All In The Communist Family

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri

Leave it to the Communist Party USA to ride to the Marxist rescue for the November elections. They are intent on keeping the Senate in the hands of Progressives and fighting back hordes of Tea Party, right wing extremists. But as vampires shun the Cross, Commies fear the Constitution and freedom and they are about to get the subject lesson of their red lives.

Last Wednesday, Sam Webb, Chairman of the CPUSA, laid out plans that were announced in a web seminar entitled: “Taking care of the future: from here to socialism.” Here is the announcement:

Out of the shadows, into the light… Communists are no longer leery of coming out in the open and stating their intentions. Why should they be? According to Obama and company, we are all Communists now.

Webb elaborated on the point that there is no direct path to socialism… to get to their destination they would have to endure a number of stages. He pointed out that it would be necessary to work with other leftist groups that shared common issues with CPUSA. This is a tried and true tactic that has, so far, been working:

“We can talk about shortening the work week, green jobs, restructuring the economy, we can talk about the de-militarization of the economy and putting those people back to work in jobs that are productive,” Webb said. “The starting point has to be this immediate engagement, but once we do that many things become possible such as more radical demands.”

Yes, kiddies… there are far more radical plans afoot and on the agenda if these people get their way. The reason many on the left are angry with Obama, is that he has not been radical enough. Webb does admit though, that through the actions of our current President, Communism is far more accepted now. It has become palatable to Americans:

“The good news is the same hang-ups or stereotypes that people had 30 to 40 years ago are not so evident today,” he said. “Growing numbers of people are ready to have a conversation about socialism. There have been public opinion polls that indicate that substantial numbers have more confidence in socialism than capitalism.”

“We have to let people know what our vision is. The climate in the country is different. We can have a different conversation than we could have 30 to 40 years ago, even 20 years ago. Socialism is no longer a white-hot word, people are willing to talk about it.”

Webb is calling for more organization, more militancy on the left:

Webb said it was vital for left-wing individuals to be part of a “bigger and better Communist Party and a bigger and better left in general,” noting that the CPUSA had a major part in helping FDR with his New Deal policies.

“The New Deal came about for a lot of reasons, but I would argue that one of the main reasons was that in that same period we saw the growth of the Communist Party and the left in general,” Webb explained. “The Communist Party and the left in general contributed mightily to the process of first building of a transformative movement and then helping secure these changes, this New Deal.”

He said progressives need to have a bigger left in order to prevent the tea party movement from advancing its agenda.

Setting out the party’s goals, he said the CPUSA could not bring about socialism on its own but needed the help of other left-wing groups it was helping to unify.

Obama and the Communists are behind the gutting of our military and the weakening of America. CPUSA has Obama’s back and it is our job as patriots to make sure they fail. Congressional candidate Marielena Stuart has stated that “Socialism is phase one of Communism.” She is right… in the end you wind up with Communism. All these Progressives know it and that is what they want.

Our country is now rife with Communists. Yep… I said it and it is true. I can hear those proclaiming that I see a red under every bed. No. I see reds in political offices across the United States; I see them in our media; I seem them in our educational institutions; and I see them in every position of power they have been able to worm their way into. What is happening in America today is the result of this.

All you have to do is read the headlines as well. Obama isn’t bashful. His actions speak far more truthfully of his intentions than do his words. Did you know we are going to spend $3 Million for a ‘Greater Understanding’ between Russia and the United States? If a true Conservative Constitutionalist was President, we could save that money and simply stand on the premise of ‘Peace Through Strength.’ It worked for Reagan and he recognized Russia for what they were. An evil empire of Communists led by a tyrannical, thuggish few. We don’t need a better understanding between us – we already share similar leaders. Perhaps Obama wants Putin as his mentor in mass murder. Good teachers are so hard to find these days.

Venezuela is on the brink of falling into full blown civil war over economic collapse and the policies of their new Communist leader. Of course, since Obama did away with the Monroe Doctrine, we don’t have to do anything to help. I mean, it’s a fellow dictator and Obama doesn’t want to crap in his palace. They expelled three of our diplomats today and that is just fine with our leaders evidently. The government will slaughter the innocent who are begging the US for help. But their cries will fall on deaf ears. Now, if they were Islamic, he might think about it. But probably not… tyrannical dictators of a feather and all that. Cuba has also shut down US travel visas. Perhaps they know something we don’t. Whispers have it that the Cubans have their thugs helping out in Venezuela. Never let a fellow Commie down.

If I am not mistaken, all the countries in Central or South America now are either led by ruthless dictators or Communists. Not to mention the infiltration of radical Islamists training there and the cartels who get to do whatever the hell they want. But Obama, like a good Communist, will open the borders and welcome them on in. He wants chaos and violence in the streets and it is coming.

So, while we give the green light to Iran to build nukes to their evil heart’s content and Obama jets off to play golf while his wife skis… Soros is betting on our market crashing and food prices are soaring out of sight. So many things are coming together just as we have predicted. It is time to hunker down and prepare – brace yourselves.

It seems every day we are treated to a new, painful episode of All In The Communist Family with Obama and his cohorts. They say and do outrageous things and the media backs them constantly. But more and more are standing up. Progressives on the left and right are going to get a visit to the woodshed in November. America has just about had enough.


Learn about the Progressive/Marxist/Communist threat. You can start by listening to my friend and colleague, Trevor Loudon:

You can join us in the fight of our lives and clean House and Senate come the next election. Visit KeyWiki.org to view research on Progressives in every state and many organizations as well. Trevor and a number of us have dedicated our lives to doing this work and we have only just begun. Then you can go over to Pacific Freedom Foundation and buy Trevor’s books. In his latest book, he exposes the enemies within Congress, their history and actions. This is what we are fighting against and it is a battle we must win to save the Republic.


“If You Like your Constitution, You can Keep It. Period!”

By: Dick Manasseri

Can you imagine the man with the Pen and the Phone, actually saying that? Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett Is more direct, “Congress won’t be a problem for us this time.”

Within the shadows of Detroit, America’s bankrupt experiment with Progressivism, an army of SE Michigan grassroots activists cling even more tightly to their U.S. Constitution than to any guns and Bibles. Maybe that’s because the death and devastation that resembles a third world city is so close to home.

The rate of death before the age of 18 in Detroit is nearly three times New York City’s, and its infant-mortality rate exceeds that of Botswana.”

A coalition of SE Michigan Constitutionalists is gearing up over the next several months to win the battle of the Michigan Republican Primary and preserve and protect their liberty.

Historian and author David Barton will be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for Constitutionalist Tom McMillin, candidate for the Michigan Senate 13th District. Barton will undoubtedly be discussing his support for the Convention of States as a way to use the Constitution to save itself.

Rochester College is hosting an evening with Dr. Ben Carson which will likely include commentary on the pathology that is Obamacare – which begs the question – Will Constitutionalist Kerry Bentivolio’s vote to Defund Obamacare and his 83% Heritage Action rating be enough to hold off the onslaught of his heavily financed GOP establishment opponent?

Allen West will be rallying his fellow Constitutionalists and their Precinct Delegates when he addresses the Romeo Tea Party two months before the all-important August Primary. Will these Delegates be organized enough to choose Constitutionalist Wes Nakagiri for Lt. Governor over RINO Brian Calley at the State Convention just after the Primary?

Finally, Trevor Loudon will be returning to Michigan just in time to once again focus Constitutionalists on the extreme danger they face from the Leftists and their collaborators – the RINOs who would forfeit the Constitution in exchange for their membership within the Progressive Elite.


February 26th Author Trevor Loudon Speaks to The Las Vegas Valley TEA Party About His New Book, ‘The Enemies Within’

Pacific Freedom Foundation

Start: 26 February 2014 6:30 pm
Venue: A Thyme for All Seasons

Trevor Loudon is traveling to Nevada to spread the word about his new book that exposes, “The Enemies Within.” Don’t miss this special evening event!

The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress is like no other book written on American politics. The book exposes, in layman’s terms, the comprehensive communist, socialist and extreme progressive infiltration of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

The book profiles fourteen Senators and more than fifty Representatives and their ties to the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, the Workers World Party and the Institute for Policy Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations. Trevor has done the hard work to connect the dots of why the U.S. Congress has moved further and further left over our lifetime and you won’t want to miss him. The Mid-Terms are coming. It’s time to clean House — and Senate!

The Las Vegas TEA Party
Wednesday, February 26 | 6:30 – 8:00 pm

A Thyme for All Seasons
310 East Warm Springs
Las Vegas, NV 89119
RSVP: [email protected]

Check out Trevor’s TOUR MAP AND SCHEDULE, which is constantly being updated with new events and venues.

If your TEA Party, 9.12, or patriotic group would like to have Trevor Loudon speak, please contact Regina Thompson.


Kangaroo Justice for Blasphemy Victims


The following is republished from WordVisionInProgress.com.

Kangaroo Justice for Blasphemy Victims: Last year in July 2013crippled Christian man, Shafaqat Emmanuel, and his wife,Shagufta Kausar, were arrested in Gojra District for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages to the local Muslims. You can find their full story on the following link: http://www.worldvisioninprogress.com/blog/2013/07/28/crippled-man-and-his-uneducated-wife-arrested-for-sending-text-message-by-wvip/ Shafaqat Emmanuel who is crippled and has no sensation in his lower […]

Kangaroo Justice for Blasphemy Victims:

Last year in July 2013crippled Christian man, Shafaqat Emmanuel, and his wife,Shagufta Kausar, were arrested in Gojra District for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages to the local Muslims. You can find their full story on the following link:


Shafaqat Emmanuel who is crippled and has no sensation in his lower parts of his body is being detained in a Toba Tek Singh Jail along with his wife. In the meantime four children along with their grandfather Emmanuel Masih were given shelter by the Us ( WVIP)

Over the last six months our advocates have been making their best efforts to get relief from the Session Court and High Court of Lahore. Earlier, the session court had denied the bail application of Shagufta Kausar and similarly High Court of Lahore denied the bail application (bearing number 13876/13) last week and directed the Additional Session Court to complete the trail within 60 days.

Mr. Justice SayyedMazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi wasinitially convinced with the argument of defense. However, following pressure from Muslim clerics and the local bar of Gojar City he was forced to deny bail and directed the trail judge to conclude the whole case within 2 months. During the case complaint proceedings Muslims clerics threatened the defense lawyers many times. Even one of the ban outfits has sent threatening letters to the office of our advocates to discourage them from defending the couple.

When our lawyers went to Toba Tek Singh jail on the trial date, they were again threatening with dire consequences. In response to the threat, we filed the Transfer Petition with the High Court.This was turnined down by the Seating Mr. Justice Sh. Najam-UL-Hasan who also directed the Additional Session Judge to conclude the case soon as possible.

However, Mian Amir Habib, the Additional Session Judge, is biased and is openly supporting the complainants and their lawyers. We don’t know whether this is due to fear or sympathy to their action.

According to our observations Mian Amir Habib has set his mind to sentence the couple; we know what is going on in this Kangaroo trial! We believe that he will give the death sentence to this crippled man and 35 years imprisonment to the uneducated Shagufta Kausar for sending text message.

We do not know why Human Rights Organizations around the world do not see such injustice in Pakistan, where Law is been used as a prostitute. Instead of giving justice to these persecuted people Judges are giving them sentences.

Imagine a man who cannot go to the washroom or take bath without anyone’s help, how he is surviving? Last night we received a call from the jail that Shafaqat has been moved to the jail hospital and is in a really bad condition. Today when our team reached the jail we found that he is in hospital due to multiple bed sores and that soon he will need surgery because his sores are more than 3 inches deep. We don’t know how long Shafaqat will survive in this condition.

We would request the International Community to raise its voice for this persecuted couple and their four children.


Forum: Can America’s Republic Be Saved?

The Watcher’s Council

Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture or daily living. This week’s question: Can America’s Republic Be Saved?

The Razor: I used to believe once that America didn’t need saving. Then I thought “Of course, America will save itself just as it has many times.” But now I don’t know anymore. When the only comfort you can take is the fact that you’ve been wrong many times before and hope you are wrong now, that says a lot about your state of mind and how far gone your country is.

Ask Marion: A good question indeed and one I ponder all too often!

I say yes if all the stars align and if we do the right things, but sadly I feel more and more that that alignment is a big ‘if’ and the hurdles are getting higher and higher. It will take a grassroots army and a lot of prayer to make it happen.

I am not a Bible scholar by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a Christian who believes that prayer and freewill are always factors. So as I see a lot of things lining up that I identify as events leading to end times according to prophecy, I choose to believe in the perspective that a a good friend who was a Bible scholar told me once; that the time of the second coming is not necessarily set in stone and because of free will man’s choices could affect both our country’s longevity as well as the timing of the end times. The book of Nahum comes some one hundred years after the prophecy of Jonah in the Bible. This book tells the conclusion of the saga of Nineveh, which God spared from destruction for an entire century. So there is hope!

And although nations rise and die, I agree with America’s Founding Fathers, who felt the hand of God was always on this nation and that they were inspired by him, so perhaps our life cycle will be different. I remember Ann Graham Lotz’s comments in an interview after 9/11:

Jane Clayson asked Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Rev. Billy Graham, “I’ve heard people say, those who are religious, those who are not, if God is good, how could God let this happen??” What do you say to that?

Lotz replied, “I say God is also angry when he sees something like this. I would say also for several years now Americans in a sense have shaken their fist at God and said, God, we want you out of our schools, our government, our business, we want you out of our marketplace. And God, who is a gentleman, has just quietly backed out of our national and political life, our public life; Removing his hand of blessing and protection. We need to turn to God first of all and say, God, we’re sorry we have treated you this way and we invite you now to come into our national life. We put our trust in you. We have our trust in God on our coins, we need to practice it.”

Instead of heading this warning… now we are taking “In God We Trust” off our coins. It is like a disrespectful child turning his back on his parents yet continuing to hold out his hand for help. At some point everyone needs to grow up!

In the ‘cycle of nations’ studied by and written about by many historians we have gone from bondage to spiritual faith; from faith to great courage which established our precious liberty, which, in turn, has given us unprecedented abundance that has made us the envy of the world. That abundance, however, has led to complacency and apathy. (If you ask the average person, What is the biggest problem in America? Is it ignorance or is it apathy? They will probably respond, “I don’t know; and I don’t care!”)

This apathy will ultimately lead to dependency and then return us to the very bondage that this nation was founded to deliver us from. Robert Bork was right when he said that, “The only hope for America is a grass roots revival.” Is America ripe for judgment? Billy Graham quipped many years ago, “If God doesn’t judge America He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!”, and Thomas Jefferson summed it up well: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; and that His justice cannot sleep forever.”

I believe that God gives us certain people, situations and opportunities when they are needed… but it is up to us to recognize them and accept of act on them. If we don’t we lose and fall further down the rabbit hole, but, ‘He’ just may not be through with us yet?!?

I feel one of those people that was sent to us was Sarah Palin. One of the situations that was created was a grassroots awakening in the form of the Tea Party and the opportunity was and is to follow that lead.

We can learn a lot from history and from the Bible, unfortunately Americans are reading both less:

Did you know that during WWII there was an advisor to Churchill who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every day at a prescribed hour for one minute to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace?

Circumstances in Brazil in the 1960′s paralleled what’s happening in our country today. We can learn a lot from the women of that time and what they did to keep their country from communism. 600,000 women marched together praying to save their country. One leader of the counterrevolution was quoted to say, “Without the women we could never have halted Brazil’s plunge toward communism.” If it worked for them, do you think it could work for us today? It was highlighted in the Nov 1964 Reader’s Digest entitled “The Country that Saved Itself”.

“Solutions are always presented to us… our job is to recognize and run with them.” Ceila Jones

God tells us: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.” ~II Chronicles 7:14

As a friend and founding member of the Watcher’s Council, Rob Miller, recently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Examiner: Going Democrat-Lite will make GOP a permanent minority, which will also permanently set us on the path to decline. The Progressives in power will obliterate the Constitution and with it the Republic. So the elections of 2014 and 2016 will require each of to get-involved, educate ourselves and share that knowledge with others, to volunteer for campaigns, work at the polls and absolutely to vote… even if in the end the candidate is not perfect in every way or wasn’t our first choice.

I agree that the GOP’s and America’s only hope and chance is to run a true fiscal and constitutional conservative and a women to go head to head with Hillary because the Dems are set on running her and electing the 1st female U.S. President which will be the lefts’ carrot… So we need to counter with the toughest and strongest woman we’ve got who has been tested by fire and is still standing… and that is Sarah Palin! She is probably the most Reagenesque politician out there that has been dubbed the Kingmaker by the likes of Cruz, Hayley, Lee, etc and that both CNN and the Heritage Foundation recently noted that the best endorsement you could get was hers. And Roger Ailes is no fool, it was no accident that he hired her back.

If you have never heard Palin speak live, you need to, because she is amazing. I saw her live in Carson, CA on the 2008 campaign trail and have seen live unedited footage of her Searchlight Nevada speech. 23,000 people came to Carson for a speech not announced until that morning and she mesmerized that crowd. And Searchlight, NV… Reid’s home town, was the same way. We forget that she had them eating out of her hand at the convention when she was nominated for VP and right after she joined the ticket, she and McCain were winning, until stupid McCain suspended his campaign to run back to DC while restricting Palin’s activities in his absence.

The left is going to try to steal the 2016 Election no matter what, so all of us need to get behind a conservative (and a woman would be the smartest and logical move), volunteer to work the polls, get out the information, put pressure on the RNC (Priebus) and do whatever else we can to save the republic and our way of life. And in the end we all need to get out the vote and vote for whomever our side puts up… but only as a last resort. (You can’t not vote for Romney because he is a Mormon and then complain about Obama!) And God help us, I’m hearing Romney again, Huckabee, Jeb Bush, even still Christie…. Really?

More and more people from the left are saying it won’t be a cakewalk for Hillary either… There has been speculation for quite some time about Sarah laying the groundwork for a 2016 Run and trying to re-Introduce herself, while Hillary is already in all out rebranding and ‘campaign-ready’ mode and the Dems are certainly trying to protect her at every turn as the dirt keeps coming, which we (the GOP) have never done for Sarah; just the opposite. The Millennials will also be a facor and they feel betrayed by Obama and his regime, which Hillary was part of, plus they won’t want to elect a 70-year-old bow-wow. Sarah is a 50-year-old looker who would give them and everyone else a real option.

I truly believe that Sarah could win with a strong VP choice if we don’t stop telling ourselves that she can’t and that we go armed with the ammunition of her accomplishments. There are nothing but positives in Sarah’s past and record and Hillary’s is filled with lies, scandals and negatives not to even mention Benghazi; it would be the battle of the Century… and I don’t think running a man with the ’1st Woman carrot’ will cut it. The Clintons are part of the system; Sarah took on the system in Alaska: she upended the Corrupt Bastard’s Club. Former Clinton WH Counsel Lanny Davis Struggled to List (Any) Hillary’s Achievements At State Dept Hillary is Obama in a dress…, just smarter!

The left feared Palin enough to actually organize the jour’no’lists, of which CFR operative Katie Couric was one, against her, created Palin Derangement Syndrome, and launched a series of contrived lawsuits against her (from which she emerged victorious and vindicated on all counts) to demonize and destroy her… but she is still standing. And on the right people who worked for Reagan like Mark Levin, Christian leaders like Billy Graham and Franklin Graham with whom the Palins have traveled to Haiti, business leaders like Donald Trump, and pundits from Greta to Hannity, to Rush and to O’Reilly, to Beck and to Judges Andrew Napolitano and Judge Jeanine, and Libertarians like both Pauls, to the entire Tea Party and every day Americans love and trust her. Palin’s book signings were packed everywhere. And did you know that Gov. Palin Generates $189 Million Yearly in Alaskan Tourism wholly related to her and Todd… Iditarod, history tours, etc; a huge asset to that state? She is admired for her work and stand on behalf of persons with special needs, especially children, and their support community because she walks the walk with son Trig. Her pool of supporters is much deeper than the left would like us to think.

I went to a local coalition meeting of Conservatives, Independents, Republicans and Libertarians and they all thought Sarah Palin was great and that she should be a serious consideration for the GOP’s 2016 candidate and exactly what America need to turn this country around… some were just afraid that we couldn’t overcome the left’s propaganda and the elitist Republican Establishment that control the RNC and betrayed Palin and the Tea Party. But if the Dem’s run a woman, we need to put a strong woman up against her. There is nobody stronger or more tested than Sarah Palin.

And if we can’t convince ourselves of that and build the army we need we are doomed as a party and as a nation, for I believe 2014 and 2016 are our last chances to turn things around. I also truly believe that Sarah is our solution and, as husband Todd Palin said recently, “she can win”, if we believe it, organize and pull ourselves together into a focused unit. And I am convinced that if we run another Democrat-lite moderate that both the GOP and America as we know it is done! Palin did just win the recent poll with highest favorability among GOP voters.

My two cents… If you haven’t seen the movie The Undefeated, you should! I recommend that everyone own one and play it for everyone they come in contact with. I have one in my purse and one on the TV ready to play at all times at home for company.

In my heart after seeing her live, I believe Palin was sent to us from a higher place and if we don’t embrace that, like we have missed so many other opportunities sent to us, it might just be time for the man upstairs to pull the plug… and definitely on his watchful grace over the U.S.

Liberty’s Spirit: The American republic is very healthy and operating as it should be. Actually the American republic has been more threatened in the past then at the present. Throughout our history some of our greatest Presidents have actually tried to co-opt the Constitution and some have even succeeded. John Adams circumvented the Bill of Rights with the Alien and Sedition Act (Jefferson later had the law revoked and freed all those imprisoned under the Act). Woodrow Wilson signed into law The Espionage Act of 1917 coupled with the Sedition Act of 1918 (repealed in 1920), both laws were held Constitutional as nonviolative of the first amendment (many civil rights authorities disagree with the ruling). The Espionage Act is still in full force today and it is still controversial. These two acts have been used to imprison such diverse individuals as suffragettes, Eugene V. Debs, the Rosenbergs and Chelsea Manning.

But perhaps arguable one of the most egregious acts of any President was the suspension of habeas corpus by Lincoln during the Civil War. Habeas Corpus basically ensures that a person cannot be held indefinitely without charge by the government. Since in our system of justice you are innocent until proven guilt, the deprivation of your liberty is an egregious act. In ex Parte Merrymen the Court held Lincoln’s action as unconstitutional, however, the ruling was never enforced. In fact habeas corpus remained suspended well past the end of the Civil War, especially in the Southern states during reconstruction. George Bush (43) also suspended habeas corpus in the Patriot Act however, that action was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Hamden v Rumsfeld. However subsequent laws passed by Congress have suspended habeas corpus under certain circumstances and these laws remain in full force and effect.

Presidents using their executive privilege to try to circumvent Congress is nothing new. The first such order was written by George Washington. They are allowed to issue orders that allows them to carry out the job of the executive and further regulations that have been ordered by Congress. In fact an executive order was issues by FDR when he imprisoned Japanese-Americans during WW2. As long as the President can sight an appropriate law and how the law gives him authority to change and redirect the law then executive orders have power. Furthermore signing statements are also a tool that has a long history of use by the executive branch. The most controversial was by Bush 41 when he used it to actually stop enforcement of the Jerusalem embassy law passed by Congress. Presidents since then have continued the use of the signing statement in this manner. The American Bar Association has issued a statement outlining the unconstitutionality of signing statements when they actually change the nature and meaning of a law duly passed by Congress.

There is the question of NSA spying on Americans, its data mining and the FISA courts as a direct assault on the 4th amendment. However, there has been no successful challenge to these actions brought to the Supreme Court. In fact as of late the Republicans in Congress claim that such a court case is not in the foreseeable future and that there is even a question as to whether Congress would have standing to bring a case against the executive.

And while many may point to the abundance of scandals emanating from the White House as the denigration of our republic, this is not the first time in our nation’s history that a Presidential administration has been riddled with those that disregard the Constitution. Historically you could find scandal in every Presidency if you looked. Quite frankly the Grant administration was one of the worst when discussing pilfering of the government treasury. Truth be told, the fact that we know about these scandals and can continual discuss them shows that the republic is healthy and vibrant. While there are cases of tremendous abuse by the IRS, attacks against whistleblowers etc, it is vitally important to remember these people are not languishing in a secret prison, but giving testimony before Congress. Now it is important to remember too that the only reason that there are these committee hearings is because the party that controls the House is not the President’s party. If that were the case there would be no doubt a huge cover up would be ensuing as unlike during Watergate, the democrats in Congress care only about party loyalty and not loyalty to the Constitution .

Now what does this mean for the republic? Truth be told the Republic is very healthy. In fact it is healthier today than ever in our history. Why? The internet that is why. The internet allows individuals to voice opinions, question the government and even the law. Citizens can take to task anyone and any issue that they see fit. It is because of the internet blogger and alternative media that those in power are held to a real standard and not the phoney standard of yesteryear. Remember when there was only print media and it was simply run by one monopoly? The yellow press (Hearst Empire as example) was an example of propaganda journalism as is the modern version of the mainstream media. When communication was completely controlled and regulated by the government (especially during times of war) that did cut back on true freedom. Yes, there are those today who would like to bring us back to the bad old days, but the internet genie is out of the bottle and it is hard to contain.

While the net neutrality act is in trouble and may lead to issues regarding access to certain websites. That is a financial issue as opposed to government control. Now as in any free market, those that control the ISP will be able to charge websites for their services. It is this cost to blog that may hinder the republic and free access to information more than any government regulation and law. But there is still time for the individual to act and see what the market will bear of course. If an ISP charges too much people will leave and move to a more accessible source. Competition may eventually make the issue of access null and void at some point, but the question of freedom of speech and access to modern technology is very joined. Freedom presupposes that all things being equal, it is the access to technology that keeps our republic growing, investigating, and invigorated, hence the freedom of the internet blogger and alternative media. That, even more than the actions of the executive, or Congress, is the key to a continued healthy republic.

JoshuaPundit: My answer? It depends.

Coming out of the chambers in Philadelphia where our republic was born, Benjamin Franklin was asked by his fellow Americans what kind of government the Founders had given them. “A republic”, he replied. “If you can keep it.”

I have often written that the issue of our times is whether we will return to our Founder’s principles and reaffirm our republic or simply decide that it’s a bad idea and become Rome. Right now, it looks fairly grim. We have the most lawless president in our history at the helm, and all of the traditional signals that normally signal a more authoritarian government are in place – a heavily militarized domestic security force beholden to the president (you might recall what President Obama had to say about that early in his first term), federal agencies like the IRS geared up to target ‘enemies’ , an extremely partisan media, a president with total disregard for the law and the Constitution and the power to control the flow of information. communications and the Internet.

All that’s missing is a ‘reichstag’ moment calling for a total abrogation of our liberties.

Yet with all this, for some reason I feel strangely confident that America will redeem itself and it’s republic. I can’t even say where that feeling comes from, and I could very well be wrong, but I simply feel that there’s already been a certain amount of overreach and that the American people will awaken and react accordingly. In any event, we shall see.

The Right Planet: This is a fairly broad question. I suppose it depends on what is meant by “America’s Republic.” To me, it centers around Article 4, Sec. 4 of the U.S. Constitution: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government….” Well, what is a republic? I often harp on the subject of America being a constitutional republic and not a democracy. One cannot find one mention of the term democracy in our Constitution. And yet many believe the Unite States is a democracy, even our president–a purported “constitutional scholar,” who is wont to refer to our form of government as a “constitutional democracy.”

One might argue, that after the ratification of the 17th Amendment (the popular election of senators), the United States became, technically speaking, a “semi-democracy,” or “democratic republic.” But this was not the original intent of the Founders. The very notion of senators being true statesman who represent their respective States has been lost following the passage of the 17th Amendment, in my opinion. I am for repealing the 17th Amendment. This would return the Senate back to the States. As far as I’m concerned, the Senate has become a detached and alienated body as a direct result of the 17th Amendment. Senators no longer feel compelled to represent the interests of their elected State representatives and constituents, but rather serve the interests of Washington, D.C. and the federal government.

This subject is incredibly frustrating to me personally. I find so many Americans are utterly clueless about our form of government, i.e. a constitutional republic. And many Americans, on both the right and the left, parrot the belief that the U.S. is,in fact, a pure democracy. But the differences between a constitutional republic and a direct democracy are profound. A republic has the underpinning of law, i.e. the rule of law, whereas a democracy is simply majority rule. Our Founders referred to simple democracy as “mobocracy”; there is no underpinning of law. The law is only what the capricious and changeable will of the “masses” says it is at any given time under direct democracy. What is disturbing–and I might add, very disturbing–is how simple democracy is so easily co-opted by the socialists and communists of the world.

A quote often attributed to Vladimir I. Lenin states that “Democracy and Socialism are inseparable.” Why is this? A soviet, i.e. council, is ostensibly a form of direct democracy–simple majority rule. One can look to the history of Kerensky’s provisional government during the Russian revolution of 1917 for a clear example of how socialists co-opt democracy. The Kerensky government was a democratic socialist form of government (Mensheviks, i.e minority) that was simply swept aside by the Bolsheviks, (i.e. majority). And the Communist Manifesto states that socialist revolution is the road to communism proper. So, in effect, direct democracy is the first step toward pure communism. The beauty of a constitutional republic is that it protects both the rights of the minority and the majority via the rule of law.

Can the American Republic be saved? Of course! But the real question, to me, is, how many Americans believe it is worth saving? Or, for that matter, how many Americans even realize the republic is at stake?

Rhymes With Right: Do I think the republic can be saved? Yeah, I do. Maybe because I just had a little taste of what a handful of average folks can accomplish if they don’t give up and take a stand for removing the corruption from the system. For some time, we have been complaining about a problem down here in Harris County, Texas. The grassroots activists of the Harris County Republican party — a motley crew of Tea Partiers, libertarian conservatives, social conservatives, and Reagan conservatives — stood up entrenched powers who were more about enriching and empowering themselves and some of the folks they put in place. Not only that, but our little effort has garnered interest from around the state and may result in a change in direction for the Texas GOP as well, since our corner of the state is the biggest source of votes in Texas.

So if you are interested in knowing how this plays out on a national level, it is this — We the People can bring about the change if we work to make it happen. Folks like Senator Mike Lee implicitly acknowledge this. Congress and Congressmen don’t have the standing to sue Obama in court for his violations of the Constitution, and the Democrats in the Senate have made it clear that they will never vote to remove Obama if the House impeaches him for his high crimes and misdemeanors. That means it is up to us to fix the problem.

What do we need to do? We need to organize and vote — following the old Buckley Rule of voting for the most conservative electable candidate. Maybe that candidate isn’t “my type of conservative” — but we know that failing to vote for that conservative means empowering Obama and his henchman to continue to abuse their power and destroy the republic. It means that we are going to face more years — and decades — of the Constitution being trampled by those like Obama and his progressive hordes until our rights are no more respected than were the rights of Soviet citizens under the Soviet Constitution. Indeed, it seems that the goal of Obama and his ilk are to guarantee many of the same rights that were promised to the proletariat by the slavemasters in the Kremlin, but we have already seen that the fulfillment of these promises will be at the same substandard level as in that failed state in which liberty was denied in the name of “the common good of the working people”.

And let me add to this one other thing we need to do — we need to support the proposed Convention of States. The time has come to refresh and reinvigorate our Constitution by passing amendments that address current problems and correct current abuses. Given that the decision of 13 states to not adopt a bad amendment will have the effect of killing it, the danger of harm is minimal while the opportunity to fix our nation’s problems is great.

The Glittering Eye: I think it will be difficult. Rather than launch into a diatribe about the steps leading to a decline in republican values, I’ll give two examples of why it might be happening.

First, a significant number of the people in the United States with wealth, power, and influence have a de facto preference for a society consisting of a relatively small number of aristocrats with wealth and power (them), a large, dependent, relatively impoverished lower class (most other people), and a small, struggling middle class. It’s not a stated preference but it’s the logical outcome of the policies of the Washington consensus and crosses party and ideological lines.

Second, there are cognitive changes taking place among the people of the United States associated with a post-literate society that make democratic republican government increasingly difficult. Rather than try to explain how this is happening I’d refer you to the many posts at my site under the subject classification “Visualcy”. Just as the transition from a primarily oral society to a literate one produced cognitive changes in the societies members that allowed republican government to make sense, the transition going on now, from literate to visual, is rendering republican government increasingly difficult to maintain.

The Independent Sentinel: We are losing constitutional freedoms on an almost daily basis and it will be a struggle to get them back.

If enough people wake up and realize what is being done to them and if the GOP becomes more of an opposition party then, yes, we can be saved.

I don’t think the end is near but what I see is a gradual erosion of our Republic and our Bill of Rights.

We can be saved but I don’t know that we will be. The media is on the far left with the president and Americans seem apathetic. If Democrats lose the Senate in November, then we should be optimistic. If not, it’s pretty much over because that will be a fairly clear indication of where the majority of Americans now stand.

Well, there you have it.

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Does Navy Map Alter the Benghazi Narrative?

By: Roger Aronoff
Accuracy in Media

Newly released information about the location of military assets on the night of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi in 2012 has been met with a yawn by the mainstream media, but it has caused quite a stir in the conservative press.

Most of the media are following the lead of the Obama administration, arguing that while the outcome in Benghazi was regrettable, it was merely due to mistakes that have since been addressed and it’s long past time to move on. Any suggestion of this being a scandal, that narrative goes, is the result of Fox News and talk-radio pushing an agenda, combined with thinly disguised racism. We have shown time and again why this is, in fact, a very real and significant scandal, and should be seen as such by the media and Congress.

Several congressional and administration reports consider the military response to Benghazi to have been justifiable. “The interagency response was timely and appropriate, but there simply was not enough time for armed U.S. military assets to have made a difference,” concluded the Accountability Review Board (ARB) back in December 2012. “As the only military member of the ARB, I personally reviewed all of the military assets that were in theater and available,” Admiral Michael Mullen, Vice Chair of the ARB, said in an interview in June of last year. This board was largely handpicked by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to investigate Benghazi, but she was never interviewed by them.

Now, Americans have gotten a glimpse into which naval forces were active on September 11, 2012, and can judge for themselves. A new map has been released by Judicial Watch that details the location of multiple ships in the region. Judicial Watch has done an excellent job in reporting on and analyzing the situation in Benghazi, and their Freedom of Information requests have yielded significant information.

However, the fact that there were many ships in the area does not necessarily mean that they provided the instant military capacity to have affected the outcome. The far-left Mother Jones publication has argued, “This Map Is Not the Benghazi Smoking Gun Conservatives Think It Is.” This is because “Most of the ‘dozens’ of ships were nowhere near Benghazi, and the list includes many vessels that wouldn’t do much good in a rescue situation,” wrote Tim Murphy for MoJo. In this instance, they may have stumbled on the truth.

The Navy noted in a letter to the Freedom of Information Act requester that “ENTERPRISE was approximately 3350 nautical miles from Benghazi. Assuming a 20 knot transit speed and no Suez Canal delays, the transit would take approximately 168 hours or seven days.” And the closest amphibious vessel, IWO JIMA, was “underway in the Gulf of Oman,” wrote Captain B.C. Nickerson for the Navy.

In other words, no naval help was on its way that night and the best help was too far away to make a difference.

But the real story here is not that there were military assets in the immediate area that weren’t used to rescue the Americans under attack in Benghazi. Rather it is that this newly released information underscores the fact that there should have been forces on hand and ready to deal with this kind of situation.

Not only had the British and the Red Cross pulled out of Libya after previous attacks, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri had released a videotape the day before the attacks in Benghazi—which should have served as a warning—and Ambassador Chris Stevens had sent urgent cables back to Washington pointing out the inadequate security situation that existed there.

I asked a couple of top retired military leaders to comment on the newly released map of naval assets in the area.

“There were only 7 ships, none of which were in position to do anything to respond to the attack on the [Special Mission Compound],” said Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB) member Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret., USN) in an email to AIM. “One carrier was just coming through the Straits of Malacca, having just left Singapore and the other carrier was in the North Arabian Sea, none of which would have been useful in countering the attack.”

“Had we had a carrier in the Mediterranean or an Amphibious Ready Group, we could have done something meaningful, that is assuming the chain of command was interested,” writes Admiral Lyons. “However, the bottom line remains unchanged—‘we didn’t even try.’”

Lyons has previously pointed out that the U.S. had a “130-man Marine force recon team” at Sigonella, a Naval air station in Sicily, Italy, that could have been there within two or three hours. The time from the start of the attacks in Benghazi until they were done was approximately eight hours.

Another member of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, Retired Air Force General Thomas McInerney, told AIM that the “Bottom line to me is that the Administration deliberately did not have ships positioned at the most vulnerable/highest risk locations in the Mediterranean on 9/11/12!”

The question remains, why was the Navy—and the rest of the military—so poorly positioned for the anniversary of September 11th that year? The House Armed Services Committee (HASC), in its most recent majority-authored interim report, said that it would continue to “evaluate why DOD found it unnecessary to begin to prepare fighters and make other arrangements, especially in light of the concern that the hostilities could spread to Tripoli.”

“As noted, above, the majority members believe the White House’s pre-September 11 security review failed in that it did not result in direction to the Department of Defense to react to the deteriorating security environment in Libya,” they write. If these military assets were actually not available to support Benghazi in the face of ongoing threats, we must ask, ‘Why not?’”

That is just one of many questions about Benghazi for which there are still no satisfactory answers.

Roger Aronoff is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Roger Aronoff.