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NoisyRoom’s 9-11 Tribute – Mark Shulman, We Remember and Miss You

Hat Tip: BB
By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Each year, we take time to remember Mark Shulman, who perished in the WTC terrorism attack on 9-11-2001. Mark, we will never forget you. You are in my thoughts every day. Here is the original tribute:

This is NoisyRoom.net’s tribute to Mark Shulman through the September 11, 2001 Victims web site.

Mark was a fire prevention and risk consultant, who worked for Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. He was 47 when the tragedy struck him down and he was from Old Bridge, NJ. Matt attended Pratt Institute.

Mark was a dedicated consultant at the top of his field. He was by all accounts unselfish to a fault, loved his family with all his heart, hard-working and fun to be around. He loved sports and helping others. He was survived by his wife, Lori, and daughters Melissa, 17, and Jamie, 12. “His family always came first,” his mother Evelyn said. “He did everything for his family. I lost a treasure.” A memorial service was held for Mr. Shulman at Temple Shaari Emeth in Manalapan, New Jersey.

The following is a tribute to Mark from Patrick Jenkins published in THE STAR-LEDGER:

No Average Joe

Mark Shulman was a “kind of quiet guy who loved sports,” said his wife, Lori, suggesting the personality profile of an average Joe. But there was more.

He was, undeniably, a sports fan, attending Giants and Rangers games as often as possible, or taking them in on television at home in Old Bridge, N.J. But overriding all was a dedication to his daughters, Jamie, 13, and Melissa, 17, in whom he instilled a zest for accomplishment.

Mr. Shulman was the coach of Jamie’s soccer team, the Old Bridge Road Runners, spending weekends traveling to games across central New Jersey. He had been looking forward to Jamie’s bat mitzvah, which was celebrated on Nov. 17, a day Mrs. Shulman recalls as “bittersweet.”

He was also working closely with Melissa, a high school senior, on college applications. His advice was “go for the best,” Mrs. Shulman said, adding that “he would have been so proud” when news came this month of Melissa’s early admission to Princeton.

A 47-year-old mechanical engineer, Mr. Shulman worked as a fire protection specialist for Marsh & McClennan on the 100th floor of the World Trade Center.

“He did evacuation plans for clients,” Mr. Shulman said. “If anybody knew how to get out, he would have been the one.”

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 24, 2001.

Mark Shulman, 47, loved by all he knew

By day, Mark Shulman was a disaster inspector, fire prevention and risk consultant for Marsh & McLennan in New York. His nights and weekends were spent with his family.

He organized a baseball team for the Knights of Pythias in Old Bridge. He coached the Roadrunners girls soccer team there.

For the past 12 years, he took his wife Lori and daughters Melissa, 17, and Jamie, 12, to Disney World in Florida.

“He loved his family; he loved Disney World,” said his mother, Evelyn Shulman of Toms River.

On Tuesday, he was memorialized at a service at Temple Shaari Emeth in Manalapan. Mr. Shulman, 47, has not been seen since the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists Sept. 11. He worked on the 100th floor of Tower One.

“He was in the building when it was hit,” his mother said.

Though Mr. Shulman loved his job, it wasn’t his first priority, Evelyn Shulman said.

“His family always came first,” said his mother. “He did everything for his family. I lost a treasure.”

Shulman said her son loved everybody, a trait that was noticed by others.

“There were 800 people at the memorial service, and they gave him a tribute I will never forget. Everybody loved him,” she said.

Mr. Shulman received an engineering degree from Pratt Institute in New York and worked uptown before being transferred to the World Trade Center 17 years ago.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Mr. Shulman and his wife moved to Old Bridge 17 years ago.

Besides his wife and daughters, Mr. Shulman is survived by his parents Ira and Evelyn Shulman of Toms River; a brother, Larry of Port Jefferson, N.Y.; and nieces, nephews and other relatives.

There is not a lot more out there on Mark. All I can say is that Mark Shulman is truly missed and he was deeply loved. Our world is a much emptier place without him and I regret I never had the chance to meet him personally. But I can pray that justice will be done in his name and that Islamofascism will be soundly defeated and sent back to the dark ages where it belongs… Here’s to you Mark – someday we will meet and I will be proud to shake your hand.

UPDATE: Tribute Page for Mark Shulman


Please visit Project 2,996 today and read the tributes to the victims of 9-11 and remember…

From America’s Mighty Warriors and Debbie Lee:

Unless you were a small child, every American remembers where they were on 9-11 when we were attacked by terrorists. I lived on the West Coast and remember waking up and turning on my computer to read the headlines that a plane had flown into one of the towers. It made it sound as if it were a small plane. Having been a pilot of small aircraft I tried to figure out what happened? How could you miss seeing the massive skyscraper in NY. Was is a student pilot? Did someone have a stroke or heart attack.

I decided to turn on the news and find out more details. The TV anchors were frantically trying to get updates, the details changed moment by moment, but they were now reporting it was a commercial jet. As I watched the TV in disbelief, I had a sickness in my stomach, then live on National news I watched as the second plane flew into another of the twin tours. The gruesome reality of what was going on and the fear that we were under attack sent Americans into, a state of panic, anger and shock.

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I cried out to God to protect us and comfort those who would begin to receive final phone calls, and accepting that their loved ones were in those buildings and probably dead. Then we learned of two more planes controlled by terrorist determined to inflict more pain, destruction and death on America.

All three of my children were serving or their spouse was. I quickly tried to make calls to them to see if they were ok but to no avail. Phone lines were busy or down.

My oldest son Kristofer was serving in the Marines and in Okinawa, Marc was finishing his basic training in the Navy and was in Pensacola, my son-in-law had just completed OCS in the Army and was stationed at Fort Knox, and my brother was in Florida at Homestead AFB.

Four of my family members were proud to be defenders of our freedom and I could see the handwriting on the wall. I knew that the odds were that at least one of them would probably be involved in a military conflict.

No one could have foretold that each one of them would be deployed overseas numerous times or that Marc, now a Navy SEAL, would sacrifice his life defending the attacks from that horrific September day in 2001.

As a nation we would have never guessed that twelve years later we would still be at war, or that many of our brave warriors serving would be deployed over and over, some 7, 8, 9, 10 times, or that we would have lost over 5000 of our troops.

Freedom is not free and our troops swore an oath to defend us and our constitution against enemies foreign and domestic and they have paid dearly.

We watched this ruthless enemy attack our Embassy in Benghazi last year on 9-11, murdering our Ambassador and Sean Smith.

Navy SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Doherty without regard for their own lives responded to the crisis and went in to rescue Amb. Stevens and Sean Smith. Our government refused to send in help and after 7 hours fighting the enemy they were killed defending America and the freedoms we hold dear.

Congress is facing the decision of whether to authorize the President to attack Syria. Our troops are weary, we lack leadership that will give our troops rules of engagement or equipment to be successful in Afghanistan.

One year later and we are still faced with a cover up as to what happened in Benghazi and no one has been held accountable.

We have heard from top leadership, the President and cabinet members replusive comments. “What difference does it make?”, or “It’s just a bump in the road.” President Obama was willing to draw a red line for Syria but when the red line was drawn with Americans blood in Libya, he headed to a fundraiser, and continues to ignore or reveal the truth.

Those who have served in the military have a standard that they never leave a fallen brother behind. As Americans we have left our brothers behind. We owe it to each and every one of our warriors who gave their lives defending our freedoms and their families, we owe it to Ty, Glen, Sean and Amb Stevens, we owe it to those innocent Americans who were murdered on 9-11 and their families.

We must speak out on their behalf, they lost their voice with there final gasp of air.

I will be speaking today at noon at a Memorial Service on the Capitol steps in Tallahassee, Florida to remember the loss of lives. Then I will head to DC and the Halls of Congress to see that HR 1186, (2013-2014) the legislation that Duncan Hunter introduced to get the Congressional Gold Medal for Glen Doherty and Ty Woods, gets to the floor for a vote.

You can help by calling Congressman Eric Cantor 202-225-5431 and tell him that we owe it to Glen and Ty and their families. These were Marc’s “brothers”, they went above and beyond and we need to honor their sacrifice.

This bill has 42 co-sponsors and it is time to bring it to the floor for a vote. If your Congressman’s name isn’t on the bill, call them and ask them to sponsor it and to also call Eric Cantor’s office and tell him this needs a vote. This is the least we can do for the sacrifice they made!

Please fly your flags at half-staff on Sept 11, and purpose to remember the principles and constitution that this country was founded on. Remember the innocent lives that were taken from us by evil terrorist with no morals. Remember those who stood up to defend America and proved their love for you and America by sacrificing their lives. Don’ take anything for granted, evil men still wish to destroy America and the values and freedoms we hold dear.

Please pray for our nation that we would once again become one nation under God.


Debbie Lee

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Hear the Roar of the 9-11 Bikers

Hat Tip: BB

Let’s start with the bikers from last year:

Americas 911 Ride – A Riders Perspective

On to 2013 and the roar of the 9-11 Bikers as they descend on DC:

Bikers arrive in DC! Traffic cams cover thunder live

Million Muslim March Expected to Be Hundreds Including Full Families with Broods of Children: Police Waiting for Bikers

‘2 Million Bikers’ roar into D.C. to honor 9/11, protest Muslim rally

‘2 Million Bikers’ roll into DC to counter Muslim march

GRIDLOCK: Without permit, ‘1- or 2-hour ride will be all-day event’

Video: Motorcycles Rumble Through on the Way to D.C. for 9/11 Rally

VIDEO AND PHOTOS: 2 Million Bikers to DC

‘2 Million Bikers’ roar over Muslims in D.C.

America Is Coming to DC… (Updated Every Hour…)

‘2 Million Bikers’ Rally Converges on DC for 9/11 Parade


Number of People Who Showed Up For “Million Muslim March” . . . 21

Beautiful Harley Honoring Those Who Should Be Riding Today Had They Not Been Murdered on September 11, 2001 – Photos

The 9/11 Army

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The NUTNFANCY Project: A Really Impressive Human Being

By: Gerald Loeffers

I know, I know… too much talk about war with Syria. Even I’m sick of it, but we still have to pay attention to it. But not today. In this article, I am going to talk about an impressive human being. A cool dude on YouTube who does a series called The NutNFancy Project. He’s a reviewer of dangerous things and a live life to the fullest man. He’s also a supporter of American liberty and the Constitution. I admit, I am a full time subscriber to this wonderfully honest review channel. Full disclosure: I have made some of my purchases because of his reviews. I first ran into his channel by accident 3 years ago looking through Google. While gun shopping, there was a reference to his review of the Glock 17 — a reference hand gun. So, as I watched this multi-part video, I was taken with his knowledge and his attention to detail. I also loved the fact that he admits he’s not the end all, be all expert. So, let’s look at the man, the philosophy and the fun.


To be honest, I have never met this man and I don’t know his real name. I don’t know where he lives and guess what… I don’t care. All I do know is that I enjoy what he offers. He has an outstanding family and he has fun doing what he’s doing. In the beginning of the videos I have watched, he alluded to a military job he had, but didn’t give full details for a little while. His video career started with a knife review of the SOG FLASH 1 on an unused YouTube account and he later noticed it got a lot of views. So, he did more and more reviews of guns, gear and survival techniques. Then he expanded down the road with thoughts and philosophy. He got into filming the actual testing of these items. Then the great adventure video with his valued TNP crew member Allie, the mountain dog, came along. Those are fun and enjoyable to watch. You can tell he is a dog man. Then he started to reveal his military service as a Colonel in the Air Force Flying Tankers! Now that’s awesome.


This is where I started to subscribe and watch THE SLEDGE HAMMER DRILLS and TRENCH WARFARE RUNS. His testing of firearms expanded to include run and gun testing which will raise your heart rate and breathing and slightly raise your stress levels to test your shooting skills. It will also test the pistol and rifles’ functions and accuracy in a real world climate like the desert. He mixes pistol and rifle shooting at different ranges and both paper and steel targets to get that fast DING! for a hit. As would be the TNP tradition, things that function at the indoor ranges would be fully taxed out in the desert with revealing results. In 2009, TNP added a new crew member — PFIDUDE — a gunsmith in his own right and a shooter and small business owner. This great guy has been shooting and laughing with him ever since. I have watched all of the run and gun videos. It was a great learning experience and also just plain fun to watch the jesting and funny failures that happen often without a script.


The other side of The NutNFancy Project is the serious discussions of your civil liberties, American freedoms, being prepared, paying attention to politics, taking care of each other, training in firearms safety and concealed carry issues. The most sobering video he has is called THE STORY OF FIRST AID — how as a kid he experienced a deadly car crash on the road he was driving on and dealing with a car that had a family in it that had crashed. He talks about how he went to help and how the people around him didn’t know what to do. His first aid kit wasn’t on par for what he needed. A second excellent video I recommend to families with guns in the house and children is entitled: CHILDERN OF THE GUN. Talk about training the kids early and taking the mystery out of guns and safety concerns! His political views are on par with mine and he has extensive political philosophy videos on these matters. He is rightfully harsh on all elected men who violate our freedoms at any level and from any party. In fact, one of his CALL TO ACTION videos on the Second Amendment was responsible for the Second Amendment rally in my town of Coeur d’Alene, ID in the parking lot of a family owned sporting goods store — BLACK SHEEP. It was put together in under a week with the founder of OATHKEEPERS being the main speaker and me being part of the security detail. 2,000 showed up. It was a great day and hopefully made a few nervous in the service. He has great knowledge of history and about America, human nature and extensive knowledge of the Constitution.


A more recent development on his channel is his IMPRESSIVE HUMANS segments, interviewing the average working class Joe on the fly, in most cases. He talks about ethics, work values, business honesty and how to treat each other in life and helping each other out without the government. Because to be honest, we as Americans shouldn’t need the government to help each other in troubled times. That’s because the government will more then likely be the cause of the troubled times. We can’t count on them at all. The most off the cuff interview NutNFancy has done up to date was with a melon farmer in Utah named Tim, who was taking a break from his 20 hour work day. NutNFancy ran into him while he and his son, TACTICAL DOODLE, were having lunch on a motorcycle trip. It was the most endearing video I have ever watched. This guy has been a salt of the earth man who had lost a son in a dirt bike accident and who barely sleeps during the harvest. He has another son who is withdrawn from the family over the death of his brother. This farmer is the backbone of America and not the suits in Washington. NutNFancy then did a follow up video about Tim asking everyone to send a letter of encouragement to let him know he wasn’t alone in his struggles and that we understand what it is like to work hard. He then did a delivery video where he rode to Tim’s home town and went to his melon stand and not only delivered the letter, but included gifts and money. They were not expecting that. Tim and his wife both read some of the letters. This was a tear jerking video. The heartfelt letters were incredible and wonderful. Even NutNFancy was sniffling. The second best Impressive Humans video was when NutNFancy and his son were motorcycle riding to Yosemite Park and ran into some long distance bicycle riders from New York. He interviewed them and was impressed. He joked that they were more manly than he was simply for using bikes to ride around the country. They had 12 flat tires along the way, an ankle injury, they were rained out and were on a tight budget. They were eating beans and peanut butter, so NutNFancy had his son give them a few bucks to go to a McDonald’s for real food.


For the average TNP fan like myself, it’s about learning and having fun and living life to the fullest. For some, it’s about taking in great examples on being a better person, or getting your STAR WARS geek on (LOL), or acquiring a new skill set that will help others out along the way. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and you shouldn’t either. He has made fun of himself and is a pretty goofy guy, but so am I. Then there are the haters of this guy. I have watched a couple of the “I hate NutNFancy” videos and I noticed a pattern about these guys. They are jealous. Their videos suck and mostly suffer from being stupid and they don’t get the reason and the why of how it works. He has a very understanding wife. Thank goodness for that. She is camera shy, but supports him and he has a sister with her own YouTube channel that helps him out on many issues. His two boys are good kids. His oldest is in college and is a working EMT. His youngest doesn’t seem to be into the outdoor stuff. NutNFancy also has a small side business selling t-shirts, hats and other things, but he doesn’t make millions off of it. It is mostly used to buy ammo and cover other NutNFancy related costs.

In closing, when you watch a NutNFancy video, you’re watching an American way of life. We have to fight to hold on to it because it will fade or be forgotten about. Then the Protectionists will win and we don’t need that. We are NOT Europe — we are NOT socialist clones. Live your life your way… not a politician’s way. Help your neighbors and watch out for each other. Have those fond friends and family memories and hold them close. Let no one take them from you. And finally, make sure you take the family and hit the gun range.