The Ripples of War

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hi everyone! This is a serious look into the worldwide and American results if and when Obama goes Hitler and bombs Syria. The repercussions will be enormous with effects on the military, the economy and the American people in general on multiple levels, which Obama fully understands and is doing so knowingly! This movie is a PR campaign to appear to do “something” and to pretend to play warrior at the cost of everything else. He is fully aware that the American people on both sides of the political floor are not worshiping him anymore. Even the lame stream media in certain circles is losing faith. I ask you… where are all the Bush era anti-war protestors at? I hear crickets.


The first thing we will see after the attack will be the upping of terrorism attacks on American areas overseas and more than likely, the sleeper cells already in America will be activated. Then the pressure to feel “more secure” will bring on martial law that guys like me have been worried about and warned against. Remember, Hitler had two major false flag operations in order to go to war and invade other countries and to round up so-called terrorists. I have been hearing whispers of foreign troops that are in America already and even UN troops are quite possibly on American soil. With confirmed reports of the newly formed DHS NATIONAL POLICE FORCE now in place and their gluttonous purchase of BILLIONS of rounds of hollow point ammo, fully automatic rifles and armored APCs, you have to wonder what are they worried about and how long have they been planning this?


The second set of results will include our economy, our oil imports and our dollar value, which will all suffer big hits. The price of gas for as long it will last, will go up and then dry out as all the Arab countries we buy from will protest the war and cut us off and that’s part of Obama’s plan… any way a big part of it. The price of the basics including food, clothes, water and energy will turn to gold rather fast and with many people ignoring the warnings out there and not having prepared in any way, they will be the first victims in the economic war in America. The stock market, the game that it was, will suffer a nuke melt down that most on Wall Street will claim they never saw coming. As goes the economy, so goes many government services including police, fire, hospitals, welfare and all of these services will suffer or break down as more and more states and cities go bankrupt and can’t pay their employees any more. The dollar will turn to toilet paper as the government will stop printing money and everyone will suddenly panic, screaming that it’s all unsustainable! Remember, this happened to the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire (an Islamic entity) and the German Republic.


First off, I will not condone outright violence against the government and I will not support going out and shooting at anybody just because you feel the need. But we must look at the civil liberties side of martial law — the police state which has been part of Obama’s long term plans for America to transform us. If what I have been hearing is true, then the door to door gun grab will be the first thing they have to pull off in order for them to control the masses. This will be messy and bloody and many people will die in the process. Then there are the drones we will more then likely have to fight. I don’t know about you, but the average gun owner has nothing in his gun locker to defeat drones with any way. The ones who will be fighting will be automatically branded traitors and terrorists of the state and will be hunted down. Make no mistake… you will be branded so you will be forced not to trust your family or old friends. They might waiver and turn you in for the good of the state. Also, to all you camp out militia groups… I have a shocker for you. You can’t hide in the woods or in caves. The government has better tech than you and I. And don’t forget about the satellites that the DHS and other law enforcement have at their disposal, plus owning all kinds of drones left and right. These drones will hunt your ass down no matter what swamp you are camping out in and kill you period. That’s the facts. With the NSA and other agencies tracking your every move with cell phones, computers and even T.V., during this time you are going to have to toss all this electronic crap away and destroy it if you can. The government may require you to keep it if you don’t have that RFID chip implanted in you yet.

In closing, hey… I encourage you to comment with other possible ideas on what else could happen if Obama bombs Syria. But please pay attention to what’s going on around you in the world and in your town. Help each other out. If this all goes down, it will be messy and scary to many who are not prepared and will look to you for help and leadership. Buy food, tools, water, first aid and clothes and gather new skill sets. When in doubt, don’t go to the government, but to yourself and the people you know because it’s all we have and if we don’t have that, we have failed and lost.