Cloward and Piven on the Border

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hi! It’s me again… this time we’re going to look at this illegal child explosion happening on the border. Kids from Mexico and all over South America, are all of the sudden showing up at the Mexican/Arizona border in droves!!!! What do you think these people are telling the border patriol? “News stations are telling us that America won’t deport anybody ever — bring your children.” So, why all the propaganda from America? And why is it going all the way down to South America? If you bring the kids, we’ll give you free stuff and a better life — no papers or documentation needed. Let’s look at Cloward and Piven, pulling heart strings propaganda, pushing immigration “reform” and a Palestinian state of mind.


What better way to collapse our system than by adding an immigration crisis to an already bankrupt system, as well as government programs already on the edge of crumbling down. Adding millions of undocumented illegals to be put on Obamacare, welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, school lunches, student grants and unemployment. That’s not counting the thousands of violent criminals, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers, murderers and organized criminal gangs who will overwhelm the police, the border patrol, the courts, the prisons, ICE, the FBI and DHS. Once you have all of these illegals in the immigration system, which will be up and running in Texas and Arizona within 5 years or less, all of the current government money and services will be gone and replaced with the socialistic system of Cloward and Piven that we have been talking about since the 1960s: “to replace the current system with our system, we must overwhelm and collapse the current system by putting so many people on welfare and other government services, the money will run out and the system will be crushed and then, and only then, can we defeat capitalism and replace it with a kinder socialistic system,” — “PHASE ONE.”


With the fast influx of these children from as far away as Guatemala, coming over to America, we are finding out from interviews of these kids and parents that they are receiving news reports either from recorded USA news station’s reports or the stations are being hand fed from an American source: “Come to America, we won’t deport you or your children… bring them. We promise them a better life, free stuff and a bus ticket to Texas.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little coordinated and planned, don’t you think? Some of these FEMA immigration crisis centers were already put up years ago, from what a BLAZE reporter was telling Glenn Beck today and now these crisis centers are overflowing. The border agents are now being told to hand in their cell phones and any other devices that can record anything under the threat of being fired. So, what do we do? The political parties on both side are rubbing their hands together and foaming at the mouth, while at the same time they are telling us you can’t deport the children! That’s mean and racist… don’t leave them behind to go back to their country — “PHASE TWO.”


That’s what we hear from both sides of the aisle – REFORM! REFORM! But, what do they really mean by immigration reform? For the Progressives on both sides, it means a whole new voting block to exploit. For others, it will mean cheap labor for businesses countrywide and illegal immigration is slavery. Either for labor or for the sex trade… pure and simple. With that in mind, also note that the terrorists are watching this drama unfold and are ready to use it to their advantage as soon as they can. They have already been doing so for many years. Immigration reform is not about reforming anything. It is a ploy for men in power to keep their jobs, make more money, commit more crimes against us and to pleasure themselves — nothing more. Mark my words, when the camps overflow and the towns can’t handle the population (part of the plan), there will be increased crime, murder and street violence. This will happen because of the planned overflow and when that happens, what will happen next? No matter who’s in office, yes folks, MARTIAL LAW — “PHASE THREE.”


Let’s look at Israel to see what will be our future in, let’s say, 5 years time, if we don’t deal with the realities of this CLUSTERF$#%&K. By 2017, there will be millions of illegals here, as well as their families, in hundreds of camps all over Texas, Arizona and parts of California. All three states have declared bankruptcy; they have insolvent programs and they have overwhelmed systems. The politicians have all disappeared and these camps have imbedded terrorist groups in them and organized crime syndicates that are working hand in hand to kill and disrupt life in all local townships. The people they are sending home make rockets and fire them into nearby towns — those who don’t follow their every demand die violently. Groups like La Raza and others like them are staging street to street violent protests. They want America to recognize THE NEW MEXICAN STATE and they want all the land back they claim they lost years ago to America. They want all the gringos out of Texas and Arizona and they want half of California. If their demands are not met, they will kill, murder and terrorize until the government and the people comply. Does this sound familiar? This is what Israel has been going through for decades!!!!! This will be us in 5 years or less with this new reformation in hand.


Well, we know the people in power won’t do anything… so don’t look to them. They are part of the problem. Remember, “THE PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THE PROBLEM, WILL NEVER SOLVE THE PROBLEM.” – ALBERT EINSTEIN. What can we do? Well, with no help from either party or any local help, we have to rely on ourselves. Which means, I hate to say this… arming up and getting neighborhood security patrols started in these key states and beyond. Be prepared for the infrastructure to fail within 5 years or less. Realize that police, hospitals, schools and fire depts. will be cash strapped and/or shut down. Be wary of a rise in crime and violence. Watch out as your county jails and federal prisons will be overwhelmed and early releases, like the one this year, will be common place and the courts will have more cases then they can handle. Like I said before, this is the Cloward and Piven plan that’s being put into play right now and it’s on crack.


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Audacious Kiwi! Trevor Loudon’s America: A Path to Victory

By: John Kirkwood

There was an old saying that if you wanted to know about America, “Ask a Frenchmen.” I’d be comfortable with that if we were talking about Alexis De Tocqueville and Frederic Bastiat, but nowadays I’d prefer if we asked an expert on Communism from New Zealand. Trevor Loudon is best known as the source that exposed Van Jones as an open Communist. Glenn Beck, a frequent reader of Loudon’s blog (http://www.trevorloudon.com/), first saw his reporting on Van Jones and pursued it with such vigor, the Obama “Green Jobs” adviser was forced to resign.

Loudon is now touring the U.S. and speaking about his latest book, THE ENEMIES WITHIN. I had the privilege of spending a few days with him when he passed through Illinois and one of the things that really struck a fire within me was his clarity on the issues and the path to success that he felt was achievable. At a tea-party meeting in Glenview, he brought the crowd to its feet with the following suggestion:

To win the next elections, to make it worth something, we need to unify the conservative base. You’ve got Libertarians over there, you’ve got social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, defense conservatives, 2nd Amendment fighters – they’re all fractured. You’ve got 2 million GOP’ers who stayed home last time. You’ve got several million evangelical Christians who don’t vote.

To get those people motivated, they all need something. To unify them, they need to be given something. If I was a man like Ted Cruz – I see him as the front runner and the most Reaganesque of the figures that are out there right now, I’d be wanting to unify that base right now, before Jeb Bush gets up a head of steam. So I’d go to them right now and say, ‘I’m running and the very first thing I’m going to do is put Allen West on my VP ticket, early, right now.

Then for you Libertarians, I want your million votes, Rand Paul will be Secretary of my Treasury and he can do what he damn well pleases to the Federal Reserve and the IRS – carte blanche.

And you energy voters – Sarah Palin, Secretary of Energy – “Drill baby, drill,” drill in your backyard if you want to, – Keystone pipeline, and $2/gallon gas for every American family.

Scott Walker, Secretary of Labor, right to work all over, folks. Herman Cain, Secretary of Commerce – deregulate, deregulate, deregulate! OSHA gone! EPA gone! Get American businesses working again!

John Bolton, Secretary of State – tell your enemies where to get off, rebuild your alliances. Ambassador to the United Nations – No one!

Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Health and Human Services – get rid of the welfare culture, get people’s pride in themselves back again. Attorney General, Mark Levin.

And for the Christians who don’t care about politics but they do care about the education of their children, “Vote for me this time guys and David Barton will be Secretary of Education.’ Common Core is gone, folks; homeschooling is protected.”

Then, speaking for himself, Loudon continued, “Go across the whole cabinet, name it now, you can fill in every slot. Will that motivate the base, guys?” (Crowd applauds) “Will that get you guys enthusiastic?” (Rising Applause) “Would you be opening your checkbooks again and getting your friends involved?” (Standing ovation)

When the applause finally settled and the crowd settled in their seats, Trevor Loudon added,

This is the 2nd American Revolution. You get a team in this election and you can have a 2nd American Revolution. You’ve never had a bigger base, folks, there’s more conservatives and patriots and constitutionalists and libertarians in this country than there’s ever been. There’s all these leaders out there who know exactly what it takes to turn this country around and are itching to do it. You unite the base with the leadership folks, and who is going to stand in your way?

Let us heed the wisdom from our brother who can see the answer for a reawakening of American freedom all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand. To do so, we must unite to defeat the enemies within – within the media, within the intelligentsia, within the halls of Congress and the White House and within our own party.

De oppresso liber!


The Pope, the Field Marshall, and the EU “earthquake”: Standing or succumbing to Islamist pressures?

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

At the concrete barrier wall…

Many do not think of the Vatican as an independent, sovereign city-state with its own diplomatic envoy, Secretariat of State and embassies around the world. Most think of it as the home of the beloved Pope and the headquarters of the Catholic hierarchy. The Catholic Pope, both spiritual leader and head of a tiny kingdom in the center of Rome, is the only absolute monarch in Europe — exercising legislative, executive, and judicial power over the state.

So when the Vatican spokesperson announced in advance of the Pope’s trip to the Holy Land this past month that his visit would be a spiritual journey in response to an invitation from the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the Vatican meant that the Pope’s visit would not be political. But the Vatican did not anticipate the Pope’s unplanned stop at Israel’s security barrier – a wall built by Israel 10 years ago to protect Israeli citizens from Arab-Palestinian suicide bombers – en route to Jerusalem.

Pope Francis stopped at two walls. Before visiting the Western Wall religious site he made an unexpected stop at Israel’s security wall. The controversial separation fence between Israel and Bethlehem has aided Israel in saving lives while being labeled the “apartheid fence” by pro-Palestinian voices. One photo circulating in the aftermath of the Pope’s visit to the security wall shows him making the sign of the cross to begin prayer. Next to him is giant, red-lettered graffiti, “Free Palestine,” next to bold black letters, “Apartheid wall” – the latter, ironically an accusation against Israel’s multicultural democracy. Did Pope Francis realize how his association with Palestinian rhetoric would appear in pictures published for his admirers around the world and what it could mean?

The Pope’s sudden visit to the concrete barrier was atypical of a spiritual pilgrimage where the heart of Christianity awaited him at notable biblical landmarks. For the Pope to pray anywhere in public other than holy sites or sanctuaries would be considered unusual. And for what purpose? We can only guess. Leaving Hamas-held Bethlehem, the Pope paused in silence as he pressed his face and hands against a wall detested by Muslims around the world. He linked his own image to powerful Palestinian rhetoric. Photos around the world show him standing alongside “Bethlehem looks like a Warsaw Ghetto.” Such sentiments reverberate across the world to equate Israel with Nazism and Palestinians with Polish Jews. If we didn’t think differently of him, we would suspect that the Pope’s visit to this wall was a special gift for Palestinian Authority head, Mahmoud Abbas.

Another snapshot connects the Pope’s image with a forlorn child holding a Palestinian flag. The Pope is silent. The viewer needs to read his mind. He says nothing because his journey is spiritual not political. The images remain and foster speculation. Is the Pope’s ambiguity sending a political message for the Vatican after all? And coupled with the Vatican’s planned agenda for the Pope’s visit to the Holy Land that entailed a first stop in Amman, Jordan, then Hamas-held Bethlehem and finally Jerusalem (the origin of his invitation), one might get the distinct idea that the Pope’s trip represented from the outset the opposite of the Vatican’s announcement.

Egyptians paid almost no attention to the Catholic Pope’s historic visit — no comments one way or the other – odd, but not so much, considering the circumstances. Upon the Pope’s return to Rome, Egyptians began three days of voting which ended decisively with a new President. A candidate of the people’s choice was successfully elected – a far cry from the previous election consisting of delays and much mystery surrounding the outcome. In and of itself, it spells for the first time a moral victory for Egypt over political Islam and Islamic terrorism. Former military Field Marshal Abdel Fatah Al Sisi has won the people and won the country’s election, and any steps he takes now to further the direction he has already taken will be monumental for Egypt.

Meanwhile, at exactly the same time, the European Union elections shifted France’s representation to the right (and others as well: Greece, Denmark, UK, and Austria) in response to its controversial immigration problem – illegal Arab-Muslim populations coming from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Viewed as an “earthquake,” election results demonstrate that Europeans feel threatened by an Arab-Islamic “invasion” and want to secure their own identities, roots and cultures.

The advance of Euroskeptic groups (those opposed to the EU altogether) across Europe is due to a perception that the EU will accommodate and appease Islam, allowing and even promoting porous borders. Italy, however, which has the presidency of the European Parliament this semester and will lead, has created an opposite wave with the 40.8 percent win of Matteo Renzi’s Left-wing party (Partito Democratico) and is likely to be widely challenged by the minority Right and the Euroskeptics.

The Pope has followed up his trip with the recent visit of Israeli President Shimon Peres and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the Vatican — praying and advocating for a dialogue of peace. But the hope of Europe rests in political movements that will assure real peace after the much prolonged attempt at appeasement. This may ultimately jeopardize the stability of the EU threatening its dissolution, but all the better if it means regaining individual state sovereignty on matters of regulation, borders, immigration and culture.


Tea Party wins big

By: James Simpson
DC Independent Examiner

GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has been defeated. Tea Party favorite Dave Brat won with the resounding margin of 55.6 percent to Cantor’s 44.4 percent. Cantor spent millions on the campaign, smearing Brat, lying to the voters, claiming to oppose the “Obama-Reid plan to give illegal aliens amnesty,” while pushing for in-state tuition for illegal aliens and promoting the House RINO stealth plan to impose immigration “reform” against the wishes of most Republicans. Brat spent $200,000, attacked Cantor for his two-faced position on immigration and talked about the need to limit government. His big advantage was endorsements from Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter.

This election was a referendum on illegal alien amnesty and the RINO GOP leadership’s arrogance and duplicity. Cantor defined all three of these characteristics. Virginia voters gave him a resounding thumbs down.

Reports of the Tea Party’s death have been greatly exaggerated. This is a small bright spot of good news for America.


The Obligatory Woo Hoo! Post – Cantor Got His Butt Kicked

Hat Tip: BB

A Snoopy Dance ensued all freaking night long… I am beyond happy over this. 😉

First time in the history of the Republic, a majority leader has lost in a primary.



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Cop-killer was a Pothead

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

John Avlon’s dishonest column on the cop-killers in Las Vegas should be studied by journalism students as an example of how to exploit a tragedy for political purposes. It is a shame he gets on CNN as an “analyst,” which gives him undeserved authority and prestige, when he deliberately confuses and misleads people.

In this case, he tried to blame conservatives for the murders of two policemen.

His Daily Beast column carried two titles, one of them being, “The Bonnie and Clyde of Ultra-Right Hate.”

He said Jerad and Amanda Miller killed two metro cops while shouting, “This is a revolution!,” and then they “flung the Tea Party’s favorite coiled snake Gadsden flag and a swastika on the still-warm corpses and then moved to a nearby Walmart to murder a shopper before turning the guns on themselves.”

The reference to the Gadsden flag being “the Tea Party’s favorite” was an obvious effort to link the Tea Party to the murders. The flag dates back to the American Revolution and is used by various groups and people to protest Big Government.

Miller’s notion of “Big Government” was a government that interfered with his marijuana smoking. A simple search of stories about his background revealed a series of confrontations with law enforcement over his drug habits.

Avlon wrote that Miller’s Facebook pages “detail a descent into a murderous rage, railing against a tyrannical government and parroting talking points from fright-wing radio hosts such as Alex Jones and militia movement groups such as the Three Percenters while ‘liking’ the pages of conservative activist groups ranging from the Heritage Foundation to FreedomWorks and the NRA. Miller’s profile picture was a skull wearing an American flag bandana against a backdrop of crossed knives over the word ‘Patriot.’”

Avlon somehow missed the numerous pro-marijuana groups on Miller’s Facebook page, including:

  • Marijuana Policy Project
  • Drug Policy Alliance
  • Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform
  • Marijuanna (sic) fans
  • Legalize weed, outlaw corporate greed
  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Miller was a doper whose “anti-government” philosophy stemmed from his hatred of the police for arresting him for violating the drug laws. You don’t need to be a forensic scientist to figure this case out.

Is there any evidence that Miller was a conservative activist or followed the philosophy of the Heritage Foundation or other conservative groups? Absolutely not. In fact, the Heritage Foundation opposes legalization of marijuana.

“Jerad Miller’s anti-government frenzy was whipped up by the extreme right-wing echo chamber,” Avlon claimed. Then why do the “likes” on his Facebook page include so many pro-marijuana groups? Legal dope has been accepted by some libertarians, most notably at the Cato Institute, but it has been a left-wing cause for decades, mostly funded for the last decade or so by hedge-fund operator George Soros.

Avlon stumbled into the truth, without understanding its significance, when he wrote, “Miller’s anti-government rants ramped up after he served seven days in jail for a pot-related conviction.” But he failed to grasp the significance of this fact, preferring instead to blame conservatives for his violence.

Avlon’s CNN performance was even worse. He said, “the rhetoric he [Miller] is parroting really did echo a lot of what we hear on far right-wing talk radio, things like ‘The Alex Jones Show’…”

Jones is not a right-wing talk-radio host. He is a marijuana enthusiast who promoted a movie called “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.” We noted in the past that this combustible combination of drugs and firearms, as preached by Jones, is dangerous for our country.

The liberals would prefer to focus on the guns, not the drugs.

Miller is a classic case of a pothead, possibly with paranoid or psychotic tendencies. In a post on an Alex Jones website, Miller wrote, “I stand at a point in my life where I am on probation for selling marijuana. I take urine screens frequently and I am forced to take drug classes I do not need. Before I got arrested I had 2 jobs and was selling weed to my friends and family on the side. Now I cannot find a job.”

He had only himself to blame.

Miller wrote a post on May 13, 2013, after having to answer for a drug violation.

“Mark one up for freedom today,” he said. “I stood before a fascist judge today and implied that he was a Nazi. I told him I did not recognize his authority over me and reminded him that 2 states now have legalized weed for recreational use. I also informed him that now, since the fast and furious scandal, that continuing the war on drugs is treason. He said to me ‘I may not agree with the law, but it is my duty to enforce it.’ To which I replied ‘Nazis during the war criminal trials stated that they, were just following orders and enforcing the law, and we hung those people.’”

Hence, he was completely in favor of legalizing marijuana and perhaps other drugs. This puts him firmly on the “progressive” side of the political spectrum.

“In 2010 and 2007 he was convicted of drug dealing and possession charges related to marijuana,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal said.

The paper said that Garry Frick, the owner of a bookstore, got caught in a short but dramatic debate with Jerad Miller, in which the pothead “covered everything from Bundy to the Declaration of Independence to the morality of pornography, guns and drugs in a span of less than 15 minutes. He kept misquoting things and incorrectly using words, Frick said, all the while sounding very sure of himself.”

It sounds like marijuana took its psychological toll on him.

Miller was from Lafayette, Indiana. In the local paper, Ron Wilkins & Steven Porter noted that it “appears from Jerad Miller’s rants on Facebook and YouTube, he was angry at the government because of his repeated arrests and convictions for using drugs.” This is precisely the case, based on what we know about him.

They added, “He had a trail of marijuana arrests and convictions in Tippecanoe County [Indiana] stretching back to 2007.”

Miller’s landlord was quoted as saying, “Jerad was nothing but a drug-addict loser.”

KLAS-TV in Las Vegas said his marijuana convictions included:

  • Being charged in Anderson, Indiana city court in July 2003 with misdemeanor possession of marijuana/hashish, a charge for which he pleaded guilty that November.
  • Miller was charged in Tippecanoe County with misdemeanor criminal recklessness with risk of bodily injury by pointing a firearm, possession of marijuana, hash oil or hashish with a prior conviction, and possession of paraphernalia.
  • In December 2010 Miller was charged in Tippecanoe County with felony dealing in and possession of marijuana, hash oil or hashish, and felony possession of a controlled substance.

Avlon mentioned how the political left was once the source of much terrorism, even mentioning the Weather Underground. “In the late 1960s and early ‘70s, the anti-government violence in the United States was primarily on the left with groups like The Weathermen…” he told CNN.

But he failed to connect the dots to cases like that of Miller, falsely labeled a right-winger by Avlon.

It was communist Weather Underground terrorist Bernardine Dohrn who declared, “We fight in many ways. Dope is one of our weapons. The laws against marijuana mean that millions of us are outlaws long before we actually split. Guns and grass are united in the youth underground.”

This puts Miller’s cry of “revolution” in the necessary context. It’s too bad Avlon doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.