Tommy Robinson & Kevin Carroll – Live Stream from Copenhagen Sept 29!

From: Hans Erling Jensen

EDL meeting to be streamed live on the Internet

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There will be no public meeting with the two EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll. Dispatch International has been forced to realize that Sweden no longer enjoys freedom of speech and assembly. Nobody will rent us a hall and we have had to rethink.

The good news is that many more will now get the chance to participate.

Instead of a public meeting surrounded by violent leftists foaming at their mouths, screaming and pelting participants with rocks – we will stream the meeting live from a secret location. And the whole world will be invited.

Anyone anywhere who understands English will get an object lesson in the fact that Sweden is no longer a functioning democracy. Democracy’s cornerstones are freedom of expression, freedom of opinion and freedom of assembly. In a democracy all opinions have a right to be heard and opponents are met with arguments that may well be harsh and biting, but never with violence.

That is not the way Sweden works. To our amazement, our booking for a hall in Copenhagen was also cancelled, which is not a good omen for the future of Danish democracy. But it was Malmö EDL leader Tommy Robinson had particularly wished to visit.

In Malmö we tried to rent a number of halls. They were all positive until we told them that our meeting would be conducted in a calm and civilized manner but that there was a risk that violent fascists would gather outside. Everybody backed down in spite our assurance that the police would undoubtedly be present.

Malmö is a city ruled by the mob. Stone throwers and screaming hooligans intimidate normal and peaceful people and kick the feet from under our constitutional rights

The anti-democrats may have won the battle – but they will not win the war for our rights. Dispatch International and the Swedish Free Press Society have decided to hold the meeting at a secret location with a limited number guests.

But the whole world is invited to participate. The meeting will be streamed live over the Internet and will be available for a small amount of money. The price will be the same for those who want to see it afterwards. Your payment is necessary for us to cover the costs for the entire arrangement and the technical services around it.

Go to our Facebook Group where you are welcome to ask questions to Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll who promised to answer as many questions as time allows.

The beauty in this sorry affair is that Swedes and everyone else will get to hear what Tommy and Kevin have to say and learn how bad things are in Sweden.

Sweden is fast approaching conditions in Germany during the 1930s when Nazi thugs decided who might speak and who might not.
We will enjoy your participation in cyber space!

Ingrid Carlqvist & Lars Hedegaard

Come an participate!

Best regards/Vänlig hälsning/Vielen Grüsse/Venlig hilsen

Hans Erling Jensen
Free Speech Europe – Director Official WEB page for “The Roundabout Dog TOUR”
The Free Press Society, Sweden – Board Member

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