America’s First Openly Marxist Big City Mayor

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

If you think Barack Obama has gotten a free ride from the press, consider the case of Bill de Blasio.

The New York Post revealed at the last minute that the Marxist frontrunner for mayor of New York City visited Communist Russia in 1983. But the paper’s bizarre cover headline, “Back in the USSR,” complete with a hammer-and-sickle, seemed to make a mockery of the discovery.

International communism, which claimed more than 100 million lives, is not a laughing matter, nor just the subject of a 1968 song by the Beatles.

Described by CNN as the “unabashed liberal,” de Blasio is actually to the left of Barack Obama, in the sense that de Blasio didn’t disavow his communist background once it came to light. At least Obama tried to cover up his ties to communist Frank Marshall Davis.

De Blasio had scrubbed the Marxist connections from his campaign website, an omission that momentarily captured the attention of The New York Times. But once these connections and controversies came to light, he embraced his sordid history. He still embraces liberation theology and his work for the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

Nobody believed the purpose of his “honeymoon” to Cuba was actually a honeymoon, but the media didn’t even bother to check into how he made the illegal trip and whether the FBI had developed a file on the candidate.

De Blasio was so open about his Marxism that on Sunday, he campaigned with Harry Belafonte, who during the Cold War sang at a “Concert for Peace” in communist East Germany, where he attacked President Reagan’s anti-communist foreign policy. A long-time supporter of the Castro dictatorship, Belafonte was also an ally of the late Venezuelan Marxist ruler Hugo Chavez.

Trevor Loudon, author of The Enemies Within, has commented on de Blasio’s commitment to “democratic socialism” and the significance of his work for David Dinkins, the former New York City mayor who was closely associated with the Democratic Socialists of America. Dinkins was associated with high crime rates and out-of-control spending.

Joe Connor, a Tea Party activist whose father was murdered by the FALN Puerto Rican terrorist group, was also concerned about de Blasio’s work for Hillary Clinton.

He pointed out that during a congressional recess in 1999 when de Blasio was serving as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for her New York Senate run, President Clinton, with a powerful push from then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder, offered executive clemency to 16 FALN terrorists.

Connor says the Clintons and Holder thought that since Congress was on recess, no one was paying attention or would even remember the FALN. They were wrong.

He says, “While the Clintons hid behind executive privilege and never admitted the reason for the offers, our family saw the clemencies for what they were: craven politics. The Clintons were using our father’s life and death for cheap political gain. They thought releasing Puerto Rican terrorists would help secure the Hispanic vote for Hillary Clinton’s run for New York senator.”

At an October 24 news conference in New York City, Connor said, “Bill de Blasio ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign. What did de Blasio know about the clemencies and when did he know it?”

It is a tragedy that the New York media took no interest in getting answers to these questions. One reporter, Jennifer Fermino of the New York Daily News, made Pamela Geller the villain when she threatened to run “Stop Red Bill” advertisements. Geller then asked, “How much is the de Blasio campaign paying her [Fermino] to run interference for them?”

But one can be sure that members of the New York City Police Department have been paying attention and take the warnings about de Blasio seriously. The “thin blue line” is what separates this security risk as mayor from the public. Perhaps they know more about de Blasio then even the public has come to appreciate.

For starters, de Blasio has promised to fire the tough Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, and he can be expected to follow through on his promise.

But another of de Blasio’s promises to the criminals lobby—to discontinue the stop, question and frisk policy of preventing crime—is in doubt. Just a few days before the election, a federal court overturned a liberal judge’s campaign to gut the effective crime-reducing practice. This means de Blasio may have to go to court on behalf of the anti-police groups that have been funded by one of his biggest benefactors, billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros.

De Blasio can be expected to side with Soros and his “progressive base,” rather than the police.

De Blasio can also do a lot of damage in the area of surveillance of potential Muslim terrorists. He made a campaign promise to a Muslim group that he would stop the practice of sending informants into mosques and Muslim student organizations.

Going further, if he moves to dismantle the NYPD’s counter-terrorism programs, the city and nation could suffer through another 9/11.

Pamela Geller, a New Yorker, comments that the kind of journalism that we saw in the mayoral contest “is not just irresponsible; it endangers us all.”

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


Why is Fox News Promoting Edward Snowden?

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Eric Bolling said last Saturday that the Fox News Channel is eager to provide a “platform” for further criminal disclosures from defector Edward Snowden about the surveillance programs of the National Security Agency (NSA). The remarks came during Bolling’s latest interview of Snowden’s former handler, anti-American journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Bolling, who hosts the “Cashin’ In” program and is a co-host of “The Five,” also suggested that Snowden, under indictment for espionage and theft of government property, be brought back to the U.S. to help fix the Obamacare website. This comment was apparently made in jest.

Greenwald functioned for a while as Snowden’s handler and conduit for leaks to the media, but has also become known for making speaking appearances to such groups as the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The ISO is an openly Marxist-Leninist organization where people chant such things as “Palestine will be free,” and “Wars of occupation will never bring liberation.” CAIR is a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Always great having you on, and again, if you ever want that platform, ‘Cashing In’s’ waiting, ready, willing and able to hear what you’re ready to break,” Bolling said to Greenwald. “So generous of you Eric—I really appreciate that,” replied Greenwald.

The warm exchange with a dedicated enemy of the United States, who has said the weakening of America is “a very good thing,” is not something that many conservatives have come to expect from the Fox News Channel.

Snowden, based in Moscow, talks about American “democracy” and has just issued a “Manifesto of Truth,” even though he is under the surveillance and perhaps control of the Russian intelligence service, the FSB, the successor to the KGB.

Indeed, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence official ever to defect to the West, says he believes that Snowden “is an agent of the Russian foreign intelligence service.”

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program that Snowden’s disclosures have allowed three different terrorist organizations, affiliates of al Qaeda, “to change the way they communicate” to avoid detection and plot terrorism against the American people.

Rogers said the Snowden disclosures have diverted attention from what America’s enemies and adversaries are doing. “Who is using U.S. networks right now to steal intellectual property, like the Chinese, the Russians and others?” he said. “We’ve had cyber-attacks against the United States this year from a nation state that exceeds over 300 different attempts to destroy some financial services networks that affects every American. We haven’t talked about those things. We’ve got al Qaeda spreading around the world in a way that is frightening. Think about it. Last year alone, some 15,000 terrorist-related deaths. It is the NSA, the CIA and others’ charge to make sure that zero of them happen here. Zero.”

But Eric Bolling of Fox News doesn’t seem interested in exploring the issue of the disclosures making it easier to kill Americans. Instead, he has become a cheerleader for leftist writer and Snowden associate Glenn Greenwald, the guest on his Saturday “Cashin’ In” show.

The Daily Caller has run an article suggesting that Greenwald’s scheduled November 16 CAIR appearance “is sure to raise further charges from critics that he is more interested in providing comfort to American enemies than he is of doing legitimate journalism.”

The on-line publication also suggested that Greenwald, who is based in Brazil, could be arrested on espionage charges when he comes to the U.S. because of his key role in facilitating Snowden’s illegal activities.

Snowden has been described as “this generation’s Alger Hiss” by former Republican Senator Jon Kyl (AZ), while former Ambassador John Bolton has said Snowden is guilty of “the worst form of treason.”

Snowden is now living in Moscow under the protection of the Putin regime, having fled the U.S. with stolen documents that he provided to Glenn Greenwald and a few other journalists. He fled to Chinese Hong Kong before going to Moscow.

But this pattern of hostility to the United States is not something that seems to bother Bolling, who has provided a platform to Greenwald in the past and previously urged the anti-American writer to use the conservative-oriented cable channel to make his criminal disclosures.

The comment about Snowden working on the Obamacare website was made to Greenwald when he was a guest on Bolling’s “Cashin’ In” program on the Fox News Channel. “Why not bring him back here? Maybe he could help fix the Obamacare website,” he said to Greenwald.

While this apparently humorous comment brought a slight chuckle from Greenwald and a line about Snowden having the ability to fix the website problems, Bolling was being completely serious in pleading for Greenwald to come back on the Fox News Channel to release more of Snowden’s information about the NSA’s secret surveillance programs.

This was not new. Last July, Greenwald paid a visit to the “Fox & Friends” morning program for an interview with Bolling and was urged on that occasion to use the appearance to release more classified information about the NSA.

Bolling then asked Greenwald if David Gregory of NBC News had “apologized” for suggesting that Greenwald could be prosecuted for his role in helping Snowden make his criminal disclosures. Gregory had said to Greenwald, “To the extent that you have aided and abetted Snowden, even in his current movements, why shouldn’t you, Mr. Greenwald, be charged with a crime?”

As we pointed out at the time, Gregory’s question was entirely legitimate. Section 798 of the Espionage Act absolutely prohibits the publication of classified information in the area of communications intelligence. That would include programs of the NSA.

Appearing on “The Five,” Bolling said it was “absolutely insane” to suggest that Greenwald be prosecuted. He added, “We need more Glenn Greenwalds. We don’t need fewer of them.”

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


The Constitution and Law Enforcement

By: Gerald Loeffers

I had an interesting conversation tonight, where I talked about the future of America and all the back door plans the federal government is pulling together. A fellow I know of went on a loud denial of this claiming there’s no way that we’re going to see cops and military kick down doors of the American people. That’s just not possible. We have rights and they can’t do that. He seems to not be aware of history and what law enforcement does. Nor is he aware of its enforcement of the law and regulations and not of our constitutional rights, even though at one time the average police patrolman knew his history and the constitution. At one time he took the oath to defend the constitution seriously, those days of the community patrolman are long gone replaced by…

The constitution has no mention of the right to law enforcement protection. In fact, the police are not obliged to protect you at all; just look at the wait time for police in Detroit, Oakland or New Jersey — it is between 45 minutes and an hour if they get there at all. You can’t fire them for this and many cops are repeat offenders of the public’s trust, who don’t even get a discipline review and keep their jobs thanks to the unions. An average police officer’s training and classes are filled with police encounter history for the most part, as well as new tactics and some constitutional case law history. But not an in-depth reading and study of the constitution itself, which Stewart Rhodes is trying his hardest to change. Even Ron Paul has noticed the changing face of police, morphing into militarized units, which wasn’t the original intent, a case in point…


A small business owner woke up to the sound of 30 armed and armored SWAT officers crashing into his house and his entire family was handcuffed. His teenage son was naked and wet having been forced out of the shower and face down on the floor. The reason for the rude wake up call? His ex-wife had gone to the police claiming he had a gun in the house and that he was being abusive. Well, the DC police found no gun and they now knew the claim was a lie. They should have done an investigation before the wake up call, but wait, there’s more… They found no guns, but they did find a box of older ammo for an older Winchester rifle and heaven forbid — gulp! They found a spent empty shell casing. So, the DC police in their infinite wisdom arrested him for unregistered ammo. He can get two years for having this constitutionally protected item in his home.


Illinois just passed a conceal carry law in that state and they also had to dump the firearms registration system after 50 years due to cut backs. You would think the police wouldn’t mind a little help from the people of that state, but you would be wrong. The Chicago Chief of Police stated in an interview that his police force would shoot and kill on sight ANYONE having a gun in their possession and it didn’t matter to him if they where law abiding or not. So, now you have a major leader of a large police force who will let fellow cops kill you for being a good, armed responsible citizen. Well, no one is shocked that Chicago is full of scum and villainy. We have to be cautious (yes, it’s a Star Wars reference).

If you try to ask the average young policeman about the rights of the people and the constitution, I bet you will get a convoluted answer or a long glassed over stare, because these recent cop and sheriff recruits and the national police force of the DHS haven’t a clue about history or the constitution. You are looking at a conversion of the community minded patrolman and Sheriff’s Dept. into a secondary enforcement arm of the federal government. I see two things happening when the SHTF. We will see either local cops are not around because they are overwhelmed and have dumped their badges off to help their families and/or we will see whole police forces absorbed into the DHS or playing second string backup to DHS. We will see in the near future doors kicked down one by one, people being arrested for terrorism and sedition and whole populations of people put in interment camps for simply reading the wrong books.


How Obamacare and the Welfare State are Immoral, in 6 Minutes

By: Arlen Willaims
Gulag Bound

Hat tip to @PolitiJim for passing this video along. It becomes tempting to write an essay here, on Godly aid vs. Pharisaical coercion and control, which Jesus cursed, in Matthew 23. There are many Scriptural references and lessons to cite. But, to keep it short and not distract from the video, here is just one more, of Jesus Himself again, speaking to his disciples about ministry as He assigned it: “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8b, NKJV)



I appreciate this graphic too, but “capitalism” is a loaded, Marxian term. It is better to champion free enterprise or economic freedom. Free enterprise is people thriving by making and doing things. Government is people suffering being made to do things.

Bandying about “capitalism,” Marxists blame economic freedom for the very problems of Rothschild-style financial collusion and Rockefeller-style market capture of which these Marxofascist conspirators themselves are guilty. That is not free enterprise, just the opposite. It is strategic corruption and subversion (and John D. Rockefeller almost went to jail over it, but alas, not quite).