Obama Just Declared War On America

By: Gerald Loeffers

Well, it seems we have found some very treasonous information about weapons, terrorists, Benghazi and with a wave of the hand… Obama just declared war on America with American weapons and American money. With the newly introduced information provided by Glenn Beck on the radio this morning, the waiver of not selling weapons to known terrorist groups has been set aside. That means that all this time, Obama planned to destabilize the Middle East and America’s chickens have come home to roost.

It’s time for serious talk of impeachment of Obama and McCain for supporting the so-called Rebels, who as we’re finding out, are not so moderate and happened to be part of major terrorist networks. This very act alone is an act of treason and we should all be calling for impeachment of this traitor in our midst. I mean really… what will it take for common sense and decent people to get tired of this Islamic Nazism? Yes, I said it. Obama is an enemy of the state and the enemy of America and he needs to be out of office. With another mass shooting just yesterday, of course he’s asking for more gun control! Can you see a pattern here?

I don’t care what party you are in. Don’t you think now with this new information it’s time to support America and not the damn corrupt parties? Obama’s plans for you and me have nothing to with your well being and everything to do with compliance, stealing your money and killing you through force of arms or the death panels of Obamacare. Right at this minute, the final phases of Obamacare are going in place with more and more agents of the IRS, ATF AND EPA arming up against you and me. If you don’t comply period, there will be a price paid for the free stuff and ignorance.

The new Director of DHS is a MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD member. What do you think Obama was doing all this time with his more flexible second term? He was positioning all of his Islamic Nazis all over the board while most of America was distracted with DANCING WITH HAS BEEN STARS. We as Americans now have a grownup choice to make… it’s either to call on impeachment or put on shackles. As for me, let’s impeach everyone involved with this and all those supporting this traitor’s actions and policies. I bet two to one, some of the Democrats are feeling a little used right about now and they should!

I can imagine a time in the near future where if we don’t act now, we will face the Islamic/Arab faces of the DHS and we will be fighting them on the battlefield of suburban America and out in the streets. We will be facing Obama’s Drone Air Force as well. Let’s be honest… do you really want to do that? It’s coming faster than you think. They have been working, training and purchasing everything they can in preparation to imprison, torture and if you don’t comply or if you fight them, to kill every one of us period. I can’t get any more plainer than that.

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