9mm is the Greatest Caliber Ever!


Shooters know what they like and seemingly every marksman has their own preference for which caliber is best. While it may be impossible to definitively say “9mm is the Greatest Caliber Ever!” it’s easy to make the case that it is and there are a number of reasons to feel that way, even if a logical person can make a case for just about any caliber.

We’ve assembled some of the most authoritative studies conducted, gathered the opinions of respected 9mm shooters, and as many other fact-based sources as possible to create this guide. While AmmoForSale.com certainly doesn’t intend to make the claim to have a solution for every shooter, we do believe you can make a case that each of the three primary handgun calibers could very well be best. In this article, we make the case for the most popular handgun caliber on the market today through eight distinct characteristics.

1. Capacity

I’ve never heard of a person who survived a shootout stating that ‘I wish I’d had less ammo on hand in that fight,’” Garry Hamilton, a long-time shooter and writer at Noisyroom.net said.

When you really need it, you’ll be glad to have the extra rounds afforded by carrying a 9mm over larger pistols.

Whether you own a full-size 9mm pistol with the capacity to carry 18 rounds or a compact version that only carries closer to 10 rounds, odds are you’re going to have more chances to hit your target than if you carry a firearm chambered in .40 S&W or .45 automatic colt pistol.

Especially in high-adrenaline, self-defense situations, statistics show shooters aren’t as accurate as they might be under different, less threatening circumstances. Obviously, the more opportunities you give yourself to hit your target, the more likely you are to neutralize a threat or simply hit your mark.

It is simple, magazines afford you flexibility and additional rounds if you need them. While it’s not hard to find a large 80-round drum magazine for just about any firearm these days, it’s somewhat unrealistic to believe you’ll be carrying a magazine that large in a true defense situation. After all, who can holster a drum magazine comfortably?

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