China Threatens Military Action Against Japan

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Photo: CNN

With no major world power posing any kind of a threat to them, China is donning their war paint and swaggering towards conflict. On the eve of Joe Biden visiting Japan, China ratcheted up the rhetoric of war and militarily threatened Japan over China’s newly declared air defense zone. They boldly state they will ‘enforce’ new aircraft controls in a maneuver that amounts to a dare to Japan to step over this midair red line. Poke, poke, threaten, dare – repeat until something happens:

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yangsheng accused Japan in a statement of “making trouble” and he warned Chinese military aircraft would enforce the newly imposed air defense identification zone, or ADIZ.

“Japan’s actions have seriously harmed China’s legitimate rights and security interests, and undermined the peace and stability in East Asia,” Geng said through the official Xinhua news agency. “China has to take necessary reactions.”

Geng listed a series of actions by Japan he said had increased tensions, including Tokyo’s frequent dispatch of ships and aircraft to areas near the disputed Senkaku islands, threats to shoot down Chinese drones, and overall escalation of regional tensions.

Without mentioning the United States, Geng also said other countries must “correct wrong remarks and wrongdoings,” he said.

“Other parties should not be incited, or send wrong signals to make a very few countries go further on the wrong track, which will follow the same old disastrous road and undermine regional and world peace,” Geng said, insisting that China adheres to peaceful development and defensive policies.

The comments were the most forceful by a Chinese government spokesman since Beijing unilaterally declared the ADIZ that overlaps Japan’s air defense zone and covers the Senkakus, which China calls Diaoyu.

Of course, the US has already seemingly capitulated to China, who owns us, by telling American Airlines and others to submit and comply with the ‘so-called’ Chinese air space demands. In essence, hanging our allies Japan and South Korea out to dry and at the mercy of the Chinese communists. It’s a complete turn around from Obama’s previous stance of supporting Japan on this issue, invoking defense commitments under the U.S.-Japan defense treaty.

This weakness and now capitulation to China is drawing strong rebuke from leaders:

“In an obvious attempt to placate China, the United States is sacrificing the assurance to our allies in the region that we are a reliable and steadfast security partner,” Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.) said in a statement to the Free Beacon.

Inhofe noted that 2012 marked the 60th anniversary of the U.S.-Japan defense treaty.

“The belated invocation of our treaty obligation clearly falls well short of an appropriate response to this latest provocation by China that would be consistent with the spirit and intent of the treaty,” Inhofe said. “Unfortunately, this follows a pattern of fumbled reactions by the Obama administration in other regions of the world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.”

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon also called the Chinese air zone “bullying” by China that risks a military miscalculation.

“I am glad to see that China’s blatantly aggressive actions aren’t affecting how the U.S. military conducts operations in the region, and I’m pleased to hear that U.S. military flight operations are continuing as planned,” McKeon said in a statement.

“It’s important the United States stand with its long-time treaty ally, Japan, against this kind of international bullying,” McKeon said. “I encourage Vice President Biden to call on Beijing to retract this antagonist claim during his visit there later this week.”

Of course, Biden (with a spine of molten steel) declared how concerned the US was over this. He blathered on about ‘accidents’ and ‘miscalculations,’ but not a peep about war which this could very well result in. Don’t want to commit to that now, do we? I mean they are just allies — China, after all, is our banker.

“If you’ll forgive a personal reference, my father had an expression. He said, the only conflict that is worse than one that is intended is one that is unintended. The prospect for miscalculation mistake is too high,” Biden said.

But not too high to do a damn thing about. What a weasel. Scratch two more allies. I think the US is down to about — let’s see – zero.

China could also poke the badger further by announcing another air defense zone over the South China Sea. That would really hack off Vietnam, the Philippines and other states. Looks to me like China is just itching for a conflict. They feel emboldened and are starting to play global RISK for real, by taking over more airspace and by de facto, countries as well. China is calling for Japan to “correct mistakes” in the air zone. In other words, surrender the space to us, or we will hit Japan. This is not a game folks. This is the foreplay of war and we are definitely involved here. China is not going to back down on this. Period.

China is claiming self-defense over this, but we all see this for what it is… a move to conquer and take over countries and extend power. What? You thought war was passe?

China’s Communist Party-affiliated newspaper Global Times, a booster of Chinese militarism, continued its recent inflammatory rhetoric on the East China Sea dispute

“The U.S.’s stance of feigning fairness while actually backing one side between China and Japan seems established, but if Biden’s tricks in Japan go too far, this will seriously affect the atmosphere of his next visit to China,” the newspaper said in an editorial.

“The confidence of Chinese society is declining on whether the U.S. and Japan really have no intention to provoke a war in the western Pacific.”

Earlier on Nov. 27 Global Times warned that “maybe an imminent conflict will be waged between China and Japan.”

“We should carry out timely countermeasures without hesitation against Japan when it challenges China’s newly-declared ADIZ,” the newspaper said. “If Tokyo flies its aircraft over the zone, we will be bound to send our plane to its ADIZ.”

“If the trend continues, there will likely be frictions and confrontations and even tension in the air like in the Cold War era between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. It is therefore an urgent task for China to further train its air force to make full preparation for potential conflicts.”

Much of this also goes towards commercial benefit. As Russia is doing the same, China is making moves on gas and oil reserves.

According to military sources in Taiwan, China’s next move in the East China Sea will be challenging the middle line dividing China and Taiwan along the 100-mile wide Taiwan Strait. China will most likely press Taiwan to permit civilian flights to cross the middle line. It’s a move to take Taiwan over and a definite move towards war.

China feels she owns the US and in many respects, at least economically, she does. She is threatening any and all who stand in her way. Witness what was said to Britain just this week:

But a leading state newspaper launched an attack on Cameron Tuesday, saying Britain should recognise it is not a major power but “just an old European country apt for travel and study” in an editorial under the headline “China won’t fall for Cameron’s ‘sincerity'”.

China has allied herself with a new axis of evil comprised of China, Russia and Iran as well as others who want global power. The US is a weakling now who seems to be content to let dictators and communists run amok, while redistributing wealth, preaching Marxism and actively destroying their own Republic. Our whacky leaders have gone villainous on us and are enabling monsters.

While China threatens military action against Japan, loopy Biden and his Marxist buds declare an emphatic meh and shrug as the Chinese start to make their global move.

17 thoughts on “China Threatens Military Action Against Japan

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  3. All show and no go….they won’t do squat…………chinese talk big and tough, how do i know this…..ex gf was chinese, and her family and friends. They don’t like japan for the ww2 invasion and rape of nanking..they can’t get over it…and they put other asians down…..make fun of them….disgusting actually.
    But I digress…..china talks tough but will never do anything……

  4. The have planned their thrust into the western Pacific for several years. They have thought through the counter-moves to every conceivable Japanese/ US parry. I believe their dreams of conquest stretch from the Philippines to Kamchatka. If we want to put them off balance, we need to do something completely unexpected. Something very bold. My suggestion would be to sink their carrier. A spread of four “fish” would put it on the bottom in less than a minute. Sink it in deep water during bad weather and claim that the old Russian rust bucket broke up and sank with all hands. Tragic, very tragic. Of course we should offer our assistance in the rescue effort.

  5. i think china should take over japan i dont like japs myself read your history on japan raping women in china and how they torture them china women stuffing there japs flag up there you no what and then ramming a broken bottle in to it disbowel
    preg” women them japs are no good down with them animals

  6. Take China seriously. They are not like the America, that says one thing and does another. They see America as a regressing, degenerate, bankrupt (morally and Spiritually) society. They despise us and laugh while fat ass American
    s run to Wal-Mart to buy their cheap Chinese goods while putting thousands of American’s out of work, just to save a buck. They laugh while we elect leaders who are taking us down the road of Marxism knowing that it leads to slavery. All the while Americans allow themselves to be led by the “ring through the nose Marxist” Yes Americans are going to get what’s coming to them. And nobody will step up to help them when the calamity comes.

  7. Believe them, they neither forget, nor forgive, With Japan it is WW2, with western powers it goes back to the time of the boxer rebellion. Are they themselves capable of the cruel actions it would take to fight a war? They killed more of their own than any other nation on earth, just to solidify power. They have their own problems, a housing bubble larger than ours ever was, inflation, governmental debt larger than ours at a percentage of GDP, falling exports, they need a distraction for the masses. Their masses fill the streets when angry, they can’t afford that. There are two ways to handle it. Gain reserve currency status to be able to print their way out, or a war against a whipped up enemy.

    Don’t sell them short, or underestimate them. They have a hundred million men who can’t find wives or jobs, how better to trim the excess and gain resources than a war.

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  9. As long as they take care of Fukushima I don’t care what they do. If Fukushima is not stopped all life on earth will. Wanting to stop it is probably the best excuse for war ever.

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  11. Hey you red commie bastards, who do you think you are , threatening another nation when in fact its your nation that should fall by the sword. you are murdering thug gangsters and plunderers, you murder your own people by the millions and , God will destroy you, your tanks and planes and lands based army wont save you in the time of trouble which is going to befall you. and tell your ignorant generals to stop threatening the U.S. with nuclear war, because if you press and launch you also will be decimated beyond belief.

  12. Hey!!! I fail to understand what all the fuss is about! When push comes to shove – our fast becoming all gay military will protect us!!! They’ll either seduce our enemies into submission or slap them silly!!!


  13. China may be threatening military action against Japan but I would bet it has more to do with stopping Fukushima than airspace violations. China want’s to stop Fukushima and if it takes an act of war to make that happen then it is the best excuse for war seen in the past 100 years. Fukushima is more dangerous than Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and it is being kept out of our view by our own currently elected leadership.

  14. The now emboldened and empowered Chinese government are ruthless Luciferian communists who sense weakness and are now probing for opportunities to destabilize their enemies defenses in the manner of Sun Tzu. They rightly see the Japanese government as the weak Luciferian suck ups that they are. Then there is the whore that is the U.S. government, which continues to publicly defile itself by yielding to all it’s enemies demands to the point now that every tyrant in the world sees the writing on the wall. The eminent collapse of “The Hammer of the Whole Earth” will leave the biggest vacuum in world history. All the major pretenders are gassing up their newest toys whilst they imagine their glorious ascension to the throne. The American sheeple may not know it, but our enemies know full well that the 300 year old fractional reserve debt based currency ponzie scheme Luciferian bullshit we inherited from GB is now reaching it’s ignominious end. War seems certain now, it’s only a matter of time. Not sure what will be the final trigger but history tends to repeat itself. Hopefully the fuse is not already lit. Watch out for a major false flag event.

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