Obama’s Spankability

By: Gerald Loeffers

Well, well… I see something down the road that Obama and others at the White House are unprepared for. With so many exploding logs on the fire, the people within his own party and the media darlings who have supported him without question are sooner rather than later going to start turning on him and start spanking him something fierce for the VA scandal, the IRS scandal, the Prisoner swap, IRAQ being over run by something worse then al Qaeda, Vets honor being called into question, drones, his kill list, imprisoned reporters, spying on congress and the border problem.

When the blow back happens, watch out! You’re going to see the spoiled brat syndrome kick in and a president who isn’t ready for criticism from his own party and certainly not from the rank and file media outlets. Let me tell you something… this is going to be an ugly bloodbath, full contact sport that the Obama White House and Obama himself will not be ready for. I mean really? How dare small men question their self-appointed god. His new press spokesperson will be grabbing for straws when this happens and he is going to look very weak and he will be fumbling for the right words to speak.

The first lady is going to have a b#*ch fit from hell like the American people have never seen or heard of and more than likely, the full story won’t be heard about until an “insider” book comes out years later. He has been groomed to feel superior to all others and this blow back will not be received kindly or be taken with grain of salt — not the BS line he was taught.

He has lost touch with the people and the very vets he commands and the inner workings of the Democratic Party are slowly turning on him. Even the hard core left is starting to perk their ears up and smell blood in the water. I have seen two or three professional journalists who have quit on the air and walked off the job because of the spoon fed BS they themselves are tired of spewing out. These same reporters have watched one of their own go to jail and be harassed by the Feds for speaking out and telling the truth. You watch as even some in Hollywood are risking not working again in order to speak their mind with a different opinion.

We are going to see within this year, the really ugly and evil, angry side of Obama… like we have never seen before, but knew was under the surface, being kept in check. We are going to hear the blaming of others and there will be no personal responsibility taken for any of his own actions on anything he has done. But we will see plenty of whining taking place aimed at us, the dumb American people, for not letting his policies have the right amount of time to “work” and how dare we study his personal history and not trust what he says! How could we do that to him??????? Uhm, it’s the Constitution stupid!

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