With a Heavy Heart: Tulsa Loses Dr. Perry Inhofe – Three Operations on My Family

NoisyRoom.net Note: Our condolences go to the Inhofe family. We are so very saddened by Perry’s passing. Our prayers are with the family and we know that Perry will be missed here and cherished in heaven. God speed to the Inhofe’s – we are there for you.

By: Maggie Thornton
Maggie’s Notebook

Dr. Perry Inhofe (52), the son of Senator Jim Inhofe and Kay Inhofe, died in a twin-engine plane crash yesterday near Owasso, Oklahoma. We heard the news that a plane had gone down yesterday, but only late this afternoon learned that Dr. Inhofe was the pilot and had perished. He was a skilled orthopedic surgeon, specializing in hand surgeries. He has operated on my mother and two brothers. Each of the three had differing causations. He was a kind and caring man, always smiling. This is a great loss to our community and to the Inhofe family which this city has loved and respected for many years.

Dr. Perry Inhofe, his son Cole Inhofe, Senator Jim Inhofe

The plane crashed in a wooded area about five miles north of Tulsa International Airport at 4 p.m., approximately 15 minutes after the pilot reported engine trouble.

Perry Inhofe, an orthopedic surgeon, graduated from Duke University in 1984 and attended medical school at Washington University in St. Louis, according to the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital’s website. Inhofe is listed as a physician with Central States Orthopedics in Tulsa, the website says.

Inhofe was a licensed pilot and flight instructor, according to FAA records.

According to FlightAware, a flight tracking website, the plane took off from Salina, Kan., and was en route to Tulsa International Airport on a 43-minute flight.

The plane had been traveling at speeds in excess of 300 mph before decelerating at 3:43 p.m. According to FlightAware, the plane’s speed dropped to 98 mph at 3:44 p.m. In the final recorded data, the plane was flying south at 110 mph at 3:50 p.m. at an altitude of 1,100 feet. Source: WND

Continuing a family tradition (Aviation News September 29, 2013) – more here:

More than 30 years ago, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) taught his son Perry to fly in the family’s 1954 Grumman Tiger. Perry’s first cross-country flight after he soloed was to Oshkosh, his dad sitting proudly in the seat beside him.

Fast forward to this year’s Oshkosh and Inhofe, a regular at Oshkosh no matter what is going on in Washington, D.C., keeps looking at his watch. He’s waiting for the arrival of the family’s Grumman, this time piloted by his grandson, Cole, who soloed just three weeks before the big show. In the family tradition, Cole was taught to fly by his father at Riverside Airport in Tulsa.

Two men were in the woods about 400 yards from the crash site. They saw “one propeller out” and the plane spiraling nose down. They hoped to rescue the occupant(s) but said the plane was engulfed in flames. (Photo courtesy of Aviation News)

Senator Jim Inhofe

The Daily Mail says the aircraft was a “twin turboprop” Mitsubishi MU-2B-25. Message to The Daily Mail: Senator Inhofe is only “controversial” to Liberals who despise and hide the truth, and that includes Liberals ‘across the pond.’

My deepest sympathies go out the entire Inhofe family and all who loved this talented man. Thanks to fellow-Okie, I’m a Man, I’m 41.

If the video disappears or will not play, view it here.

Dr. Perry Inhofe – Plane Crash (video)

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Edward Snowden’s Communist and Terrorist Friends

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

A fascinating aspect of the Edward Snowden affair, demonstrating his close collaboration with anti-American forces worldwide, has just come to the attention of the media. Contained in several stories about one of his meetings in Moscow was the name of his key German contact, a member of the German Green Party, Hans Christian Ströbele, who is also a member of the German Parliament. Buried in some of these accounts is the fact that Ströbele is a prominent German lawyer who represented the communist terrorist group, the Baader-Meinhof Gang—also known as the Red Army Faction (RAF).

Incredibly, Ströbele is now a member of a German parliamentary committee that oversees German intelligence agencies. He has sent letters to the U.S. House and Senate intelligence committees proposing a “dialogue between both of our monitoring committees and their members and to discuss future changes in the intelligence policy.” It’s extremely doubtful the U.S. Congress will favorably respond to his initiatives. But the Congressional Progressive Caucus may find his offer appealing.

In Germany, this far-left pro-communist and pro-terrorist lawmaker has significant influence. He is leading a campaign to have the German government protect Edward Snowden by giving him asylum in Germany.

His biography refers to the RAF terrorist killers as “political prisoners.”

The book, Tolerating Terrorism in the West: An International Survey, notes that Ströbele had been sentenced to 10 months imprisonment in 1982 for setting up a communications network between the prisoners of the RAF and activists outside the jails. He claims this was because of his “mission as a defender” of the RAF prisoners from 1970-1975. Ströbele says the sentence was changed to probation.

In Moscow, Ströbele handed Snowden the “Honorary Diploma of the Whistleblower Award 2013,” in honor of his theft and release of classified documents on NSA surveillance programs. The term “whistleblower” is still being accepted by some dupes in the West who are willing to ignore Snowden’s international connections to America’s enemies and adversaries.

Ströbele’s immediate purpose is to get the former NSA contractor—who has been granted temporary political asylum in Russia—to leave Moscow and testify before a German parliamentary committee hearing on the details of NSA surveillance in Europe.

Alleged U.S. eavesdropping on foreign leaders, including Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has figured prominently in this controversy.

Not mentioned in the coverage of this “scandal” is the fact that there are good reasons why the Brazilian and German governments might come under U.S. surveillance. Rousseff is a former Marxist guerrilla who was chief of staff to former Brazilian president and Worker’s Party leader Lula da Silva. The Worker’s Party is a Marxist political organization in Brazil and Lula was a personal friend of Fidel Castro. Although Merkel is considered an ally, the German Parliament includes not only members of the far-left Green Party like Ströbele, but the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS), descended from the old ruling party in East Germany and now called the Left Party.

Ströbele’s representation of the RAF, whose members were trained at Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) camps, demonstrates that members of the international communist left in Germany, as well as the U.S., have not disappeared, but in some cases have assumed positions of power and influence. The RAF was the German equivalent of the Weather Underground in the U.S.

The RAF kidnapped and murdered German corporation executives, bankers, and police; bombed U.S. military bases; and attacked U.S. military personnel in Europe in the 1970s and 80s. One of their victims was U.S. Army Specialist Edward Pimental, who was abducted and executed with a bullet to the back of his head. One of his terrorist killers was released in 2007.

“The prisoners should have the chance for a new life,” Stroebele said, referring to the terrorists being released from prison.

The famous KGB archivist, Col. Vasili Mitrokhin, revealed in the book, The Sword and the Shield, that the Soviet KGB, mostly through the East German intelligence service, was behind this campaign of violence and terrorism by the Baader Meinhof Gang/RAF. The purpose was to undermine the U.S. and the NATO Alliance—of which Germany is a member—in Europe.

Egged on by Snowden and his communist backers, Brazil and Germany introduced a U.N. General Assembly “anti-spying” resolution on November 7, urging all countries to recognize “internationally guaranteed rights to privacy to the Internet and other electronic communications,” as The Washington Post described it.

Snowden signed a letter brought back by Ströbele expressing his willingness to testify as an “expert witness” on NSA surveillance. The letter refers to Snowden’s work for the NSA, CIA, and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). But Snowden is facing espionage charges in the U.S., and Germany would be expected to detain and extradite him to the U.S. if he ever set foot on German soil.

A German magazine, Die Welt, reports that high-ranking German security sources say the meeting in Moscow between Snowden, Ströbele, and the others was organized and monitored by the Russian FSB, the successor to the KGB. “This plays into the hands of the Russians,” a German intelligence officer said about the campaign to have Snowden come to Germany and testify.

The old Soviet Union always sought to divide the U.S. from Germany and its other allies in NATO and Europe. The Putin regime in Russia is using Snowden to try to accomplish the same thing.

The story gets even more interesting when you consider that one of the more detailed accounts of Ströbele’s visit with Snowden in Moscow appeared in the People’s World, the newspaper of the Communist Party USA, and that the author, Victor Grossman, is an American communist who defected to East Germany and wrote a book about it.

Ströbele is described in the article as “always (or almost always) the Green deputy opposing wars in Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Patriot missiles for Israel, who fought hardest against anti-foreigner discrimination (even supporting the right of immigrant-rooted police officers to wear turbans or head cloths) and a Turkish version of Germany’s national anthem.”

Another member of the German Green Party is Joseph Martin “Joschka” Fischer, the German foreign minister and vice chancellor from 1998-2005, under former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. Fischer was a supporter of the Baader-Meinhoff Gang and attended a 1969 meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organization at which the PLO dedicated itself to the destruction of Israel.

One participant in the Moscow meeting with Snowden was John Goetz, identified as an American journalist living in Germany and associated with a website called “Secret Wars,” which purports to know how the U.S. war on terror is conducted from covert bases in Germany. Goetz is now representing Süddeutsche-Zeitung, a major German newspaper.

According to Victor Grossman, Goetz “did a series on Germany’s secret assistance to the U.S. war in Iraq” and helped expose the “extraordinary renditions” of anti-American terrorists to secret locations that required German government cooperation.

Other participants in the meeting were Georg Mascolo, a former editor in charge of crime, terrorism, and intelligence issues at Der Spiegel, the German news magazine, and Sarah Harrison of WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks has posted silent videos of the Moscow meeting.

Snowden’s lawyer is another interesting character in this process. Anatoly Kucherena, described as “linked” to FSB and “Kremlin-connected,” says his client has accepted a job with a Russian website and that he is studying Russian.

In an article from 2002, written in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fiftieth birthday, Kucherena praised Putin, a former Soviet KGB officer, as a “reformer,” reports Deutsche Welle, a German broadcasting company that has covered some of the controversial aspects of the Snowden affair. Kucherena emerged as “one of Vladimir Putin’s most prominent supporters and campaigned for him” in 2012, the news organization reported.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


Feds Get Ready To Seize More Land

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: Carol Ray
Cross-Posted at Right Wing News

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says she may recommend that President Obama act unilaterally to create new national monuments if Congress remains gridlocked. She recently visited some sites in California. (Dan Joling / Associated Press / September 3, 2013)

It’s the Marxist nationalization of America, one acre at a time. The government is getting ready to seize even more land to put under federal as well as UN control (see UNESCO). If they control the land, they control the food and they control the people. The Marxist moonbat Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, who has been on the job about 6 months, is touting the coming Jack Bootedness of the Obama Administration using conservation as a shield:

SAN FRANCISCO — Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says she will recommend that President Obama act alone if necessary to create new national monuments and sidestep a gridlocked Congress that has failed to address dozens of public lands bills.

Jewell said the logjam on Capitol Hill has created a conservation backlog, and she warned that the Obama administration would not “hold its breath forever” waiting for lawmakers to act.

“The president will not hesitate,” Jewell said in an interview in San Francisco last week. “I can tell you that there are places that are ripe for setting aside, with a tremendous groundswell of public support.”

Congress has not added any acreage to the national park or wilderness systems since 2010. Jewell blamed ramped-up rhetoric in Washington for the impasse. She said the appetite for preserving American historic and cultural sites remains high but some officials seek to avoid the appearance of publicly embracing more government protection.

And, the wicked witch of the West is right there in the fray too… Dianne Feinstein, who is not content to try and kill the Second Amendment, has turned her toxic gaze on an American land grab. Feinstein, Jewell, Brengell and others are pushing for a fascist bypass of Congressional power to take over the former Land of the Free:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has proposed sweeping legislation that would add thousands of acres to Joshua Tree and Death Valley national parks and the Mojave National Preserve, protect 74 miles of waterways as wild and scenic rivers, designate 248,000 acres as wilderness and create the Sand to Snow National Monument running from the floor of the Coachella Valley to the peak of Mt. San Gorgonio.

The conservation community has a long list of places that it believes require protection, but activists complain that with sequestration budget cuts on top of congressional reluctance to promote conservation, little is getting done.

“It’s been nearly impossible to figure out how to get more funding for conservation work, whether it’s just getting money to run agencies or getting full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund,” said Kristen Brengel, who lobbies Congress for the National Parks Conservation Assn. “There is almost no hope for the wilderness or monuments bills — they are being held up.”

Brengel said Jewell’s willingness to recommend that Obama act unilaterally, using powers granted to presidents under the Antiquities Act of 1906, gives hope to conservationists who see the administration as indifferent to environmental issues.

“The take-away is she’s kind of teed herself up to make those recommendations to the president,” Brengel said. “They are capable of making decisions on conservation. They just haven’t made many of them.”

The Antiquities Act gives presidents authority to name new monuments — a power generally residing with Congress. Presidents going back to Theodore Roosevelt have used the act to set aside natural wonders, including the Grand Canyon in 1908, which was later named a national park against the wishes of local officials.

But use of the act in recent years has sparked strong protest. Most notabley was President Clinton’s decision to designate the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah in 1996, putting one of the nation’s largest coal reserves off limits to mining.

Although Obama is using some of this despotic overreach to name monuments after communists, such as the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument in Kern County, the real agenda is to bring an iron fist down on land ownership in the US and strangle our energy production. Say it with me… Agenda 21. As the feds get ready to seize even more land, Obama flips the bird to Congress, the Constitution and the American people.