US Congressional Guide to SUBVERSIVE Organizations & Publications, 1951

Charleston Voice

The tactics and strategies of replacing Americanism with Communism have never changed – altered and revised perhaps, but the agenda is the same.

Communism is not solely a “Soviet thang” as we’ve seen, but an internationalist thrust against individual liberties. This report was published back when the congress still had some public respect for protecting America’s independence as Americanism. Sadly, most have become “fellow travelers” of the subversive Left. With a clear understanding, you too, will be able to identify the enemies who are destroying America from within our gates. Whether or not you act on it, is up to you. ( I just ordered one of only 2 hard copies online available. Cheap, 1951 GPO ed. $11.)

[Excerpted. Excuse typos, misspellings which are from the original]

The committee has ascertained that a Communist front is an organization or publication created or captured by the Communists to do the party’s work in special fields. The Communist front is the greatest weapon of communism in the country today because subterfuge often makes it difficult to recognize its true Communist nature. The Communist front does not hesitate to camouflage its true purposes behind such moral and human appeals as “peace” and “civil rights” when it serves the Communist purpose and the aims of the Soviet Union. This guide can serve no better purpose than properly identifying such organizations.

By “outright'” Communist enterprises, the committee refers to such organizations as the Communist Party, U. S. A., whose subservience to Soviet Russia and international communism cannot be disguised. An examination of the compilation will disclose relatively few organizations of this nature as compared with the hundreds of front organizations set up by the Communist Party.

….The rise of Adolf Hitler to power created a new threat to the Soviet Union and to the international Communist movement. Hence the Seventh Congress of the Communist International, in 1935, gave an added impetus to the creation of front organizations under Communist initiative and leadership, the chief purpose of which was to protect and serve the Communist Party and the Soviet Union. The ability of the Communists to ensnare large numbers and influential individuals, to serve as decoys in operating these fronts, reached its high point following the Seventh Congress in 1935,


The methods employed by the Communists in establishing and operating these front organizations, methods demonstrated by the various organizations herein cited, have been well summarized by a former high official of the Communist Party of the United States:

A front organization is organized by the Communist Party in the following fashion: First, a number of sympathizers who are close to the party and whom the party knows can be depended upon to carry out party orders, are gotten together and formed into a nucleus which issues a call for the organization of a particular front organization which the party wants to establish. And generally after that is done a program is drawn up by the party, which this provisional committee adopts. Then, on the basis of this provisional pro.irram. all kinds of individuals are canvassed to become sponsors of the organization, which is to be launched in the very near future. A provisional secretary is appointed before the organization is launched and in every instance in our day the secretary who was appointed was a member of the Communist Party. * * * ^jj^] ^g president of the organization we would put up some prominent public figure who was willing to accept the presidency of the organization, generally making sure that, if that public figure was one who would not go along with the Communists, he was of such a type that he would be too busy to pay attention to the affairs of the organization. * * *

On the committee that would be drawn together, a sufficient number of Communists and Communist Party sympathizers, who would carry out party orders, was included, and out of this number a small executive committee was organized.


• ♦ ♦ which carried on the affairs of the organization, so-called, and this small executive committee, with the secretary, really ran the organization. And this small committee and the secretary are the instruments of the Communist Party, with the result that when manifestos or decisions on campaigns are made, those campaigns are ordered by the Communist Party.

(Hearings of the Special Committee on Latin-American Activities, vol. 7, pp. 4^10, Jflll, ^118.’^


III Judging the individuals associated with Communist-front organizations, to determine the degree of their responsibility for its activities and their closeness to the Communist Party, one should be guided by consideration of the following categories of individuals included within them:

1. Members of the Communist Party who have openly avowed their affiliation.

2. Members of the Communist Party, not openly avowed, proven to be such on the basis of documentary or other proof.

3. Those accepting Communist Party discipline, either secret party members or outsiders who accept such discipline and instruction. This category may be recognized by the regularity with which it follows the line of the

Communist Party, throughout all its variations, by the number of different front affiliations, by the posts they occupy in these front organizations, and by the fact that they retain their affiliation after the organization has been publicly exposed.

4. Those who have been attracted by the high-sounding aims of the front organization or organizations, by the prominence of its sponsors, or by a desire to be sociable. The judgment of such persons is certainly open to criticism just as much as if they aided in launching any other hoax…



Black Dragon Society.
Central Japanese Association (Beikoku Chno Nipponjin Kai).
Central Japanese Association of Southern California.
Dai Nippon Bntoku Kai (Military Virtue Society of Japan or Military Art Society of Japan).
Heimuska Kai, also known as Nokubei Heieki Gimusha Kai, Zaibel Nibonjin,
Heiyaku Gimusha Kai, and Zaibei Heimusha Kai (Japanese Residing in America, Military Conscripts Association).
Hinode Kai (Imperial Japanese Reservists).
Hinomaru Kai (Rising Sun Flag Society—r group of Japanese war veterans).
Hokubei Zaigo Shoke Dan (North American Reserve Officers Association).
Japanese Association of America.
Japanese Overseas Central Society (Kaigai Dobo Chuo Kai).
Japanese Overseas Convention, Tokyo, Japan, 1940.
Japanese Protective Association (recruiting organization).
Jikyoku lin Kai (Current Affairs Association).
Kibei Seineu Kai (association of United States citizens of Japanese ancestry who have returned to America after studying in Japan).
Nanka Teikoku Gunyudan (Imperial Military Friends Group or Southern California War Veterans).
Nichibei Kogyo Kaisha (the Great Fujii Theater).
Northwest Japanese Association.
Peace Movement of Ethiopia.
Sakura Kai (Patriotic Society, or Cherry Association—composed of veterans of Russo-Japanese War).
Shinto Temples.
Sokoku Kai (Fatherland Society).
Suiko Sha (Reserve Officers Association, Los Angeles).


American Nationalist Party.
American National Labor Party.
American National Socialist League.
American National Socialist Party.
American Patriots, Inc.
Ausland-Organization der NSDAP, overseas branch of Nazi Party.
Association of German Nationals (Reichsdeutsche Vereinigung).
Central Organization of the German-American National Alliance (DeutscheAmerikanische Einheitsfront).
Citizens Protective League.
Committee for Nationalist Action.
Dante Alighieri Society.
Federation of Italian War Veterans in the U. S. A., Inc. (Associazione Nazionale Combattenti Italiani, Fedorazione degli Stati Uniti d’America).
Friends of the New Germany (Freunde des Neuen Deutschlands).
German-American Bund (Amerikadeutscher Volksbund).
German-American Republican League.
German-American Vocational League ( Deutsche-Amerikanische Berufsgemeinschaft).
Kyffhaeuser, also known as Kyffhaeuser League (Kyffhaeuser Bund), Kyffhaeuser Fellowship (Kyffhaeuser Kameradschaft).
KTyffhaeuser War Relief (Kyffhaeuser Kreigshilfswerk).
Lictor Society (Italian Black Shirts).
Mario Morgantini Circle.
National Blue Star Mothers ol America.
Nationalist Action League.


Abraham Lincoln Brigade.
Abraham Lincoln School, Chicago, Ill.
Action Committee To Free Spain Now.
American Association for Reconstruction in Yugoslavia, Inc.
American Branch of the Federation of Greek Maritime Unions.
American Committee for European Workers’ Relief.
American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born.
American Committee for Spanish Freedom.
American Committee for Yugoslav Relief, Inc.
American Council for a Democratic Greece, formerly known as the Greek American Council; Greek American Committee for National Unity.
American Council on Soviet Relations.
American Croatian Congress.
American Jewish Labor Council.
American League Against War and Fascism.
American League for Peace and Democracy.
American Peace Mobilization.
American Polish Labor Council.
American Rescue Ship Mission (a project of the United American Spanish Aid Committee).
American Russian Institute, New York.
American Russian Institute, Philadelphia.
American Russian Institute (of San Francisco).
American Russian Institute of Southern California, Los Angeles.
American Slav Congress.
American Youth Congress.
American Youth for Democracy.
Armenian Progressive League of America.
Boston School for Marxist Studies, Boston, Mass.
California Labor School, Inc., 216 Market Street, San Francisco, Calif.
Central Council of American Women of Croatian Descent, also known as Central Council of American Croatian Women, National Council of Croatian Women.
Citizens Committee To Free Earl Browder.
Citizens Committee for Harry Bridges.
Civil Rights Congress and its affiliated organizations, including—Civil Rights Congress for Texas.
Veterans Against Discrimination of Civil Rights Congress of New York.
Comite Coordinador Pro Republica Espanola.
Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy.
Commonwealth College, Mena, Ark.
Communist Party, U. S. A., its subdivisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates, including—Citizens Committee of the Upper West Side (New York City).
Committee To Aid the Fighting South.
Daily Worker Press Club.
Dennis Defense Committee.
Labor Research Association, Inc.
Southern Negro Youth Congress.
United May Day Committee.
United Negro and Allied Veterans of America.
Yiddisher Kultur Farband.
Communist Political Association, its subdivisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates, including—Florida Press and Educational League.
Peoples Educational and Press Association of Texas.
Virginia League for Peoples Education.
Connecticut State Youth Conference.
Congress of American Revolutionary Writers.
Congress of American Women.
Council on African Affairs.
Council for Pan-American Democracy.
Detroit Youth Assembly.
Emergency Conference To Save Spanish Refugees (founding body of the NorthAmerican Spanish Aid Committee).


Friends of the Soviet Union.
George Washington Carver School, New York City.
Hawaii Civil Liberties Committee.
Hollywood Writers Mobilization for Defense.
Hungarian-American Council for Democracy.
Independent Socialist League.
International Labor Defense.
International Workers Order, its subdivisions, subsidiaries, and afBliates, including—American-Russian Fraternal Society.
Carpatho-Russian Peoples Society.
Cervantes Fraternal Society.
Croatian Benevolent Fraternity.
Finnish-American Mutual Aid Society.
Garibaldi American Fraternal Society.
Hellenic-American Brotherhood.
Hungarian Brotherhood.
Jewish Peoples Fraternal Order.
People’s Radio Foundation, Inc.
Polonia Society of the IWO.
Romanian-American Fraternal Society.
Serbian-American Fraternal Society.
Slovak Workers Society.
Ukrainian-American Fraternal Union.
Jefferson School of Social Science, New York City.
Jewish Peoples Committee.
Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee.
Joseph Weydemeyer School of Social Science, St. Louis, Mo.
Labor Youth League.
League of American Writers.
Macedonian-American People’s League.
Michigan Civil Rights Federation.
Michigan School of Social Science.
National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners.
National Committee To Win the Peace.
National Conference on American Policy in China and the Far East (a conference called by the Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy).
National Council of Americans of Croatian Descent.
National Council of American-Soviet Friendship.
National Federation for Constitutional Liberties.
National Negro Congress.
Nature Friends of America (since 1933).
Negro Labor Victory Committee.
New Committee for Publications.
North American Committee To Aid Spanish Democracy.
North American Spanish Aid Committee.
Ohio School of Social Sciences.
Oklahoma Committee To Defend Political Prisoners.
Pacific Northwest Labor School, Seattle, Wash.
Partido del Pueblo of Panama (operating in the Canal Zone).
Peoples Educational Association (incorporated under name Los Angeies ±t;aucational Association, Inc.), also known as Peoples Educational Center, Peoples University, People’s School.
People’s Institute of Applied Religion.
Philadelphia School of Social Science and Art.
Photo League (New York City).
Progressive German-Americans, also known as Progressive German-Americans of Chicago.
Proletarian Party of America.
Revolutionary Workers League, samuei Auaiiia Sv-cool, Boston, Mass.
Schappes Defense Committee.
Schneiderman-Darcy Detecoo Committee.
School of Jewish Studies, New York City.
Seattle Labor School, Seattle, Wash.
Serbian Vidovdan Council.
Slovenian-American National Council.
Socialist Workers Party, including American Committee for European Workers’ Relief.
Socialist Youth League.
Tom Paine School of Social Science, Philadelphia, Pa.
Tom Paine School of Westchester, N.Y.
Union of American Croatians.
United American Spanish Aid Committee.
United Committee of South Slavic Americans.
United Harlem Tenants and Consumers Organization.
Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.
Walt Whitman School of Social Science, Newark, N.J.
Washington Bookshop Association.
Washington Committee for Democratic Action.
Washington Commonwealth Federation.
Wisconsin Conference on Social Legislation.
Workers Alliance.
Workers Party, including Socialist Youth League.
Young Communist League.


Communist Party, U. S. A., its subdivisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates.
Communist Political Association, its subdivisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates, including—Florida Press and Educational League.
Peoples Educational and Press Association of Texas.
Virginia League for Peoples Education.
German-American Bund.
Independent Socialist League.
Partido del Pueblo of Panama (operating in the Canal Zone).
Socialist Workers Party.
Workers Party.
Young Communist League.

Organizations which have “adopted a policy of advocating or approving the
commission of acts of force and violence to deny others their rights under
the Constitution of the United States”

American Christian Nationalist Party.
Associated Klans of America.
Association of Georgia Klans.
Knights of the White Camellia.
Ku Klux Klan.
Original Southern Klans, Inc.
Protestant War Veterans of the United States, Inc.
Silver Shirt Legion of America.

Organizations which “seek to alter the form of government of the United States
by unconstitutional means”

Communist Party, U.S.A., its subdivisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates.
Communist Political Association, its subdivisions, subsidiaries and affiliates, including—Florida Press and Educational League.
Peoples Educational and Press Association of Texas.
Virginia League for Peoples Education.
Independent Socialist League.
Industrial Workers of the World.
Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico.
Partido del Pueblo of Panama (operating in the Canal Zone), -•«Socialist Workers Party.
Workers Party.
Young Communist League.

Read more of the complete publication including lists of subversive groups.

“Marx and Engels never tried to refute their opponents with argument. They insulted, ridiculed, derided, slandered, and traduced them, and in the use of these methods their followers are not less expert. Their polemic is directed never against the argument of the opponent, but always against his person.” – Socialism


Political Correctness and Taqiyya may be the real problems in finding the missing Malaysia airplane.

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

There are two trains of thought on the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, flight MH370, that vanished March 8th with 239 people on board. Either it crashed in the ocean or it was flown to a Muslim country to be used for a ransom demand or a weapon of mass destruction. Almost all of the news being reported from around the world concerns some variation of a crash theory, both intentional and accidental. A suicide crash by the flight crew is most unlikely for three reasons. One, they had plenty of opportunity within the first two hours of the flight while still in communication with the ground. Second, satellite pickup of the pings from the ACARS units shown that the airplane continued to fly for some 7 hours after the final radio sign-off. Third, the FMS, Flight Management Computer on the aircraft programmed the hard left turn away from the flight path several minutes before the co-pilot radioed his “All right. Good night.” message.

If the airplane flight crew attempted to make it to another country there is the possibility it may have run out of fuel and did, in fact, crash but it would not be in the areas currently being searched. It would have been over land. Such a crash would be more easily discovered. Hardly anyone is looking (or at least has said they were looking) for a possible landing site with a large enough hangar to hide the airplane. In fact, the governments of more than a dozen countries have brought their naval fleets and aircraft into a massive search for floating wreckage that could be anywhere in a vast sea thousands of square miles in size. As we have witnessed the floating debris from the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan work its way across the Pacific to wash up on the shores of the United States, while that scenario could conceivably linger for years, if the Boeing 777 did crash in the water on March 8th, eventually some floating contents will be found, be it luggage or seat cushions. So what about the theory of a successful hijacking that left the aircraft intact?

The problem with the successful hijacking theory begins with the stalled investigation by the Malaysian government. Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. The Malaysian government officials heading the investigation are all Muslims. The pilot and co-pilot of Flight MH370 were both Muslim, and political activists, and are now suspect in some kind of plot. So what happens when you have so many Muslims involved? There is an unwritten rule in Islam that says that Muslims do not point fingers at other Muslims, either knowingly or unknowingly. Even if the government had no knowledge of a flight crew conspiracy, protecting fellow Muslims and Islam, is the common denominator in all of this, and must be upheld. That is what Taqiyya is all about. And the misdirection and stalled investigation that didn’t even look at the background of the cockpit flight crew for more than a week is evidence of this.

Taqiyya – the Islamic command to lie to non-Muslims.
Muslims are allowed to deceive non-Muslims if it helps Islam. For non-Muslims this principle, called Taqiyya is another surprising concept of Islam. While most other religions speak highly of truthfulness the Qur’an instructs Muslims to lie to non-Muslims about their beliefs and their political ambitions to protect and spread Islam. There are many examples of today’s Islamic leaders saying one thing in English for the Western press and then saying something entirely different to their own followers in Arabic a few days later. Deceiving the enemy is always useful in war and Islam is at war with the non-Islamic world until the whole world follows Shari’a Law. All non-Muslims living in non-Islamic states are therefore enemies. So deceiving Westerners is totally acceptable – even encouraged – if it can forward the goals of the spread of Islam.

On March 18th, The Times of India web site published one story with a most interesting explanation on how a Boeing jumbojet could have stealthily flown undetected, avoiding several aircraft tracking radars.

Malaysia Airlines mystery: Singapore Airlines shadow, US suspicious cargo and other theories keep kin’s hope alive

Arun Janardhanan, TNN | Mar 18, 2014, 09.13PM IST

A Tumblr post of Ohio-based pilot Keith Ledgerwood has been trending for the last two days for obvious reasons including its convincing narration and technical details. He wrote that the missing plane flew above or below another Boeing 777, belonging to Singapore Airlines.

Ledgerwood, a hobby pilot and aviation enthusiast, said he discovered the theory noticing that another flight of Singapore Airlines (SIA68) was flying from Singapore over the Andaman Sea at the same time. Quoting the military radar data that traced the direction of the missing plane near Malacca Strait, he says it flew with disabled radars and transponders listening to ATC instructions to the Singapore Airlines (SIA68) in the vicinity.

“I investigated further and plotted the exact coordinates of Singapore Airlines flight number 68’s location at 1815UTC onto the aviation map. I quickly realized that SIA68 was in the immediate vicinity as the missing MH370 flight at precisely the same time. Moreover, SIA68 was en route on a heading towards the same IGREX waypoint on airway P628 that the Malaysian military radar had shown MH370 headed towards at precisely the same time.”

Singapore Airlines flew across the Andaman Sea into the Bay of Bengal and finally into India’s airspace from there it to have proceeded across India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and finally Turkmenistan before proceeding onward across Europe to its final destination of Barcelona, Spain.

On March 17th, LIGNET, the Langley Intelligence Group Network web site, run by some former operatives of the Central Intelligence Agency, sent out a press release with the ominous headline: Boeing Source: Missing Plane in Pakistan. The story also quoted retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney, “who told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday and again on Tuesday that his connections have led him to believe that Flight 370 landed in Pakistan with the help of the flight’s two pilots . . . McInerney said, “When the U.S. Navy quits their search, their ship search, they must know something in the Indian Ocean. When the Israeli Defense Forces, when they increase their defense alert, they must know something””

What would be the intentions of a group of Muslim terrorists in hijacking a jumbo jet? An immediate concern would be the ransom of the passengers but if the intent was to use the aircraft for a weapon then the passengers would likely be already dead. To support that theory is the report that tracking showed the aircraft was flown to 45,000 feet, well above its specified altitude, possibly to depressurize the cabin and kill all the passengers. In that same theory, it also explains why no cell phone calls were detected from the passengers. To use the aircraft as a weapon against a non-Muslim country it would have to be disguised. Surely, if it was flown in its Malaysian Airlines colors it would stand out like a sore thumb. Israel has already put its air defenses on alert giving extra scrutiny to any commercial aircraft flying into or toward its air space. So a full body repainting would be in order to make the B777 appear to belong to some other airline and that is no simple task to undertake. It would probably take some two weeks to properly repaint the airplane. I have seen it done years ago when I worked for Pan Am.

The problem that complicates this investigation is in the sense of political correctness that many Western governments have toward Islam. There must be a massive intelligence effort to search out and locate the hiding place for the airplane and it must be done inside the most radical of Muslim countries: Pakistan and Afghanistan, both of which have numerous airports with long runways that could have handled the large jetliner and both of which could have been reached within the known 7 hours of additional flight. And both of which have governments controlled by Muslims that would aid the terrorists by covering up for them.

While there are many who would attribute such theories mentioned above to the tinfoil-hat brigade, how strange was it to realize a state sponsored terrorist group would send 19 devout Muslims into America bent on committing mass suicide and murder for the glory of their religion? Paying for their food and lodging for several months while sending them to a flight school to learn how to pilot Boeing 767 aircraft. Yes, it did happen and we saw the results on September 11, 2001.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides


Dividing America by Regions: 21st Century Plans in a Mutilated America

By: as Dawn sees it
Gulag Bound

Part One

Among those who research the revolutions of the Marxist-fascist lineage, there is an ongoing speculation, a puzzle being assembled. It is not so much about whether the United States of America is being intentionally demolished, but about how that is being done, what the transition entails, and what will be the results. But for decades, that puzzle has been pieced out right before our noses, in established and ever more vivid slabs called regions, across our map.

Panarin-Igor-RTI could not help recalling what was said by Igor Panarin, a Russian Economist, a few years ago. His prediction of a collapse of the US happening in 2010 was off. I do however believe his ideas are far from off. Here are just a couple of his stated predictions.

By Mac Slavo at SHTFP.com:

In brief, according to the Washington Post, Panarin says that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war and the collapse of the dollar.

Over a decade after he made his controversial predictions, many who ignored his warnings are now taking note. With U.S. economic growth in an unabated decline, and ethnic and political groups polarized like never before, Panarin’s prescient theories may soon become reality.

I emphasized [in 1998] the three main reasons which, in my opinion, could lead to the collapse of the U.S.

The first one is the moral and psychological factor and the stress of the American population.

The second one is the financial and economic problems.

And the third one is the increase of anti-Americanism in the world.

His ideas on America being divided into six parts (map included in the link below).

It would fall into six parts, and I back this up with several factors. First of all there are the ethnic, economical and geographic factors… totally different ethnic groups and ethnic interests.

Texas and the Gulf of Mexico coast are the fuel and energy complex. California is Silicon Valley and high tech. Considering New York, Washington and the Atlantic coast, they’re all financial centers first of all. And the northern states of the U.S. are basically the depressive states of the U.S., close to Canada in their mentality and economic development. This is how I divide these parts.


No [the United States] won’t [be able to save itself]. Obama won’t save America. Obama is an American Gorbachev. He is the one that will lead the United States to disintegration, because he lacks experience.

Now keeping with the theme of dividing up our country, let’s look at just a few federal agencies dividing us into regions: DHS/FEMA (also see “Intelligence Fusion Centers“), Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Education. For each, its regional map is presented after its URL link.








divus-doe-regionsDid Democrats do this? It is important to see that this began not under current regime, but by the Nixon administration and took its next giant leap via the vaguely Nazi-harkening Department of Homeland Security, under George W. Bush.


2/21/1972: PRC Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, interpreter, Chairman Mao Zedong; U.S. President Richard Nixon, National Secu­rity Adviser Henry Kissinger

The following map depicting Nixon’s ten regions comes from an online file in circulation for years (we also link to his administration’s original 1972 Executive Order 11647: Federal Regional Councils). It is important not to fall into the comfortable trap of stubborn preconception, by believing that highly seasoned and promoted executives working closely with globalist think tanks and other NGO’s are merely “stupid” and “dupes,” as is often alleged. Similarly, it is essential not to fall prey to imposed partisan or hemispheric orders of presumed good guys vs. bad guys, as so well related in the book 1984, long before Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games.


It is essential to see that in Richard Nixon’s regionalism E.O., the process of funding imposed federal and transnational programs (by taxing for them and financing them through the global central bank complex) is the Trojan Horse for the despotic forces of control. In its words:

The proper functioning of Government requires the development of closer working relationships between major Federal grantmaking agencies and State and local government and improved coordination of the categorical grant system.

Back to the present, the reason Obama “won’t save America” is not due to his lack of experience per say; it is due to the fact that from the beginning he told us his objective was to transform this country. In order to transform a country you must first tear it down, which we will see has been in the making for many years now. This did not just happen overnight and a complicit media is in order to help the masses believe that the economy is bouncing back and everything is fine. As we will learn knowing history and learning from it should be imperative.

According to a former KGB officer turned defector there are four stages required to “transform” a country.

Four stages of ideological subversion (as related by Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov)

1. Demoralization: It takes from fifteen to twenty years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years which requires to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy, exposed to the ideology of the enemy.

In other words, Marxism-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism; American patriotism.

2. Destabilization: Takes only from 2 to 5 years to destabilize a nation — it’s — what matters is essentials: economy, foreign relations, defence systems. And you can see it quite clearly that in some areas, in such sensitive areas as defence and economy, the influence of Marxist-Leninist ideas in the United States is absolutely fantastic.

3. Crisis: It may take only up to six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis.

4. Normalization: a cynical expression borrowed from Soviet propaganda.

Where are we, based on the these four stages? I will leave that to the reader to decide, based of course on watching the Bezmenov video or reading the transcript provided above.

The destabilization of this country has been done over a period of time (longer than Obama’s 5 years). That particular phase of subversion has brought the country down immensely. See the economy and the real unemployment numbers, to reach that conclusion. We now have many saying that not having a job is a good thing. I suppose we could also say that two plus two equals five.

James Simpson author, "Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis"

James Simpson author, “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis”

The case can be made that the debt, of 17 trillion and counting, can and has been proven to be a manufactured crisis and yes there is a strategy behind it; that strategy being to bring us down economically in order to usher us into a global system. That destructive, subjugating process is well underway.

We may use Idaho as an example and what its governor had to say about “Idaho-China trade investment relations.”

Since the financial crisis of 2008, a lack of adequate capital has prevented many American companies from expanding existing operations or starting new businesses to create jobs in Idaho and across the country. To address this, Idaho increased its efforts to find new sources of capital located around the world. As a result of Idaho’s efforts and a favorable market for long-term investment in general, international investment interest in Idaho has been increasing.

So, according to the Governor of Idaho, “Since the financial crisis of 2008, a lack of adequate capital has prevented many American companies from expanding existing operations or starting new businesses to create jobs in Idaho and across the country,” therefore Idaho needs to find new sources of capital around the world. This administration is well aware of states that are struggling. The regulations put on small business’s not to mention the extra added burden of Obamacare has only made things worse. Not to worry, they have a solution to the problem. Imagine that: create the problem and then providing the solution. Remember this is about “transforming” our country, so you have to tear down America in order to “transform” into a global system.

Workers of the World Unite

Just as the “bourgeoisie” have gone global, with well orchestrated global government to tether them together, the “proletariat” must also globalize.

I mean, we’re– in the process of building the global union. Trade went global. Capital went global as you said. Companies went global. How are unions going to be local and national?

And we are beginning. We have– offices now in Australia and in Switzerland and London, in South America and Africa. We’ve been working with unions around the world. And what we’re working towards is building a global organization. Because comp– you know, workers of the world unite, it’s not just a slogan anymore. It’s the way we’re going to have to do our work.

Andy Stern when SEIU president, to Bill Moyers

Obama-SelectUSA-11042013And to bring greater and greater global mammon (money) influence to bear upon us in our “ten minute neighborhoods,” within our designated regions, we have to administrate the process of providing public-private partnership from around the world!

And that is why we now have SelectUSA. In order to announce yet more comprehensively orchestrated destruction of U.S. sovereignty (and our personal, popular sovereignty along with it) we were shown the following by WhiteHouse.gov on Halloween, 2013.

President Obama to Announce First Ever Federal Effort to Attract Job-Creating Foreign Investments to the United States


On Thursday, October 31st President Obama will host and deliver remarks at the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, D.C., where he will announce aggressive expansion and enhancement of SelectUSA. Building on the progress-to-date with SelectUSA, which was launched in June 2011, the Commerce Department, State Department and White House, along with other federal agencies, are launching the first-ever fully coordinated effort at home and around the world to actively recruit businesses to bring investment to the U.S. This announcement takes major strides forward, but the President will also continue to call on Congress to provide the necessary resources required to build the full suite of capabilities required to realize our shared ambition for SelectUSA.

So, instead of helping American business owners by cutting regulations to expand and grow American business’s he is putting efforts into bringing in foreign investors? Idaho has already learned that because of the 2008 collapse that expanding business is not possible. So an executive order was needed to make sure other states can do the same? So again the problem was manufactured and a solution has been created.

21st Century Global Work Force

If we are to believe that we are going to enjoy an abundance of newly created jobs through SelectUSA, then of course our new workforce must become a 21st Century workforce. And so, a centrally administrated educational system, much like Obamacare’s medical industry and its financing, must also become the product of fundamental transformation. (And will that be allowed to happen well — without any interference, or international governance hindering Americans via the Trans Pacific Partnership — the same TPP which members of Congress have been blocked from reading?)


So, to plug people in as “human resources,” Common Core is key in preparing (and by its imposition, programming) your child for a 21st century workforce. This is outcomes based education for the 21st century, in a what will formerly have been the United States of America. We have emphasized key phrases for you at the Business Higher Education Forum’s site:

To help meet the United States’ needs for college graduates with more robust skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), BHEF has pioneered the application of system dynamics modeling to better understand the U.S. STEM pipeline.

System dynamics modeling offers insights for how business and higher education need to address the STEM workforce challenge. For example, the the U.S. STEM Undergraduate Model (released in 2013) suggests that a focus on undergraduate education has the highest potential return on investment in developing the STEM workforce and that high-impact retention strategies in the first two years of college will have a greater effect on the STEM pipeline than interventions later on. These insights can help shape what programs, interventions, and policies business and higher education support in their efforts to strengthen the STEM pipeline.

This is not about helping young Americans succeed in pursuing the career they want; it is about putting them in a “workforce” dictated by each region’s resources and workforce needs. Undergraduate education is to generate the highest potential return on investment, for the world’s most wealthy and powerful… nothing like a child being equated to a good or bad investment. The goal, stated by Obama, is to have 1 million new STEM students graduated by 2020.

What must be understood is that Americans have been dumbed-down slowly over generations. While children in China are advancing, our children are now struggling. This is certainly not by accident and once again the problem has been created and its creators have come up with the solution to be imposed, that being Common Core. This certainly makes sense in a transformed society perhaps with China, Inc. being, let’s say, a holding company and your child being taught to be its local worker.

From BHEF’s “Regional Projects” page:

To date, 12 regional programs are under way, developed in response to each region’s available resources and workforce needs. The initiative facilitates and supports organic partnerships among BHEF member corporations and higher learning institutions, with a focus on the following goals:

  • Increasing the number of undergraduates (particularly women and underrepresented minorities) who persist beyond their first two years in a STEM major and graduate in high-need STEM disciplines;
  • Deepening STEM learning and increasing the relevance of studies to skills and careers, with a focus on the first two years of college;
  • Strengthening the alignment of undergraduate STEM education and degree production with public sector and regional workforce needs with a focus on high-demand STEM fields;
  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of different interventions in retaining STEM undergraduate students and modeling such interventions to simulate their impact at scale; and
  • Developing a national network to scale evidence-based practices and influence broader policy through collaborations among government, business, and higher education.

For the accomplished event of national collapse a machine is being built, upon a decades old blueprint. And numerous executive orders stemming from the Reagan administration’s “Rex-84,” have been put in place which lay out that in its event a dictatorship may emerge. One may also argue that Mr. Panarin’s case is strong that as the economy continues to decline, the United States will no longer be a superpower. States will be coerced to do as Idaho has done. If such results are allowed, then, looking back through our future’s lens of history, we would be remembered as a nation which destroyed and divvied itself up, from an imposed, false top, downward.


Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX 30) – KeyWiki Progressive/Marxist Profiles

By: Trevor Loudon
Editor: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Catch award-winning, acclaimed author, Trevor Loudon with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV
March 26th at 5:00 PM EST

Take the Fight to the Progressives and the Enemies Within!

KeyWiki.org Page: http://keywiki.org/index.php/Eddie_Bernice_Johnson

Election Facts for 2014:

• Party – Democrat
• State – Texas
• Location – Texas 30
• First Elected – 1992
• Candidates in 2014:
Eddie Bernice Johnson – D
Max Koch – L

Eddie Bernice Johnson represents the Dallas area 30th Congressional District of Texas. She is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and in the 107th Congress served as Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.


From Waco Texas, Congresswoman Johnson studied nursing at St. Mary’s College at the University of Notre Dame. She returned to Texas, where she became Chief Psychiatric Nurse at the VA Hospital in Dallas. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Texas Christian University in 1967 and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Southern Methodist University in 1976.

Johnson was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1972 and went on to lead the Labor Committee. She was appointed by President Jimmy Carter to serve as Regional Director of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in 1977. In 1986, she was elected as a Texas State Senator, serving until she was elected to Congress in 1992.


In December 2010, Rep. Johnson was elected as the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. From 2000 to 2002, she was the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Research and Science Education.

Rep. Johnson has been a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee since 1993. In 2007, Congresswoman Johnson was appointed by House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman James L. Oberstar (D-MN) to serve as Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment during the 110th and 111th Congresses. The Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment has jurisdiction over water conservation, pollution control, infrastructure and hazardous waste cleanup. The Subcommittee is also responsible for reauthorizing the Clean Water Act.

Johnson has also served in the position of Senior Democratic Deputy Whip. Congresswoman Johnson is credited with originally authoring and co-authoring more than 150 bills that were passed by the House and Senate and signed into law.

Communist Connections

Eddie Bernice Johnson has connections to the Communist Party USA, particularly with a Dallas based activist, a former Socialist Workers Party leader turned Communist Party supporter, named Gene Lantz.

People’s World Article

Eddie Bernice Johnson, then Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, contributed an article to the Communist Party’s People’s World, of Dec. 7, 2001, entitled, “Drug czar assures repeat of past failures:”

While the national drug movement and voter reform efforts move toward humane, effective strategies, John Walters, President Bush’s choice for drug czar is a giant step backwards.

Walters’ nomination for director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy is pending before the Senate after being approved by the Judiciary Committee. I strongly disagree that if confirmed, Walters is the right man for the job. A protégé of former drug director William J. Bennett, Walters is considered a hardliner in the drug fight. His writings depict him as viewing drug addiction as a problem to be solved by courts and prisons rather than a public health issue that can be resolved through hospitals and treatment…

Critics have noted that decades of the law enforcement, lock-’em-up approaches supported by Walters have helped land 500,000 Americans behind bars and consumed tens of billions of tax dollars without reducing the demand whatsoever.

Yet, Walters would continue that failed policy, according to his writings on drug policy. In a recent op-ed piece Walters wrote that research showing that the criminal justice system is imprisoning too many people for drug possession, unjustly punishes Black men and the sentencing is too long and harsh are “the three greatest myths of our time.”

The choice of Walters is an embodiment of policies that have failed. They are mistakes we can’t afford to repeat.

Honored by Gene Lantz

Judy Bryant of the Education Workers Union (Alliance/AFT) and Gene Lantz, a leader of the AFL-CIO affiliated and communist infiltrated Alliance of Retired Americans, honored Congresswoman Johnson for “her work on health care” at the union hall at 334 W. Center, Dallas, TX on August 21, 2008.

Gratitude from the Left

At noon on November 13, 2009, activists from MoveOn, Organizing for America, Jobs with Justice (led by local leader Gene Lantz) and the Progressive Center of Texas, “poured into the offices” of Congresswoman Johnson. They were there to express their gratitude for her vote on the House version of national health care reform.

They were greeted by District Director Rod Givens, who told them that, “it is folks like you who keep the Congresswoman propped up!” The group brought a giant “thank you” card that each of them had signed. They also brought bouquets of yellow roses. Many of them carried pledges to work several hours in her next campaign.

Speaking Alongside Gene Lantz

Retirees from all over North Texas “cooperated to celebrate Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s lifelong commitment to health care reform” at the Alliance/AFT hall in Dallas on August 21, 2011. The bills for the event were shared by members of the Retired Members Committee of the Communication Workers of America, Alliance/American Federation of Teachers, United Auto Workers Local 848 and Jobs with Justice.

The event was chaired by AFT leader Judy Bryant. Gene Lantz showed the 11 minute introductory video for the Alliance for Retired Americans and conducted a discussion on the importance of organizing for such legislative goals as the Employee Free Choice Act.

Congresswoman Johnson gave a “thorough analysis of the need for health care reform and how to accomplish it through Congress.”

Marc Veasey, Linda Chavez Thompson, Gene Lantz and Eddie Bernice Johnson

TARA Honor

The Texas Alliance of Retired Americans, presided over by Gene Lantz, held a Fiesta Dinner to Honor Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas, Texas on May 3, 2013.
Tony Padilla, Secretary of the organization welcomed the guests:

Greetings and Good evening Brothers and Sisters, President Gene Lantz, Officers of Board of the TARA, Vice President Emeritus of the National AFL-CIO Linda Chavez Thompson, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Congressman Marc Veasey, Officers of the National Board of ARA, Members and Distinguished Guests.

Today is a very special night as we honor Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, and it is a historical night for seniors.

So, on behalf of the 4 million members of the National Alliance for Retired Americans with the AFL-CIO as our parent organization, it is with great pleasure and honor to pay tribute to you Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, a longtime friend and supporter of issues affecting Seniors and working families…

Congressman Marc Veasey, we also want to say thank you for the support you give to seniors and the Machinist union on issues before congress, and for your contribution to honoring Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson on this very special historical night.

Foreign Policy/National Security

Eddie Bernice Johnson is a long-time friend of Cuba and a supporter of easing restrictions on the communist dictatorship.

2005 Trip to Cuba

In July 2005, Congresswoman Johnson and her Chief of Staff Murat Gokcigdem spent three days in Havana, Cuba, “to explore firsthand the issues facing the people of Cuba. An opportunity to foster a more pragmatic approach towards dealing with the Cuban government and finding constructive solutions to U.S./Cuba policy concerns.” Johnson’s trip cost $1,555.29 and was paid for by the leftist Christopher Reynolds Foundation.

Pastors for Peace

Pastors for Peace styles itself as “a special ministry of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, and was created in 1988 to pioneer the delivery of humanitarian aid to Latin America and the Caribbean.” In reality, it is a support network for Cuba and Latin American revolutionary movements. The organization sends regular “aid” caravans to Cuba in an attempt to overturn the U.S. trade embargo on the island.

Its long-time head, the late Rev. Lucius Walker, was a lifelong supporter of Communist Party USA fronts and causes.

One of Eddie Bernice Johnson’s first aides was Texas radical Ernest McMillan, who has been very active in Pastors for Peace.

In August 2005, Pastors for Peace was in Dallas, “networking with local churches and peace and justice networks, and doing media outreach.” The group held a vigil in front of Dallas City Hall, along with representatives of the Dallas Peace Center, Pax Christi and the homeless veteran population. Some computers bound for Cuba had recently been seized by U.S. Authorities:

Then we had the honor of receiving a two-hour visit from Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. Rep. Johnson has visited Cuba twice, and pledged to increase her advocacy for the release of the computers for Cuba.

When the July 2007 Pastors for Peace Caravan went through Dallas, one of the Caravanistas, “Ernest,” wrote on the IFCO/Pastors for Peace 2007 Caravan to Cuba blog:

I can’t end this note and go back to my personal chores and diversions without thanking the Dallas Peace Center, the Jobs with Justice brothers and sisters, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, the Presbyterian “Peacemakers”, the Pan African Connection Bookstore (and any others I may have unintentionally left out) for their contributions – in word and in deed – to the overall efforts.

Rep. Johnson sent a congratulatory message to the Pastors for Peace 20th Cuba Friendship Caravan as it passed through Dallas in August of 2009.

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The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress is like no other book written on American politics. The book exposes, in layman’s terms, the comprehensive communist, socialist and extreme progressive infiltration of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

The book profiles fourteen Senators and more than fifty Representatives and their ties to the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, the Workers World Party and the Institute for Policy Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations. Trevor has done the hard work to connect the dots of why the U.S. Congress has moved further and further left over our lifetime and you won’t want to miss him. The Mid-Terms are coming. It’s time to clean House — and the Senate from the “Enemies Within.”

Trevor Loudon is a political researcher and author from Christ’s Church, New Zealand, and editor and founder of KeyWiki.org. When asked why a New Zealander would care about American politics, Trevor answers that he is quite concerned about the inroads that communists and socialists have made into the Democratic Party in America, and the very real threat this poses to liberty, freedom and the unalienable rights of the individual. As Trevor states, “If America goes down, we all go down.”

I don’t believe anyone understands all the twists and turns that have threatened America as well as Trevor Loudon does. No one connects the dots better.

Discover how the real enemies of America now sit in positions of power, supposedly representing you within our own Congress! Trevor names names — with impeccably-researched sources.

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Putin Now Threatens Nuclear Attack

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Don Feder’s timing on his column, “Putin Doesn’t Threaten Our National Security, Obama Does,” was a little off. Less than two weeks later, Russian television anchor and Putin mouthpiece Dmitry Kiselyov said in a commentary that Russia is “the only country in the world capable of turning the USA into radioactive dust.” He delivered these comments with a picture of a mushroom cloud behind him.

“Putin is a power player who cares more about Russia’s national interests, and Russian minorities in his near abroad, than in that mythical force known as world opinion,” Feder had written. “Would that America had a president who cared more about our interests than in promoting globalism and the left’s social agenda.”

But conservatives opposed to Obama’s agenda do not have to ignore, excuse, or rationalize Russian aggression in Ukraine. (Feder represents the World Congress of Families, a group that has scheduled a conference in Moscow in September, in order to honor the Russian regime’s supposed commitment to family values.)

“It takes a truly fevered imagination to see Russian forces in the Crimea as a prelude to Russian tanks rolling across Europe toward Berlin and Paris,” Feder wrote, trying to play down the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. However, the Russian threat not only to Ukraine but the world has just been dramatized by the Russian TV personality labeled as “The Kremlin’s New Chief Propagandist” by Moscow News. Kiselyov is considered a “militant anti-Westerner” and is the head of Rossia Segodnya, or Russia Today. He was put in his job by Vladimir Putin. (Note: this Russia Today is a different entity than the one broadcasting into the U.S. in English, although they are both funded by Moscow.)

An AFP story said, “Kiselyov also made great play of Russia’s so-called ‘dead hand’ capability to fire nuclear-capable intercontinental missiles automatically in the case of attack. The system, also known as Perimeter, was in use during the Cold War, but its use in post-Soviet Russia is not officially confirmed.

But Kiselyov appeared to claim it remained active, giving Russia the chance to strike back even if its main command positions were taken out in a strike by the West.”

The comments reflect his special access to the Kremlin regime and knowledge of its war plans.

Ignoring the threat posed by the Russian nuclear arsenal, Don Feder’s column ridiculed the idea of “territorial integrity” for Ukraine, even though Russia in 1994 had signed an international document respecting the nation’s territorial integrity. The document, known as the Budapest Memorandum, was made in response to Ukraine giving up its Soviet nuclear weapons and returning them to Moscow. At the time, Newsweek noted, Ukraine had the world’s third-largest nuclear arsenal. “The last SS-24 missiles moved from Ukrainian territory in June 1996, leaving Kiev defenseless against its nuclear-armed neighbor,” the publication reported.

Then-Senators Barack Obama (D-IL) and Richard Lugar (R-IN) had traveled to Russia and Ukraine in 2005, urging Ukraine to destroy its conventional weapons stockpiles as well.

With the abandonment of its nuclear weapons and destruction of many conventional weapons, Ukraine was ripe for the Putin invasion and now stands essentially defenseless.

Faulting Obama’s weak response to the naked aggression, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) commented that Putin “has invaded a sovereign country and annexed part of its territory with little more than verbal protest from the United States and Europe in response.” He adds, “Ukrainian officials reportedly are begging the U.S. for military aid, probably the minimum step Putin would take seriously. We could arm Ukraine without putting a single American soldier at risk, but after nearly three weeks of Russian aggression there, the U.S. has yet to grant the aid request.”

Gingrich says the U.S. has “responded with meaningless gestures—slapping sanctions on the U.S. assets of just seven individual Russian officials. This for invading a European country. As the New Yorker joked, if Putin isn’t careful, we might even freeze his Netflix account next. Barring Russian officials from visiting Disney World is pretty pathetic.”

Asked recently to explain Putin’s mindset and his next moves, Bill Gertz, recently honored with the Reed Irvine Award for Investigative Journalism for his career accomplishments as a national security columnist, said that Putin is a “KGB thug, pure and simple.” He said that both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama Administrations “vastly misunderstood” what is going on in the former Soviet Union. “Putin wants to restore Soviet hegemony in that part of the world. They are trying to re-establish a Soviet-style system.”

Gertz, who writes for The Washington Free Beacon and The Washington Times, indicated that the situation is somewhat confusing because Putin and his cronies have dropped the Marxist component of Marxist-Leninism while retaining the Leninist aspect. They realized, he said, that Marxism as an economic theory didn’t work. The term Leninism refers to the ideas of Vladimir Lenin, the preeminent figure in the Russian Revolution of 1917 who taught the supremacy of the Communist Party.

In Ukraine, the revolution has been decidedly anti-communist in character, with dozens of Lenin statues and monuments being toppled in various cities.

Toby Westerman, a columnist for the Renew America website, believes Putin is still “a true believer” in communism and that his invasion of Ukraine reflects fear of the “pro-freedom movement” in the country which removed the Putin puppet, Viktor Yanukovych. Westerman writes that this development “was not merely a localized rejection against Russian dominance and world-class corruption; it also represented a direct threat to the existence of the Moscow political elite.” What Moscow fears most, he writes, is “a revolution by its own people.”

Westerman, editor and publisher of International News Analysis Today, says, “For all the pro-Soviet propaganda and political manipulation after the collapse of the USSR, there still exists within the Russian people a desire for true human freedom. The Russian political elite know this, and live in fear of it.”

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.