Obama’s America

Hat Tip: The Independent Sentinel

Sentinel Is Off to Planet Washington


There are veterans pouring in now. I heard there are some trucks on the Beltway, but I’m not near there. I’m in downtown. Supposedly the truckers are coming tomorrow.

The story behind this video is this: right before I pulled out the video, there was a scuffle between police and some people who pulled the barry-cade away and went into the Lincoln Memorial. The police pushed them away and then got some wire to secure the Barry-cades – you can see that in the video.

These guards were not pleasant. Someone asked if they were getting paid and one said he was losing $800.

People removed the barricades on every memorial, but the guards at Lincoln and Iwo Jima prevented people from going in.

You can see they are spending a lot more money keeping the people out than letting them view the memorials. When I went to Occupy Wall Street, police allowed them to do pretty much anything – drugs, sex, anything.

Sara – The Independent Sentinel

More to come tomorrow…

***Personal Note from NoisyRoom: My father served in WWII in the Navy and the Merchant Marines. I am glad he did not live to see this. It is a disgrace. I will fight these tyrants until my dying breath.