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Sarah may not be running in 2016 – but she’s still a potent force in the Liberty movement, likely to pull some good Congressional candidates across the finish line this year.

We are now in the process of evaluating this year’s CPAC, and that’s something I intend to properly address in a day or two, but meanwhile, I was doing a little housekeeping, cleaning out old emails and email drafts and found one about a person that has been enormously influential, but of whom, very little discussion has been made lately. The main reason perhaps, is that it seems likely that her presidential ambitions, if she had any, have been put permanently in back of the freezer.

But what also prompted me to look at the link I had sent myself on an article written about her in the New York Times, way back in 2011, is that of all the political characters I’ve written about in my columns – Sarah Palin is the one that people most often do searches for and find my articles. It doesn’t hurt that she gave a cool speech at last week’s CPAC, either. If you haven’t seen it – see it, ’twill put a smile on your face. You’ll love her response to the chant, “Run Sarah Run”. Being that it is my philosophy that Job Number One is to write for readers and not simply just to satisfy my own muse – I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on the speech she gave then and now, because much of it is relevant right this very moment in avoiding the same type of Presidential candidates we got shoved down our throats last election cycle. For the record, I was impressed with Mitt Romney as a person – someone I felt was a decent human being, but Mitt as a politician? No – I had to hold my nose and mark the box because he was the last man standing between Barack Obama and a dangerous lame duck presidency that has lived up to everything we feared it would be. We’d better pull our act together and soon – or we’re going to get another fake conservative the GOP establishment will put up as a punching bag for Hill and Bill.

The article in the Times was by Anand Giridharadas and was looking at Sarah Palin and the speech she had delivered a week earlier at a Tea Party meeting in Iowa in September of 2011, from a Center Left perspective. The writer is interesting himself, because he seems to be outside of the Democrat political caste and looking at our political system objectively as opposed to from the typical partisan lens. He’s also interesting to me because I heard him interviewed a while back on NPR, talking about his book, “India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation’s Remaking” – which features a very subversive narrative about success and personal initiative that is antithetical to the victimization politics of the Democrat party. Please don’t ask me right now why I listen to NPR – it’s complicated and would take another entire post to explain it and my habit of digressing is bad enough as it is anyway.

But Mr. Giridharadas, saw something in Ms. Palin that would irritate many on the left to have to acknowledge – candor and a bit of conservative heterodoxy – or so it would seem to some. These are the very attributes of the woman that appeal to me because I don’t conform to a lot of what seems like standard conservative convention either. But here in 2014, Sarah and I are a growing trend on the Right. Anyway, let’s take a look at what Anand found remarkable that received very little attention at the time:

Let us begin by confessing that, if Sarah Palin surfaced to say something intelligent and wise and fresh about the present American condition, many of us would fail to hear it. But something curious happened when Ms. Palin strode onto the stage last weekend at a Tea Party event in Indianola, Iowa. Along with her familiar and predictable swipes at President Barack Obama and the “far left,” she delivered a devastating indictment of the entire U.S. political establishment — left, right and center — and pointed toward a way of transcending the presently unbridgeable political divide.

She made three interlocking points. First, that the United States is now governed by a “permanent political class,” drawn from both parties, that is increasingly cut off from the concerns of regular people. Second, that these Republicans and Democrats have allied with big business to mutual advantage to create what she called “corporate crony capitalism.” Third, that the real political divide in the United States may no longer be between friends and foes of Big Government, but between friends and foes of vast, remote, unaccountable institutions (both public and private).

In supporting her first point, about the permanent political class, she attacked both parties’ tendency to talk of spending cuts while spending more and more; to stoke public anxiety about a credit downgrade, but take a vacation anyway; to arrive in Washington of modest means and then somehow ride the gravy train to fabulous wealth. She observed that 7 of the 10 wealthiest counties in the United States happen to be suburbs of the nation’s capital. Her second point, about money in politics, helped to explain the first. The permanent class stays in power because it positions itself between two deep troughs: the money spent by the government and the money spent by big companies to secure decisions from government that help them make more money.

“Do you want to know why nothing ever really gets done?” she said, referring to politicians. “It’s because there’s nothing in it for them. They’ve got a lot of mouths to feed — a lot of corporate lobbyists and a lot of special interests that are counting on them to keep the good times and the money rolling along.”

Mr. Giridharadas went on to marvel at Ms. Palin’s conclusion that there is a difference between the economic practices of Corporate America and Wall Street – who shield their exploitation of government access by declaring it capitalism, and other segment of our business community in America – typified by small to mid size businesses trying to navigate the road blocks and hazards the former throw in their path, when she says:

“It’s the collusion of big government and big business and big finance to the detriment of all the rest — to the little guys. It’s a slap in the face to our small business owners — the true entrepreneurs, the job creators accounting for 70 percent of the jobs in America.”

Giridharadas concludes by observing, “Ms. Palin may be hinting at a new political alignment that would pit a vigorous localism against a kind of national-global institutionalism. On one side would be those Americans who believe in the power of vast, well-developed institutions like Goldman Sachs, the Teamsters Union, General Electric, Google and the U.S. Department of Education to make the world better. On the other side would be people who believe that power, whether public or private, becomes corrupt and unresponsive the more remote and more anonymous it becomes; they would press to live in self-contained, self-governing enclaves that bear the burden of their own prosperity.”

Sarah Palin is evidently causing some cognitive dissonance among the Center Left with respect to her outlook on how the power centers of Government and Business are not serving the interest of the American people and how the Political Class is exploiting us for their own ends by uniting Big Government and Big Business. Reading her quotes in this article, makes me feel that I have a kindred spirit out there – one person who is articulating the sense I have about precisely what is wrong and has gone wrong in this country. Some others in this run up to 2016, are Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, in slightly different ways and measures.

This is where I would have an argument about what defines one as a Conservative. Are Sarah Palin and I not ‘Conservatives’ because we oppose the interests of Corporate America and Wall Street as it relates to manipulating government to serve their own agenda and interests? Concepts of the ‘Free Market’ are mostly theoretical at the present juncture. Little of it is left in existence at this point and what there is, is endangered. ‘Crony Capitalists’ as Sarah calls them, cannot justify their manipulative actions under the protective umbrella of the ‘Free Market’.

What does the Corporate realm of ‘Capitalism’ promote in the day in which we live? Political Correctness and social engineering? YES. Competition in the Market? NO. Excessive Government Regulation and interference? YES. Why? To limit competition. This goes back to Warren Buffett. Why does Warren Buffett want ‘rich’ people to pay more taxes? Simple – to prevent more people from being able to join his ‘club’.

These people don’t want a ‘rising tide to lift all boats’. They’d just as soon attach limpet mines to most of the boats trailing behind them and see them go under. Many of those ‘boats’ are a threat to their position as rulers of the ‘establishment’. Obamacare is a chalkboard example of this lesson. If you think the prime objective was anything other than establishing a monopoly of only the largest players in healthcare to carve up between themselves 16 percent of our economy – may I interest you in some beach property in Quartzite, Arizona?

What about George Soros? Is he an example of the nobility of exploitive capitalism? If I am pro-Capitalism, must I then be pro-George Soros? If I strongly oppose at least half or more of the political agenda of the United States Chamber of Commerce (pushing amnesty and wage degradation), are my instincts false with respect to Conservative values?

If distrusting certain manifestations of ‘capitalism’ makes me and Ms. Palin less ‘conservative’ – I figure I’m in good company and I reckon I can live with it.


Weekly Featured Profile – Gary Holder-Winfield


Gary A. Holder-Winfield

Gary Holder-Winfield is a Communist Party USA-affiliated State Senator from Connecticut.

Born in 1974, he spent several years in the United States Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, before leaving to work for Alstom Power Inc.

Gary Holder-Winfield currently works as a Labor Strategist at the CSU-American Association of University Professors, where he is tasked with creating legislative strategy. He became the Chair of the Connecticut Federation of Black Democratic Clubs by the end of 2006.

Holder-Winfield has been a longtime supporter of Gov. Dan Malloy; supporting Malloy in his failed gubernatorial bid in 2006 and in the race for the Democratic nomination in 2010.

He was named Vice Chairman of the Connecticut House Judiciary Committee beginning in the 2011 session.

Holder-Winfield is a regular at Connecticut Communist Party events in New Haven, CT.

He presented the citations to award winners on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party USA, in Dec. of 2009. The theme of the event was “Keep the Ball Rolling… to win jobs with union rights, health care, peace and equality!”

Holder Winfield was a panelist on the Communist Party’s People’s World 37th Annual African American History Month Celebration, held at the New Haven People’s Center on Sunday, February 27, 2011.

He is is also closely connected to Connecticut Communist Party leader, Joelle Fishman.

In March of 2012, the Host Committee, in honor of Connecticut Communist Party USA member Alfred Marder’s 90th Birthday Celebration, held a get together at the New Haven People’s Center which included Rep. Rosa DeLauro, current New Haven Mayor Toni Harp, State Senator Martin Looney and State Reps. Juan Candelaria, Patricia Dillon, Toni Edmonds Walker and Gary Holder-Winfield.

When New Haven Mayor Toni Harp declared Feb. 23, 2014 as “Craig Gauthier day in the City of New Haven,” the “overflow crowd at the People’s Center burst into cheers.”

Before presenting his life story, Communist Party member Craig Gauthier received additional citations from Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield and was elected two days later to fill the State Senate seat vacated by Toni Harp.



Vlad the geopolitical derailer

By: Mischa Popoff

I’ll bet everyone thought I was going to come out this week with both barrels a’ blazing about what a bully Vladimir Putin is being. Wrong!

You won’t get such facile nineteenth-century thinking from me. No way!

I’ll bet you thought I was going to condemn the Ukrainian military for following Putin’s orders and sending snipers out to shoot protesters through the chest, neck and head. Nope. Or that I was going to condemn Putin for sending Russian attack helicopters and armed soldiers into Ukraine as a threat to the Ukrainian people so they’d shut up and accept their fate as an Eastern Bloc country, just like their parents and grandparents had to do during the good ol’ days under Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev. Nope!

I have turned over a new leaf. To say such things would merely perpetuate simplistic, right-wing stereotypes about good and evil in this world. And there’s no such thing as good and evil. Right President Obama? Ukrainians should just forget about living in a free-market economy like ours. Why you ask? Well, for their own good, silly.

Putin, like all those other “colorful” historical figures: Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and Idi Amin, is simply formulating a calculated response to Western aggression. What aggression you ask?

Well, you know how Western companies always set up shop in countries with stable economies and make stuff to sell to its citizens? Can’t have that. It’s American imperialism. And it must be countered lest the whole world resemble America someday. You know… democratic, egalitarian, wealthy, and all the rest of the horrible stuff the poor people of Ukraine fail to realize is nothing but a front for Western Manifest Destiny. Case closed you war monger!

So now, if you would please all stop listening to that tired old battle axe, that narrow-minded white Republican John McCain who thinks we should stand up to the “bad guys” of this world, who believes that 100,000 civilians slaughtered in Syria was reason for the president to take action instead of just talking, who believes (get this) that America is some sort of “beacon to the world” for God’s sake (literally), then we can all get back to the bargaining table and continue talking for the next year or two.

Why go inflicting American exceptionalism onto the rest of the world? Yeesh!

Everyone knows that when Obama says something like, “No country has the right to invade another country,” he’s referring to white Republican president George “W.” Bush who (get this) invaded Iraq just because Saddam Hussein had thwarted 17 United Nations Security Council resolutions (and who’s counting, right?) while murdering innocent civilians inside and outside his borders.

Now aren’t you glad that stoopid cowboy isn’t in the White House anymore, flexing American muscle all over the world like President Reagan did when he scared the Mullah’s in Iran into releasing those 50 American hostages within a half hour of taking the Presidency from Jimmy Carter?

So no, I’m not going to call for the freezing of bank accounts of Putin’s top brass so they can’t wine and dine their harlot mistresses on those weekend “business trips” to Prague. Nor will I call for Obama to reverse his decision to back down on Bush’s commitment to put a missile-defense system in Poland and Czechoslovakia. Calling for such things will only aggravate Putin and force his hand even further! And then the next thing you know he might try to reform the old Soviet empire. And it would be our fault!

Of course, he might try reforming the old Soviet empire no matter what we do. But isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Mischa Popoff has a degree in the history of science and is a Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute.


Forum: What are Your Predictions For The 2014 Midterms?

The Watcher’s Council

Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture or daily living. This week’s question: What are Your Predictions For The 2014 Midterms?

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: Weaponizing the IRS really pays off for the Donkey party – along with unprecedented voting fraud and ID theft.

Retaining the Senate and capturing the House allows 44 and the Reid – Pelosi posse to focus on a REAL xformation of America.

Amnesty for undocumented immigrants, exhaustive gun confistication control laws ensures only cops and military possess guns, a ‘Green Wave” of climate laws that strangle the economy, auto market, housing market, non service related employment (by unhappy chance – fueling even more benefits and entitlements).

Hate Speech will be virtually ended as troublesome things like Holy Bibles and Readers Digests will be severely controlled. NPR will be granted unprecedented control of TV, Radio shows, networks, podcasts, internet forums and youtube.

The Justice Dept will create a massive task force to help determine which churches should be downsized or closed. Since tolerance is not enough, preachers that easily offend will be given mandatory means tested sensitivity training. The Prison Industry will see mammoth growth

The Peace Dividend will finally fully flower as a non essential military will downsized further. Sales of aircraft carriers and submarines to China help fund the Veterans Administration shutdown via one time payments to Vets and partial pay for surviving dependents.

The Glittering Eye: As I have been predicting for some time and as suggested by Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, I that Republicans will extend their control of the House slightly, probably by less than 10 seats, increase their share of the Senate, but fail to take the Senate. Right now I’m predicting a 50-50 split in the Senate which means the Senate stays Democratic and Joe Biden starts casting some deciding votes.

Unless, of course, Angus King starts caucusing with the Republicans instead of the Democrats as is now the case. We could have a situation in which Angus King is the most powerful individual in the Senate. I’m not predicting that but it’s possible.

Bookworm Room: I have no predictions. Just hopes. But I learned in 2008 that you cannot elect hope.

JoshuaPundit: I live in California, where essentially, politics no longer matter. The state’s supposedly ‘non-partisan’ redistricting process was co-opted by Democrats at its inception, and we now have jungle primaries where the top two vote getters run against each other regardless of party, so in many areas you end up with a choice of Democrat A or Democrat B in the general elections.

Voter fraud is wide spread, and will be even more blatant in the future because illegal aliens can now receive driver’s licenses and of course automatic voter registration forms, thanks to President Clinton. One of the legal ID’s used to obtain a driver’s license is a Matrícula Consular card, easily obtainable at any of the numerous Mexican consulates. if you know where to go and whom to talk to, you can obtain one for a cash fee of $50-$100 in whatever name you like, no questions asked. Not only that, but you can easily obtain a dozen or more of them if you hit various consulates, all in different names and with different addresses. Absentee ballots are easily obtained as well, and of course California has no voter ID laws.

The state’s electorate has changed as well, with many of the sort of people whom used to vote Republican having left the state. Due to the high cost of living and heavy taxation, even a lot of retirees have hit the trail for more wallet-friendly locales.

I say all this merely to provide some background.

President Obama and the regime will be prepared to go to extreme lengths in 2014, especially when it comes to the senate because the last thing he wants is actual investigations of his lawless behavior. Benghazi alone (which makes Iran-Contra look like a parking ticket) would be enough by itself to get him impeached and to see to it that Mrs. Clinton and several others never hold any position of public trust again.So I would not be surprised to see several questionable senate races end up going Democrat under suspicious circumstances..not in places where a Republican manages to win by a substantial margin, but in a few places where it’s close, especially where there’s a decent urban machine in operation to help out. Just enough to tie things up so Biden is the deciding vote, or enough of a margin, one or two seats, to keep the senate and its committees in Democrat hands.

The House will likely remain Republican, because those smaller races are harder to fix and much more localized.

What happens after that is largely due to what kind of Republicans get elected. If John Boehner remains Speaker, or if one of his acolytes like Eric Cantor takes his place, we can expect few changes. On the other hand, if the caucus rebels and picks a real leader, then you might actually see some action in investigating what’s been going on the last 5 years with a select committee.

AskMarion: I used to be the eternal optimist… cup half full kind of gal, but the past 5-years have kinda taken that out of me. But over the past month or so, I have garnered some hope and renewed optimism.

I have been watching the Millennials and they gave me my first shot of hope. They are attending Sarah Palin and other conservatives’ events and speeches. Plus their view of Obama and their future in an Obama-type world has done a 180.

This past weekend was the annual CPAC Event and there was a strong representation of Millennials, younger people in general, at the event, including Evan Feinberg, President of Generation Opportunity, who said there is war on the youth of America… on his generation! Feinberg was on the Healthcare after ObamaCare: A Practical Guide panel. Their strong presence is probably what gave Rand Paul his second win in the CPAC straw poll, but many of them are leaning further and further right.

But I have also been sensing a change, an awakening, in Americans of all ages. I belong to a political Koffee Klatch group made up of Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, a few awakened Patriots with little political affiliation until recently and even some disenchanted Democrats who are finding common ground on issues and even possibilities for the 2016 GOP ticket that I never thought possible a year ago.

And when I heard the Sarah Palin interview with Greta Van Susteran on On the Record, the night before she was giving the keynote speech at CPAC Sarah pushed me squarely into the hope dimension. She was positive about America’s future and based on her constant interaction with people all over the country, Palin said there is reason for optimism because America is waking up!

I believe that Republicans will probably keep about the same numbers in the House of Representatives that we have now, perhaps pick up a couple seats, but that we will be trading some of the ‘potted plants’and RINO’s for patriots who will stand up for Americans and stand-up to Obama. And I also predict that the Republicans will that take the Senate, but by a narrow margin, which will make Harry Reid the minority leader as best. Or as Palin said in her CPAC speech perhaps he might be dealing Black Jack in Vegas?!? 😉

And with a victory in 2014… things will begin to change for the better and it will lay the groundwork for 2016.

The Independent Sentinel: I can only predict the results of one election, the CD-1 congressional race on Long Island.

It is one crazy race.

Lee Zeldin has George Demos, a Pelosi-Republican, primarying him this June. Through marriage, Demos is financially tied to the largest Democratic donor in California who is also a business partner of Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

No one knows where Demos lives. He has run for office three times in six years, but only lives on Long Island when he is running for office. He runs ads all day long on Fox Cable News claiming Lee Zeldin voted for ObamaCare, even though he didn’t.

No one knows if Demos has a job. He has a checkered past.

Demos refuses to be interviewed or to debate.

After Zeldin wins that primary, and he will, he will go up against a Marxist Democrat, Tim Bishop, who is funded by movie stars and magnates from NYC, California, and yes, he too is supported by Pelosi-Democrats.

Eastern Suffolk County, the CD-1 district, is now predominately Democratic and Lee Zeldin is going to win despite all this.

He is going to win because in the four years he has been a state senator, he has fulfilled his campaign promises. He is honest – always and he is actually living on Long Island. He is funded primarily by people who actually live on Long Island. He has a great message of fiscal responsibility and repealing ObamaCare.

Independent Sentinel has been brought into the race, possibly because of exposes we have published about George Demos and Tim Bishop. Suddenly a shadow website to ours has been set up and they post articles under our author’s name, articles which viciously attack Lee Zeldin. The person who is doing it has some very interesting connections.

We are pursuing our legal options.

As I said, it’s one crazy race.

Well, there you have it.

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Biden Cavorts With Socialists, Communists and Dictators In South America… While Weakly Chastising Venezuela

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Fausta’s Blog: This in NOT a demonstration, this is a line to buy food in Venezuela.
The result of 15 years of Chavismo.

What the world is seeing in Venezuela is a glimpse at what might await the US if inflation spirals out of control. Naked, brutal hunger as food is severely limited to only what the government of Venezuela allows into the country. They import everything. Sound eerily familiar? It should. The US is becoming an importer nation and is not the producer she once was. Protests and violence follow hunger. Then the government comes in to put down the hungry masses. The world is not riding to the rescue. They are talking it to death.

In an echo of what Putin is declaring over the Ukraine crisis, Maduro of Venezuela is denouncing protestors there as fascists and violent vandals. Dictators always do this – they put the blame on their victimized people as being what they in reality are.

Last Friday, US lawmakers roundly criticized so-called Latin American democracies for not doing enough to bring a halt to the Venezuelan government’s oppression of their people and for holding secret meetings, behind closed doors. But we are guilty as well – Obama and Kerry have declared the Monroe Doctrine dead and are allowing dictators to run amok in South and Central America with their blessing. While they may pay lip service to being ‘alarmed,’ in reality, they just don’t give a crap and probably support these tyrannical governments. Almost, if not all, of the governments in Central and South America are suppressive in nature — a trait the US has more and more in common with them. Not only do they share oppressive techniques, they share debt:

The Organization of American States (OAS) Permanent Council, composed of representatives from all 35 countries in the Americas, convened in a closed meeting on Thursday afternoon in Washington, D.C., to discuss the Venezuelan crisis. The meeting, which was scheduled to continue on Friday, was requested by Panama as businesses in the country reportedly expressed concerns about $2 billion in debt owed to them by the Venezuelan government.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reacted angrily to Panama’s request by breaking off diplomatic and economic ties to the country, expelling the Panamanian ambassador and three other diplomats, and attributing the OAS meeting to “moves by the United States government in accord with a lackey government of a right-wing president.”

“OAS, out of here! For now and forever!” Maduro said in a fiery speech this week.

Maduro’s government has been widely condemned for an almost month-long crackdown on protesters that has now resulted in 20 deaths. A group of United Nations independent experts sought a response from the Venezuelan government on Thursday to allegations that security forces arbitrarily detained and tortured opposition leaders, protesters, and journalists.

While the UN does what the UN always does, impotently whines about Venezuelan injustice, they failed again at doing anything meaningful in the way of promoting and defending democracy and human rights in the region. Sounds a lot like the US these days. The US is now implementing the tried and true failed methodology of sanctions and US visa bans, asset freezes and prohibitions on financial transactions. That should have about as much success as hugging the barbarians at the gate would.

So, what does an evil dictator like Maduro do when his pesky people just won’t shut up and quietly starve to death? Why, you have your National Guardsmen prevent an ‘empty pots’ march from reaching the food ministry and then you blame it on the US:

Hundreds of National Guardsmen in riot gear and armoured vehicles prevented an “empty pots march” from reaching Venezuela’s food ministry on Saturday to protest against chronic food shortages.

President Nicolás Maduro’s socialist government, meanwhile, celebrated an Organisation of American States (OAS) declaration supporting its efforts to bring a solution to the country’s worst political violence in years, calling it a diplomatic victory. The United States, Canada and Panama were the only nations to oppose the declaration.

“The meddling minority against Venezuela in the OAS, Panama, Canada and the US, is defeated in a historic decision that respects our sovereignty,” government spokeswoman Delcy Rodriguez tweeted.

Over 5,000 people, many in their 40s and 50s, marched, banging on pots and decrying crippling inflation and shortages of basics including flour, milk and toilet paper. Similar protests were held in at least five other cities. These people spend hours and hours waiting for food and supplies, never knowing what will be available, if anything. It’s very reminiscent of Russia. While the US pontificates on human rights, real people are going hungry. They are being tortured and incarcerated for speaking out. America, where’s the beef? Where’s the cavalry riding to the rescue for real freedom to help these people be liberated from tyranny? Are you so busy admiring each other’s jack boots, that you just can’t be bothered? It’s right next door and will come home to us eventually. Probably sooner than later, the US will pay a price for ignoring tyranny so close to our borders.

Enter Joe Biden – America’s worst and dumbest VP ever, hands down. He’s ‘alarmed’ over the situation in Venezuela. Say it ain’t so, Joe. I can’t believe you actually even noticed or cared, since you went down to the region for the seventh time to cavort with Socialists, Communists and dictators. You admonish Madura for human rights violations and then jet to your next party. How big of you.

You might ask who Biden was hanging with on his trip. Let me enlighten you… Biden is in Chile for the inauguration of President Michelle Bachelet – a Socialist and a former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations and the Executive Director of UN Women. Small world, huh? The White House said that while Biden was in Chile, he would have one-to-one meetings with Bachelet and with presidents Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, Ollanta Humala of Peru and Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico. None of them are what I would call ‘freedom loving’ countries.

Not only is Biden stone cold stupid, he’s a Marxist propagandist and a liar:

For several weeks, Venezuela has been racked by clashes between government soldiers and student protesters backed by middle class Venezuelans disgruntled by extreme inflation and food shortages. Maduro has laid blame for the unrest against far-right provocateurs, the implication being that the US is fomenting the trouble.

In his El Mercurio interview, Biden disputed the claim, riposting that Maduro was trying “distract his people from the most important issues that are in play in Venezuela by inventing totally false and outlandish conspiracies about the United States. Instead of that, he should listen to the Venezuelan people, and to look to the example of those leaders who resisted oppression in the Americas, or risk repeating the injustices they fought against so bravely.”

He added a frank admission that previous US administrations had been propelled by the struggle against the Soviet Union to side with “leaders who do not share our values” – a reference to the backing given by Ronald Reagan and other US presidents to reactionary paramilitary groups and military governments across Latin America. “However, the US finally stayed on the right side of history in places like Chile, where the [former] US ambassador Harry Barnes and others publicly defended the victims of repression,” he said.

He went on: “We recognise that some hangovers of the cold war remain, so that suspicion goes with the territory. But most people in the Americas are tired of fighting old ideological battles that don’t help their daily lives at all.”

I’m not so sure the conspiracies are so outlandish. Since our government employs Saul Alinsky-style tactics to get their way these days, who knows what they have their dirty hands in? That aside, to state that Madura is ‘distracting his people’ with conspiracies about the US, is laughable. They are ‘distracted’ Joe, because they are starving to death, you moron, and they are being persecuted by their government… something you are quite familiar with doing here in the US. Then, he went on to take jabs at Ronald Reagan and other US presidents for admonishing ‘peace through strength’ and their military efforts to weed out Communists and terrorists from South America, which is just reprehensible. Should we instead follow the Obama Doctrine of empowering every damned Communist/Terrorist/Tyrant/Dictator out there? That’s worked so well for us in the last several years. In fact, it has removed our super power status and brought us to the brink of world war because of your moronic, weak national policies. As Sarah Palin said at CPAC:

Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.

Instead, Obama and Biden neuter us militarily and bare our national throat to our enemies, knowing full well what will happen. Unlike Biden, our embarrassing one-man national brain trust, Americans are savvy enough to realize the Cold War never ended – it shifted. Americans have only begun to fight these ‘ideological battles’ you speak of. They not only benefit our daily lives — they are what will save our country. Well, that and getting rid of Leftists such as Joe Biden, Barack Obama and the other Enemies Within.