Kosovo Albanian Leads Army in Fallujah

By: Julia Gorin
Republican Riot

A Kosovo Albanian recruit (accompanied by another at his right) to the new marauders in Iraq, speaks in Arabic while brandishing his U.S./EU-minted, Facebook-approved “Republic of Kosovo” (Republika e Kosoves) passport, which our Congress, State Department, White House, Pentagon, and National Guard have worked—and are still working—so hard against Christian Serbia to “achieve.”

At the end of his short speech, he rejects the passport by tearing, stomping, and putting his dagger through it. Starting from the 2:20 mark of this video recently posted at jihadology.net, thanks to Mickey at Serbianna.com:

“al-Furqān Media presents a new video message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: “Clanging of the Swords, Part 4″:

Praise be to Allah who has granted us the blessing of emigrating for His sake, and has blessed us by causing us to be a part of The Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam. We praise Allah for his blessings and for gathering us together with the lions of The Islamic State from every corner of the world. We praise Allah who granted us the blessing of pledging allegiance to the Ameer (Commander) of the Believers, Abu Bakr Al-Qurashi Al-Baghdadi, may Allah preserve him. Oh Ameer, we’ve pledged to listen and obey, and we’ve pledged to die [for the sake of Allah], so lead us wherever Allah commands you.

We say to the Tawagheet (tyrants) and the disbelievers everywhere, we say to you as Ibraheem—peace and blessings be upon him—said to his father, {Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allah. We have rejected you, and there has started between us and you, hostility and hatred forever until you believe in Allah Alone.} And we say to you as the Prophet Muhammad—peace and blessings be upon him—said, “We have come to you with nothing but slaughter.”

So rejoice, oh disbelievers. [Dramatically and audibly pulls out his dagger] Declare Allah the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest! I swear by Allah the Almighty, we will cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of you, oh filthy ones. We will conquer Jerusalem, oh Jews. We, the children of Isaac, will conquer Rome. We will conquer Rome and take back Andalus with the permission of Allah the Exalted. Declare Allah the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest! Declare Allah the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest! Declare Allah the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest!

These are your passports, oh Tawagheet (tyrants) in every place. For I swear by Allah that we are Muslims. We are Muslims. We are Muslims.

Passport destruction ensues.


Border agent explains the dangers of crossing the Rio Grande river

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Illegals crisis brings surprise ‘patrol’ to border

Illegals crisis brings surprise ‘patrol’ to border

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A “Normal” America???

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hi again! So, do you think that things that are going on in America right NOW are NORMAL? Do you think the things that have been done by the elected officials in office in both parties is NORMAL? DO you think that ignored vets, a gutted border patrol, massive illegal immigration, funding HAMAS, arming SYRIA and ignoring the worst terrorist group out there, ISIS, is all NORMAL? Releasing the terrorist dream team this year and one of the worst in 2009 is NORMAL? How about the many government agencies, entitlement programs and yes… even major corporations that have been data mining our personal information for the past 70 years – do you find all of that NORMAL?

From the movie WATCHMEN, two of the heroes are in a secret cave that belongs to one of the heroes. One of the heroes has been on the run from the law and they have made it illegal to be masked. One of them tells him you can have a normal life… no one has seen your face. The other tells him, “Can you really walk down the street and hear the trash talk about their child porn and heroin and you feel NORMAL?”


It seems the flux of all these illegals is worse then we thought. I now find out they are jet skiing across the river and are getting in with a rehearsed statement. “I am escaping the drug violence,” and this is coming from the Mexicans, the South Americans and wait for it… the Romanians are coming across as well. These children crossing the border alone… that’s crazy! These parents are giving their children to the cartels to ship them off, but 9 times out of 10, they will be raped, sold into sex slavery or used as drug mules. Then there is the cartel and MS13 elements involved with the smuggling in of terrorists and Romanian Mob elements thrown in. Now that the holding centers are all overflowing, we are flying them out to other states and military bases. This will be creating Cells all over the country of these criminal elements and we won’t be able to keep track of them. In fact, not only has the gutted border patrol been threatened with being fired and ruined for life if they record anything, we find that now Congress has been given the same threat. Do you feel NORMAL America?


If you are a veteran of the current war, may I ask… do you feel normal right now or do you feel ignored and thrown aside by your own CIC? I bet the later and it got worse when you found out this week that a top terrorist we had in prison was released in 2009. One who was found to be “harmless” by Obama and has created a federation of two extremist terrorist cells from Iran and Syria called ISIS that broke off from al Qaeda. Even the bad guys found ISIS to be too extreme. What does that tell you? They have pretty much taken back IRAQ, from the OIL fields to the cities. Why, just this last weekend, they murdered and beheaded 1700 of their own people in just two days time. So, do you feel normal when all the work and the blood and sweat was all for nothing and your battle brothers are being killed in droves because Obama has a zero foreign policy and even less spine against our own enemies? Is it normal to ignore the needs of our veterans, but give our tax money and weapons to our enemies? Do you feel NORMAL America?


So, do you feel safe and secure? Do you feel protected by your own government? Or do you feel their slimy porn ridden claws and eyes all over you and your life? Well, you should feel the latter and not only from your government, but from some major corporations and not just recently, but go as far back as the 1940s. IBM – what have you heard about this computer giant? One of the oldest technology companies around, right? What if I told you they helped Nazi Germany data mine and build computers and create special data collection punch cards just for them to round up Jews all over Germany. Would that be a normal business deal? FDR’s “NEW DEAL” – what do you think that was about? Social Security = was that about being secure or was that a way to make you a number and to keep track of you through a government regulated system? FDR was planning to give you a very socialist based Second Bill of Rights, but Congress at that time was smarter than he was and voted it down. There were no rights in it – just giveaways that would have enslaved us and would have that felt normal? You think the IRS is a normal agency? They steal your money and give a small amount back, while overspending the rest or giving it to the sitting president to give to terrorists and dictators. The IRS has been used to target us and any other Americans that men in power feel threaten them, whether it’s Hoover targeting MLK or Lerner targeting people she simply doesn’t like. Is that a normal feeling folks? The mastermind behind COMMON CORE is… wait for it… BILL GATES, who is colluding with others because he cut a deal with them – you push Common Core for me, so I can have a steady drone-like workforce and you can keep track of children and their families through this system. It isn’t enough that they are tapping phone lines, e-mails or computer usage already. Do you feel NORMAL America?

Well, for me… I don’t think America has been a normal place since WOODROW WILSON started down his progressive path and just thinking about IBM and the ISIS situation makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with the sitting Islamic Nazi in the White House. And both parties have compromised all of us from HARRY REID to MIKE HUCKABEE, right down to prune face MCCAIN. None are trustworthy – “TRUST NONE, WATCH ALL.” They are starting to feel us watching them and a few have been voted out, but not enough. The normal feeling in America has been gone for a long time and it’s our fault as well. We just voted down party lines and thought they would follow the party plan, when in fact, both parties have worked against us for their own power and for your money. I agree, we need to pull back and reset everything. It will be painful and unpleasant. We also need to get all of our troops home now and I mean pull them all back! Take care of our own house and no more foreign aid. We have no money. DO YOU FEEL NORMAL AMERICA?


Chilling photos seem to show ISIS carrying out executions in IRAQ

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Hillary Clinton Appointed First Governor of the New American UNion – Political Fiction?

By: Dick Manasseri
Political Fiction (for now)

January 21, 2017 New York:

In a brief ceremony today at the United Nations building, Hillary Rodham Clinton was officially appointed the first Governor of the American UNion, a colony ruled by the UN Security Council.

UN Security Council President, Barrack Hussein Obama, presided over the ceremony, which was also attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping.

Governor Clinton remarked, “The American UNion is prepared to play its role in the new order. We appreciate the security guaranteed by Russia, China and now Iran. We will make our extensive energy resources available to our partners. We will continue to welcome immigrants from China, the Middle East and South America to our spacious and beautiful land. We are a proud model for a land that can be transformed, where enclaves of different groups can co-exist regardless of place of origin, ethnicity or sexual preference. I will make sure that the masses are treated equally and that order is maintained.”

World leaders hailed the transformation that has occurred in America after the brief civil unrest following the declaration of Martial Law by the then President Barrack Obama in the summer of 2016. The nuclear attack by Iran on Israel, followed by negotiated settlement, brokered by the UN once America chose not to intervene, convinced the American resistance groups that is was futile to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights in the face of the joint nuclear threat posed by their own government, Russia, China and Iran.

Interestingly, China played a major role in the transformation by demanding payment of the enormous US debt in terms of natural resources – coal, natural gas, oil – instead of the increasingly worthless US dollar. Chinese business forces in America controlled by the Communist Chinese government bargained for a non-attack to preserve both their business interests here and the natural resources that would have otherwise been destroyed. The US Chamber of Commerce played a leading role in the negotiations as well. Interestingly, state governors in places like Michigan touted their own vision for having hosted large enclaves of Chinese (and Middle Eastern immigrants) to repopulate cities like Detroit, despite local opposition.

The majority of the population accepted the final transformation resolution in a nationwide referendum because the promise of income equality guaranteed by government payments was more than enough for them to forgo so-called freedoms related to religion and speech. The Tea Party members that forged the initial resistance were silenced once the penalties directed at their family members were aggressively enforced. The conviction of opposition leaders Cruz, West, Paul, Palin, Bolton and Gowdy devastated the resistance movement before it could get widely organized.

Russia President Vladimir Putin commented, “We owe a debt of gratitude to our new President of the UN Security Council, Barack Obama, for his bold enforcement of Alinsky tactics and Lenin principles. Without Barack, the 100 year march to today would have taken even longer. Pope Francis deserves special mention for his embracing of Marxist economic principles. Russia is happy to join with China and Iran in the oversight of the new American UNion. Congratulations to Governor Clinton!”