Where Are the American People?

Arlene from Israel

Either they’re asleep, or on numbing narcotics, or have decided they just don’t give a damn any longer what happens in the world — so that the fact that their president is surrendering America’s proud and exceedingly important international role is just fine with them.

Please! do not write to me explaining what happened to America. The above is rhetorical flourish by way of introduction to what I am seeing. I cannot fix America, and whether Americans are asleep or on something, the result is the same: America’s proud and important role in the world is being swiftly abandoned. I grieve for this. The implications are terrifying.

And the bottom line here, of course, is that the president of the United States is destroying America. I think Americans have yet to face the profound consequences of what is being wrought.


The core of what I am referring to is, of course, Iran. What has become shockingly clear is that Obama has capitulated to Iran. Talks have been going on in Geneva between Iran and P5 (the permanent members of the UN Security Council — the US, France, Britain, Russia and China) + 1 (Germany).

What had been on the verge of being finalized just days ago was a horrendous agreement. It would have required Iran to stop enriching at the 20% level, but would have permitted the continuation of enrichment at the 3.5% level, with enrichment continuing at all sites. Nothing would have been dismantled and there would have been no limit on the number of centrifuges that Iran would continue to possess (estimated at 19,000).

In return for this, there would have been a considerable reduction in sanctions — the unfreezing of $3 billion in fuel funds, an easing of sanctions on the petrochemical and gold sectors, an easing of sanctions on replacement parts for planes, and a loosening of restrictions in the Iranian car industry.

One source quoted by the JPost called this “very grave” — a situation that might lead to the collapse of all sanctions. It would not stop the Iranian nuclear project, but merely give the Iranians “breathing space.”

As the JPost explained, “Once major international transactions begin, a dynamic will kick in that will lead to a collapse of sanctions.”

“The Americans folded,” said the source, “maybe because they very much want to reach an agreement and be done with this.”

“…The Iranians are the ones who came crawling to the negotiations, begging for an easing of sanctions, otherwise their regime will fall, and what’s incredible is that it seems that the Americans are more eager than them (sic) to reach an agreement.” (Emphasis added here and above)


What has to be emphasized here is that this was to be an “interim” agreement: it was not intended to dismantle Iran’s ability to make a bomb. It involved only a “freeze.” As all enrichment facilities and equipment would stay in place, the Iranians could start up again whenever they pleased. And it would be too late to re-start the sanctions program that would prevent them from taking this step.


Needless to say, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went ballistic over this. Israel has again and again advised the international community that only if Iran no longer has the capacity to develop a bomb could a deal be considered a success. Aside from the enrichment facilities, there is also the heavy water plant at Arak.

On Friday morning, he met on this issue at the airport with Secretary of State Kerry, who was leaving for Geneva. This was a suddenly announced trip and it is widely thought that Kerry took himself there to secure credit for the deal he anticipated would be finalized shortly.

Then, later, on learning more about what was transpiring in Geneva, Netanyahu met with reporters, and said (emphasis added):

“I understand that the Iranians are walking around very satisfied in Geneva — as well they should be because they got everything and paid nothing. Everything they wanted; they wanted relief of sanctions after years of a grueling sanctions regime, they got that. They are paying nothing because they are not reducing in any way their nuclear enrichment capability.

He explained that, “the international community got a bad deal, a very bad deal” while Iran “got the deal of the century.”

And then he made it clear that, “Israel utterly rejects [the deal] and what I am saying is shared by many in the region, whether or not they express that publicly. Israel is not obliged by this agreement and Israel will do everything it needs to do to defend itself and the security of its people.


On the cite above you will find a video clip in addition to Netanyahu’s words in print. Please notice how agitated and drawn he looks.


With this statement, the prime minister has put the world on notice. No one can ever say he/she didn’t know that Israel was going to/on the cusp of deciding to hit Iran.

I am keenly aware of the balancing act Netanyahu is engaged in, with regard to hitting Iran. If negotiations fail (and more on this below), this becomes an appropriate time. If a bad deal is struck, then he must face the ire of the international community, which will claim it had been on the edge of securing a peaceful situation, when he, a warmonger, upset the dynamic. That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t do it anyway. Not at all.

But I have the sense of his weighing various options with the utmost seriousness possible. And I also have a vivid and painful awareness of the fact that the window of opportunity for Israel to act is going to close very very soon.

I make no secret of my conviction that, as matters stand, he must hit. But there is no certainty yet. In fact, there will be no certainty until it’s been done.

Netanyahu has spoken repeatedly about the need to tighten the screws on Iran with regard to the sanctions. This is apparently in the hope that it might yet cause the implosion of the current regime, or, far more likely, weaken it sufficiently so that the mullahs hold off on crossing that red line — especially as Israel presents a credible threat.

Yet, as matters have transpired in the last days, this is an unlikely prospect.


When Netanyahu made his statement on Friday, he believed the deal was about to be finalized. What happened yesterday, however, is that France – as I understand it, and astonishingly – took Netanyahu’s warnings seriously and pulled back from agreement. The French referred to the prospective arrangement as a “sucker’s deal,” and so at present there is no deal.

Some reports have the other P5 + 1 parties that are involved – apparently still eager to finalize that deal – minimizing French objections: No no, everyone is on board, France is just addressing some technicalities. Whether France will hold out remains to be seen.

As matters currently stand, there will be a short break, before negotiations are resumed on November 20. In the meantime, Netanyahu intends to do a great deal of lobbying. Yet, again.


Whether this deal goes through or not, whether France holds out or not, whether Netanyahu convinces some other nations to take a more careful look at what they are doing or not, I hold the Obama administration culpable at the most basic levels.

Once, not so long ago, the US was the leader of the free world, and demonstrated strength and perseverance. Now, from all indications, the US was terribly eager to sign a very bad deal. This after Kerry had pontificated that no deal is better than a bad one.

How shameful is it, that it could be said that America was more eager for a deal than Iran. What does this tell us?

And what an indictment, that perhaps the Americans caved because they want to be done with it already. What a gross and shocking dereliction of Obama’s basic responsibility to his nation, and to the international community this would be.


It seems to have been the case that the US stance softened in the course of these recent negotiations. What is still speculative is the reason why. A desire to “be done with it already” is only one possible reason. There are other perspectives being advanced.

The Netanyahu government is especially incensed that the degree of reduction in sanctions the US was prepared to agree to was greater than Israel had been told it was. Reportedly early on Friday, before the negotiations for the day began in Geneva, Kerry told Netanyahu that there would be “minor” sanctions relief offered to Iran that would “not be significant.”


And so there have been suggestions of deliberate deception. Jonathan Tobin of Commentary wrote that “Obama is Lying About Iran Sanctions.”


The Daily Beast ran an exclusive two days ago regarding “Obama’s Secret Iran Detente”:

“The Obama administration began softening sanctions on Iran after the election of Iran’s new president in June, months before the current round of nuclear talks in Geneva or the historic phone call between the two leaders in September.

“…the key condition for Iran—relief from crippling sanctions—began quietly and modestly five months ago.”


What this suggests is that the Obama administration didn’t simply cave at the last minute during negotiations, but was eager all along to provide relief to Iran — and to show Iran a weak negotiating stance.

Then the indictment against Obama is far graver: it becomes an issue of pre-meditated intent to cut Iran as much slack as possible, and, yes, allow Iran to go nuclear. And we have to ask which side Obama is on. (Again — please, don’t write to tell me.)


As might be expected, Israeli-US relations are in a state of considerable tension right now. And there is a way in which I consider this healthy. For Netanyahu can harbor no illusions about a quid pro quo if Israel makes concessions, or about trusting the US to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, or about the US having Israel’s back.

Netanyahu’s predisposition to respond to American pressure has to be slight at best. We must trust that he will now proceed on the basis of what is best for Israel. Period.

Obama is simply not to be trusted.


I want to circle back to a discussion of the “negotiations” — for certainly what I have written here has serious implications in that regard as well. In fact, the prime minister himself alluded to this issue in his statement about the bad deal with Iran.

Because I have something of significance to share concerning Israel’s stance on the negotiations, I am going to save this for tomorrow’s post.

As well, I hope to take a look at other ways in which Obama is weakening the country he was elected to lead.


Pontefract Castle In November

By: Chris Knowles
Aeneas Lavinium

Today I went for a walk around Pontefract Castle and since it was a nice day took a few photos which I post below. Wikipedia identifies the following historical anecdotes about the castle:

  • King Richard II was supposedly murdered there, a crime immortalised in Shakespeare’s Richard III.
  • Henry VIII fifth wife, Catherine Howard is said to have committed the act of adultery at the castle for which she was later executed.
  • Mary Queen of Scots stayed there in 1569.
  • It was a Royalist stronghold during the English Civil War and it was then that it was reduced to ruins.

The Keep

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The Creeping Police State

By: Gerald Loeffers

Yes, this article is going to be angry. It’s going point the finger at the failing community minded police and law enforcement of years past. I will not be kind and I will not sugar coat anything, so be prepared. These past two weeks have seen the rise and spread of THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST police state around the country. What I find not so funny is that these boobs think NO ONE will notice. The mainstream media is just as guilty of sweeping major police state stories under the rug (South Carolina FEMA camps), or by promoting the great idea of arming the morons from the TSA. I wouldn’t give those pinheads a water pistol, never mind a GLOCK 17.


A man’s house was on fire and there was an 8 month-old child in the house. He was the child’s stepfather and he was desperate to get back in there to save the child, which by all accounts he could have done. But instead, the assholes on the Houston PD decided to taser this man and let the child burn in the house. They took him down and the child died. This father lost everything important to him and I hope to hell he sues the ass off those cops and gets their asses up on charges. They don’t deserve the jobs they have and should spend time in jail. Then during a Second Amendment rally at the ALAMO, a man who was carrying a legal black powder pistol openly, was thrown down on the ground and arrested outright because the police on duty were frigging idiots. They treated him as if his firearm was illegal and how dare he carry it openly, when he had every right to carry.


In the past two years, two things have happened. First, Nanny Bloomberg thought it would be a good idea to stop and frisk random people out of the blue and violate privacy rights of Americans. Unlike BILL O’REILLY, I don’t approve of this policy at all. It’s time to do some actual police work and provide support for the Constitution and not some arbitrary random regulations. Then there were the two or more shootings of citizens by the NYPD in a crowd setting with moronic trigger fingers making dangerous shooting calls. In the real world, those police officers should have been jailed and should have lost their jobs. They need to find another career path, like maybe burger flipping. With the new radical communist mayor that those morons in NEW YORK voted for, this asswipe will make Bloomberg look like a Girl Scout cookie salesman. The island of MANHATTAN will be another police state comrade — one of many in America coming into being.


A man who was pulled over for a minor traffic violation in NEW MEXICO was told to get out of the car and get this… an uncertified drug sniffing dog and the appearance of clenched buttocks was all it took for these mental midget asswipes to cuff this guy. They got a limited time warrant for a body cavity search. Then they went to one hospital who refused to do it. These douche bags then went to another urgent care hospital who said they would do it, no problem.

So, after 2 x-rays, 2 finger rectal searches, 3 enemas, a poo search and a colonoscopy, with this man refusing all the way, 12 hours later he was sent home with nothing found. Now get this… the political robot asswipe Chief of Police said that all the proper procedures were followed. Really? You violated the time limited warrant — it ran out at 10 PM; you had him in your custody for 12 hours until 3 AM! Then, you transported him over city lines to “doctor shop.” It’s my hope this fellow sues the town, the hospital and the entire police force and puts the ones responsible out of work. Maybe even get a little prison time TLC. This has opened a whole new can of worms for this police department. A second person has now come out and said they did the same to him and with the same dog and cops. And now a woman has come forward claiming the same treatment, only with a vaginal exam.


It’s been rumored here and there that SOUTH CAROLINA has made it illegal to be homeless and that they are being “asked” to leave town or go to an armed guard shelter. It is also whispered that they have opened the first of many rumored FEMA CAMPS for our protection of course. It seems that the mainstream media has either missed this story or got “bullied” into covering it up. Either way, the story is spreading. I am hoping to confirm its truthfulness.

Then there was the tragedy of the father who had a fight with his son over cigarettes and the son stole his truck to make a smoke run. The father wanted to teach him a lesson, so he called the police to get him arrested to give him a good scare. But these assholes shot the unarmed kid, because they thought they had a hard core car thief on their hands. Well, I hope the father sues their dumb asses off and these police get prison time and lose their jobs.


This is the other end of the closed off police state. As of now, police in many areas of California are now kicking in doors of legal gun owners over minor matters and taking their guns and their children away from them. This all out effort to disarm Californian’s of their right to bear arms comes directly from JIM MOON BEAM BROWN. This asshole has the IQ of iceberg lettuce and the fact that Californian’s elected him TWICE says something. What the hell is wrong with you… come on really?! Then there are the armed and militarized welfare check points now all over the state with unfriendly douche bags pointing guns at random people, so they can feel manly. They are, of course, just following orders and not using their brains or their oath of office. This is why I am never going back to this third world country ever again.

We have to put all of law enforcement on notice that we will not comply with any unlawful or unethical orders. We have to demand at all times that corrupt officials of all law enforcement departments be held accountable and emphatically state that we will not stand for their corrupt or incompetent actions anymore and they need to follow the law like everyone else. No special treatment of individuals. They should get the same prison time as any other person that violates the law. Police unions need to be dissolved and cops should be hired and fired like any other employed person in real life. That being said, we know that a lot of police are not bad apples — they are good and decent public servants, just doing their jobs. But corruption and abuse are on the rise with DHS taking over more and more law enforcement powers and a stronger military type police being more visible. We have to get back to the Constitutional and community minded police and sheriffs we used to have.