions as he made his statement. Rather, it is to respond to what he said, on the face of it.


He said:

“The resumption of the peace process is a vital strategic interest for the State of Israel.

“It is important in and of itself in order to try and bring about the conclusion of the conflict between us and the Palestinians, and it is important in light of the strategic challenges that are before us, mainly from Iran and Syria.”

The two main goals in seeking a peace agreement that he enumerated were: “Prevention of the formation of a bi-national state between the sea and the Jordan that would endanger the future of the Jewish state, and prevention of the creation of another terrorist state sponsored by Iran within the borders of Israel, which would be no less of a threat to us.”



“Vital strategic interest” Ouch!

Let’s imagine for the moment that what he meant was that coming to the table was a vital strategic interest. It could be (what he meant), because he didn’t say that reaching an agreement with the PA was of strategic importance. And this would be his style. Coming to the table might get the world off our back, prevent economic boycotts, avoid conflict at the UN, etc. etc.

I don’t really know what he meant, and I don’t like it that he said this. If he was referring to simply coming to the table, while I would disagree, I would understand his position.

But the fact is that reaching an agreement with the PA serves NO strategic interest for Israel. Israel’s vital strategic interests include protection of national rights and security for her citizens. We’d be considerably weaker on both counts were we to reach an agreement with the PA. We would be required to surrender territory, including in eastern Jerusalem, that is at the heart of our ancient heritage, and we would have borders that rendered us militarily more vulnerable. Allowing ourselves to become weaker cannot be a “vital strategic interest.


Why come to the table if there is no intent to finalize a deal? Why, that is, beyond making Kerry happy? There are those who make the case that if the parties talk it defuses tensions and can promote constructive low level cooperation, e.g., on issues of common ecology. MK Lieberman maintains that negotiations are helpful for managing the conflict, not solving it.

And so, if what Netanyahu was promoting was simply coming to the table, there is a case to be made for this.


It has been said and said, and said again: “conclusion of the conflict between us and the Palestinians” is not possible. Not unless we agree to a suicidal arrangement. The demands of the Palestinian Arabs, their minimum requirements, are antithetical to Israel’s best interests.

It is unfortunate that Netanyahu mentioned Iran and Syria here. This fallacious linkage has been made repeatedly by Obama and others. No need to promote it. (Here too, he might have been playing to the White House.) You’ve got me, in terms of how our strategic challenges with these other countries would be diminished if we were negotiating with or had an agreement with the PA. Iran and Syria use “occupation,” “apartheid,” etc as verbal, diplomatic weapons against us. And they’re delighted to back any scenario that would weaken or diminish us, But anyone who imagines that the Syrians or the Iranians are truly invested in or concerned about the establishment of a state for the Palestinian Arabs is dreaming. If they didn’t have this weapon to use against us, they’d manufacture another.

I would point out here, as well, that the growing influence of jihadist forces in Syria means there is the possibility that these radicals might ultimately move into Jordan and topple the king. Then, more than ever, we would need our full military presence right to the border with Jordan. Relinquishing Judea and Samaria now, in particular, would be very unwise in terms of military strategy.


“Prevention of the formation of a bi-national state between the sea and the Jordan that would endanger the future of the Jewish state.” Sigh…

Those who see Netanyahu as tilting left these days point to this argument that he has begun making. It is relatively new for him and is a position advanced by those who advocate a “two state solution”: We have to give the Palestinian Arabs a state, or else we’ll end up with one state for everyone and ultimately they’ll become the majority .

There are several fallacies built into this argument. The first has to do with demography and inflated population statistics for the Palestinian Arabs. The population statistics of the PA that are utilized for these dire prediction are inaccurate: the PA double-counted Arab residents of Jerusalem and counted Palestinian Arabs who have been out of the area for years. The overcount is in the range of one million. And then, of course, predictions regarding how many babies are going to be born are also, automatically, inflated.

Part of the prediction of how many Arabs there will be, compared to how many Jews, between the river and the sea, is based on presumptions of birth rates. And these are proving erroneous as well. It has always been assumed that Arabs have more babies. But, surprise! it’s no longer the case. Jewish and Arab birthrates are converging.

You might want to see this article on Israeli demography:


Add to this the fact that Arabs regularly leave Judea and Samaria, while aliyah continues to increase the Jewish population of the area.

All in all, there is only a very weak argument, if any, for abandoning historical areas of Israel because of fear that Arabs will predominate.


I will add here that, if there remains a desire to prevent even the possibility of being overwhelmed demographically by Arabs, there are ways to deal with the situation short of giving the Palestinian Arabs a state. The “two state” concept is fairly recent and it’s important to point out that this is not what was conceptualized by Yitzhak Rabin after he signed on to Oslo. He spoke of an autonomy that would be short of a full state.

Such an autonomy might be established according to a number of different scenarios (e.g., in federation with Jordan). What’s important is that they be examined seriously. To jump directly to the conclusion that we must give them a state in order to prevent their numbers overtaking us is short-sighted and silly.


The final argument — “prevention of the creation of another terrorist state sponsored by Iran” — astounds me. What is implied here is that if we allow the PA to establish a state, which would (but of course!) be stable, secure and moderate, it would prevent Hamas or other radical groups from moving in.

But let’s quickly review the facts:

The difference between the PLO and Hamas is more cosmetic and tactical than strategic. Both seek the elimination of Israel. PA maps have eradicated Israel completely and the PLO covenant calls for Israel’s destruction.

The PA is already very much in bed with Hamas. Hamas definitely has a presence in the PA areas of Judea and Samaria. PA security forces moonlight for Hamas sometimes, and have been known to pass them information.

What keeps Judea and Samaria as secure as it is, with regard to Hamas terrorism, etc., is the presence of the IDF. The Israeli army does nightly operations in the Arab areas to take out terrorist cells, etc.

Abbas and his entourage are hated by Palestinian Arabs; lacking popular support, they are weak. Hamas is just waiting for the establishment of a Palestinian state, which they would take over. Military intelligence analysts have said repeatedly that it would be a matter of only a very short time until a PA state would become a Hamas state.

Unequivocally, the best way to prevent the establishment of such a state is for Israel to maintain a presence in the area.


What Others Say About “The Enemies Within”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Some quick reviews of my new book, “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.”


The Enemies Within, written by Trevor Loudon, exposes the subversive mechanism that threatens our freedom and our very existence. This book tells the story of a semi-secret political movement that has penetrated American life and government. Of all books written today, Loudon’s book is a must read.

Jeffrey R. Nyquist, author of Origins of the Fourth World War and editor of JR Nyquist.com

“The Enemies Within” exposes the dark side of U.S. politics and Congress as only Trevor Loudon can. Loudon’s research brings historical light to the agendas of those who lead America and their true intentions. It is an outstanding read and a critical resource for every American voter and patriot.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton – Editor/Blogger NoisyRoom.net

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Matthew Vadum, Capital Research Center, author of Subversion, Inc.

This New Zealander, from the other side of the world, understands better than most Americans the intrinsic threat posed by America’s Left. Trevor’s new book, exposes like none other to date, the enemies within our own political infrastructure, and offers numerous examples of how they have shaped public policy.
Read this book, and armed with its knowledge, join us in stopping these hateful villains from destroying the world’s last hope, America, now standing literally at the abyss.

James Simpson, Investigative Journalist, Author: Zero Hour

The Enemies Within” will be officially released August 20, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

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Coleman Young: the Communist Who Destroyed Detroit

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

If one man could be blamed most for the destruction of Detroit, it would be Coleman Young.

Mayor from 1974 to 1993, Young set a city already in decline on the pathway to the disaster area it is today.


Coleman Young had a well-deserved reputation for corruption, but few today understand his communism.

It is important to know that it was a combination of crony capitalism and communism that destroyed Detroit, because that is exactly the formula being employed by Young’s spiritual heir, Barack Obama, from the White House today.

Born in 1918, Young found communism as a young man. In the 1930s, he found an apprentice electrician program sponsored by Ford Motor Company. There, he became an underground union organizer and “civil rights” activist until he was drafted into the Army in 1942.

Young served as a bombardier and navigator with the famous Tuskegee Airmen. Toward the end of the war, Young and about 100 other African-American men were arrested for demanding service at a segregated officers’ club in Indiana. Young managed to get word to the Black press. Within days, he was released and the Army began the process of integrating the club.

Another black Communist Party supporter also served in the unit, Percy Sutton, a future Manhattan borough president. He would later go on to mentor and employ a young radical named Eric Holder, and write a letter of recommendation to get a young Barack Obama into Harvard.

After the war, Young returned to Detroit, where he became a union organizer. But he lost his job when the head of the United Auto Workers Union “took a dislike to the commotion created by Young and other Black dissidents.” There may have been more to this, as during that period the UAW was being run by socialists, who were trying to oust their rival communists from the union.

Young took his first political job working for Progressive Party 1948 presidential candidate, Henry A. Wallace. The Progressive party was controlled, lock, stock and barrel, by the Communist Party.

In 1949, Young worked with fellow Progressive Party leader, Stanley Nowak, in supporting Ford factory strikers, as this clipping from the Communist Party’s Peoples world proves.


In 1966, Novak turned up as a sponsor of the Herbert Aptheker Testimonial Dinner. The dinner was held on the occasion of Communist Party theoretician Herbert Aptheker‘s 50th birthday.

The National Negro Labor Council (1950-56), was a Communist Party front for black workers and labor officials.

Key leaders of the Council included Coleman Young (national executive secretary), Charles Hayes (Chicago leader, identified communist and later a Democratic Congressman), Cleveland Robinson, George Crockett and Erma Henderson from Detroit.

Cleveland Robinson would later become a member of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee and a founder, with Charles Hayes, of the Communist Party created Coalition of Black Trade Unionists – an organization greatly loved by many modern Black leaders including Mississippi’s communist connected Congressman Bennie Thompson and Barack Obama.

Crockett was a close sympathizer and almost certainly a secret Communist Party member, who went on to become a Democratic Congressman from Michigan.

Erma Henderson would later serve on the Detroit City Council under Coleman Young.

In 1946, Erma Henderson was a Michigan representative to the National Council of American Youth for Democracy – the youth wing of the Communist Party USA. Serving alongside Henderson was a young Chicago journalist named Vernon Jarrett. He in turn, was a close colleague of a Chicago Communist party writer named Frank Marshall Davis – later the Hawaii mentor of a teenage Barack Obama.

Vernon Jarrett’s son would later marry the daughter of a Chicago radical educationalist named Barbara Bowman. The brief marriage turned Valerie Bowman into Valerie Jarrett – now Obama’s closest friend and most trusted White House adviser.

By 1952, Young’s work brought him to the attention of the House Un-American Activities Committee, which was investigating the Communist Party in Michigan. Coleman Young completely refused to answer the committee’s questions.

Coleman Young, HUAC hearings. Lawyer George Crockett, right

Coleman Young, HUAC hearings. Lawyer George Crockett, right

There is no doubt however that Young was a secret Party member.

In 1988, Howard Johnson — who had been one of the leading communists in Harlem during the Great Depression — told interviewer Kay Takora about his return home from World War II: “I came back into activity in the Communist Party… I at first became county educational director. New York county was the biggest county organization. From ’46 to ’49. And during that same period, I was assigned to help build a national Negro veterans organization which was called the United Negro and Allied Veterans of America. And that had the backing of the party and I was assigned by the party to work in that along with my duties as educational director of the county organization.”

Howard Johnson continued, eventually bringing the conversation to Detroit and to Detroit’s mayor, Coleman Young: “When UNAVA was formed, I was elected national vice-commander in charge of education, which fit my training, and the other national vice-commander was Coleman Young, who was national vice-commander in charge of labor.

“Because at that time he was a steward in the auto workers union and [a] very prominent trade unionist in Detroit. Coleman and I were very good friends…. I never anticipated he would be a bourgeois mayor of Detroit. But Coleman’s a great guy, nevertheless. But I think that it was his party training that (helped) him to move forward as he did”.

In the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, the Communist Party’s liaison man with Moscow was a secret FBI informant, Morris Childs. On one trip to Moscow, Morris Childs’ fellow-delegate, the black communist James Jackson, asked that Coleman Young, a future mayor of Detroit and a secret Party member, be invited to Moscow to study Marxism-Leninism; the Soviets vetoed him as too old.

Democratic Socialists of America member and socialist historian Paul Buhle, wrote in a 1992 article for the Encyclopedia of the American Left:

Communists also gained from long-standing political contacts in the black community. Victories of black mayoral and congressional candidates with decades — old ties to the CP — a short list would include Coleman Young and George Crocket in Detroit, Gus Newport in Berkeley, and somewhat more ambiguously, Harold Washington in Chicago.”

It was the 1983 victory of long time Communist Party affiliate Harold Washington that inspired a young Barack Obama to move to the Windy City two years later.

Washington stacked Chicago City Hall full of communists and socialists. Coleman Young did the same in Detroit. He even appointed Communist Party supporter Dave Moore, Director of the city’s Senior Citizens Department.

So, it’s no surprise to see Barack Obama doing the same thing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Like Obama though, Coleman Young didn’t destroy Detroit alone. He had a whole raft of communist and socialist affiliated Councillors on his team, including Erma Henderson, Ken Cockrel, Sr., Clyde Cleveland and Maryann Mahaffey.

Erma Henderson center, Maryann Mahaffey, fourth from right, Clyde Cleveland, third from right, with a delegation from the Soviet front World Peace Council, 1975

Erma Henderson center, Maryann Mahaffey, fourth from right, Clyde Cleveland, third from right, with a delegation from the Soviet front World Peace Council, 1975

Coleman Young, crony capitalism and communism destroyed Detroit.

Barack Obama is using the same formula to destroy America.

Will you let him?


Bennie Thompson: Mississippi’s Pro-Communist Congressman – Book Teaser

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Did you know that Congressman Bennie Thompson, of Mississippi’s 2nd District, is at least a communist sympathizer?


  • In November 1979, Marxists from the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee initiated a Democratic Agenda Conference, in Washington, D.C. The conference focused on “corporate power” as the key barrier to “economic and political democracy,” concepts many Democratic Agenda participants defined as “socialism.” Bennie Thompson of the Mississippi Association of Black Mayors joined a panel entitled: “Relating Local Issues to the Democratic Party.”
  • In July 1996, Democratic Socialists of America (formerly Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee) endorsed Bennie Thompson, Mississippi 2, in that year’s Congressional elections.
  • In 1982, Bennie Thompson served on the National Coordinating Committee of a Communist Party USA front, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, which was led by leading Party members Angela Davis and Charlene Mitchell.



  • In February 2000, Marsha McCraven from the office of Congressman Bennie Thompson, spent five days in Havana, Cuba, for the purpose of “information gathering.” The trip cost $1,778.47 and was paid for by the leftist Christopher Reynolds Foundation.
  • The invitation for U.S. students to earn a free medical education in Cuba dates to June 2000, when a group from the Congressional Black Caucus visited Cuban President Fidel Castro. It was presided over by the then Caucus President James Clyburn and included Bennie Thompson from Mississippi and Gregory Meeks from New York. Rep. Thompson described to Castro huge areas in his district where there were no doctors and Castro responded with an offer of full scholarships for U.S. citizens to study at medical school in Havana. Castro opened the doors of the program to 500 U.S. students who began enrolling two years later. Most of the kids are radicals. Some are the children of Communist Party members.
  • In May 2005, Congressman Bennie G. Thompson and two of his staff members, spent four days in Havana, Cuba, for the purpose of “Cuba business, fact finding.” The trip cost $1,298.26 and was paid for by the Christopher Reynolds Foundation.
  • In mid-May 2013, Rep. Bennie Thompson endorsed Jackson Mississippi mayoral candidate Chokwe Lumumba, a long time Marxist and Black Nationalist, who wants to turn six Southern states into the socialist Republic of New Afrika. One of Thompson’s staff also joined Lumumba’s Transition Team.

Chokwe Lumumba, Bennie Thompson

Chokwe Lumumba, Bennie Thompson

To learn more about Bennie Thompson and 64 other communist and socialist affiliated Representatives and Senators, read Trevor Loudon’s new book “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.”


The Enemies Within” will be officially released August 20, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

However, if you are a U.S. resident, you can receive one of the very first copies hot off the press by pre-ordering through the button below.

“Trevor Loudon does the job that few in the media ever attempt” – Glenn Beck