One thought on “Glenn: Anyone who is rational knows violence is coming

    In spite of the horrific black on white crime rate (100 white females are brutally raped by blacks each day in America), in spite of the total destruction of our cities by people of color, blacks are now tooling up to sue White America for- “slavery reparations” Consider this:
    “In order to get a true sense of how much wealth the South held in bondage, it makes far more sense to look at slavery in terms of the percentage of total economic value it represented at the time. And by that metric, it was colossal. In 1860, slaves represented about 16 percent of the total household assets–that is, all the wealth–in the entire country, which in today’s terms is a stunning $10 trillion.
    Ten trillion dollars is already a number much too large to comprehend, but remember that wealth was intensely geographically focused. According to calculations made by economic historian Gavin Wright, slaves represented nearly half the total wealth of the South on the eve of secession. “In 1860, slaves as property were worth more than all the banks, factories and railroads in the country put together,” civil war historian Eric Foner tells me: “Think what would happen if you liquidated the banks, factories and railroads with no compensation.””
    If White People make Hillary Clinton the first female president, her first order of business will be to give blacks the ten trillion dollars they deserve for ‘pain and suffering’ as slaves. Next, she will hand over the states of California and Alaska to the Chinese as a means of bankrolling this horrific act of white genocide. White People must unite. White People must repatriate blacks to africa. People of color are no longer dreaming about white genocide, they are calculating the profit margin behind white genocide.

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