One thought on “Pelletier Family Devastated After Court Hearing On Daughter’s Custody

  1. This trend in negating parental rights is a consequence of the “new thinking” (from the New World Order) about who should have authority over our children, i.e. to whom they “belong.” Traditionally, children in America were seen as belonging to (and with) their parents and their family. But the new thinking, right out of the United Nations and fully embraced by the Leftists in our government at all levels, is that all children “belong” to the “community.” Under this paradigm, even Global Government has greater authority over your children than you do. Hence we see increasing mandates for compulsory vaccination, and compulsory compliance with “standards of care” in several different ways, including how you choose to feed, discipline or educate your child. Clearly the judge in this case also embraces this concept. Clearly he is not following the Constitution despite swearing an oath to do so. And clearly, he is so brainwashed by the Progressive claptrap coming out of the UN and being amplified by our government that he feels entitled to ignore the law and force his “superior” knowledge and will on the Pelletier family. Because it’s best for the child. Of course. Sigh.

    The UN is a serious threat to ALL parents and ALL freedoms. Under their much lauded “Declaration on Human Rights, they “declare” that the rights of all people, including us in America, are bestowed upon us by, wait for it, GOVERNMENT. Further down in the document they mention (sort of in the fine print) that those rights may be modified or withdrawn as “Government sees fit.” Search “UN Declaration on Human Rights,” and then search “Agenda 21” too, to see the rest of the future the UN has mapped out for us without our Constitutional protections. It is a future no parent would wish upon his child.

    Contrast the Declaration’s pathetic, weak concept of freedom with the robust U.S. Constitution which states that our rights are BIRTHRIGHTS, that they are “born” with us, a gift from our Creator and thus inalienable. Under the U.S Constitution government has a role too, though severely limited: its ONLY duty is to guarantee and protect our rights and freedom. It is not empowered to tamper with them or remove them.

    Bill Clinton said that the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights was the most profound document ever written about freedom, or words to that effect. In this statement he valued the UN Declaration ABOVE our U.S. Constitution, and in my view, disgraced himself and revealed himself to be unfit for public office. Many of you can’t wait for Hillary to become our next POTUS. Well before you vote for that woman, know this: Bill is a Constitutionalist compared to Hillary, who described herself as a “1930’s Progressive”. She was one of the first people in America to run her Progressive yap about it “taking a village” to raise a child. That concept is bearing its poisonous fruit in the Pelletier case where we see a hospital, a public agency which is supposed to protect children and families, and a judge, acting in an elitist, unholy, unconstituional alliance to infringe on the rights of this family. This case shows all too clearly what happens to private lives and freedoms when the Constitutional rule of law collapses and we are left with rule by the village elders. Take a hard look. Do you want your family, your children, to be at the mercy of a similar cabal of egotistical elitists who will decide your fate? Or do you want the rule of law that our Founders envisioned for us when they gave us the U.S. Constitution?

    The Constitutional rights of this family, like so many before them, have been trampled by this Progressive judge and other judges like him. Wake up people! The Progressive boot on the neck of the Pelletier family could be on your neck, or the neck of your child, next. Return to the Constitution! If you never learned about it, go look it up and make sure you understand it. Defend it! Do NOT vote for anyone who has demonstrated in any way a lack of knowledge or respect for it. Demand that our officials, elected or not, adhere to it in the execution of their duties!

    If this case doesn’t break through your ignorance, complacence or bias and reveal to you the dangers we face from the Leftist/ Progressive/ Socialist/ Communist/ Marxist politicians who now control our government at all levels, then you are a hopeless fool. At the moment the Pelletier family is under attack by this un-American mob of zombie bureaucrats who appear to have lost all integrity, all respect for the law, and all critical thinking skills. Tomorrow you or your child could be under attack. If the elites can infringe on the rights of one of us, then they can infringe on the rights of any, or all, of us. And history teaches us that they will. We tolerate this at our peril.

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