War with Iran is on the Menu…

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Checkmate. We should have taken Iran out decades ago. Instead, we have let them fester and grow in strength and murderous arrogance. America stood a fighting chance of taking off the head of the Islamic snake before Obama was elected. Now with our economy in shambles and our military gutted, we are as lambs to the Jihadist slaughter I fear.

Israel is our closest ally. I believe we should defend her, whatever it takes. But to take Iran head on with Russia propping them up and China holding their skirts, is suicide. Netanyahu is coming very close to a decision to launch an attack (I can’t blame Israel — they face annihilation and have to fight to survive):

(Washington, D.C.) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is nearing a decision on an Iran strike. As he does so, he will soon come to the United States. The Israeli leader and his top national security team will meet with President Obama at the White House on September 30th. The premier will then address the U.N. General Assembly on October 1st.

Netanyahu’s expressed mission: To persuade the U.S. and Western powers to intensify — not ease up on – pressure on Iran to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons and the fuel to build them.

It is said that Netanyahu now is calling for Assad’s fall. I am sure that is because Assad will fight for and with Iran when the war comes. But both Assad and/or the Rebels will turn on Israel and try and wipe her out. Israel needs to quit listening to the lies coming out of DC, whispering that the Rebels are preferable to Assad. Neither is preferable – both are deadly. You can include the Muslim Brotherhood-loving Obama Administration in that equation as well.

What I fear though is that all of this Middle Eastern theater is a trap and planned strategy. It is meant for economic reset and gain, the garnishing of power and the realignment of global geographic forces. Iranian war is upon us and no matter what is done, Israel will be blamed in the end. Obama will pretend to take us headlong into conflict with Iran and as it slides out of control, he (along with the Progressives) will blame tiny Israel for the death and destruction and turn on them with a vengeance. It’s planned. They will blame Israel for the total collapse of America, when in reality, Israel had nothing to do with it and her only crime was wanting to live in peace and be left alone to worship as she chooses. America will be used against her — not by Americans — but by her so-called leaders.

Obama is posturing that he will discipline Syria, but his response to them is no real response at all. Meanwhile, he draws closer and cuddles more and more with the true enemies of America, al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama will help usher in a new Caliphate and the final demise of America and he knows it and means to carry it out. None of this is due to incompetence or ineptitude. People are deluding themselves when they attribute his actions to those character flaws. Think intentional evil – think Progressively on both sides of the political aisle.

Our closest friend feels and in reality, is alone. Obama has ensured that even if we wanted to help Israel, we cannot. He has set a trap for her with the help of the Russians and the Islamic militants and high dining is expected at this apocalyptic party and war with Iran is definitely on the menu.

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