Secret Deals With Our Enemies: Just Give Peace A Chance

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Iran FM Zarif Honors American-Murdering Hezbollah Terrorist, “Signals Insincerity” Behind Tehran’s Latest Moves

Iran just declared victory over the world, announcing a new nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world powers. The 30 page document has not been made public yet, but word has it, a secret deal was given to Iran. Figures. The agreement supposedly takes effect on Jan. 20, after which Iran will begin to get access to some frozen assets and will have to open more facilities to inspectors. Right. And Islamic pigs fly. This absurd theater of the insane is being led by the US and Obama.

The White House is of course denying a secret agreement. But we know how much their word is worth, don’t we? From the LA Times:

When officials from Iran and the world powers announced that they had completed the implementing agreement, they didn’t release the text of the deal, nor did they acknowledge the existence of an informal addendum.

In the interview, Araqchi referred to the side agreement using the English word “nonpaper,” a diplomatic term used for an informal side agreement that doesn’t have to be disclosed publicly.

The nonpaper deals with such important details as the operation of a joint commission to oversee how the deal is implemented and Iran’s right to continue nuclear research and development during the next several months, he said.

Araqchi described the joint commission as an influential body that will have authority to decide disputes. U.S. officials have described it as a discussion forum rather than a venue for arbitrating major disputes.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Monday that the text of the implementing agreement would be released to lawmakers. He said the six parties were weighing how much of the text they could release publicly.

Asked late Monday about the existence of the informal nonpaper, White House officials referred the question to the State Department. A State Department comment wasn’t immediately available.

Basically the State Department told everyone to cool their heels and they would release details when they were good and ready. Let me translate bull crap for you: never, or after we modify it and craft sufficient lies to cover our tracks temporarily until it is too late. You can just imagine the tight little confab with Iran and Obama, who surely stayed true to his Islamic roots, heatedly going over their agreement in blood. Those wanting the truth were locked out of heaven so-to-speak. This buys just enough time to get the bomb and go after the Little Satan, Israel. The US, China, Russia and the others damn well know it too. It’s a who’s who of lying asshats getting together for an evil tea party with Obama, the Mad Hatter, serving:

U.S. officials said Sunday that Iran would be allowed to continue existing research and development projects and with pencil-and-paper design work, but not to advance research with new projects. Araqchi, however, implied that the program would have wide latitude.

“No facility will be closed; enrichment will continue, and qualitative and nuclear research will be expanded,” he said. “All research into a new generation of centrifuges will continue.”

The research and development issue has been an important one for many U.S. lawmakers, who fear that Iran will try to forge ahead with its nuclear program while the negotiations are underway. At an administration briefing for senators Monday, members of both parties raised concerns about the centrifuge research issue, aides said.

President Obama on Monday again hailed the implementing agreement and appealed to Congress not to impose new sanctions on Iran, for fear of driving the country from the bargaining table.

“My preference is for peace and diplomacy, and this is one of the reasons why I’ve sent the message to Congress that now is not the time for us to impose new sanctions; now is the time for us to allow the diplomats and technical experts to do their work,” Obama said. “What we want to do is give diplomacy a chance and give peace a chance.”

If you mean by giving peace a chance, giving Iran a chance to kill Jews… well then, mission accomplished. How can anyone believe this murderous crap? What is wrong with everyone?

President Hassan Rouhani crowed over the landmark nuclear deal as a massive victory for Iran. He declared to a crowd that the deal effectively means the “surrender” of Western powers to Iranian demands. Rouhani was quoted as saying the “Geneva deal means the surrender of big powers before the great nation of Iran.” Hear that? It’s the sound of the free world about to die. It’s the sound of a nuclear power being born to a monstrous bloodthirsty theocracy that will use it for the glory of Allah.

In the meantime, the Iran PM chose this moment to honor a terrorist bomber who killed hundreds of Americans. This deal is covered and signed in the blood of innocent Americans:

Reuters this evening published photos taken earlier today showing “Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif… lay[ing] a wreath at the grave of assassinated Hezbollah military commander” Imad Mughniyeh, a terrorist who was killed in 2008 after having spent literally decades killing Americans and others on behalf of his paymasters in Tehran.

Celebrating a mass-murdering terrorist is a bad choice for any Foreign Minister, but the decision by Tehran’s top diplomat to so brazenly honor a terrorist like Mughniyeh, who killed hundreds of Americans, within hours of inking an agreement with the US and members of the P5+1 sends a very negative, and unmistakeable signal about Iran’s true intentions.

Mughniyeh, the leader of Iran’s global terror network, in fact began his career as the mastermind of the deadly 1983 attacks on the U.S. embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut, killing more Americans than any terrorist except Osama Bin Laden. He subsequently engineered the hijacking of TWA Flight 847, as well as the kidnapping, torture and murder of Americans in Lebanon throughout the 1980s, including the CIA’s Beirut station chief William Buckley, who was eventually slaughtered after 15 months of being horrifically tortured on film by Mughniyeh and Iran’s terrorist army, Hezbollah.

It takes everything in me not to curse vehemently here. Obama made a deal with these monsters, knowing full well what they are and what they do. He didn’t care. They are celebrating the death of Americans, torture and brazen anti-Americanism, while he cuts deals and gives them the world — literally. Neville Chamberlain was clueless – Obama is just plain evil. America – do you really think someone who condones terrorists and mass murderers and snuggles with them, won’t commit atrocities against his own people? Wake up before this ends with a nuclear apocalypse. Secret deals with our enemies within and without does not bring peace… it brings war and death with the Obama logo emblazoned across it.

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  3. Ok, so let’s get this straight… While Obama was being pushed as the best thing since sliced bread in 08, the majority of Americans that hailed him were ignorant and innocent? There were warnings, red flags, and sirens blazing everywhere then, yet we voted in a foreigner, a Muslim, young lawyer with the UN and Global elite financing him… Then, to add insult to injury, you whining drunks voted fro him again against Ron Paul? I’m just trying to get perspective, mind you. So now, retrospecting, you are bravely denouncing your great savior as the puppet in front of the criminals, he always was? We (the People) are way late. The power you have given these servants of Lucifer (satan) owns us ten times over. America is history; Oh, and as the watchers were warning you every day for the past decade, what were you, ‘we the people Americans doing? What this article is saying years late you would not listen to years earlier. Lions and Lambs

  4. Hi Sonne – I have been saying this for many years. This is nothing new on this blog. This abomination is no savior to me or to those that read my writings.

  5. I think the perpatrators of the Beruit Bombing were not as portrayed, and by whom ?
    Our Hexagonal Media monopoly !
    The WORLD liberation of from war economics promised by the Iranian Scientist Keshe
    should not be ignored or. suppressed.
    Peace Now !

  6. There’s a big difference between Hebraic & Judean out of the tribes of Jacob! The Red Shields etc are the Scribes & Pharisee’s of Jesus day – most Jews are clueless (as world) of whats really going on!
    So yes, I do agree w/the article – Remember back during the Bus/Gore election and how the media kept us glued to the punch card votes? That was all a play in order to bring in the Diebolds which very well played in getting ‘him’ in the Oval and of coarse votes from Counties that had a 100 percent vote for… along w/some ‘even’ finding votes in the trunk of cars! – it’s a bunch of CS (camel dung) that the social (negative IQ’d) engineers have been shoving down are throats!
    The only peace I have is knowing the Lord is the one who raises people up (kings) in order to fulfill Divine prophesy of events on His timeline! This also tells us this age is rapping up but remember Jonah and Nineveh & don’t forget Gideon – Listen, Satan has plans but God has greater, America may not be mentioned in Scripture but the Lord may have plans that confounds the world! A nation comes out of the sea to the (temporary) rescue of Israel during Daniel’s week! The citizens (here) are not the ones breaking the law and strongly believe when Jesus calls us out to meet Him in the clouds the spirit of what only America will rise in ways that’ll blow the Lucies minds. We (who He calls by name) need to be taking a lot of time in humble prayer and He will guide us in all ways!
    Satan is on the nitro’s bottle, he knows time is really short. Also remember, the world can’t know God the scales keep them totally blinded which makes His word seem foolish! We may suffer lose and much pain, our pain will end, theirs will not! Trust Him with ourself’s and loved ones – don’t be too concerned with what may happen! The fields are ripe for harvest, this is all that matters now !

    …Heb 13:6…

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  8. Well, we knew Barack Obama was a Leninist, but it appears we had the wrong Lenin. What’s next, a Bed-In with the Mooch taking Yoko’s place while Barry fiddles with his granny glasses and channels the shade of Tim Leary? Hardly. Obama’s antipathy for radical Islam has always been less than skin deep, and his idea of peace seems to be buying the mullahs enough time to go comfortably nuclear. If recycling inanities from the Sixties helps the cause, then Obama will gladly break out the bongs, turn on the black lights, and dole out the hash brownies.(

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  10. 1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

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