Political Suicide Bombers

By: Gerald Loeffers

Well folks… the votes are in and cloture passed with only 19 dissenting votes, with both of my Senators from Idaho voting ‘no.’ Not to anyone’s surprise, even those who weren’t paying attention, the Democrats of course voted down the line ‘yes’ and then the giant herd of RINOs were at the watering hole letting the lions chew on their withering hides. The stage is set for the House vote and then for Barry to veto the bill at his whim. I have never seen so many lemmings dropping off the cliff as I have these past five years. Wow! It’s incredible and the Democrats are actually going out there crying bloody murder if the shut-down happens. They are accusing any American Tea Party member or anyone else who opposes OBAMACARE of being a terrorist.


Let’s hear it for Senators MIKE LEE and TED CRUZ! What a refreshing bunch. Watching Mr. CRUZ going through 21 HOURS on his feet in the same suit and even reading a bedtime story to his little ones… that leaves an impression and a man who outright made good on his promises, now that is a new idea! But it didn’t take long for the usual weak minded RINO cannibals to start chowing down on Cruz. Self made, shrink-like Peter King labeled Cruz crazy and JOHN “TERRORIST SUPPLIER” MCCAIN called Cruz reckless and made the point that he should have just played the game like everyone else. Well, crusty John… that’s the problem — both parties have been playing a game and not doing the country’s business for so long, you’re now the most irrelevant leaders of the country. Even your own state of Arizona is going through the process to recall your worthless crusty butt. It should be noted MCCAIN, that when your nickname is Flipper, it’s not a compliment.


We have now seen that OBAMA and JOHN “FOOTBALL FACE” KERRY are willing to negotiate with terrorists, Islamic Nazis, Syria, Russia, the UN and even Mexican drug cartels over matters of money, oil, weapons and people’s lives, but they refuse to make a deal with the American people or the opposition party of note. Of course, the Republicans haven’t been a true opposition party in nearly 20 years and with the Progressive movement’s infection running through both parties at different speeds, it’s not going to change any time soon.


When you have politicians willing to destroy the economy, liberty, capitalism, individual rights and the Constitution… all so they can fool us into thinking that free stuff is the American way and so you reelect them for another useless term and they stay in power so they don’t have to get a real job and get their hands dirty or put their backs out for an honest dollar, then it’s time to burn down their phone lines and e-mail servers and to drive their interns crazy. It’s time to have more peaceful protests all over the country. We need more recall elections, just like in Colorado or to have more 2 million biker rally’s. It’s not Congress’ job to operate a PONZI scam at your unmitigated expense. When was the last time the federal government produced ANYTHING that you wanted to buy, that in turn they earned any profit from? ZIP, ZERO… NOTHING! All government income is stolen workers’ income.



Tea Party: We Need More Heroes, NOW!

By: Lloyd Marcus

Are you as frustrated as I? You can count on one hand the conservative Republicans who are aggressively fighting Obama and the Democrat’s fundamental transformation of America.

Sarah Palin is out there chastising “RINO” Republicans for putting politics over the best interest of We The People. Palin praised Ted Cruz for taking a stand for freedom and liberty. Thank God for sister Sarah, Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee. But they need help!

Steve Lonegan is cut from the same cloth. Legally blind since childhood, Lonegan has never used his disability as a crutch. As mayor of Bogota, New Jersey, his record of conservative fiscally wise decisions speaks for itself. Lonegan is fearless, outspoken and relentless in his efforts to stop Obama’s socialist/progressive agenda.

Think the iron-fist anti-christian, nanny state socialist/progressive agenda is not well on its way of being fully implemented, here are a few examples.

A parent was arrested at a school board meeting for questioning the new liberal curriculum. Can you believe that? What the heck is going on in our country? http://bit.ly/16N3A4z

California parents are outraged over a ruling by liberals to punish/fine youth football teams that score too many points. http://yhoo.it/1b2213E The message, a team can be good, but not too good.

A Fox Sports broadcaster was fired for having religious views which are not in sync with the Administration’s socialist/progressive agenda. http://bit.ly/1dHdnLu Such attacks on religion and unapproved opinions are commonplace under Obama.

Kindergarten kids are forced to celebrate Gay Pride Month and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month. http://bit.ly/Qs2OlQ

Dear Lord, I pray a majority of Americans will wake up and smell the tyranny before it is too late.

No Administration in U.S. History has had a record of bullying, intimidation and lawlessness like this one, using every governmental agency to punish and destroy those who oppose Emperor Obama.

After our “moderate” candidate lost the presidential election, the GOP embraced the liberal media, Democrats and consultant’s spin that Conservatism and bad mouthing Obama was our downfall. They claim it turned off minorities and low-info voters.

Consequently, Republicans are timid about criticizing Obama and opposing the liberal agenda; Obamacare, raising the debt ceiling, abortion, gay marriage and illegal immigration. Incredibility, Republicans are actively seeking to chase conservatives out of the party.

If we do not send more conservative reinforcements to the front line, America as we know it will be over. Pure and simple. Thus, my passion for sending rock solid conservative Steve Lonegan to DC.

Funding from the people of New Jersey and grassroots has Lonegan surging. His extreme liberal opponent, Booker funded by Hollywood (Oprah, Ben Affleck and more) continues to decline.

EXCITING NEWS! Some polls have the race down to single digits. http://bit.ly/16G6xzS

Lonegan says the Wednesday, October 16th special election is really a referendum on Obamacare. Lonegan making such a bold statement in the midst of the GOP waving the white flag on numerous issues is truly refreshing. A Lonegan win will be a severely needed shot in the arm to the conservative movement.

Hear Steve’s inspiring words on the John Gambling Show. http://on.fb.me/1baeTYO

Patriots, in the tradition of Palin, Cruz and Lee, Steve Lonegan will not blink. He will fight for us. We need more heroes, NOW! You can help. http://bit.ly/1aw72Ax

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


Bad Definitions And The OSCE – ICLA Speaks At The ODIHR Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department Event


By Baron Bodissey

This article was first published at Gates of Vienna.


For the International Civil Liberties Alliance, the theme for this week’s OSCE in Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw was “Bad Definitions”. As readers have undoubtedly noticed, the most prominent bad definition is the word “Islamophobia”. There are plenty of other words than can be targeted as ill-defined, and those have been discussed here in earlier posts, and in the ICLA paper “The Problematic Definition of ‘Islamophobia’”. However, to make matters simpler, the ICLA team concentrated this week on “Islamophobia”.

On Tuesday night the ODIHR Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department convened a side event, “Educational initiatives and approaches for addressing anti-Semitism and intolerance against Muslims”. This sounded like a worthwhile opportunity, and a large contingent of people from ICLA, Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa, the Center for Security Policy(CSP), the Stresemann Foundation, and other anti-Shariah NGOs decided to look in on it.

It was a good thing we did. It turned out that the side event was convened to highlight “Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims: Addressing Islamophobia through Education”, which was published jointly [pdf] by OSCE/ODIHR, the Council of Europe, and UNESCO in 2011. This document — which contains 49 instances of the word “Islamophobia” — was discussed in the ICLA paper, and was part of the focus of our research.

The first forty minutes or so featured presentation by the panelists, including some of the authors of the “Guidelines”. One of them was a British gentleman named Robin Richardson, who is associated with the Runnymede Trust. Among other things, Mr. Richardson told the audience: “We all know that nations are not capable of solving the world’s problems.” Only global institutions were capable of doing so.

His assertion was the last straw. Since the panelists had repeatedly mentioned “Islamophobia” — ICLA’s topic for the week — I decided to speak up. After comments by one other member of the audience, I had my say, and a lengthy discussion ensued, capped by devastating remarks made by Major Stephen Coughlin of CSP.

Below are relevant excerpts from the audio of the occasion. Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for making the recording, to CSP for the transcript, and to Vlad Tepes for editing the audio to produce this video:

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