Mark Levin – The Liberty Amendments – A Review

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello everyone! I thought I would do my first book review. I just finished reading Mark Levin’s new book about upgrading the Constitution with more government restricting amendments — with the dreaded term limits included in these suggestions (about time). Now, I don’t know Mark Levin all that well, but what I do know of him is that he has studied and read a lot of the same histories and information that I have and he applies it to his everyday life. This new work of his has stirred up a major controversy which in this case should, but not in the way you think. These suggested new amendments would make a politician’s job a lot harder and less profitable and would keep his actions even more in check and in line as a public servant.

Mark has in his book 50 separate amendments that would add maybe 4 more pages to the Constitution. It starts with Terms limits and ends with voting procedures, and each one has historical background and research done to back them up. It shows the reasons why they’re necessary and even shows why due to the corrupt actions of both Congress and the courts. The book showcases some of the most unprecedented violations of the Constitution in the past 10 years alone. All of Levin’s arguments for each of the proposed amendments are very well thought out and footnoted with his vast knowledge of both recent and the Founder’s history exposing and giving all of his arguments clarity.

There are already critics on both sides that are pissed off at his new work… citing from the Conservative side, it is put forth that this will shred the Constitution, when in fact, it’s made only to simply upgrade without destroying it. These new amendments would give it strength and give the power back to the people as it should belong and not to the elite in Washington. Liberals are terrified of course of losing this power and reading this book made them know that the gig was up and that Levin had their number. So, of course they feared and loathed this book, which is full of empowering ideas that free up the people and give the Liberals pause.

What do you think? Do you think it’s time for a second Constitutional Convention and that we need to hammer out these new amendments and maybe give the people and the states their individual rights and powers back as the original intent was designed? I am still thinking on that myself, but I also know how slow things work and how many people enjoy sitting on a fence post for long periods of time. To be honest, trying to get this hammered out through Capitol Hill would take way too long and the ugly face of partisanship would show up and grind everything to a halt. We would need to get this done fast, but now the way things are, we have no time, unfortunately.

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