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Glenn Burleigh

Glenn Burleigh is a Campaign Management Consultant, from St. Louis and a former leader of the Missouri Communist Party USA.

I have experience in labor, community, and political organizing. My specialty is political, and I can run initiative petition drives, decline-to-sign drives, and provide full service candidate campaign management. I provide aggressive and comprehensive field management to campaigns, large and small.

He is the former Head Organizer of St. Louis ACORN, where he oversaw the community and political organizing efforts.

Burleigh was contracted out to run the statewide field campaign for WECAN, the coalition that stopped Ward Connerley’s anti-affirmative action initiative.

He was also contracted out to supervise the three eastern Missouri US Congressional Districts signature gathering efforts for Missourians for Quality Homecare. He also trained supervisors for other districts.

In 2008, Burleigh was Campaign Manager for Democrat Robin Wright-Jones‘ State Senate campaign.

In this race we overcame a massive spending disadvantage, and were able to pull off a major grassroots, progressive upset.

In the 2006 election, Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill tried to woo rural support against her Republican opponent Jim Talent.

According to the Communist Party USA paper Peoples Weekly World:

McCaskill is challenging conventional wisdom though, spending more time in rural areas than ever before. While working the traditional Democratic base, her connection with rural voters is forcing Talent to spend time and money on what was once thought of as solid Republican turf.

According to Pro-Vote organizer, Communist Party USA Glenn Burleigh, “These are tough races in areas where choice, LGBT rights and guns can make or break a campaign. We are working to turn the tide against the right wing, but a lot more work needs to be done.”

ACORN and Pro-Vote collectively registered nearly 40,000 new voters in St. Louis.

In 2005, Glenn Burleigh was Chair of the Missouri/Kansas Communist Party Education/Ideology Committee and an organizer with the Communication Workers union.

In 2007, members of the Communist Party’s Missouri/Kansas District Executive Board were:

In January 2013, the mayoral campaign of St Louis aldermanic President Lewis Reed hired Glenn Burleigh as his new Campaign Manager. Reed went on to lose the race.



Michele Fiore – How To Handle A Hostile Interview

Hat Tip: BB

This Clip Of Chris Hayes Vs. Bundy Supporter Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Is Awesome

I do believe that is a first. I’ve never seen the tables turned on a media hack so effectively. 😉

That’s my Blondie! She slapped that troll three ways from Sunday. Good times. This is why we have been friends for decades… she has a spine and isn’t afraid to fight. This is a taste of the fun we had running together in the good ole’ 90s in Vegas and why I would do just about anything for her. She’s family and I would trust her with my life. Michele may go on to be Governor of Nevada and then to higher office — I hope so, it’s the best thing that could happen to Nevada. I am blessed to have her as my friend and all I can say is, great job Michele!


Brilliant! – Harry Reid’s Terror Test [CARTOON]

By: Caleb Howe
The Right Scoop

A.F.Branco Cartoon ©2014

Kira Davis writing for IJReview says “Political cartoonist A.F. Branco has perfectly captured Harry Reid’s sad views on what really constitutes a terrorist.”

Absolutely. As Dana Loesch said on her radio show this week, there are many examples of times Democrats were wilting flowers when it came to calling someone a terrorist. But Reid didn’t have to wait at all to decide who acted stupidly, and who was a domestic terrorist. And not just in the heat of the moment, but doubling down on it in a later interview.

But Loesch also warned that Dingy Harry has another motive at play. He doesn’t like that things ended peacefully. He wanted it to go badly. She warned, don’t let Harry Reid’s war-mongering disrupt a peaceful resolution.

Mongering is exactly what he is doing, both war- and fear-. It’s his SOP. When you’re a Democrat, it’s allowed.


The NSA, Glenn Greenwald, and Angela Merkel

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Having apparently been assured by the Eric Holder Justice Department that he won’t face espionage charges, unlike his source Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald has returned to the U.S. and is cashing in on his notoriety. His book, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State, will be released soon, and he will be appearing on May 15 with one of his heroes, Noam Chomsky, a leading member of the Communist Party spin-off, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.

However, there is a 10-year statute of limitations, meaning that the administration that follows Obama’s could charge Snowden’s media accomplices with violating the Espionage Act (Section 798).

Greenwald’s friend and mentor, Noam Chomsky, is a major supporter of the Hezbollah terrorist group, and opposed the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Greenwald and Chomsky will be appearing at an event sponsored by Harvard Book Store, which will be held in a Unitarian church in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Greenwald’s publisher, Metropolitan Books, a division of Macmillan, has produced such titles as Kill Anything That Moves, a “startling history of the American war on Vietnamese civilians,” and socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) A Fighting Chance.

The publisher runs a blog for one of its authors called “The American Empire Project,” designed to expose the “imperial ambitions” of U.S. leaders.

Greenwald, of course, has spoken publicly in favor of “weakening” America, saying that al-Qaeda’s 9/11 terrorist attacks on America were “very minimal in scope compared to the level of deaths that the United States has been bringing to the world for decades—from Vietnam to illegal wars in Central America…”

He described Anwar al-Awlaki, the American al-Qaeda leader killed in a drone strike, merely as “someone who the U.S. government hates because he speaks effectively to the Muslim world about the violence that the United States commits regionally, and the responsibility of Muslims to stand up to that violence.” Al-Awlaki inspired the Fort Hood massacre, in which 13 were killed.

Greenwald’s record also includes collaborating with Leninist groups such as the International Socialist Organization, and Islamist organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood front.

Meanwhile, Greenwald’s new venture, The Intercept, financed by billionaire Iranian-American Pierre Omidyar, is out with another report, once again alleging that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been unfairly targeted by the NSA. What is left unsaid in the piece is why Merkel is an obvious target.

Analyst J.R. Nyquist says Merkel was known to be suspiciously pro-Russian when she ran for high office in Germany but that her political party, the Christian Democrats, nominated her anyway, “and now Germany is more dependent on Russian natural gas than ever before.” Germany’s so-called “unique relationship with Russia” means that the country gets 36 percent of its natural gas imports and 39 percent of its oil imports from Russia.

The increasing dependence on Russia is related to Merkel’s decision, after the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, to phase out Germany’s nuclear energy program. Pressure to cancel Germany’s nuclear program had come from the German Green Party.

A prominent member of the German Green Party, Hans-Christian Ströebele, met with Edward Snowden in Moscow and gave him a “whistleblower” award. He previously served as a lawyer for the Soviet- and East German-backed terrorist group, the Baader Meinhof Gang (also known as the Red Army Faction), and was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment in 1982 for setting up a communications network between the terrorist prisoners and activists outside the jails.

Merkel, who grew up in the formerly communist East Germany and spent 35 years of her life under the dictatorship, is the subject of a book by Günther Lachmann and Ralf Georg Reuth titled, The First Life of Angela M., which suggests that she had deeper ties to the communist regime than previously known or acknowledged. She has admitted joining the Free German Youth, the communist youth organization, and a photo has surfaced showing her in a communist uniform. But the book argues that she hid her role in the youth group as secretary for agitation and propaganda, instead depicting herself as someone engaged in “cultural” affairs.

One of Merkel’s defenders said she “couldn’t remember whether she was involved in agitation and propaganda.”

Russian ruler Vladimir Putin, of course, was a KGB spy in East Germany, and speaks German.

In an opinion piece for Reuters, Jack Shafer wrote about the controversy created by the book, The First Life of Angela M., and said, “The longitudinal interest by the U.S. in all things Merkel may be informed by her past. She was a citizen of East Germany before reunification, and her personal history has long been controversial.” He added, “An ardent Russophile, Merkel thrived in East Germany, which makes some question her deeper loyalties.”

Strangely, Merkel has complained about NSA surveillance, comparing the front-line U.S. intelligence-gathering agency to the East German secret police, the Stasi.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) journal Foreign Affairs, a major voice of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, reacted by publishing a defense of Merkel by Yale University Professor Marci Shore, who wrote that “…everyone who lived in the communist world participated in that world and was formed by it. No one emerged untouched.”

But the CFR has been tainted as well. Alger Hiss, a high-ranking State Department official, had been a member in good standing of the CFR. He went to prison on perjury charges for denying he was a Soviet spy.

The controversy over Merkel got so intense that the German magazine Der Spiegel (an outlet for stories about some of Snowden’s stolen documents) tried to knock down the “conspiracy theory” that “the German chancellor is some kind of KGB ‘sleeper agent’ installed by Moscow at the end of the Cold War.”

But the controversy doesn’t end there.

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder went to work for the Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom. He is described as a personal friend of Vladimir Putin and once called the Russian president a “flawless democrat.” He has defended Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Günter Guillaume, a top aide to Willy Brandt, another former German Chancellor, was exposed as a spy for East Germany.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


A User’s Guide to Russian Propaganda

The Right Planet

Western press and media are having trouble distinguishing facts from Russian propaganda. This is understandable – the Russian propaganda machine is a mature and venerable institution that engages in an art that, for better or for worse, the West simply does not practice as often nor as effectively. The intent of this guide is to help those less accustomed to the ways of the Russian government to discern between reporting and propaganda. There are a few simple tell-tale signs.

Types of propaganda to look for – the signs, the impact, and the facts:

SIGN #1: Reporting that points to ethnic divisions and Kyiv’s Maidan as a source of unrest.

IMPACT: Western media call into question the stability of the interim Ukrainian government, and speculate that Ukraine is a hotbed of prejudice on the brink of civil war.

FACT: Modern Ukraine has no history of ethnic conflict. Furthermore, the Maidan was a gathering place for Ukrainians of all ethnic backgrounds:

  • A Facebook post by an Afghan-Ukrainian triggered the first mass protest at Kyiv’s Maidan last November;
  • An Armenian-Ukrainian and a Belarusian were the first to die at the hands of the government’s internal police.
  • Jewish-Ukrainians formed a self-defense unit to support Maidan in Kyiv and fight against the Yanukovych regime;
  • Numerous Jewish thought-leaders and organizations have spoken out against Kremlin propaganda portraying Maidan participants as anti-Semites or neo-Nazis;
  • Russian-Ukrainians are enlisting to protect their Ukrainian homeland against Russian armed forces;
  • Crimean Tatars have been staunch supporters of Maidan and are actively resisting Russia’s military aggressions in Crimea.

Just like the United States of America, Ukraine is multi-national and diverse. Are the diverse United States capable of being a unified democracy? Sure! So is Ukraine

Tymothy Snyder, Alexander J.Motyl, and Bernard-Henri Levy are reputable thought leaders who write knowledgeably about the multi-national Ukrainian identity.

SIGN #2: Reports of murders and violence attributed to “banderite” and “fascist” radicals.

IMPACT: Western media wonders whether the democratic and human rights movement might not be a front for “extremists”.

FACT: Some of the new government’s detractors have used provocative slurs and the corrupt judicial system to manufacture or inflate charges to discredit the Maidan movement. Violent provocations have been staged by paid provocateurs in order to implicate activists in brutal crimes. Yet even the Ukrainian soldiers under siege in Crimea obey strict orders to maintain passive resistance – which they do, even as their friends and families are threatened by the occupying forces. The people of Ukraine are doing all they can to keep the peace in their pursuit of human rights and democracy. Theirs is a genuine quest for freedom.

SIGN #3: Assertions that ethnic Russians and Russian speakers are under threat.

IMPACT: Western media suspects the people of Ukraine of violent vengeance and spite instigated by the new government.

FACT: Russian media has broadcast images purportedly of refugees escaping to Russia through Ukraine’s Eastern border – but in fact those were Ukrainian businessmen in line at the Polish-Ukrainian border, a daily routine, just like that of Americans who do business in Canada. Such are the tools of Russian propaganda.

Russian language and culture thrive across the whole of Ukraine. Russian is one of Ukraine’s two state languages, and was re-affirmed as such by the president of the interim government. Russian media and publications are freely imported and available throughout Ukraine, and represent the majority of publications available in Kyiv. Russian media will undoubtedly continue to thrive as an integral part of the multi-national Ukrainian landscape. On the other hand, several years ago some Ukrainian-language schools were shut down by regional Yanukovych authorities. Over time the Ukrainian government may wish to come to conduct all its business in Ukrainian, and so will wish to assure all students have access to an education in Ukrainian, if they desire it. Just as the United States government conducts its business in English and still makes information available in other languages, so has Ukraine been meeting the language requirements of its people.

SIGN #4: Assertions that ethnic Russians in Crimea are at particular risk.

IMPACT: Western media question the fate of ethnic Russians in Crimea as a unique circumstance that justifies Russian government concerns in that region.

FACT: In Crimea, Russia leases from Ukraine land for military bases. These Russian bases account in part for the large concentration of ethnic Russians there. As for Ukraine serving the needs of ethnic Russians in Crimea, consider the ethnic composition of Crimea (based on the latest 2001 census), and the languages used in the 589 Crimean schools:

  • 58% ethnically Russian; 56% of Crimean schools teach exclusively in Russian (330 schools)
  • 24% ethnically Ukrainian; 1% of Crimean schools teach exclusively in Ukrainian (7 schools)
  • 12% ethnically Crimean Tatar, 3% of Crimean schools teach exclusively in Crimean Tatar (15 schools)
  • 6% ethnically other minorities. 40% of Crimean schools are bi- or tri-lingual (237 schools)

Ongoing shifts in the Crimean ethnic composition are due in part to the Crimean Tatars’ return from exile.

The Crimean Tatars were forcibly deported by the Soviet government over half a century ago. Since Ukraine declared independence in 1991, nearly 300,000 Crimean Tatars have been welcomed back to their homeland. In addition, Crimean Tatars have the highest birth rate in the peninsula.

The Ukrainian Revolution poses no threat to Russians in Crimea – but the Russian incursion into Crimea poses a very real and existential threat to the Crimean Tatars, who have pledged their allegiance to the government in Kyiv.

SIGN #5: Geographic obfuscation and confusion.

IMPACT: This decades- (centuries!) old canard calls into question Ukraine’s boundaries and its right to exist as a sovereign nation. This propaganda has permeated western media, from subtleties like training the English-speaking west to write about “THE” Ukraine (implying it is a region, not a country), to more overt tactics like standardizing Ukrainian city names to their Russian transliterations. (…./KYIV is the Ukrainian capital, and KIEV is the Russian transliteration of that name. For consistency, style guides should also apply the same Russian conventions to the capital of the USA, “Vashington”, and to the home of their founding Continental Congress, “Filadelfiya”. Why not? Such standardizations in the western press would be as valid as is “Kiev.”) Western adoption of Russian names for Ukrainian cities has helped Russia marginalize Ukraine as a sovereign nation.

Media standardizations have impact beyond their target readership: in the early days of Euromaidan, a couple of young Ukrainians spending a fearful night on the square were reading about “Kiev” in western press on-line. Demoralized, in their Facebook posts they wondered if the west could ever understand their goal, if the west could not even recognize their capital Kyiv as Ukrainian, not Russian. Morale and hope were critical to keeping the peace throughout the mass protests, and was undermined by misguided western style guides.

FACT: Ukrainian and Russian are distinct languages with common roots, also shared by Polish and other Slavic languages. Similarly, English and German share common roots, but are not mistakenly considered dialects of one another. As for history: Russia can no more claim Kyivan Rus’ as its origin than the United States of America can claim King Arthur’s Camelot as theirs.

SIGN #6: The reporting cites sources such as RT and Stephen F. Cohen whose assertions are often inconsistent with facts in evidence.

IMPACT: Western media prides itself on showing all sides of any story, and so disseminates propaganda in a doe-eyed pursuit of unbiased reporting.

FACT: “Propaganda” is not a “side”. It is an adversarial tactic intended to mislead and deceive. By reporting propaganda as an alternative perspective, western media becomes part of the machinery helping Putin advance his war-mongering cause.

Commentators whose observations are often egregiously at odds with verifiable facts: Stephen Cohen, Seamus Milne, William F. Engdahl, Mark Almond, Daniel McAdams, Vladimir Posner.

Russian-owned media outlets who have broadcast verifiably false information: It is important to keep in mind that Russian-owned news sources such as RT [Russia Today], Voice of Russia, ITAR-TASS, RIA-Novosti and other outlets operate under constant government guidance and suppression. Truthful newscasters risk great personal costs. Western media, operating freely, mock their courage every time the propaganda is ignorantly repeated, lending it a Western air credibility instead of countering it with data and facts.


Facts, of course, must be supported by data, also amply available. For example, consider the results of polling performed by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF) and Kyiv International Institute of Sociology. The polls were conducted over February 8-18, 2014, interviewing 2,032 respondents in all regions of Ukraine, including the Autonomous Republic of Crimea:

  • 68% of the Ukrainians polled said they would like both countries to be independent and on friendly terms with each other, with open visa-free borders and with no border controls (Russian polls b Levada Center mirror this result, with 59% of their Russian respondents supporting the same sentiment.)
  • Overall, 12% of Ukrainian respondents would like unification with Russia. Broken down regionally, 26% of the respondents in the East and 19% of those in the South supported unification with Russia.
  • A few years ago, 20% of Ukrainian respondents desired unification with Russia. The precipitous drop of that sentiment to 12% in this latest poll is of note.

Propaganda is a very powerful tool in times of war. Primary sources and data are readily available to verify the facts to counter that propaganda. Too many lives are at stake not to do so.

Compiled on behalf of RAZOM, Inc. by Oksana Lassowsky and Evhenia Dalphond

For further information: Email: [email protected] with copy to [email protected] and [email protected]


h/t: America’s Survival


Glenn Beck and the religion of Conscientious Objectors

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

Conscientious Objectors, the term that first became part of our national vocabulary when it appeared during the Vietnam War as scores of Americans avoided the draft. Today, the two main criteria for classification as a conscientious objector are that the objector must be opposed to war in any form, and the objection must be sincere. Republican governor Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon and a confirmed Bishop in the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, refused all efforts to get him to come out hard against the Muslim Democrat Barack Hussein Obama during the 2012 presidential campaign. Romney was too preoccupied with portraying the Mr. Nice Guy image and miserably failed to attack the one person who was doing the most to destroy America. Today, another Mormon, Glenn Beck, joins those same ranks.

We have all become aware of the stand-off in Nevada where armed agents and hired mercenaries from the Bureau of Land Management raided the cattle ranch privately owned for over 100 years by the Cliven Bundy family and began to confiscate their cattle. The dispute had been ongoing for over 20 years because the BLM claimed the Bundy family owed the government for grazing on federal land. The Bundy family claimed their right to do so predated the ownership of the land since they were there first. It wasn’t until the BLM started to push the Bundy people around that word went out they needed some help. And the help came from across America as armed citizens representing a variety of patriotic groups drove to the Nevada ranch to stand up for Cliven Bundy. When their number grew to over a thousand the government agents decided to reconsider what they were doing and returned the cattle and left. But tyrants like Nevada Democrat Senator Harry Reid called the patriots “domestic terrorists”.

The Lexington Minuteman representing John Parker

What was happening in Nevada was similar to how during the American Revolutionary War. Patriots back then stood up for liberty against tyrants and gave birth to the greatest nation ever created on earth. Patriots who pledged their honor and loyalty and their lives to defend freedom from oppression. Patriots like Thomas Jefferson who wrote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

It came as no small surprise to read today that another conservative Republican named Glenn Beck has sided with Democrat Harry Reid. Glenn Beck has used his popular forum to attack the people on the Bundy ranch who stood up against the tyrannical government agents. Glenn Beck said the incident was an “insurrection” and a call to “revolution” and compared their stand to the communist backed Occupy Wall Street movement. Glenn Beck said he was “truly frightened” over the support the Oath Keepers, the Militias, the Constitutional Sheriffs and citizens who stood with Bundy. True to the keeping of his Mr. Nice Guy Mormon faith, Glenn Beck said that everyone who stood with the Bundy ranch crowd should “unfriend” him on Facebook, to “unsubscribe” to his newsletter and to “cancel” their subscriptions to his TV program. Just like the other Mr. Nice Guy, Mitt Romney did two years ago when I labeled him a Conscientious Objector because he refused to fight against the wanna-be dictator Barack Hussein Obama. I wonder what these God-fearing men would say about the patriots who gave their lives to help create America; would Glenn Beck label them truly frightening? But of course that nasty thing called the American Revolution took place almost 50 years before the birth of the Mormon religion. What would these Mr. Nice Guys think of the popular phrase: “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” Maybe if we see a second American Revolution these guys will have already fled to Canada.

This isn’t a condemnation of all Mormons. I am reminded of the fact that Brigham Young University has a large ROTC program. But there is one other fact that must be considered: both Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney never served in our Armed Forces. And neither did Barack Hussein Obama, for that matter. Who can forget the image of Barack Hussein Obama’s infamous crotch salute while the National Anthem was being played. There is a certain patriotic mindset that our veterans hold for the country they served either in peace or in war. It is obvious in the way it shapes attitudes about our history and our love for freedom and liberty and our regard for the Constitution. It also explains why veterans have been accused by the Democrats running our government as being potential domestic terrorists.

And as far as Nevada Democrat Harry Reid goes, there is a very interesting opinion story on Fox News that questions his real motives in denouncing the armed conflict at the Bundy ranch. It is well worth the read. Here a just a few snips.

Why is US Senator Harry Reid so concerned with a local Nevada rancher?

By Wayne Allyn Root
Published April 16, 2014 FoxNews.com

Doesn’t it strike anyone as strange that the U.S. Senate Majority Leader is so obsessed with a small rancher who hasn’t paid grazing fees?

I live in Las Vegas. I live and breath Nevada politics. Something is very wrong. Something smells rotten in the Nevada desert. And Senator Harry Reid’s fingerprints are all over it.

I am of course referring to the Bundy Ranch siege. This was a dispute between a Nevada ranching family with rights to the land in question for 140 years and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).

There are other questions raised about Reid’s involvement. Why did this assault become the #1 priority of government only days after a senior political advisor to Nevada Senator Harry Reid took over BLM? Coincidence?

Government appeared completely uninterested in backing down for days on end…and completely unconcerned with instigating a deadly confrontation like Waco or Ruby Ridge. Then suddenly Senator Reid’s involvement was brought up by conservative web sites across the Internet. INSTANTLY, out of the blue, within hours of Reid’s name being attached to the raid, the BLM decided to back down, pack up and walk away. Don’t you think that this timing was a tad too coincidental?

It has been pointed out by journalists intent on covering for Reid that a $5 billion Chinese solar project backed by Reid was recently shelved. But what they forgot to mention is Reid’s involvement in multiple solar and wind projects across the Nevada desert. Only days ago, Senator Reid was featured in a photo at a groundbreaking ceremony for a new solar project. Where is that project located? Just 35 miles from the Bundy ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

By the way, here is the open letter I posted calling Mitt Romney a Conscientious Objector.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An open letter to Gov. Mitt Romney from an unconvinced conservative Republican. You’ll get my vote but not my cash.

The following letter was sent today to Gov. Mitt Romney via U.S. Mail to two different addresses asking for campaign contributions and posted on his official web site http://www.mittromney.com/contact-us. Now that I think of it, maybe I should cc: Ann Coulter, too, who helped him win the primaries.

Gov. Mitt Romney
I get mail every day asking for contributions to your campaign. All the while I watch your tepid, lackluster commercials on my TV and wait and wait for you to begin to fight. (or at least sound angry enough like you’re ready to fight)

Never before has anyone like Barack Hussein Obama occupied our White House. Never before has anyone had such a disastrous effect on America’s present and future. No one has ever trashed our Constitution as he has when writes new laws by dictatorial decree. No one ever has had more devious connections in American politics as he has. And while Obama has repeatedly asked you on a daily basis why you don’t release your tax returns, I keep hoping every day you will ask him why he has spent millions to keep hidden almost every personal record in his adult life. So why haven’t you? Obama is filled with personal weaknesses that you haven’t exploited yet. Have your advisers told you not to? Has Karl Rove told you to campaign like a boy scout while Obama and the Democrats are attacking you like vicious thugs? I think you need new advisers if the ones you have are telling you these things. If you haven’t got the balls to fight then let Paul Ryan do it. If you need ideas or inspiration then go see the film 2016 Obama’s America.

I won’t waste any more money on your campaign when you pay Obama compliments like that RINO John McCain did four years ago. I don’t want to hear you tell anyone that Obama is a nice person or a nice family man. He is, in truth, none of these things. His best friends are communists and radical terrorists who all hate America. How can you find such a person to be nice? America wants to see you take up the banner and wage war against Obama and the rest of the Marxist/Socialist Democrats, not go after him with a feather duster.

I watched the RNC and was very impressed with the testaments given by those friends you have helped but this campaign is supposed to be against the evils committed by Barack Hussein Obama and this not the place for your “Mr. Nice Guy” routine. If, by chance, you are a some kind of conscientious objector and have some religious scruples against fighting, then you should drop out of the race now. America’s future is at stake.

I have already sent $500 to the RNC but will now withhold any further contributions until I see how well you do during the debates. That is your last chance to show the public how much you are willing to oppose evil and make no mistake, everything about Obama is EVIL.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.