Gen. Paul Vallely: America Has Come to a Crossroads

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Gulag Bound

Stand Up America
By MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.)

America is imploding and we are at a critical crossroads. It is now obvious; from the ObamaCare debacle, to the myriad scandals, to our ever burgeoning debt, to the neutering of our world power status, to the rise of our enemies, and the demise of our allies’ trust in America; implosion is imminent.

Obama has taken the seeds of our demise, planted by progressives for over a century now, and amplified their growth at an astonishing rate. We are in a death spiral in terms of whom and what America is, was, and will become. Our ‘exceptionalism’ is the first casualty; we are imploding from within as past Soviet leaders predicted would be the only way we could be vanquished.

How, or better yet, can America recover from it its economic, political, and cultural death spiral? It appears to many of us, at home and abroad, that the United States is in a continual downward spiral, but the challenges can be overcome and we can recover and reverse that death spiral!

Even Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CNN [Saturday] that the world is now “de-Americanizing”; they don’t trust us anymore. Clearly she is separating herself from the very actions of the Obama Regime that she helped create but she should have also said that Obama is “de-Americanizing” the USA as well. In addition, Obama, through John Kerry has just now destabilized the entire Middle East with the newly announced P5+1 agreement with the Mullahs of Iran. The Sunni world, along with the Israelis, is now in more danger, not less.

Here at home, the stakes are very high for us now as well. But for our forthcoming younger generations it is rapidly getting worse. Therefore, our youth need to be more involved, they need to be included, and they must become self-motivated to understand this critical intersection we have arrived upon. If not, we will implode, and it will be quick. But how do we get there, and what do we do collectively?

The answer is leadership; people with vision and common sense, people who are not politics first, rather they are America first. They are needed more than ever to chart a new roadmap for America, both domestically and internationally. They need to be cultivated into leadership.

delaysHaving had the opportunity to meet with many members of our younger generations over the past year, I am encouraged by their changing vision of America. To steal a part of a phrase from a past television show, I call this group the “thirty-do-somethings” (25 -40 years of age), they are the future of this great country. There is a catch though. If they are to be the new leaders, they cannot be the “Kool-Aid” drinkers of the current leadership. They must become intimately aware and knowledgeable of the true intent of our founding fathers, not people who blithely couch talk of the Constitution, twisting and torturing its tenets to persuade people to buy fraudulent ideas like ObamaCare.

Encouragingly, I notice a more serious discussion of our country’s dilemmas and concern for their future and that of their children. I am not an alarmist by nature, but when I turn on the TV each day and watch the news, I see and hear very few positive reports of our government leadership and their stark inability to solve the nation’s problems. But now, alarmingly, I worry more than any time in my life. The amount of TV/radio and newspaper interviews that I do per month forces me each day to keep up with the national and international news more than ever.

The most serious questions I get are variations on a few different themes:

  • Are we approaching the end of the United States as we have known it, as it was designed?
  • Can we ever recover, how do we recover, and how long will it take?
  • Are we fast becoming a ‘statist’ nation, a ‘mob-ocracy’ of centralized control?
  • Can we overcome the current establishment two-party politics, where party comes first instead of “We the People”?
  • Where do we stand in the global political sphere now?

America is asking these questions more regularly and with more urgency and anxiety. These are not normal times and the stakes ARE VERY HIGH and time is of the essence. Just in the past few weeks, with the unveiling of all the lies and deceptions, I can feel the temperature rise among listeners asking these questions of me. They are deeply fearful now, though I have been trying to warn folks for a long time, they are now feeling the heat and it’s not a pretty picture, for millions. That number will be rising as many predict, now that people see the harm, to themselves and their young ones.

Harry Reid, Majority Leader of Democratic-led Senate

Harry Reid, Majority Leader of Democratic-led Senate

The Constitution requires that all laws ‘be faithfully executed’, but far too many are not by the Executive Branch. In fact, the ‘rule-of-law’ and the ‘balance of powers’ has for all intents and purposes been cast aside by an executive that picks winners and losers. They decide which laws to enforce, and which to ignore. In fact, they legislate from the executive pen and bench; rule by fiat is now the norm. In fact, it has also spread to the Senate where one man, Majority Leader Harry Reid has effectively become the sole Senator. Dare not cross the man from Nevada, or be labeled and neutered.

In addition, the ‘oversight power’ of Congress has been neutered as well. In the House of Representatives, it is no longer about enacting legislation, it is all about investigations. Why, because they have been overwhelmed by the Executive Branch with an almost unquantifiable amount of scandals. The hearings are so numerous, yet achieve so little, even with the power of the subpoena. Why, because witnesses stone-wall, they claim no knowledge, they hide under the Fifth Amendment, and the documents they receive are useless so often because of redactions or they just are not provided. What do the other party’s representatives, supporters of Obama do instead; they claim it’s all just politics. At some point, we need to understand that a lie is no longer just a political tool, it’s a crime.

Overwhelming the system is now the standard and there is no way to ensure that Executive Leadership faithfully enforces our laws or is held accountable. These self-serving political failures have become destructive to the well-being, liberty and happiness of most American citizens. It must be recognized that “New Guards” for future personal safety and National Security must peacefully be put into place by citizens beginning with votes at the ballot box. Failed leadership can no longer stand if the Constitution and the Republic are to be preserved for our children and all future generations.

Cicero said it best:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

The facts (factoids – like Obamacare) are now becoming more recognized with the most recent dastardly additions of: countless political deceptions, lies, national economic destruction, manipulation of statistics, purposeful job-killing, and the demise of America’s middle class.

Obama-constitution-burningThere is no Administration help for the massive unemployment of Black Americans, and the politically purposeful illegal alien invasion of the United States is killing us all. With over forty percent of the people within the fifty state borders now receiving food stamps, we have become a nation of ‘entitlement’. If you add up all these facets, the only conclusion is treason; treason to the sovereignty of each separate state and to the citizens within the several states, all perpetuated by the elected and appointed inside the Washington DC beltway.

An extensive analysis has been undertaken into the several national crises by Stand Up America US and its “Americans Project”. We who care greatly about the Republic, the People and the Constitution know now that action must be taken immediately. Necessary and workable solutions have been developed to help solve and fix what has without question stunted our Nation’s ability to clearly, legally, and peacefully function as a Constitutional Republic.

To begin the process of reclaiming America, we are establishing the ‘American Leadership Council’. The idea is to identify twelve people who hold America’s interests first, not their own. These must be people from proven leadership positions, not ‘talking heads’ and ‘community organizers’. These must be people who have led large businesses and/or held military positions of consequence. These must be people who hold loyalty, fealty, and love for this country first, and most of all, they must be trustworthy.

I intend to begin the process by acting as the inaugural chairman of the council under the banner of ‘The Americans Project’ and I am currently talking with people with these critical characteristics to join us. Our goal is to provide an alternate core of leadership to that which governs us so badly now, in both major parties, across all levels of government. We want you, the people, to have another choice, a place to go that you can trust.

A place where fellow constitutionalists, young and old, inclusive of all races and creeds, can go to ask questions, knowing the answer will not be some political primrose path or Potemkin village. It will be the place where prospective candidates can come for the best advice, and if they fit the mold, they will gain our blessing and backing. Independent constitutional leadership, selected by ‘American Leadership Council’ will be that leadership.

The council will have a set of goals based upon the key national issues that must be solved if the United States of America are to become economically solvent, remain peaceful, to once again become nationally secure, and to reclaim our standing on the global stage. When the council is fully populated, we will then post position and policy papers that address these issues:

  • Constitution of the United States – The Constitution as it was originally established and amended in the Bill of Rights must remain in absolute and total effect. We must get back to this first before we can attend to any single issue.
  • National Defense – A strong national defense of well-trained Active Duty, Guard and Reserve Forces must be reconstituted and realigned with readiness, technology, and speed as its core. Posse Comitatus shall be the backbone and social experimentation must end.
  • Economic Issues – Government is not the cure, it is the problem. Big government’s days must end now. The Federal Reserve must be abolished and big banks must be broken up just like Standard Oil was long ago. All economic functions will be turned back over to the US Treasury including the power to coin and to print and issue currency.
  • Internal Revenue Service – The IRS must eventually be abolished. How? We must revisit and abolish the 17th Amendment and employ a “fair” or “flat” tax system where all have skin in the game. Income taxes are a control mechanism, not a wise device to fund the government, anywhere in the USA.
  • Immigration – The illegal alien invasion of the United States will be stopped with secure borders finally established where no one can get through illegally. Our visa system must be revamped with more thorough vetting and tracking. Severe penalties (financial and criminal) for employers who hire illegal aliens must be enforced and there should be zero services provided other than emergency medical care, then deportation.
  • Homeland Security – The DHS and FEMA have both grown far beyond the intentions of reasonable and responsible leadership control. Law enforcement shall be a state, county, or local function only. The DHS will be disbanded and certain functions will be merged into other departments more suited to the task.
  • Energy – The Department of Energy must be abolished and certain specified oversight functions would be moved to the Department of Commerce and/or to the States. No more ‘crony green capitalism’ and ‘junk science’ fear tactics that enrich charlatans.
  • Education – The Department of Education must be abolished (Along with “Common Core” or any other foreign born design) and its functions and all funding responsibility will be returned to each individual state, territory and the District of Columbia.
  • EPA – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must be abolished with responsibilities and functions to revert to each individual state. Conflicts will be resolved at the Department of Commerce while working with the states. “Regulation Nation” must end because the law of diminishing returns is crushing our economy.
  • Federal Agency Locations – Selected Agencies will be moved from the ‘beltway’and disbursed into the interior for cost-effective and long-term security reasons as well as seeking more diversified hiring of highly qualified civilians.
  • Federal Property – All unused or unneeded federal facilities must be re-purposed in the redistribution of agencies to the interior and special attention must be paid to areas in decline. All other facilities shall be sold to the highest bidders. All federal lands will revert to the state except for the park systems, national security, and military bases.
  • Entitlements
    • ObamaCare – The partisan and destructive Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care ACT (PPACA, aka ObamaCare) will be repealed and replaced with a market based system that crosses state borders. Tort reform shall be a priority.
    • Medicare and Medicaid will revert to pre-2009 status.
    • Social Security – Necessary changes and revisions will be made to the existing Social Security System to ensure self-funding.
  • Public Service Employee Unions – The Executive order that allows unions to exist in government will be rescinded. Government unions must be made illegal through Legislative action.
  • The United Nations – The United States must reduce its funding levels commensurate with an egalitarian system. The US should then work to move the UN to another nation and consider withdrawal in full.
  • Department of Defense – Begin a systematic process to reorganize the Department of Defense into an organization of National Security that can prepare us for today and tomorrow with “forward strategies” that secure America. Redundancies must be removed, reunification of branches must be investigated, and all security aspects of Foreign Service protection shall fall back into the DoD.

Enough is Enough.

Our national call to action requires all of us to get our country on back on track, join us today!
God save the Republic!



  • To contact MG Vallely or the SUA staff, please use the following email: [email protected]
  • To set up an interview with MG Vallely, contact Scott W. Winchell via email: [email protected]

30 thoughts on “Gen. Paul Vallely: America Has Come to a Crossroads

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  2. twelve? why that number? the hour is late for a political solution. i think the gulf that formerly divided military and civilians will evaporate as true freedom lovers will have to become more military in their thinking and those in the military who hadn’t placed freedom first will have to become freedom lovers. all the points are valid but recognition of a difficulty, isn’t the solution.

  3. General Vallely:

    I would like to impose on a bit of your time and relate some information that is directly related to your article but in a more serious and direct way, that is from the revelations of Catholic Mystics who are known to have the highest integrity and trustworthiness.

    – In 1990 Sister Lucia of Fatima said: “Russia will attack America”
    – In 1959 Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961), Italian mystic and stigmatic said: “Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and attack America with her ‘secret’ armies.
    – In 1984, Pope JPII asked a German mystic what he had seen in his visions, to which he replied: “I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the East and West Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities.

    I would ask you Google or search and read the following articles:

    – JR Nyquist, For Patriots Who Think
    – WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe.
    – Prophecies of Alois Irimaier (1894-1959)
    – Prophecies of Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961): Italian mystic and founder of the Order of the Calabrian nuns.

    I could list dozens of Catholic and even Protestant mystics who all have had the same revelations, many of the Catholic saints and mystics have warned even many years past of what is to happen, allow me to give a brief summary without resorting to listing another few dozen sources highly regarded as authentic and trustworthy.

    First a short religious background and then the actual description of the attack on Europe and America:

    According to the mystics God is going to let our enemies (already in early progress) to punish us severely for the sins of abortion, homosexuality, pornography, drugs, contraception, etc, but mostly for the now massive apostasy from the faith and near 2000 years of true doctrine by not only the peoples at large but by the hierarchy of the Church itself, up to the very top. When all seems lost, when both the Church and the world seem doomed and on the verge of defeat, then God, and only then, when His Justice has been appeased, will intervene and turn the tide. The mystics say that into this coming turmoil it will become evident to “all” none excepted, that this was all along a war between Satan and God. We win in the end but the price will be enormous. Whole cities, provinces, even countries will disappear in massive earthquakes and tidal waves – many mystics warn of a mega tidal wave that spans from Boston to Florida that even dwarfs the recent movie as such.

    Obama’s mission was to prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship and his time is very short to accomplish his mission, especially now that much is becoming public of past and present conspiracies. God, knowing that if they were given the time, approx 2016-17, that we would not have a chance on our own, so He, God, “Preempts”: their plans and makes them make their final moves before they are ready. What that cause is I do not know at the moment but it is coming possibly by the late spring early summer, when this Pope dies is the start of the major events, notwithstanding some volatile and major happenings here in the mean time. (Yes this Pope is to die either this late Spring or next, I might think this spring, and the new pope shocks the entire world and Church as he condemns the Vatican II, possibly the Popes since then and returns the Church to its former disciplines and doctrines, and much more.

    The described attack on America by many of the mystics, comes from five and maybe six sides. Read especially JR Nyquist article which is a short summary of the many Catholic warnings of the coming attack.

    – Florida: Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, and other S. American Socialist/Marxist countries side with Russia and the agreements have already been secretly made.
    – Mexico: Sides with Russia
    – Alaska: Russians try to reach the US/Can. to link up with the Chinese, but are stopped by US/Can forces.
    – California: A One Million man Chinese amphibious landing “with help from within our own government”. (Note: Reports of western journalists covering recent Chinese amphibious drills in China, where when asked what they are preparing for – they answered – for our attack on America.
    – Minnesota: Largest pop. of Russians and Muslims live in the Dakota’s, Minn, and MIch. I should not have to tell you of the many Russian “caches” of supplies and arms that we know have been pre-planted all over America and Canada as revealed even in various publications and former Russian operatives.
    – Pennsylvania: This one is iffy, but some prophecies mention a sixth movement and attack starting somehow from Penn. coast with many Russians and others.

    Again, from the Mystics and other revelations:

    Total world economic collapse
    Civil war and revolution combined for several months of the most violent fighting in the country, then when all is in turmoil and chaos, Russia and China attack America with their allies. The attack happens in Europe in late July and the attack on America a few weeks later in early August ( year ??) but it seems to be next year, and all to happen so suddenly that even the governments had no idea or foreknowledge.

    The Chinese take land up to the Rockies for several months then we, including many civilians with our loyal forces, drive all our enemies back into the ocean. But at first victory eludes us for a time while God’s Justice is appeased, then when the tide turns, we “annihilate” all of our enemies both foreign and “domestic”. America will be in the throws of a civil war and revolution when attacked and it takes a time to organize and defeat not only the foreign enemies, but those here. America is divided we see so clearly, many will fight against virtue and with our enemies. The mystics explain that Russia has and is preparing a massive invasion force with armaments, planes, and the like in numbers extraordinary and undetected by the West

    No electricity, food, water, gas, stores, transportation, etc, for over a year near two, just killing, mobs, gangs, Marxist sympathizers, and then a foreign invasion, and starvation on a scale never before imagined in America.’
    These mystics warn to get out of the cities, as you might read in Sister Elena’s revelations pertaining to the Russians and the world, every single major city in the world will be destroyed either by the war or the elements.

    Marie-Julie Jahenny: (1850-1941) Mystic and Stigmatic, was shown in the late 1800’s, WWI,WWII and WWIII in detail in Europe. She details the three pronged attack of the Russians and their allies (all of Islam sides with Russia as Russia’s cannon fodder). First all the Scandanavian countries are obliterated, then the second prong with goes “through Iran” down to Italy, Greece and Turkey, the last prong is from the East through Germany towards France and the coast. Her prophecies are available in English but only from France, only one source in America that never has them in stock. There is a whole book of her revelations just describing the attack in Europe.

    Again, we win in the end, both here and in Europe and there is much more I could explain but of course the space and time here I have already imposed on it and your time.

    It would be a God send to have top officials and military commanders that were informed of these prophecies, as one can readily then see even more clearly what is happening and transpiring within our Marxist Presidents office.
    There is even a “Scapular of Benediction” given to Marie-Julie for this coming war, where those who have it and it is blessed by a priest, with it hanging in their homes, will be protected from all happenings and dangers while in their homes, and those who wear it, “will have the gift of being able to see in the dark” that is without NV, and this is mentioned in some prophecies of those that have this Scapular, moving through enemy ranks, unseen at night but with the vision of near daylight.

    God Bless.

  4. There is no solution. The USA is finished, done, no more. A shell of what it once was. The people have been dumb down, the illusion to them is reality, and there are no real men to fight back.

    This nation failed for one reason and one reason only!

    It has been proven all througout history that there are only two ways to conquer a nation:
    1) By the Sword
    2) By DEBT

    RIP America.

  5. Should have been done before Obama was reelected. God’s judgment is coming to our nation for turning our backs on Him. Prophecy is lining up as Iran gets the green light to continue uranium enrichment and prepares to go to war against Israel, as foretold in Ezekiel 38-39. It is painful watching the destruction of our once great nation, but God’s will WILL be done. Prepare your hearts and minds for the coming destruction and accept Jesus as your savior before it is too late, the day if His second coming.

  6. I think the military has to respond to the criminals in our nations capitol. I think that the have the means to force them out. If the True Military Leaders can force the issue on these criminals. The most of the country would follow. Unfortunetly thats probably our only option that we have. God Speed, Rex

  7. Rex P. : You are right on; otherwise we are headed for a super sized train wreck! Jarhead: lots of good points! David, I agree.

  8. “The Enemy Within” …. the Jews working to dilute and destroy the homogenous WESTERN Civilization and culture of Liberty and Freedom for the last 80 years.
    America, throw off the YOKE of Israel.
    America is like MASTER-BLASTER in “Thunderdome”. The dwarf Israel controlling the retarded giant:
    “christian-zionism” is today’s JUDAS ISCARIOT .
    America & Christians have been YOKED by those who crucified Our Lord.
    In the bible the Jews BRAG about how they parasitically controlled Egypt AND Babylon. The bible clearly tells how Abraham twice “pimped” his own wife for monetary gain from Kings of GOOD character. Then ignorant people say one is wrong to talk about Jews controlling things. TRY READING THE BIBLE, the jews BRAG about it, insinuating themselves into positions of power is part of their culture.
    The Jews want to rebuild their “temple” so they can return to ANIMAL/BLOOD sacrifices, where they smear the blood of the animal all over (the bible describes in detail how they should rub blood all over themselves) and burn the corpse for a “PLEASING ODOR onto “their” lord”. The Jews worship a WAR god. The CRUCIFIXTION of JESUS CHRIST was the FINAL sacrifice. Or don’t any of you EVER read the Bible?
    Isreal worships a WAR god. Christians have no business supporting or associating with WAR god worshipers. The only Jews Christians should embrace are those Jews who see the LIGHT and convert. WAR god followers do not embrace PEACE.
    “Judeo-Christian” is an OXYMORON. WAR-God vs PEACE-God. The Old Testament followers worship a WAR GOD and spend their lives hating, reliving every imagined slight, and dreaming of VENGENCE ….. “NEVER FORGIVE and NEVER FORGET” …. they still go on about Egypt and Babylon after MILLENIA. New Testament followers (are supposed to) worship a loving, forgiving God, and to CLOSE the Old Testament, as it has been FULLFILLED by the Crucifixion of Jesus. If you are following the OLD Testament you ARE NOT and CANNOT be a CHRISTian.
    “ANTI-Christ” does not get any greater then to CRUCIFY HIM. There is a MYTH that attempts to shift blame for the crucifixion onto Rome but the Priests sending SAUL of TARSUS and others to HUNT His followers right after the crucifixion PROVES that that is a lie. The Priests also instigated POGROMS against the early Christians. Judaism IS the ANTI-CHRIST.
    “christian-zionism” is the modern day JUDAS ISCARIOT, attacking CHRISTianity while feigning to BE Christian. Kissing Christ on the cheek for the Temple Priests.
    Jews refuse, even to this day, to set aside 2,000 years of venomous hatred for Our Savior.

    “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister

  9. . I Stand with the General as long as he stands for The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and Natural Law. Do Not go into their Luciferian night without a fight!
    “They” want hell on earth.
    I don’t know how this will pan out, but I can’t just accept it. We have a nuclear option too. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Starve The Beast.

  10. General Vallely,

    I’m so proud of you and those who stand with you to help save our great nation! My father and many of my other family members have served in the military to preserve the American way. Do we citizens have the support of the military? Will the retired and “relieved of duty” officers round up the soldiers and rise up against this evil administration? Who can stop them?

    It feels like we’re going down for the last time. We are feeling a bit helpless out here! What can we do? HELP!

  11. That is a nice start. It is in the open with the transparency necessary to stimulate a spark in the minds of the disillusioned. The restructuring and the streamlining are clearly defined. There is one omission but perhaps it can be attended to as part and parcel. That omission is the national security state apparatus which places an exemption within the fabric of your intent. I do understand without substructures such as the tenth fleet enabling clarifying information flow and surveillance the job would be more difficult. But the apparatus is what placed much of this paradigm on steroids. It would be my recommendation to add it to the list of structures to abolish. It is an albatross we could do without. Consideration of this would also go along way to assuring the external long-running liberty movement that you are not just another conscription effort as occurred with the teaparty. The other point I would make is a caution to exercise heightened watchfulness. This corruption has no intention of relinquishing its power and control quietly. The greater your success toward a reasonable solution to our problems, the more dangerous that corruption will become. The “population-stabilization” i.e. depopulation intellectual crowd within the matrix openly justifies acts and missions that would raise the hair on the neck of the most hardened warrior. False flags are not above them to maintain their positions. Our collective resolve to retrieve this nation and re-install the founders proverbial third option in opposition to a global feudalism is firm and unwavering. It’s good to finally hear from you guys. If this is for real then you have a land sovereign sanction same as the founders did. FiOs.

  12. The general is simply saying in an more elegant manner what I have been saying. If it is not Constitutional it NEED NOT BE OBEYED.

    Everyone must be told this. I mean how simple can it be? Your leaders are not gods, but servants that must follow the mandate of the Constitution.

    Instead they are disobeying it as SOON as they get in office and then you believe and follow what they say like sheep all the while ignoring the man is DISOBEYING the Constitution because he promised you something greater, LIKE A BIG FAT LIE!!!

  13. Hey Seriously,
    Good question about the retired and relieved military officers. Dont realy know the answer
    but I do think I know the mind set of the many liberty loving citizens of this great country and
    there will be uprisings on many levels. Unfortunately, the administration has gone to great
    lengths to prepare contingencies for citizen uprisings. Don’t let the Affordable Care website
    fiasco fool you, they have planned a martial law ‘insurrection’ scenario very carefully. They are, from their own words and actions, expecting a catastrophic event to take place soon (1 to 3 months from now). From economic
    collapse, to Ison’s debris field, to solar flares, to EPM’s, to volcanic and weather related disasters.
    The administration is not being open or specific to the public as to what they really know.
    This is what we need to remember., God is in control. Yes believe it, God is in control.
    Jesus did say that in the end times there will be troubles and calamities such as the world has never
    seen before and never will see again. One third of humanity (3.2 billion) will parish. Thats a lot
    of souls.
    Jesus also said that those days would be shortened for the elect sake. Not sure about this one,
    could be rapture?

  14. Gen. Paul Vallely: America Has Come to a Crossroads
    General…………..America is going down ..corrcet….ther’s a way out…No
    Simply cos it’s not that simple…if you assume like me ” It’s a 100 % fair universe “…
    that simply means … Americans must pay for their mistakes and crimes…and nothing for free…
    2.0 M iraqi ppl killed for fake WWD weapons…who will pay for that…??
    Americans ppl will do …a body for body…
    this is just one example and you can count 100..from Vitnam .to Laos Somalia to Egypet…just keep counting
    Genaral…It’s a 100 % fair UNIVERSE…nobody can ran out with a crime…NEVER..
    Hope you can find a solution for that…myself I can’t find one…
    especially living under siege of coup gov backed by your system…

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  16. Americans need to get on their knees and cry out to The Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other hope but for all Bible believing Christians to pray. God bless America.

  17. @ Salem, nothing is truly assured. The demise of this nation is not assured. Not so long as the awake and aware stand between total tyranny and its goal of total destruction. I don’t think you are realizing that America is vast in its diversity and mindsets. What you are describing on the international level has been the work of powers beyond the financial and geographical reach of America’s rooted masses. The truth of what has been done in America’s name overseas was cloaked in secret dealings, half-truths, and outright un-truths on one hand while the population was deliberately diverted via appealing distractions on the other hand. Why is information necessary? Because the subversion that has been wrought did so upon the People because of all the powers within the world, the American People bound together by a deep belief in natural rights and the practice of human exceptional-ism is the one power upon this world with the capacity to take the corruption down to a degree it will never recover from. That can only happen if the American People can be woke from their slumber and their separation from self governance. Hence the corruption fights to keep my people ignorant and comatose.

    You are speaking to the General in a manner that seems to seek to block his offer of a potential solution as if all the blame for the inequities of the last century can be rectified by the destruction of the alternative to a global feudalism. I believe the man understands the importance of the American construct. I believe he has recognized that our nation is not just an experiment in self-governance based on principles of virtue and natural rights but that it is a template for how a world might one day come together as a whole to construct a true and honest planetary governance for the People of the World, by the People of the World; something that the current effort of feudal corptocracy is not.

    His effort is remarkable in that it symbolizes the epitome of the great awakening occurring in this nation which Brezinski bemoaned to the transnational elitists not all that long ago. This is a spark of hope for if a mainstreamer who has resided deep within the system for many years can come to see what is happening then the general population is fully capable of being drawn from the illusion that holds them enthralled and incapacitated. The Awakening has reached this deeply into the construct of the corruption. There is thus nowhere this corruption can continue to hide unless you defend that corruption by attacking any who propose its eradication and prevention of all future inequities upon the world.

    Either we gather together and stand against the storm or we drop sail, and swamp into the chaos that threatens to engulf not only this bright speckled tool, but also the remainder of the world shortly after. Few are the venues not already conscripted or conquered. Vengeful wishes are not honorable or constructive wishes. Two wrongs do not make a right. The solution is to correct the problem at the root and if the root lies here, then so to does the struggle to establish a process of distraint; to correct the course and cause of the calamity.

    Will you lend your weight to a process of distraint or will you and others like you keen as bansidhe in the paths of the rescue parties blocking their every efforts with accentuating dissonance? Turn and lend your energy to the white wave instead, my friend. The wave rises against the gale and its dream cleanses; it is a worthy cause.

  18. American the Mystery Babylon. God’s will IS being done. We are watching it all unfold now. The time for a political overhaul was in 1963. It failed. America is now being judged for her sins. Prepare, get spiritually right with Jesus Christ and inform others. Mr. Vallely, your work is highly respected and very well thought out. Unfortunately it is a few decades late in my opinion. May God be with you sir! Ephesians 6:12

  19. Please read: “The Way home or face The Fire”.

    Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

    The man that wrote ” The Way home or face The Fire ” also made the DVD
    ” 7/7 Ripple Effect ” about the London bombings in 2005. This man’s name is
    John Anthony Hill, His Spirit-being ( names ) are: JAH, Muad’Dib and Elijah.

    Friends of Muad’Dib:

    Muad’Dib means ” Teacher of Righteousness ” in Arabic.
    Psalms 68:4 Sing unto God, sing praises to His name: extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His name JAH, and rejoice before Him.

    P.S. Please sign this petition:

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  22. We need a president with a backbone . The United States is I the laughing stock of the world . What we need is a Ronald Reagan figure to lead America back to its position of being the world’s best country once again .

    God Bless America

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