John Kerry — the Living Oximoron

By: Gerald Loeffers

Well, John Kerry will sign the UN ARMS TREATY this Wednesday with mandatory registration and with potentially a State Dept. memo in writing with orders to shoot to kill anyone who resists the door to door grabbing by foreign UN troops backed up by DHS and other agencies. If you’ll remember, he was also “all in” with the Syrian “Unbelievably Small Strike” and he wasn’t worried about the price or the cost of it. It seems other parties were wanting to pay for this small strike because Russian oil, natural gas and warm water ports for the Russian Navy were involved. Kerry also went to the same plastic surgeon that Pelosi has and now looks like a deflated football version of Herman Munster… plus he has had a tongue transplant taken from a lizard. Just sayin’. Let’s look at John Kerry’s political history and planned division of America.


The first time I heard of John Kerry was when he ran for president and this is where I learned of his treasonous history during the Vietnam War. John Kerry was in the Navy, but was not interested in serving his country. He used his Naval service as a political ploy — he wanted to imitate JFK to appear to be the same kind of hero that JFK really was without Kerry doing anything dangerous. All the while, Navy SEALs like Bob Kerry and MARINE SNIPER Carlos Hathcock were getting shot at or were watching their buddies getting killed near them. Kerry even used his service as a photo op to make it appear that he was doing soldier stuff and then faked an after-action report in order to award himself a Purple Heart.


Then after he returned to America and he decided to be an anti-war protestor and throw his medals over the White House fence, he went to Capitol Hill and proceeded to lie about the soldiers in Vietnam who John Kerry painted as Nazi like torturers; limb hacking, ball shocking evil monsters. All in an inexcusable move to divide Americans against the soldiers who were in disgusting conditions; who themselves were imprisoned, tortured, poisoned, drug addicted and demoralized by chowder heads like him, Jane Fonda and the destructive 1960’s counter culture. Never mind that the Soviet Union had a hand in helping the VC with Russian advisers and fighter pilots; and never mind the peace movement was swiftly high jacked by KGB agents who wanted to change the American people’s support of the war.


Will this political hack, who was for peace before he voted against it, and who has also declared war on the American gun owners, bring on swift action which will take place within 6 months if we are lucky? This could very well be with bloody street fighting and door to door combat. Remember… Obama is a Peace Prize winner and Kerry is a known vocal peace activist and they are now planning to fight both Syria and the American population at the same time with Syria being the trigger for the other as it was designed to do.

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