ObamaCare: Designed To Fail, But For What Purpose?

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

Back in the days when the Democrats were breathing the rarified atmosphere they were living in after their left-wing coup in 2008 took over the White House and both houses of Congress, they thought they could do anything they desired. They didn’t need bipartisan dialog to write new laws, they didn’t need public debate, they didn’t even have to read the fine print of the laws they were told to vote on. That’s what then Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi actually said, remember? So without debate or open discussion the Democrats created the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, subsequently known as ObamaCare. They wrote the law behind closed doors in the back rooms of the most nontransparent administration this country ever had.

And without the give and take of bipartisan negotiations or the compromises to appeal to alternate points of view, the Democrats created a law that did exactly what they wanted it to do. Fail.

While the rumors of this new law were leaking out, something called public opinion began to swell in vast opposition to what this law was being described as going to do. And the liberal news media worked overtime to dispel the rumors from Republicans about the Death Panels and high costs, all of which have subsequently been confirmed. Socialized Medicine was not part of the culture of America. But the back room powers behind the Democratic Party paid no heed to what the public wanted. Barack Hussein Obama, who once described himself as The One who would cause the rise of the oceans to slow went out on a campaign to calm the troubled waters with promises of Hope and Change. And LIES such as “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it.” which he repeated 37 times in 2013. Never mentioning, of course, that his landmark legislation redefined the basic standards that existing healthcare plans had to meet in order to remain, which most did not. Minor details such as these that were always ignored by his unindicted co-conspirators in the left-wing news media that fell over themselves in abject adoration of his messianic image. So in passing, ObamaCare became law with only Democrats voting for it and later on Democrats were taking all of the credit for it. Then the rules and regulations began to be written. And written they were, some 20,000 pages counted to date. A most complete blueprint for disaster.

There were so many convoluted rules that murmurs of discontent began to rise within the most loyal ranks of Democratic supporters. Starting with Congress itself, the elected members decided they wanted no part of it for themselves or their families or their staff. Then the diehard unions who were all loyal Democrats wanted to be exempted from it, too, and exemptions were granted by executive fiat in the hundreds. Then as the deadline approached and the rules became public, employers began looking for loopholes and found that only full-time employees working 40-hours a week had to be covered. So millions of employees suddenly had their work week reduced to 30-hours. The public discontent mounted.

Then in the months preceding the implementation date, insurance companies began sending out a flood of cancellation notices and the true meaning of Obama’s LIE about keeping your healthcare plan finally hit the fan. If anything could top this mountain of dung it was the web site designed for Americans to use to seek out and sign up for their new insurance coverage. In true political fashion, the contract to create the web site was not put up for competitive bid. It was handed out to a company run by a former classmate of Michelle Obama. Of course no one bothered to investigate the credentials of the recipient of the 800-million dollar contract so it only came to light after the web site crashed that the company behind it, CGI International, had a record of failure. But the crashed web site only contributed to the failed concept of ObamaCare and millions of Americans who were being forced to find insurance coverage were not even able to do so if they wanted to.

So the greatest liberal minds in the nation, working in unison to create the dream legislation of their careers all produced nothing but a worthless, unworkable fiasco. And we are really supposed to believe this was all an accident?

If the public opposition to Socialized Medicine was being rejected by the single-minded Democrats they did in fact take care to make their plan vastly different to quell the fears. So why design a healthcare plan that was intended to create havoc and disrupt a major part of the U.S. economy? Why put at risk in an election year the very Democrats who had placed their careers on the line to support it? The answer is part of a scripted plan to make the leadership of the Democratic Party come out looking like heroes. When all seems to be lost, and no hope can be found to fix the disaster, Barack Hussein Obama will offer a solution that would have been totally rejected a few years earlier. ObamaCare wasn’t designed to be the ultimate healthcare plan for the nation, National Health Care was. The so-called Single-Payer System whereby every American will receive “free” healthcare paid for by the government. This is the utopian dream of every Marxist-Socialist. From Fidel Castro to the Soviet Union to the British Empire. This is the system used by our good friends to the north in Canada. It is so good that Canadians flock to the United States for medical treatment. It is so good that Hollywood liberals like Michael Moore traveled to Cuba to produce a documentary film about it but who now says that ObamaCare is not for him.

The horror stories of free healthcare in Great Britain can fill a book. The worst is the enormous wait times for treatment, the underpaid Doctors, the shoddy treatment, the untrained bureaucratic staff and the sick and neglected dying patients. That’s not the story line from a B-movie, its a review published in the British newspaper The Telegraph. Read the stomach-turning details:

Stafford Hospital: the scandal that shamed the NHS
Patients lying starving, soiled and in pain. Over-worked staff dogged by targets. Laura Donnelly tells how a culture of fear meant that ticking boxes trampled over the basic needs of the most vulnerable.

By Laura Donnelly, Health Correspondent
7:20AM GMT 06 Jan 2013

Hundreds of hospital patients died needlessly. In the wards, people lay starving, thirsty and in soiled bedclothes, buzzers droning hopelessly as their cries for help went ignored. Some received the wrong medication; some, none at all.

Over 139 days, the public inquiry into the Stafford hospital scandal has heard testimony from scores of witnesses about how an institution which was supposed to care for the most vulnerable instead became a place of danger.

Decisions about which patients to treat were left to receptionists, inexperienced junior doctors put in charge of critically-ill patients, and nurses switched off equipment because they did not know how to use it.

Desperate relatives told the inquiry, chaired by Robert Francis QC, how patients were left so dehydrated that some began drinking from flower vases.

By the time the hospital’s failings were exposed by regulators, in 2009, up to 1,200 patients had died needlessly between 2005 and 2008.

It happened in simple terms because managers attempted to cut costs and meet Labour’s central targets, so they could achieve the coveted “foundation status” for Mid Staffordshire NHS trust – enforcing 160 job cuts as they tried to succeed.

Now a public inquiry, which opened more than two years ago, is attempting to address fundamental two questions. How was it that the regulatory and supervisory systems which should protect all patients failed so catastrophically – and what is to stop it happening again?

Mr Francis and his team have heard from 290 witnesses, and considered more than one million pages of evidence, in an inquiry which has so far cost almost £13 million. Repeatedly, the evidence has led to one question – whether a “culture of fear” means that the demands of the NHS hierarchy take precedence over the most basic needs of patients.

The inquiry heard that at Stafford, NHS targets ruled supreme.

Orders were cascaded down the management hierarchy, from the executive board, to the operational managers, to the senior nurses and matrons; nurses and doctors who failed to meet them were threatened with the sack.

It led to junior nurses and doctors abandoning seriously-ill patients to treat minor cases who were in danger of breaching the four-hour Accident & Emergency (A&E) waiting time limit.

For the same reason, patients were often moved out of casualty soaked in urine or covered in faeces, because the target – to admit or discharge patients within four hours – was under threat.

Meanwhile, nurses were instructed by senior nurse colleagues to falsify waiting times, and to claim that patients had been seen more quickly than they were.

And a few months later an investigative commission revealed:

Thousands more NHS deaths could have been prevented, government adviser says

By Patrick Sawer
8:39AM GMT 16 Mar 2013

At least 20,000 hospital deaths could have been prevented if warnings about high mortality rates had been acted on quickly, a government adviser has said.

Read the rest here. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/heal-our-hospitals/9934555/Thousands-more-NHS-deaths-could-have-been-prevented-government-adviser-says.html

So why are the Democrats so determined to push us into a similar system? The answer is twofold. Controlling healthcare means controlling lives and that equates to controlling people. Just as every dictator strives to disarm his subjects to prevent rebellion (but that leads to another lie spoken by Obama about his support for our 2nd Amendment Rights). It was never about just controlling healthcare. Secondly, Obama is obsessed with destroying America’s greatness. His Communist leanings from the time he was mentored by the card-carrying CPUSA member Frank Marshal Davis to the affiliations he made with left-wing radicals at Occidental and Columbia and his friendship with Weather Underground founders and domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn seem inline with those earlier enemies from the Left.

People look at the performance record of Barack Hussein Obama and either laud over his liberal policies or condemn him for his failures. But what they miss is the fact that Obama has set out from the beginning to wreak havoc on everything great about America and instead of failing he has succeeded in everything he wanted to do. He has created a racial divide by ignoring black on white crime, even publicly sympathizing with the Florida thug Trayvon Martin who had the misfortune of attacking and trying to kill an armed community watchman. He has a Black Attorney General who had directed the Dept. of Justice to drop charges against the Black Panthers who were found guilty of intimidating white voters in Philadelphia. The same Attorney General who tried to blame gun crime in Mexico on gun sales he arranged in Arizona where the ATF purposely allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers. They called it Operation Fast and Furious. This operation was a failed attempt for more Gun Control laws.

Barack Hussein Obama has purged our Armed Forces of hundreds of high ranking officers thus weakening our military command and drastically cut the Defense Department budget. He has threatened court martial against Chaplains for preaching Christianity. He changed the Rules of Engagement placing our soldiers at high risk fighting radical Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan which greatly increased the casualty rate. He has alienated our allies and supported the Muslim Brotherhood, our sworn enemy and placed their members in high-ranking positions in his administration. He has committed scores of treasonous acts in violation of the Constitution by exercising legislative authority to write laws, change laws and refuse to enforce laws. And his attempts at changing our healthcare laws are aimed at wreaking 1/3 or our economy, the same economy he has virtually bankrupted by borrowing trillions of dollars of new debt.

Obama has not failed, he has done everything he set out to do. And if he gets his way he will suddenly act to take advantage of the pending healthcare disaster he created by offering a ready solution. Obama will be made to look like a hero just in time to advance the Democrats interests in the November elections and he will offer a much needed solution to those millions of Americans who will have suffered many months this year with health insurance they couldn’t afford since ObamaCare went into effect on January 1st. Obama will admit the failure of his original plan and announce a substitute plan, a Single-payer National Health Care plan, a system in which the government, rather than private insurers, pays for all health care costs. Just like in Canada and the U.K. Paid for with higher taxes. The one he wanted all along.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldioronsides.


Must Read!!! Torsten Mann’s Review of “Secret Weapon”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

A German Review of Kevin Freeman’s excellent Secret Weapon by Torsten Mann:


Was the global financial crisis triggered on purpose?

Since infamous “Black Thursday” of 24th October, 1929 which led to the Great Depression of the 1930s one knows the far-reaching consequences a stock market crash can have. Today, it is claimed more and more often that the economic breakdown of the 1930s was caused by the nature of the capitalistic economic system itself that always generates speculation bubbles which burst finally, especially when capitalistic greed gets out of control. As a solution for this problem generally a more or less state-directed economic curtailment of the free market is demanded. The belief grows that socialism should solve the problems which supposedly capitalism has caused. However, there are also voices which claim that the breakdown of the global economy in the 1930s was not a failure of the market economy, but rather an act of deliberate sabotage. Furthermore, these voices claim, it was only because of Stalin’s strategic incompetence that Moscow wasn’t able to use this opportunity for triggering a communist revolution, considering the huge social problems in Germany and America that were caused by the Great Depression. It is supposed that, if Trotsky had been in power at that time in the Kremlin instead of Stalin, world history would have taken another course. However, although the global revolution didn’t break out then, the global economic crisis created the political conditions for the Second World War – with all its catastrophic results.

Did capitalism fail?

Though the question whether the stock market crash of 1929 was caused by sabotage was never officially examined, at least the US government tried to take fiscal measures as for example the Glass-Steagall-Act, so that a similar fiasco could not recur. And indeed during many decades the world was untroubled by a similarly heavy economic crisis. Until in 2007 the US real estate bubble burst, triggering a world financial crisis, at least according to widespread view. Again it was allegedly capitalism that failed and this view finds more and more followers, particularly in the form of the Occupy Movement. However, it is exactly this claim that the American author Kevin Freeman contradicts with in his current book Secret Weapon which was published in January, 2012 by Regnery Publishing.

In this book Freeman claims that the bursting of the US real estate bubble was not the real trigger for the global financial crisis, even if he acknowledges that the US real estate bubble has certainly played a role, just like the problem of the too large US national debt and other unfavorable factors. Instead, Freeman presents a very persuasive chain of evidence which points to the fact that the big financial crash of September 2008 was indeed the result of a deliberate and well prepared act of sabotage that was carried out with big organizational expenditure. He calls it financial terrorism. Freeman describes in detail how in 2008 a sequence of carefully coordinated attacks hit the American financial markets which almost caused the entire Western financial system to collapse. Besides, about 50 trillion US Dollars in assets were destroyed worldwide. He speaks decidedly of an act of economic warfare.

Financial terrorism and economic warfare

These terms may at first seem strange and unusual in connection with the financial crisis of 2008, because most people usually assume that all traders and investors on the world stock exchanges pursue exclusively the aim of making profits, even if sometimes they are unethical and ruthless. Surely no one could have a deliberate interest in collapsing the whole financial system. However, Freeman describes something in his 287 pages that is even comprehensible for a layman. He describes which means and methods were used and in what sequence attacks were committed against specific commercial firms. According to Freeman, the operation was prepared in phase one by an artificially increased oil price. Then phase two followed with suspicious market manipulations which brought down several banks; for example, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers; and he indicates in detail how several financial instruments were used respectively and which role they played, among them Credit Default Swaps, naked short selling, currency manipulations, state funds, index funds and hedge funds, as well as algorithmic trading.

Freeman stresses that the financial crash was only possible because all those fiscal safety measures which had been introduced after the global economic crisis of the 1930s were systematically cancelled during the preceding years. For example, in 1999 the Glass-Steagall-Act was abolished by President Bill Clinton and this was a precondition for the excesses on the financial markets during the following years. Another precondition was the extensive deregulation of the financial markets which led to the introduction of those new financial instruments which opened the way to disastrous effects during the crash of 2008. Freeman points to the fact that it was also the government of Bill Clinton which laid the groundwork for the US real estate bubble (because it was the political will of this administration to enable home ownership for people with low income and low financial strength). In addition, he holds the American central bank, the Federal Reserve, responsible for the fiasco because of her many years’ low interest rate policy and her consequent idleness during the outbreak of the crisis.

Insider trading also occurred before 9/11

Freeman shows that prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks suspicious financial transactions took place which indicated that not only the World Trade Center was attacked as a symbol of the American economic power, but also that these attacks were directed explicitly against the western financial system as a whole. Allegedly, a short time before the 9/11-attacks stock options were traded on an increased level which betted on falling stock prices of those airlines whose planes were used for the attacks. For example the volatility of the United Airlines stock increased 30 percent and this points to the fact that someone tried to benefit from the forthcoming attacks. As Freeman reports, the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC could prove an increase of suspicious transactions with the shares of 38 enterprises and also with certain US government bonds. All together the terrorist attacks of 9/11 caused an economic damage of approximate 500 billion US Dollars. Even if the attempt failed to bring the western financial system down, Osama Bin Laden repeated in his video messages again and again that his terror was directed not only against human life and material but expressly also against western capitalism as a whole.

Who triggered the world financial crisis?

But who triggered the world financial crisis in autumn 2008 and why did they try to bring the global financial system to the brink of collapse? Freeman holds an anti-western alliance responsible for the attack, made up of several Islamic terror groups which are supported by states in the Middle East and who are connected to Russia and China. In addition, he supposes the involvement of certain representatives of international high finance who are already infamous on account of dubious currency speculations. The fact that such an alliance existed for many decades and that it connects Islamic terrorism to the Communist camp, is already well documented in literature.

Osama Bin Laden’s videotapes clearly show the influence of socialist ideology; for example, as he justified his call to sell off the US Dollar and boycott American goods, he also accused George Bush of dismissing the climate change agreement to placate giant corporations. Bin Laden also held monopoly capitalism responsible for the rising cost of living. Freeman quotes Bin Laden, saying his supporters would “know the cracks in the Western financial system like the lines on their own hands.”

Bin Laden’s deputy and successor, the supposed KGB agent Aiman al-Zawahiri, asked his followers several times to sell off their US Dollars because the western economy would break down and the breakdown would begin with US markets. However, Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda is not the only Islamic terror gang which is suspected by Freeman of having contributed to the financial crash of 2008. Among others he also mentions Hamas and Hizbollah as well as Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood which strives to substitute western capitalism with a Sharia-compliant Islamic Jihad. Behind these terror groups Freeman recognizes the participation of oil-producing states including Iran and Gaddafi’s Libya, but he suspects also supporters in Saudi Arabia and he additionally mentions the regime of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. Freeman points to the close collaboration between Chávez and the Iranian Mullahs who share a common enemy in the US. Defectors revealed that Chávez supported the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda in 2002 with one million US dollars. Freeman cites Chávez during a visit in Teheran in April, 2009: “Capitalism needs to go down. It has to end. And we must take a transitional road to a new model that we call socialism.” However, Teheran was not the only stop during his trip abroad. It led him also to Qatar, Beijing and Moscow; everywhere he demanded an end of capitalism and advertised a new economic alliance with a new reserve currency of its own backed by oil in opposition to the US Dollar and to Wall Street.

The Chinese strategy of “Unrestricted Warfare”

Certainly Chávez has found an open ear for his concern in Beijing, because while western investors are stupid enough to invest their money and know-how voluntarily in the rise of the future Communist world power, the leadership in Beijing calls the US its main enemy with which a future conflict will be inevitable. One is reminded of Lenin’s famous aphorism that the capitalists will sell the rope to the communists with which they will hang the capitalists afterwards. How this could come about was described by the Chinese military officers colonel Qiao Liang and colonel Wang Xiangsui in a policy paper from 1999 which is cited by Freeman and wherein they point out that Beijing clearly understood economic warfare and financial terrorism more than a decade ago.

It is an interesting fact that in this policy paper by the Chinese military both Osama Bin Laden and George Soros are mentioned by name. They write that unrestricted warfare, namely a combined offensive consisting of the terrorist attacks of Bin Laden together with financial attacks in the style of George Soros could not be repulsed by the US government: “Whether it be the intrusions of hackers, a major explosion at the World Trade Center, or a bombing attack by Bin Laden, all of these greatly exceed the frequency band widths understood by the American military.” Take notice, these lines were written in 1999! A combination of such means together with naked military power would produce a “hyper-strategical” weapon; and this was the “real hand of cards“ China had to play in the fight against the USA. In this respect one can be sure that the partly unlawful methods which China applied in its rise to superpower status, from bribing Western decision-makers and the theft of intellectual property and spying to their currency manipulations to maintain their trade surplus, is part of a strategical master plan. Communist China is seeking to achieve both economic and military superiority over the United States within the next ten years and as soon as this is reached, no one should be surprised if the Chinese economy is suddenly collectivized. That means it could very soon turn out that China is not the “market of the future“ for greedy and unpatriotic western investors, but the biggest and most tragic bad investment of all times. Freeman makes clear that communist China is ideologically interested in the decline of the US as a world power which can be brought about by the collapse of the US economy – with short-term loss and long-term gain for China.

On the way to the Soviet “Global Democratic Peace”

Freeman also mentions Russia as one of those states which have a motive for the economic collapse of the western world. He explains that the present regime in Russia, even two decades after the putative collapse of communism, still strives for the overthrow of the US as a world power and the establishment of a new world order. This is certainly correct, however up to the release of Secret Weapon Freeman unfortunately did not known the testimony of the defected Czech general Jan Sejna who is considered the most important principal witness regarding Moscow’s long range strategy. As early as 1982 Sejna wrote in his book We Will Bury You that even after a reorganization (in Russian: Perestroika) of the communist regime in Russia the Kremlin would still follow a long range strategy striving for a communist world order called “global democratic peace.” During the final phase of this strategy, which shows a remarkable resemblance to the world-political situation of today, Moscow planned to undermine the western economy by means of economic warfare to create the social and economic conditions for progressive forces to seize power. Their task would be to convert America into a socialist state. This means in plain English that very early the Kremlin made preparations to deliberately cause a new world economic crisis which would lead to an extensive impoverishment of the capitalist West, which would aggravate class warfare and create the necessary willingness for the acceptance of socialist or communist solutions. Jan Sejna wrote that the Kremlin learned from Stalin’s mistake of failing to exploit the Great Depression by carefully laying the groundwork to exploit a future global economic crisis. It is interesting to note in this connection that the current financial crisis broke out immediately before the presidential election of 2008 and was crucial for Obama’s election victory. Up to the collapse of Lehman Brothers the Republican presidential candidate John McCain led in the polls. But McCain’s popularity among the voters fell with the stock market. In the end Obama was elected president.

Even if Sejna is not mentioned in the first edition of Secret Weapon, Freeman refers to Sejna in his current publications and plans to feature him more prominently in future writings. Besides Sejna, Freeman is furthermore confirmed by the Russian GRU defector Viktor Suvorov, who wrote in 1984 about the idea of using western dependence on imported oil for the sabotage of western economies originating back in 1954 with the 10th directorate of Soviet military intelligence (GRU). At that time a study was elaborated, the so-called “locomotive report,” which said: to wreck the ‘locomotive of capitalism’ it was not necessary to smash the whole engine, only to deprive it of a crucial ingredient. Immediately after this, according to Suvorov, the Soviet penetration of the Arab nations began.

Freeman explained that Soviet economic sabotage against the West began with the manipulation of oil prices in 2008. These were pushed artificially upwards for a while. General Sejna and major Suvorov both testify independently that for several decades the leadership in Moscow was thinking about how the western economic system could be sabotaged successfully.

Freeman postulates another clue regarding the Russians; namely, that in Moscow already several months before the terrorist attacks of 9/11 warnings were spread about an imminent breakdown of the American financial markets. For example, with reference to the Kremlin adviser Tatiana Koryagina the Russian newspaper Pravda published the announcement on 12th July, 2001 that the dollar and the American financial system would break down on 19th August or a short time later. Koryagina advised the Russian people to exchange their dollar reserves immediately for rubles. At the same time there were meetings in the Russian Duma how to prepare Russia for the economic breakdown of America. The breakdown of the American economy would be triggered, according to Koryagina, by the attack of “shadow forces,” or a “mighty group … [of] international mystic-religious forces.” Asked how the US economy could be brought down differently than by a war and without rocket attacks or bomb attacks, she answered, there would be other kinds of weapons. The United States have been selected as the target because the financial center of the world economy was there, and after the breakdown of the US the ruble would become the most important currency in Europe and Asia. When she was interviewed once more after the attacks of 2001, she said new strikes would follow, financial ones as well as others. She said America will be hit in the back and brought to the ground.

Freeman’s warning of a “phase three attack”

Let me summarize once again briefly: According to Freeman, the attack on the western financial system was carried out in two phases. In phase one the oil price was manipulated upwards to strangle the economy. In phase two the market was manipulated through naked short selling against big banks which were system-relevant (for example Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers); and this led the financial system to the edge of breakdown. However, Freeman stresses that the danger is not over yet. He still expects a further so-called “Phase three attack“ to which the western financial system today is just as defenseless as it was in 2008. In spite of numerous warnings nothing was done by the responsible decision-makers within the US government to turn away the danger or even to reduce the risk. The completely inappropriate crisis management of the last years with its stimulus packages and bailout funds indeed raised the national debt to heights never seen before. On the contrary, today the situation is more dangerous than it ever was, because the rescue measures of the states exceed their economic efficiency. Immense budget deficits generate high inflation risks, so that in the case of another sabotage attack a collapse of the financial system could hardly be prevented. The national debt of the US increased within the last four years from 10 billion US Dollars to 15 billion US Dollars just as a result of the crisis management of the US government.

A phase three attack, as Freeman expects, would include a massive sell off of US government bonds and US Dollars by which the US Dollar would lose its status as the world reserve currency. This would cause a downward spiral and the global financial crisis would escalate even more. According to Freeman a hyperinflationary demise of the US Dollar would be possible, similar to the situation in the Weimar Republic during the Great Depression. Russia as well as the oil-producing states and particularly China with their huge US Dollar monetary reserves dispose of the necessary means for such an attack. Therefore the Director of National Intelligence warned the Chinese government that if it sold off mass quantities of US bonds, the United States would consider it financial warfare. Freeman quotes financial expert James Rickards who describes the problem as follows: “The number one vulnerability is the dollar itself. (…) So why hasn’t the dollar collapsed? The short answer is, global investors don’t have any other choice. That is, there simply aren’t enough Euro- or Yen-backed securities for investors to shift their money out of dollars and into some other currency. But what if some kind of global coalition – say a trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund allied with several countries around the world – banded together to create a gold-backed alternative to the dollar? (…) That’s the end of the dollar. You’d have high unemployment, deflation, and interest rates would go up. It would take what already looks like a strong recession and make it a Great Depression or worse.“ And this would be the end of the USA as a world power, caused deliberately by financial sabotage and economic warfare.

Will there be a new world reserve currency?

The saboteurs aim is not only America alone. Freeman states that the Euro crisis was also aggravated deliberately, namely using the same means including Credit Default Swaps and naked short selling. He explains that in February 2010, before the Euro crisis escalated, a group of high finance managers met in New York to discuss how they could use the plight of Greece to put pressure on the European currency. The intention of this manoeuvre was to reinforce the need for the introduction of Eurobonds which would accelerate the abolition of the remaining remnants of national sovereignty across Europe and to create further pressure upon the US Dollar as a reserve currency. In the same extent, in which the Dollar gets under pressure, the demand for the establishment of a new world currency grows. Freeman reports that representatives of the UN, the IMF and the World bank already expressed their endorsement for the establishment of a new reserve currency. Representatives of the communist government of China and the other BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India and China plus South Africa) also demanded a new world reserve currency. In this context Freeman quotes Vladimir Putin, who said in the summer of 2011: “They (Americans) are living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar. (…) There should be other reserve currencies.“

Obviously Putin has forgotten that until a few years ago his country was dependent on regular loan-financed grain imports from the US and that many of his compatriots simply would have starved without American famine relief at the beginning of the 1990s. Despite this, the Kremlin is ready to agitate against the American economic system, even though Russia was not able to feed itself adequately for many decades.

Freeman suggests that the BRICS-group was created resulting from an 1998 initiative of the former Russian head of secret service and Prime Minister Jewgeni Primakow, likely for strategical and geopolitical purposes. During a summit in April, 2011 the BRICS states announced their intention to replace the US-Dollar as a world reserve currency.

Freeman supposes that prior to such an attack the BRICS states would call on their populations to invest in gold, and this is exactly what they are doing. In the first quarter in 2011 China became the world’s biggest buyer of gold bars and coins, partially hidden under the cloak of state funds. India comes in second. Similar recommendations were issued in Russia already before 9/11 and even Al Qaeda has asked its followers repeatedly to invest their property in gold. Also the regime of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela tried hard the last year to draw off its 211 tonnes of gold reserves from abroad and to bring them back to Caracas. The step was explained with the fact that the future of the US Dollar was uncertain and a new international currency system was being prepared.

All warnings fade away unheard

Kevin Freeman describes in his book how he together with his team tried for months to inform the relevant American authorities and Secret Services about the fact that the financial crash of 2008 has been caused deliberately and that there still was the danger of a third attack wave which finally could cause the western financial system to collapse. However, astonishingly he bumped into unexpected opposition in Washington. First nobody wanted to hear his warnings, then he was strung along for months and apparently there were attempts to cover up his work. Actually there was even a threat to classify his work in order to prevent him from going public with it. Finally, he was told by an official the truth about why someone tried to suppress his warnings: they did not fit the political dogmata of the Obama administration. This phenomenon is nothing unusual for anyone who deals with the reports of Russian defectors who often try to warn the western public of the fact that the Kremlin is not the strategical partner the western political and media establishment are trying to depict. Usually those warnings are suppressed and hushed up, too. Hence, Freeman decided to go with his warnings to the public, so that his research is now accessible for every interested reader. But unfortunately up to now, his book was published only in English.

Which conclusions have to be drawn?

If the West’s governments are not willing to protect their citizens from a menacing currency crash, it is incumbent upon the citizen himself to seize suitable preventive measures and Freeman outlines some of them at the end of his book briefly. For example, he suggests investing in precious metals as for example gold and silver coins — but not exclusively. Instead he recommends to diversify the investment. I have to admit that I am no financial expert and as this subject is dealt with only briefly in Secret Weapon, I do not want to review or comment this segment of Freemans book. But I have researched for more than ten years quite thoroughly the communist strategy which was pursued for decades by Moscow and Beijing, and therefore I claim that I am able to form a sound opinion about Freeman’s main thesis. And in my opinion Freeman’s Secret Weapon is by far the best and most interesting book I have read this year and anyone who ever visited my Facebook page knows that I usually read many books on this subject. Although Freeman did not know the predictions made by the Czech general Jan Sejna, he succeeded to close a crucial knowledge gap in our understanding of the strategy described by Sejna who announced in 1982 that the communist camp intends to use so-called “external economic weapons“ in the final phase of its strategy to collapse the western economic system, paving the way for the victory of global socialist policy. Without knowing about this connection, Freeman explained in his book precisely how these very “external economic weapons“ were used against the US; and this is an excellent achievement which shows us the necessary countermeasures needed for the protection of the western financial system if only western governments would wake from their dreams.

Freeman also enumerates some of these countermeasures, but it is to be feared that they will remain unheard. For example he demands, that the west must become independent of foreign energy imports, and this is as true for the USA as it is for Europe and in both cases would prove salutary for the local economy. Also the financial markets must be immunized against sabotage, particularly by a regulation of Credit Default Swaps and an effective ban of naked short selling. In addition, he demands transparency for the financial markets and a wide clarification of the destructive effects of certain financial instruments about which the public up to now is not properly informed. Only if transparency exists and after the necessary clarification was established, market forces will solve the problem without requiring any state-directed economic interventions. The global financial crisis has originated not because capitalism failed, but because there was deliberate sabotage. The public must be informed about this and hopefully a German publisher will be found who has enough courage and reason to understand the value of this book and to publish a German translation. Finally all those who believe that a collapse of the US Dollar seems promising for themselves, e.g. because they are invested in gold and anticipate a personal profit thereof, or because they perhaps have a perverted desire to see the decline of the US, should think about the inevitable consequences a US Dollar crash would entail. If the US loses her status as the leading world power, communist China will rise in alliance with the KGB regime in the Kremlin as the new dominating world power. One knows from history only too well which results it always had when in any country the communists came to power, there always were collectivisations, re-education camps, mass murders and civil wars. You may reckon with such outcomes, but this time on a global scale.

Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the US Stock Market and Why It can Happen Again – Kevin D. Freeman; Regnery Publishing; January 2012

Unrestricted Warfare – Col. Qiao Liang, Col. Wang Xiangsui; Pan American Publishing; 2002

We Will Bury You – Jan Sejna; Sidgwick and Jackson Limited; 1982

Inside Soviet Military Intelligence – Viktor Suvorov; Macmillan Pub Co; 1984

– Torsten Mann

Author of Several German books
Researching the communist longtime strategy
Torsten can also be found on Facebook

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Why Did Justice Sotomayor Give an 11th Hour Reprieve?

By: Susan Knowles
Gulag Bound


If you are like me you are wondering what the Obama Administration has in store for 2014. If it’s anything like what we’ve seen in the past we will need to sit down and buckle up. It’s most likely going to be another bumpy ride for those of us who would rather see the ride end and have our country returned to us in one piece. Included in the Obama Administration and what we need to watch for in 2014, at least in my mind, are those individuals nominated by this Administration. Although, they are not technically in the administration they usually possess the same or similar progressive ideologies which allows the President to advance is agenda.

Take for example, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She does not work for Obama but was nominated by him for the position she now holds. Generally speaking, when a president nominates a person for such a high office of the United States, it is because that nominee espouses the same general political and philosophical views.With that being said, the last couple of days have left me scratching my head as to why Justice Sotomayor delayed the contraceptive mandate at the last possible minute, one day before the major provisions of the health care law were to go into effect?

Official Portrait of Justice Sonia SotomayorWhile most Americans, at least those that understand the U.S. Constitution, would agree that such contraception requirements clearly violate one’s religious beliefs under the First Amendment and should never have been tried in court in the first place, I continue to wonder what motivated her to bring the stay. It would have been so easy for her just to allow things to proceed forward. Was it because she knew that there would not be a victory for Obama and she wanted to give him additional time to come up with a more viable argument in favor of the mandate or was there another reason?

A couple of interesting facts may help to explain her motivation, although, we may never fully know the answer.

First, I discovered that Justice Sotomayor came from modest beginnings and was raised by a mother who worked hard to provide for the family after Sotomayor’s father passed away when she was only nine years old. While she did attend a top notch university (Princeton) and a prestigious law school (Yale) it appears from all accounts that she struggled somewhat with learning English but obviously overcame any obstacles she may have encountered to earn her spot. She did not come from wealth but rather from a family who believed in working hard and earning their way. Perhaps because of her background and her struggles she can better understand the concepts of justice and fairness which are described in the U.S. Constitution. However, since she does not believe that the Constitution is settled law, but only law decided by the court is settled, this is likely not the case for her order.

Secondly, Sonia Sotomayor is a Latina of Puerto Rican descent. She is also the first Latina U.S. Supreme Court Justice in U.S. history. I don’t know her religious affiliation, but a good number of Hispanics in this country are both Christian and Catholic.

Perhaps due to the dismal ratings this Democratic President has received of late, and his courting of the Hispanics for their vote in the upcoming elections, Sotomayor may have reasoned that the Hispanic vote would be negatively impacted if she did not tiptoe lightly on this issue.

Her order, however, did not stop the Obama Administration from asking for the dismissal of the stay based upon grounds that the contraception mandate did not apply to this plaintiff group. However, Obama’s new argument has the potential to shift the focus from religious beliefs to one more along the lines of standing. One has to wonder why Obama did not make this argument in the lower courts.

Thus, Sotomayor’s reprieve may result in the shifting of the focus away from religious beliefs, sidestepping questions regarding First Amendment rights, and leaving undecided the question of whether or not the contraception mandate is constitutional. Additionally, this shift in focus may help the Obama Administration to get back in the good graces, at least temporarily, of its Hispanic voter base.

george h w bushFinally, George H.W. Bush previously nominated Sonia Sotomayor for U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District in New York City in 1992. Her pro bono work for Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund caused her to be noticed by Democrats Senator Edward Kennedy and U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Perhaps since she is liked by both Republicans and Democrats, this demonstrates that she is a person who is not influenced by political objectives but rather by what is right and just. I am skeptical that this is the case. By all indications, she is a die-hard liberal and her decisions would lean along those lines. In my opinion, the Bush appointment was most likely just another attempt at a bi-partisan gesture by a less than conservative president.

Too many times we have witnessed this President pass unconstitutional laws, by-pass Congress, sign executive orders on Friday, or introduce major legislation (powers granted only to Congress) during some major holiday so that the damage would go unnoticed and without retribution from the public . My instinct tells me that Justice Sotomayor had her own similar agenda for waiting until the 11th hour before granting the stay. While I know that the U.S. Supreme Court Justices are not supposed to be influenced by the President, Congress, or anyone else for that matter in deciding a case, the odds are that she is on the same page as this Administration.

The final outcome of this case and other cases pertaining to the contraception mandate, in which she may be involved, will set the record straight and settle the question as to whether or not justice is blind when it comes to this U.S. Supreme Court Justice.


Knowles-Freedoms-FlightSusan Knowles is an author, psychotherapist and former practicing attorney. Her latest book, a political fiction, is entitled, “Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember” available on Amazon.com. Her website is www.susanknowles.com, where this article may also be found.




The Chinese High-Tech Dynasty Wrapped in Red

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out. – Edward I of England (Longshanks – Braveheart) – Instituting the right of Prima Nocte… First Night.

Perhaps a modern day Paul Revere, instead of going on a Midnight Ride and proclaiming: “The Regulars are coming… The Regulars are coming!,” he should be shouting: “The Chinese are coming… The Chinese are coming!” It fits our current storyline more appropriately, but alas no one is warning the Republic this time. And even if they did, most Americans would tune him out and go back to texting and surfing with their new tablets. One has to ask himself, if America were conquered, would anyone notice? Indeed.

The Chinese are poised to literally “breed” us out of the tech industry. While many media outlets seem to romanticize this occurrence, there is nothing starry eyed about it. If the Chinese control the tech industry and the Internet, they control the world. These Chinese hi-tech emperors are being painted as savvy businessmen who have no interest in communism or the Motherland. Silly capitalists… They want wealth, power and communism.

The Chinese are brilliant and ruthless. They tend to be pragmatic and masters of planning, not emo and frivolous. A generation of high-tech billionaires have risen in China and they are leading innovation in uber smartphones and global online stores that cater to every whim. China has shifted mass production focus from assembly lines to the technology industry. With an iron fist and a true work ethic, the Chinese are playing for all the financial marbles. Coupled with their military might and their alliance with Russia and Iran, China is the boogeyman under our bed breathing fire.

Unencumbered by that pesky Constitution and by regulation, the Chinese are set to storm the world stage in 2014:

A new generation is taking power in China. Not the grey graduates of Communist Party committees. But aggressive, entrepreneurial and often colourful internet billionaires.

As well as influencing domestic politics, several plan to break out on to the world stage in 2014.

They will be following a trail blazed by Huawei, the telecoms equipment maker. But with products and services that have much less to do with the critical infrastructure and ownership structures more familiar in the West, China’s internet giants are unlikely to hit similar trade and national security barriers.

Leading the charge is Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, an online bazaar that allows a business to sell almost any item to any other business.

On Alibaba you can buy a machine for converting used car tyres into fuel oil, a kilo of “good quality” toad venom extract, or a full-size Sponge Bob bouncy castle. Jeff Bezos wanted Amazon to be “the everything store”, but Ma built it first.

The Chinese prefer to deal with other Chinese, so most suppliers are still from China. But they are certainly open to dealing with Russia and Iran. China is also pushing for the Yuan to be the new world’s currency backed by the gold standard. With the fall of the US Dollar looming, most are betting on the Yuan these days. If that occurs, China will be the new world power and what do you think will happen to the US? You’ll only need one guess.

Wall Street and the Progressives in America are falling all over themselves fawning over Alibaba.com and salivating over allowing its entry into the stock market, with dollar signs dancing in their dreams. Of course, these same asshats want a one world government, which at this rate is libel to be headed by the Chinese. You idiots. That’s not one world government… that’s one world slavery headed by the communists. I really, really don’t think you would like the results my friends. All that money comes from the point of a gun aimed at your head.

But the race is on and smartphones lead the way:

The kowtowing to Ma can be seen as part of a bigger power shift for the technology industry to China, a country that has been mostly known as its assembly line.

The most striking example of the trend is Xiaomi, a three-year-old smartphone maker that counts the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner among its investors. It makes high-end devices that compete with the iPhone for the attention of wealthy young Chinese, and at the last count, was beating its Californian rival.

Though its smartphones are cheaper than Apple’s, they are not cheap to make. Xiaomi sees itself as an internet company striving to capture customers for its services, in the mould of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet business. Xiaomi is ferociously ambitious and has unusually sophisticated marketing for a Chinese consumer electronics maker.

Only last week it began its international expansion push in Singapore and its founder, Lei Jun, confidently announced that he aims to more double sales this year to 40m handsets. No Western rival would dare create such a hostage to fortune.

The prediction was delivered on Lei’s Sina Weibo account, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Sina, the company behind the service, is run by another of China’s technology elite, Charles Chao. Already listed on Nasdaq, Sina’s shares doubled last year on the growth of the service, which claims 600m users, not far short of Twitter.

Such is the influence of Sina Weibo in China that Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, has predicted it will play a major role in a gradual democratisation of the country.

Schmidt may be wealthy and brilliant, but he is a fool. The Internet in China is heavily overseen by the communist government and they may well foreshadow what is to come. There may soon come a time where the Internet is not a place of freedom. You will be limited in what you say and do — you will be controlled. What Schmidt sees as inevitable because there are too many Chinese to prevent it, the Chinese government sees as an army to implement those very same controls.

China’s Internet and online power is growing exponentially. The Chinese high-tech dynasty is wrapped in communist red though, and with it, comes the price of freedom. China has her sights set on the world and is conquering it financially, militarily and in cyberspace. The greatest lie the Devil ever told may have been convincing humanity that he didn’t exist… but a close second is that the Chinese pose no threat to freedom.