Ugly and Horribly Wrong

Arlene from Israel

Were that this story did not need to be told — because it is ugly. But it does — precisely because it is ugly. We are dealing here with issues of how the State of Israel conducts herself in internal matters and how Israeli citizens are treated.

There is a man living in the community of Yitzhar in Samaria, whose name is Boaz Albert. He and his wife Irit have six young children and do grape farming.

Credit: Yitzhar spokesman

Recently Boaz was put under administrative order to leave his home for six months. And here, immediately, I must pause to explain:

There is on the books from the time of the British Mandate a law that permits a person to be detained or expelled from an area without explanation if there is a security risk. This applies today only in Judea and Samaria, and requires no court order, no due process. It is an order that proceeds from the Shin Bet (internal security). It proceeds without hearing, i.e., the Shin Bet does not have to go into a court and present a case and secure permission to levy the procedure. In this instance, IDF Central Region Commander Gen. Nitzan Alon gave the order.

I hasten to say here that where genuine security risks to the country are involved, I have no problem with this regulation. It is not my intention to speak out against it across the board. Not at all. If the Shin Bet has evidence, for example, that an Arab is planning a terrorist attack, and decides to detain him without due process and without having to reveal in court what is known, this is not necessarily a negative at all. Most often the Shin Bet will not reveal what it knows because this jeopardizes informants. We are, after all, at war, whether everyone is willing to admit this or not.


But when there is considerable suspicion that this regulation is being utilized for political purposes against a citizen of Israel — a citizen who is not disloyal to Israel — that is an entirely different matter. And this seems to be what we are dealing with here.

The line is a very fine one, and the process, as it has been applied here, is most disturbing. Is a citizen to be silenced via this process for speaking out against current policy? Is it legitimate to treat as subversive the mere fact of giving voice to such criticism? Conveniently, “subversive.”

Is such a citizen to be banished from his family and from his livelihood in an effort to control or punish him?

Can a democracy with concern for civil and human rights work this way?


For the record, there is, theoretically, one recourse for a resident of Judea and Samaria — whether Jewish or Arab — who is under executive order: to appeal to the High Court. I have been advised that Albert decided with great cynicism not to go that route because residents of the area have found little sympathy in the Court.

Just as I knew even before the fact that the Court would not find for the families of terror victims, but would say that it was the government’s right to decide to release terrorist prisoners, so too was Albert certain that the Court would declare that if the Shin Bet/IDF said so…well….


What Albert wanted was to be charged with something specific and have the right to contest it in court.

It should be noted that the Alberts and the citizens of Yitzhar generally are highly nationalistic and staunchly right wing. A thorn in the side of the government, which is advancing a certain policy, I have no doubt. But this does not mean that Albert has done anything illegal. I have it from someone close to the situation that the Alberts speculate — only speculate — that he is being silenced for posting on the Internet criticism of the failure of the IDF to sufficiently protect residents of places such as Yitzhar from neighboring Arabs.

Yet this should be a right of a citizen in a democracy: to speak out and be accorded free speech.

In all the checking I have done, I have not found evidence that Boaz Albert has acted in a manner that was subversive or violent or that he advocated violence or disloyalty to the State.


As he knew he was not going to be charged in a court, he made a decision to disobey the order. He knew he would be arrested for disobeying. That’s the decision he made.

What he didn’t know — didn’t begin to imagine — is how the arrest would unfold:

As it happened, he had a cadre of supporters who were spending time with him in his home, and were filming statements in his behalf. This was fortuitous. Lieutenant-Colonel (res) Itzik Shadmi, head of the Binyamin Residents’ Council, was with him at the time of the arrest, and my information is that he ended up doing filming of what transpired.


What transpired, first, is that the police sent in a YASSAM unit, which is an anti-terrorist “attack” unit.

What an over-reaction: Boaz Albert is not a terrorist!

They wanted to arrest him. He had no weapons, and he didn’t resist with violence. He laid down on the floor. All the police had to do was lift him at his head and his feet and carry him out.

But they brought with them — outrageously — a taser unit. A taser gun is an electroshock unit that causes pain and temporarily stuns its victim; it is used to subdue a dangerous or fleeing individual. It can be used by discharging electrical impulses near the body, which then enters the body. Or it can be used with prongs that actually enter the body.

Boaz’s brother was outside the house when the YASSAM arrived; they made the mistake of mis-identifying him as Boaz and attacked him with the taser with prongs. This man required hospitalization.

Then they entered the house and used the taser on Boaz, who was lying on the floor. They did this in front of his totally distraught children, who undoubtedly have been traumatized.


Boaz Albert was then carried out, and on Friday morning he was brought into court because he had resisted arrest. He was released from court but is still under the expulsion order. I do not know where he is right now.


Here is a fairly unbearable Youtube of Boaz Albert being hit with the taser, yelling in pain, with his child crying “Ima, Ima” in the background. I believe it is his wife who is yelling, in Hebrew, “He’s not doing anything!!” While Boaz himself asks “Why? Why? I’m not resisting.”


The only good to come from this is that the police commissioner has now cancelled all use of the taser gun, at least until there is an investigation.


But it is not sufficient that the inappropriate use of the taser gun should be exposed.

There remain serious questions, raised above, about civil liberties in Israel and how an Israeli citizen who lives in Judea and Samaria has been treated, without due process. There remain issues such as freedom of speech and the right to be charged with a crime.


I am not writing this to bring Israel low. I, in fact, despise having to write this.

I write because I am a dedicated Zionist and Israeli citizen, deeply devoted to my country, who wants Israel to be all that she can be and must be.

Now please, if you agree with my perspective, help me once again.

The authorities here in Israel know that they are being watched, and have to be held accountable. It’s important to ask the hard questions regarding treatment of a citizen in a democracy, where issues of human rights and civil rights are supposed to matter.

Write to:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
Fax: 02-670-5369 (From the US: 011-972-2-670-5369)
E-mail: [email protected] and also [email protected] (underscore after pm) use both addresses

Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon
Email: [email protected]

Minister of Internal Security Yitzhak Aharonovitch
Fax: 02-6496188
Email: [email protected]


Tell them that the world is watching and that there must be answers with regard to how Boaz Albert has been treated.

Ask if there has been due process for this citizen in a manner that befits a democracy: Has he been charged with something specific and been given a chance to defend himself?

Say that this transcends the technicalities of a law that goes back to British Mandate times and was designed for coping with terrorism. That there are civil rights issues such as freedom of speech involved.

Ask them if there has been appropriate attention to human rights — if there is adequate reason to deprive this man of contact with his family and his right to earn his livelihood.

Explain that you have concerns about Israeli democracy and how Israel appears internationally. It is essential that Israeli leaders ensure that all processes are sensitive to issues of democracy. They must help Israel be all that she is meant to be, and a beacon to the Western world.


My friends, this is important, as so much I ask of you is. Please take the time to write. You can write one message to the three ministers listed above.

Do not lecture or provide lengthy messages. Keep it courteous and on target.

And please, share this with others and encourage them to write as well. It makes a difference.


I will note here that the only minister to come forward solidly on this issue has been Minister Naftali Bennett. You might feel inclined to drop him a note praising him for this stance:

Email: [email protected]

At the end of this posting, I will provide names of a few others you might want to write to in order to encourage them to be involved on this and speak out.


What I ask first is something very different. This is the height of the season for harvesting grapes.

If there is any one reading this who can and is willing to come to Yitzhar to help with the harvesting of the grapevines of Boaz Albert, please, write to me immediately.

There will be experts in the fields directing the harvesting. The hope is to prevent Boaz from loosing a full year’s income. Helping here is a mitzvah.

As I understand it, if you are here in Israel, there is also an opportunity to purchase wine from the Albert vineyards: 052-311-5941.


And I wish to note as well, that an over-riding issue here is the application of civil law to Judea and Samaria. Israeli civil law would not permit what is permitted by the administration under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense.

I will be re-visiting this in a variety of contexts, including my push for acceptance of the Levy Report.


Others in the Knesset who should be encouraged to speak out:

MK Ze’ev Elkin – [email protected]

MK Danny Danon – [email protected]

MK Yair Levin – [email protected]

MK Moshe Feiglin – [email protected]

MK Uzi Landau – [email protected]

MK Uri Ariel – [email protected]

MK Orit Struk – [email protected]

MK Tzipi Hotovely – [email protected]


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Tundra Tabloids

An appeal by respected Hindu human rights activist to his Muslims neighbors.

1946 Great Calcutta Killings and Noakhali Killings.

This Write-up was prepared by the IUFE with The Help of Rabindra Nath Dutta, who is a well-known Columnist, Author, Researcher, Social Worker and Human Rights Activist.

1) Respected Shahi Imams, Imams, Moulanas, Moulavis and Moazzins (2) All Hon’able Muslim judges of Supreme Court, High Court and Lower Courts, (3) All present and Non-functioning Political leaders, Ministers Governors, Government Officers, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Editors of Newspapers, Journalists and Intellectuals:

Even Sixty Five Years after attaining independence and under pressure of the developing circumstances, I feel a kind of inner urge to take up my pen to write this open letter to you all. I fervently hope that you will have the magnanimity to oblige me by giving your considered views on the points raised in my letter.

When the British under the pressure of adverse developments following the Second World War considered it no longer profitable and feasible to rule India and decided to leave this country, the Muslims living in India raised the demand to carve out a separate Islamic state for them. Consequent upon this demand unprecedented communal riots were organised. This orgy of Communal Violence resulted in the killing of at least 20 lakhs ( 2 million ) Indians. A minimum of seventy five thousand Hindu and Sikh girls, rescued from West Pakistan, became pregnant and abortions were performed in the Kapoor Hospital at Karollbag in New Delhi. As a result of free-for-all rape of Hindu and Sikh girls, 50 thousand children were born and who were secretly killed.

The reason cited in favour of creating Pakistan was : if Muslim live with the kaffirs and idol worshiping Hindus, Islam would be in danger. Under this pretext a horrible bloodbath was resorted to following which the country was truncated. Interestingly it was found thereafter that the total numbers of Muslim, who opted to reside in Pakistan, was equal to those Muslim who preferred to stay back in India. These Muslim who remained in India to accept uniform civil code and vociferously raised the demand to be allowed to follow “ Sharia ” laws. However, they found it convenient to enjoy the advantages of both the legal systems.

It may be mentioned here that contribution of Muslims to the struggle of independence was nil. Where innumerable Hindus and Sikhs made the supreme sacrifice on the gallows with ‘Vande Mataram ‘ on there lips, only one Moslem freedom fighter died on the gallows. His name was Marhoom Asrafullah Khan whom we fervently remember even to-day with great respect. Chanting ‘Vande Mataram’ innumerable martyrs sacrificed their lives on the gallows. Only to humour your desire we have even given up our dear ‘ Vande Mataram ‘.

Therefore, 65 years after attaining independence I sincerely appeal to you either to accept Uniform civil code or should follow Sariati Islamic Penal Code in its totality. I possess a copy of the “ Darsay Quran Series-9”, a book on Islamic Penal Code. On the issues of Talaq , polygamy, denying women equal rights birth control etc. You raise the alibi of being bound by the directive of Koran Hadit. Interestingly, on the other issues you prefer to take the advantage of uniform civil code. Can this continue for an indefinite period?

So, I humbly request you either to accept Uniform Civil Code or follow Shariat laws in its totality. You must be knowing that in the state of Goa Uniform Civil Code is being followed? Do the Muslim find it inconvenient or facing any problem there?

In the district of Murshidabad West Bengal, Where 75% of the population are Muslim, the number of Moslem women abandoned by their husbands is more than three lacks ( Three Hundred Thousand ). Besides, the number of women who have been given Talaq are more than one lakh as reported by a leading daily in Kolkata on 20.12.2008. These three lakhs of women abandoned by their husbands, as mentioned above, instead of being served with Talaq have in fact been physically driven out of their husband’s home. Thereafter, these husbands have remarried with impunity. Why are you silent on this issue?

Lending Money by charging interest is a taboo in Islam. Yet, Muslim, Including Moulanas and Moulavis, are earning interest by investing money in the Bank and Post Office. So, These Muslim be declared ‘Murtad’ and be treated accordingly by applying the Islamic Penal Code against them. Similarly, if a Muslim is caught stealing his hands must be cut off and if dacoity is committed by a Moslem he must be beheaded with a sword openly in full view of all in the street ( Recently 8 Bangladeshi Muslim Caught in the act of dacoity were beheaded out in the open in Saudi Arabia )

According to Islam posing before the Camera or taking Photograph is a sacrilege. An angel ( Feresta ) does not enter a room where photograph is kept. This being so Muslim should not go in for an ‘I’- Card, Passport, Driving Licence and PAN Card, because for getting anyone of them a photo is a must. Also Muslims Should not act in Movies or in Theatres because it hurts the Islamic sentiments.

If a Muslim woman is raped she has to produce four male witnesses which she is to be buried waste deep in the earth and has to be stoned to death. All Moslem women must cover their hands and feet by wearing gloves and stockings and totally cover their body by wearing a veil. No Moslem woman can go to a male doctor for treatment. No. Moslem can take up a job under a Kaffir ( Non Believer of Islam ). Moslem are also prohibited from using telephone, mobile phone, Laptop, internet, hearing radio and watching TV because these are all against Islam. Recently the Taliban has clamped down this mandate (Fatwa) in Afghanistan.


1) The Other Side of Silence – Urvashi Butalia (feminist and historian)

2) A Suppressed Chapter in History – Tathagato Roy ( BJP Leader )

3) Hastantor – Sankar Ghosh

4) Keno Udbastu Hote Holo – Debojyoti Roy

5) 1946 The Great Calcutta Killing and Noakhali Genocide – Dr. Dinesh Ch. Sinha & Ashok Dasgupta

6) Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947 – S.G.S. Talib

7) Freedom at Midnight – Collins & Lapierre

8) The Last Days of British Raj – Leonard Mosley

Achintya Das
Administrative Director
International Unity For Equality


Torture and Murder in Tennessee – Why No Movement for These Innocents?

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Channon Christian (21) and Chris Newsom, Jr. (23)

I’ll tell you why… because they were white and Christian. It’s as plain as that. And they did not fit the racist meme of the left, who don’t care if two young Christians are tortured, raped and murdered in the most horrific crime I have ever seen in my lifetime — I mean, they aren’t black, so it’s not news. Well, it was news to me and their deaths cry out to be heard. I can’t believe I did not hear of this in 2007. Glenn Beck has highlighted the case and I am sure that was not easy for him. But it was the right thing to do.

While the Progressives are hyping the Trayvon Martin case, praying for riots and chaos in the streets to further their communist agenda, Oprah Winfrey, along with Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, is out race hustling and sounding more and more like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright every day. She should be ashamed and it should be obvious to everyone out there that she used that innocent shop girl in Switzerland to cry ‘racism’ and promote her movie The Butler (an obscenity to be widely avoided, not only because of her racist huckstering, but also … Jane Fonda plays Nancy Reagan!??). Comparing the murder of Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till is a travesty. But comparing the murders of these two young white kids to Emmett Till is right on the mark.

Let me tell you about Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, Jr. Warning: this is disturbing and will haunt most people as it does me.

Channon Christian was a senior at the University of Tennessee, majoring in Sociology. Chris Newsom, Jr. was a baseball player who worked as a carpenter. Both were devout Christians and Channon (according to her Dad) was saving herself for marriage. The two had been dating for a couple of months and were in love with their whole lives ahead of them.

On January 6th, 2007, they were going to a friend’s birthday party. The next day, when Channon did not show for work, her parents called the police. The two were carjacked by 5 young black people — four men and one woman. Channon was forced to call her parents at around 12:30 AM to tell them she would be late, so these demons could take their time with them.

These evil individuals gagged Chris with a sock, bound his ankles with his own belt and tied his hands behind his back. His face was covered with a bandana and his head was covered with a sweatshirt that was tied around his neck. He was almost beaten to death and violently raped with a foreign object. Channon was forced to watch as Chris was raped — then they cut his genitals off. He was then forced to walk barefoot on nearby train tracks, where he was shot in the neck and the back, paralyzing him, but not killing him. The assailants then put a gun to his head and executed him. Then, for good measure, they set him on fire. That was on a Saturday night, they didn’t find him till Monday. Chris was the lucky one, believe it or not. Hellish horror awaited poor Channon.

She was taken back to Lamaricus Davidson’s home and dragged to a back room. She was hogtied with strips of bedding and stripped from the waist down. She was brutally raped in every possible way for hours and almost beaten to death. She sustained brutal wounds to her genital areas and to her chest and head. They sliced off one of her breasts. She was then dragged to the kitchen, where they at first choked her into semi-consciousness. They then poured bleach on her to remove their DNA. They poured bleach down her throat while she was still alive. They then put her body in garbage bags and wrapped her head in a separate bag. They dumped her upside down in a garbage can in the kitchen where she slowly suffocated to death. The judge in the case believes she may have lived up to 24 hours before dying there. When they found her on Tuesday, her eyes were open. I’m sure in her terror and pain, in the end she prayed to God to end it. I’m sure these kids thought of their parents and their families who they would never see again in this lifetime. I’m positive those that did this will go to Hell — vengeance is the Lord’s and these bastards have it coming.

Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey — there was no outcry from any of them on this horrific crime. You don’t hear them on any of the crimes out there involving white people or, for that matter, most ethnic crimes. Why? Because it doesn’t benefit them, their agendas or their pockets. They are race pimps and they are evil.

Maggie Thornton of Maggie’s Notebook reported on this case when it happened. Perhaps people should read her blog more often. She did the reporting that no one else did on the case. There were seven trials for the five individuals. The original judge was removed because he was on drugs, so four of the five appealed their cases. The woman got a reduced sentence. None were charged with a hate crime.

L-R Vanessa Coleman, George Thomas, Lemaricus Davidson, Eric Boyd, Letalvis Cobbins

From Maggie’s Notebook:

Lemaricus Slim Davidson, age 25 faces a total of 46 charges. Davidson was indicated on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two counts premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Latalvis Rome Cobbins, age 24, faces a total of 46 charges. Cobbins was indicted on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two counts especially aggravated robbery from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

George Detroit Thomas, age 24, faces a total of 46 charges. Thomas was indicated on 16 counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two Counts of premeditated murder of Christian and Newsom, 2 counts especially aggravated robbery from Christian and Newsom, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Vanessa Coleman, age 18, faces a total of 40 Tennessee State charges. Coleman was indicated on 12 Counts of Felony Murder growing out of rape, robbery, kidnapping and theft of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. One count premeditated murder of Christian only, 1 count of especially aggravated robbery of Newsom only, 4 counts especially aggravated kidnapping of Christian and Newsom, 20 counts of aggravated rape of Christian and Newsom and 2 counts of theft from Christian and Newsom.

Eric E Boyd, age 24, was arrested in connection with the carjacking, but faces only federal charges as an accessory after the fact. Read more.

It should be the death penalty with special circumstances all the way around here — for all of them. We should not pay to let them live — they should be executed with extreme prejudice. But, no… Here is what they got:

Vanessa Lynn Coleman was not convicted in the murder of Chris Newsom. She is serving a sentence of 35 years, but will be eligible for parole in mid-2017 after being convicted of “anal rape” and the “facilitation of murder” and “kidnapping.”

George Thomas was tried and retried and in June 2013 his attorneys have asked for “either a new sentence or a new sentencing hearing.” He is sentenced to back-to-back life sentences with no parole for the murders of Ms. Christian and Mr. Newsom and 25 years on rape counts. Thirty-eight charges. Thomas was found guilty of all 38 and he was granted a retrial, which you and I paid for and his attorney is wrangling for more from We the People. I believe he will be eligible for parole at the age 75.

Lamariacus Davidson received the death penalty. Apparently Holder hasn’t had a chance to vacate that sentence.

Letalvis Cobbins (Davidson’s step brother) – sentenced to life without parole.

Eric Boyd is serving an 18 year sentence. Boyd was convicted of being an accessory to a fatal carjacking, concealing the crime from law enforcement and hiding Lemariacus Davidson after the crime. He is still considered a suspect in the murders.

That is adding insult to injury and is a travesty. Tennessee, you should be ashamed. I agree with Glenn Beck, “Oprah, you disgust me.” As do all the other racebaiters including Sharpton, Jackson and especially Obama.

More on the convictions:

Of the four charged at the state level, three (Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, and George Thomas) had multiple prior felony convictions. After a jury trial, Lemaricus Davidson was sentenced to death by lethal injection and Letalvis Cobbins and George Thomas were sentenced to life in prison, Cobbins without the possibility of parole and Thomas with the possibility. Vanessa Coleman has been convicted of facilitating the crimes and sentenced to 53 years in prison, and Eric Dewayne Boyd has been convicted of federal charges as accessory after the fact to carjacking and sentenced to 18 years in prison. The state convictions were set aside because of misconduct by the presiding judge, who has since been disbarred; retrials (pending appeals in all except the Coleman case, whose retrial is not being contested) had been tentatively slated for the summer and fall of 2012, but in May 2012 the Tennessee Supreme Court vacated the motion for new trials. All of the state convictions (except for the Coleman case) were permitted to stand and the defendants remain incarcerated pending appeals. To date, only Coleman has been retried, with a reduction in term from her original sentence by approximately one-third.

Why is it only one intrepid blogger, Maggie’s Notebook, got this and no one else? Bloggers as a whole give real news, news you can trust far more than the MSM. Thank you Maggie for airing this for them when no one else did.

Torture and murder came and went unnoticed in Tennessee. There is no ‘movement’ for these innocents, no outrage, no media… I guess color really does matter in the press and politics these days. Closely followed by religion. If they had only been Muslim, the tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes would never have ended. May Channon and Chris rest in peace and may the Lord bless their families. The blood of innocents cries out for justice in America and lands on deaf ears.