The Inner Collapse of the Leper Messiah

By: Gerald Loeffers

“Spineless from the start, you’re sucked into the part,” is a line from one of my favorite Metallica songs from 1986 — MASTER OF PUPPETS “LEPER MESSIAH” — and isn’t that how the Obama fever got started with willing minions and an unearned “Nobel Peace Prize” with blind emotional responses and shivers down many legs? Well, it’s five years later and look where we in America are now… the economy is in the tank, the actual unemployment rate is through the roof, scandal, waste and corruption are the norm, not the exception and now Mr. World Peace wants to go to war with Syria. Things are looking like the underside of a bus for Obama and his disciples on many levels. Let’s look at what’s happened in the last week alone.


So, what happened to all those empty promises that Obama laid out for world peace and a safer America like pulling out of Afghanistan or closing Hotel Gitmo? Well, the War On Terror is now a worldwide joke and the DHS and TSA have been caught with perverts and racists in there own ranks. We now have a demoralized military with reduced funding, increased suicides, fewer retained in the service and a Commander-in-Chief who would rather play cards then pull his own personnel out of Benghazi. We are now seeing more and more active military who are breaking ranks and openly protesting Obama’s Syrian war policy and that’s at the risk of a court martial and the loss of their jobs. Obama, in one of his recent press speeches, was calling the military “My Military.” I thought he hated the military and besides the last time I looked, the military was funded by the taxpayers in America and not the President of the United States. He even had several SEALs killed because he wanted to take all of the credit, but none of the responsibility. So now he wants to go to war with Syria… a country with no strategic value and that hasn’t attacked America ever and Obama wants to use the humanitarian aid excuse just like Clinton did in 1993 in Mogadishu. Just look how that turned out. Never trust a Democrat or a Nazi when they force America into a war.


At first we heard nothing but crickets and praise from the Obamanaught Nation, the RINOs and even Bill O’Reilly thinks we should do this war in order to just do something. I ask… where’s the anti-war Left on this issue? Well, they are starting to pop-up and they started with John “Herman Munster” Kerry at his last Syria war action hearing just last week. One Democrat was even saying that, “Even though I don’t want to go to war, we must support Obama in order for him to save face.” Really? You’d rather sell out your anti-war beliefs in order to make Obama look good? Wow! These guys are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen. Then there are the open military protests of the Syrian strike on Facebook that started with one and ended up cascading all the way through the branches. I hope these brave souls, who are now risking more than ever, never get caught. Even Arizona’s own JOHN “FLIPPER” MCCAIN is throwing his 2 cents of support to Obama’s little war. This from a man who should know better than anybody the horrors of a war. But the biggest ray of hope I saw today was on Facebook. It was a picture of an anti-Syrian war protest that was being operated by a combined team of a liberal anti-war protest group and those evil and vile war mongering TEA PARTY groups in that area. I thought I would never see that in my life time! Then there’s Obama’s “Jackass” moment with Putin at the G20 Summit. It appears that Putin told Obama where to stick it.


What were the media saying about the economic recovery just last year? Oh yeah! Unemployment’s dropping; the housing market is growing; hey, look at Wall Street — it’s back in the game! Let’s look at this closely because what they didn’t tell you before is what they just started to come clean on this last week. The Fed is planning to stop printing money and stop doing the bailout buying of stocks and that terrifies them like nothing else. The real number for unemployment is closer to 19%, but what the media fails to account for are the people who have come off the unemployment rolls and have stopped looking for work. So, that’s why the media only counts the people who are working and/or are on the unemployment rolls. Do you know why the media says the housing market is growing? What they don’t tell you is that the boom in the current housing market is due to the banks buying all the default mortgaged homes in cash and then just renting them out to artificially boost the market and get more people to get home loans who can’t afford them.

Oh yes, the other side of death to America is GUN CONTROL. Well, well… It seems Obama’s failure to pass his first set of gun control laws this year has forced him to pass two useless executive orders. He wants to fool us into thinking that criminals will use the importation of old military weapons like borrowed M1 Garands to do gang banger like crimes. Crimes that would be supposedly committed with these 12 lb WW II rifles. The reason the last bunch of gun control bills failed was the fact that too many politicians knew that many of the people who supported Clinton’s gun bans in 1993 were voted out of office during the mid-terms. Others thought that the Feinstein bill was the rehash of the Clinton gun control bill and didn’t want to touch it.


I haven’t forgotten about any of the scandals, including Fast and Furious or the incompetent and corrupt Justice Dept. of Eric “BRAIN WASH” Holder. So Holder, when are you going to look into the new Black Panther Party’s voting terrorism charges? What about looking into the death of the brave border patrol agents killed and murdered by the guns you sold to the drug cartels and the other murders around Mexico and America connected to this government-operated gun running? Hey IRS… nice try lying about targeting both liberal and conservative groups, or the fact your Dept. will get fat increases when Obamacare kicks in with you being the SWAT Team enforcement arm. The DHS, my favorite jack booted Nazi thugs, what’s with your denial that you haven’t purchased BILLIONS (with a capital B) of rounds of hollow point ammo (and no it’s not for “Practice”), while you are getting fully auto Colt assault rifles and armored APCs? What are you planning for? Maybe for a war with Syria when Obama calls for Martial Law and places the label of terrorist on regular Americans who simply disagree with him.


It seems Obama is the kind of leader that likes to tell his men under his command: “Back to the front… you will do what I say, when I say it! Back to the front!!” He’s doing this while playing cards and maybe a few rounds of golf to relax the stress of running a war from the Oval Office and not once surprising the men at Christmas by serving dinner to the troops (Oh yes, that’s right… the evil George Bush did that all the time. No wonder the troops LOVE him more… lol). Then there’s the SEAL Team Six deaths that are on Obama’s conscience for not honoring the secret nature of the operators and using them for political capital and his personal PR campaign. Then there’s Benghazi. Here’s a President who talks tough, but who didn’t walk the walk and left his own ambassador and four more NAVY SEALs to die while he was playing cards and while Hillary wasn’t present as well.

In closing, I have been hearing some increased talk of impeachment. I am going to be honest with you… it’s not going to happen and here’s the main reason. There are too many hands in too many pieces of the Obama pie on both sides of the floor and so there will never be a major move to proceed with impeachment hearings. Even if they did, it’s going to be Clinton all over again because no politician has the balls to do so. We are seeing people in Obama’s own party and more and more past supporters like Bill Ayers (of all people) throwing him under the bus. More and more war protesters are now starting to get more vocal. So, it’s our job and duty as Americans to continue to cause havoc for Obama and all other politicians like him and I don’t care what party they are from. We have to continue to be a pain in their sides throughout the political process. Please, let’s keep protesting the Syrian strike. Let’s bring all of us together who traditionally would not join as one. For example: the TEA PARTY protest groups. We are of the same mind when it comes to a war we don’t need or want.

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