Arguing With Idiots: A 2nd Amendment Primer

By: Gerald Loeffers

With the Navy Yard shooting fading away in the race baiting memories of the liberal media, I thought we should give them a lesson in history as well as politics. We know the media was so eager to be first with the story that they got both the weapon use wrong, as well as the ID of the suspect. They did this two to three times over and one CNN reporter even breathlessly reported that an AR-15 shotgun was used. Many of my pro-gun Facebook friends made fun of this and rightfully thought that CNN was making crap up. Many of them didn’t know that there are two brands of AR-15 platform shotguns out on the market. When the dust had settled, the real suspect was found and killed. We lost 12 people and we found out that the suspect was a discharged Navy Reservist with a history of mental illness and emotional control issues. He had an arrest record as well. What was even weirder is some of the staff from Glenn Beck’s network at THE BLAZE knew this guy at the restaurant where he worked. They went there often. And the staff didn’t notice anything wrong with the guy… he was always working and they found out later that he was spending all his free time with video games, like Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft. A 34 year-old man! Time to dump the video games dude. Some in the media back peddled, but not many and not enough of them even called to apologize to the wrongfully accused man for their screw up about him. Then the usual political hacks didn’t let this tragic event go to waste. With the information that the suspect was a black man, all their hopes for a white guy, TEA party member faded away.


So, as a gun owner, do you think the current government hates guns or do they just hate you the citizen for giving them pause?

FACT: The government doesn’t hate guns at all. In fact, they’re in love with them more then you are. Just look at all the armed divisions of government there are and they are on the INCREASE with DHS buying BILLIONS of hollow point ammo, THOUSANDS of COLT fully auto rifles, FULLY armed DRONES and ARMORED APCS. They just love their guns on their boats, on their cars or cradled in their loving arms. Just look at the enforcement arm of OBAMACARE requiring agents in both the IRS and EPA to increase their armed employees and to increase SWAT teams.

TRUTH: What the government does hate is you the average armed citizen who gives them moral pause for their actions and who knows you’re the real guardian of the Republic and liberty. That you hold the real power. You are the watcher of the Constitution and of America; not the corrupt politicians or the parties. You are the watcher with TEETH.

I hear the same excuses from all the gun control rank and file… my own mother included:

“We just need more reasonable regulation;”
“We just want the assault rifles off the street;”
“It will reduce murder and violence;”
“We need to get rid of extreme guns for a safer society.”

None of these reasons work and they have already failed on principle alone. Can you say — Chicago? It’s the largest city with the highest murder rate in the country besides Washington, DC. They have a GUN FREE ZONE citywide ordinance and yet they have the highest murder rate. Yes, even under the not-so-watchful eye of Senator Obama, who did nothing in his entire short Senate term.

Yes, that’s right, you OBAMANAUGHTS! He let Chicago burn around him. He wasn’t interested in helping people and saving lives. Hello! He’s a corrupt scumbag!


Well, well… it seems according to the biggest losers in Colorado liberal politics, it was due to “Voter Suppression.” They were recalled and lost their jobs. Oh, boo hoo! Cry me a river. After the movie theater shooting in Colorado, two of the biggest gun grabbing douche bags in the state thought it would be great to take away rugged and liberty minded Colorado citizen’s gun rights. That started a boulder rolling downhill that had the great company MAGPUL leave the state and a JOE THE PLUMBER grassroots movement recall two of the hacks and IT WORKED. Not bad for some people that were never politically active before. Good job Colorado! It’s my hope that other people will follow this example and follow suit in other gun owning oppressive states. Remember… only you have the power and you own the power, not the politicians.


When the Founders were debating the Constitution and how to construct its very structure, one of the things they knew before, during and after the Revolutionary War was that arms in the hands of the farmer and the merchant and the everyday citizen was how they won the war. They also knew from their own history reading that an armed society was the best way to keep any government in check and a cause for pause. The British Empire before the war had over and over again passed all kinds of rules and laws to restrict weapons use and ownership by the colonists with the last straw being the enforced theft of a town’s arms storage site by the Redcoats. The Founders knew that they needed an amendment that would cover the rights of the armed citizen and restrict the government in any future form from interfering with this right and secondly they also realized that an armed society was the best course for self defense against an out of control tyrannical government, violent criminals and they also would be a vital part of the country’s defense against foreign invasions. The Second Amendment was technology neutral on purpose. The Founders knew that weapons and arms would change over time. It didn’t matter to them if you used a Brown Bess or an AK-47… it’s all arms to them and they deemed them your absolute right to own. Not even the Supreme Court can deny you this right. It’s their job to protect the Constitution, not translate it. With progressive politicians on both sides going to war with the First, the Second, the Tenth and the Fourteenth amendments on a daily basis and their focus on the First and Second in particular; it is obvious it is because they know if they destroy the Second and collapse the First, the rest will follow.




In closing, the fight to keep your rights must carry on. Don’t be fooled that Obama might be backing off the gun rights debate. He hasn’t and won’t. He’s already destroyed THE CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM with the waive of the pen this week — he was worried that a gang banger would use a 10lb M1 Garand rifle in a liquor store hold up. The U.N. SMALL ARMS TREATY is still not far from his mind either. I am sure he wouldn’t mind a bloody battle over foreign troops going door to door to grab our guns. In fact, I know he’s looking forward to it. He’s the kind of evil scumbag that loves Americans only when they’re divided amongst themselves and not united and working together for the common cause of liberty; not stopping the welfare state or his Islamic Nazism.

Can I ask a favor from my NoisyRoom readers? Please read this article… make copies and share with others and then please e-mail it to all of your Senators, Representatives and all members of Congress you can get a hold of. They need to be reeducated about what’s important and it’s up to us to do that. No matter the party or the results. THANK YOU ALL.

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  1. Kind of funny. After reading this article I had a discussion with a bunch of lefties and made some of the very same points. The only thing that these fools kept saying were things like “Republicans, they drive me crazy!” and a host of other touchy feely drivel that made absolutely no sense at all. I finally gave up because you just can’t fix stupid and the only thing I accomplished was raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I swear this country is in big trouble if this is the kind of people that actually vote in elections!

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