Arlene from Israel

I’m talking about John Kerry, and actually, he’s crossed it twice.

I had no time to write today, with Levy Report work and a very early Shabbat. But I must write, ever so briefly, because people must know about this.

Yesterday, Kerry, who is here, gave a TV interview. And this is what he said (emphasis added):

“The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos. Does Israel want a third intifada?


I repeat: Does Israel want a third intifada?

This is a form of intimidation and blackmail: Israel, make additional concessions to the PA, or face the consequences of violence.


Not an acceptable way to talk to Israel. Either we make concessions because it’s good for us in terms of a deal to be struck, or we shouldn’t make concessions.

Violence? We’ll have to brace for it if it comes, cope with it. Make a lot of arrests, send out a lot of police and troops, and, who knows? maybe take aim at the heads of a few of the perpetrators of violence that threatens innocent Jewish life, so that people get the message not to fool with us. (I speak for myself and not officially, of course.)


But folks, this is not the worst of what Kerry did. The interview was with Udi Segal, of Israel’s channel 2 and also with Maher Shalabi, of Palestinian TV.

And so, what Kerry is also guilty of, besides intimidation and blackmail, is incitement. He was speaking to a Palestinian Arab audience as well. And he was giving the nod to their being violent if they are not happy with the Israeli stance.

This is the chief diplomatic officer of the United States of America? This is the despicable low to which the US has fallen?


The urgency in writing has to do with my sense that Americans who love Israel — and I know you are legion! — need to know what Kerry did. You are likely to be outraged along with me,


Please! translate that outrage into action. Do not sit still for a secretary of state who speaks to Israel thus. To protest to the White House or State Department is pointless.

Contact your representatives of Congress. Protest this in the strongest terms. DEMAND that intimidation of Israel stop. Call for the firing of Kerry. He doesn’t qualify as dog catcher of Washington DC.

For your Congresspersons:


For your Senator:


And, please, share this posting absolutely as broadly as you can, encouraging others to also protest Kerry’s behavior.


On the flip side of this vile behavior, we can see encouraging news. Kerry is desperate or he wouldn’t be speaking this way. Pay no attention to his babble about how much progress has been made in just days. He is not getting from Israel the concessions he is seeking.

What is more, he has now thoroughly and completely discredited himself with the Israeli government, which had no official comment. I don’t know this from official sources but understand it intuitively. He is less likely now, not more likely, to have the leverage to convince our government of anything. One unnamed Israeli official called this, from Kerry, “a worrying and dangerous precedent.”

I would say that, should Arab violence increase in the wake of this interview, any Jewish blood that is spilled would be on Kerry’s hands.

Let us stay strong, and hold fast to our rights.

Much more – in particular on Iran – coming soon.

Shabbat Shalom.


The Cross – Billy Graham’s Message To America


Evangelist Billy Graham delivered what is being dubbed his final “sermon” to America on Thursday night. Through a special video broadcast called “My Hope America,” Graham warned that the nation is in “great need of a spiritual awakening” and that he has wept over how far the nation has moved away from God.

Evangelist Billy Graham (Credit: AP Photo/Nell Redmond, File)

The video, which is available online and through select broadcast networks across the nation (it will air on TheBlaze TV this weekend), was released today on Graham’s 95th birthday.

“I want to tell people about the meaning of the cross … the real cross of Christ,” a passionate Graham proclaimed in the video. ”I know that many will react to this message, but it is the truth and with all my heart, I want to leave you with the truth.”

Graham then went on to discuss his view on the importance of accepting Jesus Christ and following the Christian savior.

His pre-recorded message was interspersed with fiery selections from the preacher’s past sermons as well as personal testimony from musicians Lacey Sturm and Lecrae Moore.

“People don’t want to hear that they’re sinners. To many people it’s an offense,” Graham proclaimed. “The cross is offensive, because it directly confronts the evils that dominate so much of this world.”

He went on to explain that the Christian message demands that believers embrace a new lifestyle — one that directly confronts mankind’s sinful nature.

“Sin is a disease in the human heart. If affects the mind and the will and the emotions. Every part of our being is affected by this disease,” Graham said.

The evangelist told viewers, though, that God can renew their spirits and that “there is no other way of salvation except through the cross of Christ.”

Graham also warned of a cultural slide in American society — one that he is clearly worried about. He said that the nation is in great need of “a spiritual awakening.”

“There’ve been times I’ve wept as I’ve gone city to city and I’ve seen how far people have wandered from God,” he told viewers.

At the end of the broadcast, Graham invited viewers to become followers of Jesus.

“Today, I’m asking you to put your trust in Christ,” he said, offering a prayer that would invite prospective believers into the faith.

Watch Graham’s message below:

Video: The Cross – Billy Graham’s Message To America

Part of “My Hope America With Billy Graham” – an urgent new message of Hope from Billy Graham, featuring Lacey Sturm and Lecrae

Video: Party in NC to Mark Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday

Among the hundreds of guests, approximately 800, were North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, New York real-estate magnate Donald Trump, Founder of The Blaze Glenn Beck and former President Bill Clinton. Singers Ricky Skaggs and Michael W. Smith were set to lead the audience in a refrain of Happy Birthday as 1,000 cupcakes were served.

Glenn Beck tweeted… They only gave me one cupcake… My wife Tania must have phoned ahead.

The Palins Arrive for Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday Event

Happy 95th Birthday Billy Graham!!!


The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results – 11/08/13

The Watcher’s Council


Alea iacta est… the Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and we have the results for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up.

There’s an old saying, attributed to Albert Einstein that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

This week’s winner, Joshuapundit’s Endgame: Abbas And The PLO Get Ready To Launch The Third Intifada, is my look at what’s going on lately in the so-called Middle East peace process, what the Palestinians have planned, Israel’s options and where it’s likely to end up. Here’s a slice:

It appears the that farce of the so-called peace process is nearing its end. And as you’ll see, this is exactly how Abbas and company planned it.

It started with an uptick in Palestinian violence directed against Israelis emanating from the Arab occupied areas of Judea and Samaria, and a corresponding decrease in security cooperation between the IDF and Abbas’ security forces in the last several weeks.

At the same time, this was coordinated with a massive outpouring of calls from PLO officials to halt the peace talks and formulate what they called an “overall national strategic revolution”.

Meanwhile, Palestine’s unelected dictator Mahmoud Abbas has been blatantly violating the conditions under which the peace negotiations were started. He’s been making the rounds in Europe urging EU countries to enact sanctions against Israel and avoid conducting any economic, academic or cultural activity with Israel that might involve East Jerusalem or the Jewish communities in Judea or Samaria, referring to East Jerusalem as “the capitol of our state, Palestine.”

In an ominous twist, Abbas called for EU countries to take legal action against their nationals whom have dual citizenship and live in these areas. London-based Al-Quds al-Arabi reported that the PA has demanded of a number of EU countries that the citizens they have currently living in “illegal” communities should be either pressured to leave or be stripped of their citizenship.

As a final move, Saeb Erekat, formerly the right fork of Yasser Arafat’s tongue and now the chief Palestinian negotiator ‘resigned’ (and later retracted his ‘resignation’) presented Israeli negotiator Tzipi Livni with an ultimatum that is the PLO’s final position. It pretty much lines up with what Mahmoud Abbas has always said, that no concessions at all will be made to Israel in any peace settlement.

There was an agreement between the Israelis and Palestinian negotiators to keep the negotiations quiet, but PLO sources have leaked the details, and there’s really no surprise here.

The Palestinians are demanding over half of Jerusalem, including control of all of the major Jewish holy sites. They claim all of Judea and Samaria, although they’ve agreed to consider a land swap of no more than 1.9 percent with Israel in exchange for money and an equivalent amount of Israeli land.That 1.9 percent would essentially be meaningless since it isn’t anywhere near the amount of land necessary to incorporate the majority of Jewish communities into Israel. Geographically, it would amount to a defenseless enclave surrounded on two sides by the Palestinians.

The PLO’s demands further include the Hula Valley and the Valley of Elah, and the strategic Latrun area, the chokepoint that overlooks the road to Jerusalem and could isolate Jerusalem in the event of war. And They want all of these areas handed over to them judenrein, Jew free. They want full control of all the aquifers in the area, thus retaining the ability to threaten Israel’s water supply. And they demand that Israel formally give up any claims under international law to the area by agreeing that these areas are ‘occupied territory’.

They refuse, on the other hand, to recognize Israel as a Jewish state,paving the way for further demands later. And they insist not only that all of the convicted terrorists now in Israeli jails be freed, but that all Palestinian refugees be given the right to settle in what’s left of Israel.

Six months after Israel creates 500,000 Jewish refugees, retreats to indefensible borders, allows what’s left of the country to be swamped by genocidal ‘refugees’ and redivides Jerusalem, they will receive in exchange a piece of paper signed by an unelected 75-year-old dictator who doesn’t even come close to controlling all the Palestinian factions – even his own Fatah.And someone who might very well be overthrown by Hamas if left to his own devices, which would make the agreement even more meaningless than it already is.

In our non-Council category, the winner was a fine piece written by Council Alumnus David Gerstman for Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion, LBJ: Return to pre-1967 borders “not a prescription for peace but for renewed hostilities”, submitted by Rhymes With Right. It’s proof, if it were needed, that when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict, nothing really ever changes.

Okay then, here are this week’s full results. Both The Mellow Jihadi and The Right Planet were unable to vote this week, but neither was subject to the usual 2/3 vote penalty:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week! Don’t forget to tune in on Monday AM for this week’s Watcher’s Forum, as the Council and their invited special guests take apart one of the provocative issues of the day with short takes and weigh in… don’t you dare miss it. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter… ’cause we’re cool like that!


NBC Joins Al Jazeera in Anti-Israel Propaganda

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Polonium-210 is the deadly substance the Russians used to kill Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian spy and KGB dissident who blamed the Putin regime for acts of alleged Islamic terrorism in Russia. Now that the poison has reportedly been found in the remains of Yasser Arafat’s exhumed body, NBC News has decided to blame Israel, based on questionable reporting done by Al Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood channel.

The NBC Nightly News report on Wednesday night was done by reporter Ayman Mohyeldin, and showed a Palestinian official saying, “We need proof that Israeli occupation is responsible, that Israeli government killed him as a result of an official decision.” But NBC didn’t wait for any proof.

As part of its sensational coverage, NBC even featured an “investigative reporter” from Al Jazeera by the name of Clayton Swisher, who has been pursuing these charges for over a year.

The major flaw in the work of NBC News and Al Jazeera is the failure to point out that the Russians had access to the substance and also had a motive to get rid of Arafat.

Arafat was the former leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), a Soviet-created terrorist organization that fought for the “liberation” of Palestine from Israel. He died in 2004. His PLO has been eclipsed in power in recent years by Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate.

Dr. Judea Pearl commented years ago that Al Jazeera has been working to undermine the Palestinian Authority, with whom Israel is now conducting peace talks, and “to end all hopes for a negotiated Mideast settlement.” One way they did that was publishing the “Palestine Papers,” supposedly depicting PLO leaders as dupes of Israel. Clayton Swisher was the Al Jazeera reporter on that story, too.

In fact, Al Jazeera has developed a reputation for causing trouble and turmoil throughout the Middle East, and has been banned from Egypt for its role in sparking bloody riots there.

Hamas has already accused the Israeli government of assassinating Arafat and has called on the Palestinian Authority, run by members of the PLO in the West Bank, to halt peace negotiations with Israel.

So what we have developing here, in terms of the allegations against Israel, is another aspect of the power struggle in the Middle East, with Hamas using the charges to obtain a political advantage as they lay the groundwork for another war against Israel.

But NBC Nightly News treated this propaganda and disinformation campaign against Israel as legitimate news.

Mohyeldin’s failure to highlight the role of Polonium-210 in the death of Litvinenko casts doubt on the entire report. The former KGB dissident fled to London and wrote a sensational book, Blowing Up Russia, on the roots of alleged Islamic terrorism in Russia, before being murdered in 2006.

Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking official ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc, points out in his book, Disinformation, that Polonium-210 was known to be used by the former Soviet Union as a neutron trigger, or initiator, for nuclear weapons. Pacepa says “there is solid ground for postulating that the KGB/FSB may have gotten rid of Arafat and decided to get rid of him,” using polonium. He notes that Litvinenko “suddenly fell ill,” just like Arafat. (British authorities linked Russia and a former KGB agent to Litvinenko’s murder.)

Pacepa says the Russians wanted Arafat out of the picture because they believed he had outlived his usefulness, as a result of his being exposed and becoming known as a long-time KGB agent. Litvinenko had also exposed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current leader of al Qaeda, as a KGB-trained operative.

Arafat, Pacepa says, was too “blood-stained,” as a result of his long involvement with terrorism, and the Russians wanted a “new, more Western-looking leader,” who turned out to be Mahmoud Abbas, current president of the Palestinian Authority. But he said few noticed that Abbas was a graduate of Patrice Lumumba University, a KGB-controlled school “whose secret task was to create a new generation of foreigners dedicated to promoting the Kremlin’s interests…”

The ultimate aim, of course, is to destroy Israel in the name of Palestinian “liberation.”

NBC News stacked the deck against Israel. “Just before his death in 2004, Arafat fell mysteriously ill, besieged in his West Bank headquarters by the Israeli military. He was flown to France where he died,” said NBC’s Mohyeldin. “No autopsy was ever performed. Last year an investigation by the Doha-based news channel Al Jazeera led Yasser Arafat’s widow to demand answers. She now believes her husband was murdered.” She was shown on the set of Al Jazeera talking about Arafat being a “great” leader of the Palestinian cause. It was pure propaganda.

Mohyeldin said, “Israel considered Yasser Arafat an obstacle to peace and a terrorist but has always denied involvement in his death.” In the context of the report, however, Israel was already guilty as charged and Israeli leaders were denying the obvious.

It is not just Israel’s opinion, of course, that Arafat was a terrorist. Still, Israel, under U.S. and international pressure to give the Palestinians a separate state, has been negotiating with the PLO, considering it more moderate than Hamas.

The Israel-killed-Arafat story can only cause more turmoil and bloodshed, and perhaps even lead to another Middle East war.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


Jerry Brown’s Destruction of California

By: Susan Knowles
Gulag Bound

While driving home yesterday, I made the mistake of turning on the radio. I thought it would be a relaxing way to spend the drive and it was until a local news station began talking about the increased crime rate in California.

Brown_Edmund_G_Brown_Jr_JerryI soon remembered what I guess I had tried to forget and that was Jerry Brown’s signing into law of AB109. This Assembly Bill is Brown’s attempt to “close the revolving door” on low-level inmates’ cycling in and out of California’s thirty three prisons. Brown promised to reduce the number of inmates to 137.5 percent of design capacity by June 27, 2013, as ordered by California judges and confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The implementation of the Realignment or AB109 began in October 2011.

It is Brown’s premise that cycling these prisoners through the system just wastes money. Brown offered no other alternatives other than releasing these prisoners. He strictly advocated for turning these criminals out into the street so that they can potentially reoffend.

How do I know they will reoffend? Logic tells me that the best prediction of future behavior is past behavior and California has statistics to back it up. I also base my rational beliefs upon Jerry Brown’s own statements about California’s prison system being a “revolving door.” If it’s a revolving door then the criminals must be coming back or reoffending, right? While it is true that not everyone will reoffend, should people of California be the guinea pigs in the experiment of even one reoffending criminal?

So then, where does Brown’s plan leave California? His plan leaves California with a predictable rise in the crime rate. According to a 2012 FBI report, after years of seeing a decline in crime rates in pretty much all areas, California’s crime rate rose significantly in the first six months of 2012. According to the report, there was an increase of 7.6% in homicide rates and double-digit increases in burglary and arson rates. Violent crime in California increased at more than twice the national rate, rising 4% with the rise in property crime at six times higher than the national rate, as reported in this same FBI report.

florida flagtexas flagIn comparing California to Texas and Florida, California reported a violent crime rate that is 2½ times greater than Texas and 7 times greater than Florida. Why the difference? The difference is that those states don’t have the realignment program that California does. They put people in prison and then search for reasonable alternatives with the emphasis being on “reasonable.”

So, is the increase in crime following Brown’s realignment solution just a fluke or is it another Brown failure? In 2006, when Jerry Brown was the mayor of Oakland, California, a densely populated and diverse city, he sponsored nearly two dozen crime initiatives to reduce Oakland’s crime rate. Crime decreased by 13 percent overall, but the city saw a 57% spike in homicides. No doubt some of these were at one time the low-level prisoners that Brown now releases.

Brown had several years to build more prisons or to come up with a solution that didn’t put the general public in danger. What prevented him from doing this? My guess is his decision was in part, heavily influenced by such liberal political organizations as ACORN. Brown has been aligned with them and has sung their praises throughout his political career.

Should Jerry Brown be recalled for putting Californians in harms-way? It should at least be discussed but the likelihood of recalling a long-term, Democratic, career politician in a Democrat-controlled state is highly unlikely. Although California successfully recalled Democratic Governor Gray Davis for a decidedly “lesser offense,” due to rolling blackouts within the state, Davis was not as well-known or as well-backed by liberal organizations as is Brown.

Yesterday was the first day I remembering hearing about AB109 in the media since it was enacted in 2011. The media continues to support Governor Brown and protect him from criticism.

california flag
What then can Californians expect in the short and long-run? They can expect to see a continual increase in crime rates in the state unless and until the media and others speak out against this failed bill and call for a responsible change.


To hear my Spreecast on this subject from earlier today click here.

Susan Knowles is an author, psychotherapist and former practicing attorney. Her latest book, a political fiction, is entitled, “Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember” available on Amazon.com. Her website is www.susanknowles.com, where this article may also be found.




Obama’s Betrayal of Israel and Arming of Iran

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Cross-Posted at Right Wing News

Obama’s betrayal of Israel is stunning and completely predictable. It’s right on schedule along with the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. I don’t know how anyone could be surprised by this. Whispers are on the wind that a nuclear deal is within reach between the US and Iran, but the US has already been quietly lifting financial sanctions, enabling the terrorist Islamic state. While Obama and his Muslim acolytes have been busy emboldening, financing and arming Iran to destroy tiny Israel, he has distracted America with a myriad of emergencies and shiny objects all of which spell death to Israel and eventually death to America. The infidels have been duped and Iran is now simulating missile attacks on Israel, getting ready for the big show to come:

An agreement between the United States and Iran over the latter’s nuclear program seems imminent, but the charm offensive in Geneva is not mirrored at home. In Tehran, the Iranian government sent a different message with a broadcast on state television of a simulated missile attack on Israel.

The hour-long documentary program included segments about the capabilities of Iranian missiles and the possibility of their use in response to foreign threats. The program included a video simulation of a potential response by Iran to an Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities.

The video showed computer-animated launches of Iran’s long-range Sejjil ballistic missiles. The animations show Israel’s air defense systems intercepting a few missiles as others penetrate the protective layer and destroy different strategic targets across Israel.

Among the targets shown are the Azrieli Towers and the Kirya in Tel Aviv, the IDF base Tzfirin in central Israel, a generic missile launch site, Ben Gurion Airport, and the nuclear reactor at Dimona. The targets were circled on Google Maps, and the video finished with real pictures of casualties from the Second Lebanon War.

Obama and the Progressives screamed to high heaven over cross-hairs being used on targets in connection to guns and Sarah Palin — Iran attacking Israel, not so much. The Obama Administration began softening sanctions on Iran right after the election of Iran’s new president in June, months before the current round of nuclear talks in Geneva or the phone chats between the two power brokers in September. That was five months ago and long before that, all of this was already a foregone conclusion. Obama never intended to stop Iran or protect Israel. Quite the opposite. We all saw it coming and no one did a thing to stop it. Shame on all of us. All of the feigned pressure on Iran’s banks, the squeezing of their coffers has been for show. Like everything else to do with Obama, it is a lie… a show for the masses and merely gauze covering his true intentions. Obama wants a Caliphate; he wants a worldwide Islamic supremacy and he kneels before Islam:

A review of Treasury Department notices reveals that the U.S. government has all but stopped the financial blacklisting of entities and people that help Iran evade international sanctions since the election of its president, Hassan Rouhani, in June.

On Wednesday Obama said in an interview with NBC News the negotiations in Geneva “are not about easing sanctions.” “The negotiations taking place are about how Iran begins to meet its international obligations and provide assurances not just to us but to the entire world,” the president said.

Not only is this Islamic theater, it makes a laughing stock of America which is Obama’s intention:

Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, an organization that has worked closely with Congress and the administration on devising the current Iranian sanctions, said the slow pace of designations was only one kind of sanctions relief Obama has been offering Iran.

“For five months, since Rouhani’s election, the United States has offered Iran two major forms of sanctions relief,” Dubowitz said. “First there’s been a significant slowdown in the pace of designations while the Iranians are proliferating the number of front companies and cutouts to bust sanctions.”

The second kind of relief Dubowitz said the White House had offered Iran was through its opposition to new Iran sanctions legislation supported by both parties in Congress.

By Dubowitz’s estimates, Iran is now selling between 150,000 and 200,000 barrels of oil per day on the black market, meaning that Iran has profited from the illicit sale of over 35 million barrels of oil since Rouhani took office, with little additional measures taken by the United States to counter it.

“Sounds like Obama decided to enter the Persian nuclear bazaar to haggle with the masters of negotiation and has had his head handed to him,” Dubowitz said.

Maggie’s Notebook clarifies:

The U.S. Treasury, secretly, stopped the “blacklisting of entities and people” who help Iran get around all those so-called “crippling” sanctions that have been going on for years with no success. When Rouhani replaced Ahmadinejad, the changes began. The Treasury “blacklist” had more than 100 names and entities add to it in the six weeks leading up to the Iranian elections. Since the election, the Treasury has added “six people and four companies” to the list of violators.


In America today, for many reasons, the U.S. Treasury is among our fiercest enemies and while Obama is doing what he’s “really” good at, “killing,” taking out al-Qaeda leaders who are quickly replaced, he is aiding the militant extremists at the top of the ruling hierarchy to grab more control of their people and the goal of a dominant Islam.

Netanyahu and Israel are stating that the US negotiating with Iran is a mistake of historic and epic proportions. I would call it apocalyptic. While Kerry clownishly plays at diplomacy, he just can’t hide his evil, smirkish glee at sticking it to the Little Satan. Selfish, globalist, wealthy elitist that he is, Kerry believes he is above the fray. But just like Obama and the rest, when they have served their purpose, they will most likely meet their end as all despotic tyrants do — violently. If not, they will be protected while others die which they are fine with and their fate will be determined by God who, I wager, will have a thing or two to say to them.

In the meantime, Israel will not go as a lamb to the nuclear slaughter and will not be bound by deals with the devil:

Netanyahu warned Kerry and his European counterparts that Iran would be getting “the deal of the century” if they carried out proposals to grant Tehran limited, temporary relief from sanctions in exchange for a partial suspension of, and pledge not to expand, its enrichment of uranium for nuclear fuel.

“Israel utterly rejects it and what I am saying is shared by many in the region, whether or not they express that publicly,” Netanyahu told reporters.

“Israel is not obliged by this agreement and Israel will do everything it needs to do to defend itself and the security of its people,” he said before meeting Kerry in Jerusalem.

The US is on the wrong side. We have gone to bed with evil and are actively assisting it. This will not end well for America. It is becoming more and more obvious that we have learned nothing from history and we have turned our back on God. If so, He will surely turn His back on us for betraying His people. America has allowed Islamists and Marxists to infiltrate her government and positions of power. We have willingly submitted to Progressive diktats and humbled ourselves before a dictator, eschewing our Founding Principles and our Constitution in the name of security and equality. What does one call self-induced slavery and national suicide? When does the freest nation the earth has ever known, slip over the edge into totalitarian darkness and did anyone even notice?

Israel’s mistake was even bothering to listen to Obama and his cohorts. They should have known better. But they wanted to show the world that they were better than the tyrants; that they made every effort to avoid war and bloodshed. For their attempts, they are being rewarded with lies, deception and betrayal. They may be rewarded with war and death. In the end, God walks with Israel and I’ve got to tell her enemies, I wouldn’t want to be you guys. No way. ‘Vengeance is mine,’ sayeth the Lord.

Netanyahu made a very timely statement from Israel on the eve of a possible nuclear deal between the US and Iran:

“I met Secretary Kerry right before he leaves to Geneva,” said Netanyhau. “I reminded him that he said that no deal is better than a bad deal. That the deal that is being discussed in Geneva right now is a bad deal. It’s a very bad deal. Iran is not required to take apart even one centrifuge. But the international community is relieving sanctions on Iran for the first time after many years. Iran gets everything that it wanted at this stage and it pays nothing. And this is when Iran is under severe pressure. I urge Secretary Kerry not to rush to sign, to wait, to reconsider, to get a good deal. But this is a bad deal–a very, very bad deal. It’s the deal of a century for Iran; it’s a very dangerous and bad deal for peace and the international community.”

Right he is and it falls completely on deaf ears and blind bureaucrats. While Netanyahu slams Obama and Kerry on their groveling before the Mullahs, Israel girds her loins for war. She will stand alone. Obama’s betrayal of Israel and arming of Iran is almost complete. Next up… nukes, missiles and EMPs, oh my.